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Reaction to Kendrix v CBR match for Legacy Title shot.

The scene opens in the car park at the Covered Hall in Cairo, Egypt. The dust has settled on Wrestleshow Forty Six. The camera picks up the front of a stretch limo with the number plate reading ‘DYNA3TY.’


The engine and lights are on as footsteps are heard approaching. The camera turns to where the steps are coming from. The shot is blurred at first but quickly focuses. We see a man dragging his wheeled suitcase along, dressed in jeans, Nike Air Max 90s and a black hoody. It’s difficult to make his face out as he is wearing his hood over his head and his eyes are covered with diamond encrusted shades. As he approaches closer, the cameraman walks towards the man in tow with none other than seasoned backstage interviewer Jamie Sawyers;


Sawyers: Kendrix, JFK…I hope you don’t mind but I was just wanting to get a few words from you before you leave the arena?


Without acknowledging them, dismissing them away from him with a couple of waves of his free hand, Kendrix walks right by them towards the limo passenger door which is held open by the chauffeur;


Sawyers: Kendrix, I just want to get your thoughts on your match with CBR that took place tonight...


Turning back to briefly face Sawyers, Kendrix looks away, not in the mood to talk and hands his suitcase to the chauffeur who opens the boot of the limo to store it away. Meanwhile, Kendrix simply ignores Jamie and takes a seat inside. Before he can shut the door though, Jamie has one more question to ask;


Sawyers: Any thoughts on the disqualification call by the re...


Upon hearing this Kendrix steps out of the car to confront Jamie who holds his mic out in front of him, the cameraman switching his angle facing the two of them in front of him;


Kendrix: Listen, yeah?! First off, Walter Cronkite would be spinning in his grave for the sorry excuse of a journalist JFK sees before him right now…


Jamie looks away quickly for reassurance as JFK follows his response up with an overly aggressive ‘friendly’ tap on Jamie’s chest with the back of his hand;


Kendrix: That’s right Jeremy Sawyers, look away, just like the UTA has looked away at the BLATANT ROBBERY THAT TOOK PLACE TONIGHT…In fact, I tell you what…


Kendrix grabs the mic out of Jamie’s hand and flicks his free hand at him a couple of times;


Kendrix: Jog on Sawyers, there’s a good boy!


As Jamie Sawyers reluctantly decides to back away out of shot, Kendrix turns to face the camera. Aggressively removing his hood from his head he brings the mic up to his mouth;


Kendrix: Secondly, everyone saw what happened out there tonight. EVERYONE...saw JFK single handedly beat BOTH...Zhalia Fears and Abdul Ahad TO EARN...the right to take on his brother, CBR...WHO...JFK would like to add...single handedly beat both Bronson Box and that spotlight stealing attention whore Chris Hopper.


Shaking his head he briefly looks away from the camera in order to compose himself. Looking back, he bites his bottom lip before continuing;


Kendrix: And finally, the ungrateful UTAverse were treated to a match for the ages. CBR against JFK. The master against his apprentice. A match of the year candidate without a shadow of a doubt. And while Claude had the upper hand at the start of the match…


Slicking his hair back in frustration he shakes his head once more;


Kendrix: While Claude had the upper hand at the start, JFK’s game plan worked a treat as the momentum shifted in his favour.


Looking to the ground he strokes his beard and scoffs to himself;


Kendrix: And then what happened?


Removing his shades from his eyes he looks back at the camera, his face reddening;




Puffing his cheeks out in anger, Kendrix takes a few moments to compose himself. Biting his lip once more he closes his eyes in an effort to calm himself down before reopening them;


Kendrix: Hopper, you showed everyone your true colours tonight. You showed everyone the Chris Hopper JFK’s seen walking around the UTA with his stupid goatee ever since he joined the company.


He begins to raise his fingers simultaneously one after another in list form;


Kendrix: A Chris Hopper who’s petty, past it and jealous of the future of this business...JFK. That’s why you steal his spotlight, that’s why you did what you did tonight....cos you couldn’t stand the thought of JFK, a man who's only been in this business for 9 months...doing what you haven’t been able to do in the UTA...going on to win the title gold around your waist.


Looking away he chuckles to himself before looking back at the camera;


Kendrix: But not to worry, because CBR will take care of business and bring the Legacy Title back to Dynasty where it belongs! Meanwhile Hopper, you’ve dug yourself into a bit of a hole, bruv. Because now, YOU...have JFK’s FULL...AND UNDEVIDED...attention.


Smirking at the camera he slowly nods his head twice;


Kendrix: If you thought what JFK did to you these past weeks was bad, wait to you get a load of what he’s gonna do to you moving forward bruv! It’s gonna make the past few weeks seem like a walk in the park to you, ya’ bellend!


He taps the back of his head twice;


Kendrix: You better have eyes in the back of your head Chris. Cos JFK is coming after you. Whether it’s during your matches, in the back, in a bar, in your hotel room, at the airport...even in the old folks home you live in...JFK has made it his mission to make your life a living HELL…


After gesturing his arm outwards, pointing at all the places he mentioned above, he puts his shades back on and pulls his hoodie over the top of his head;


Kendrix: You’ve no idea what you’ve done Christopher…


Signing off with his trademark shake of the back of his closed fist he pushes the cameraman away from him as the shot shakes and cuts out.