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Was it the end of WARPED? AbominationZ (Crowbar, Starr, William Wallace, Mr. Rottentreats & Douglas Fresh) seemingly destroyed everything. President Joey Matthew was the victim of an awful armored truck accident at WARPED HQ in Wichita, KS, while on June 12th live on iPPV, AbominationZ completely ran everyone off following a World Title win for Hugo Strange(over Wallace). This led to two men, Derrick and Devin Daniels, were shot and killed. Turns out they were two men assuming the roles of Mr. Rottentreats & Douglas Fresh, and not the original members. Long story. But this is very real.

Click below for the replay of WARPED80 that was originally aired Wednesday, June 12, live on Internet Pay Per View.

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"The ring is suddenly engulfed in flames, Kelly Calloway having just enough time to leap off the apron before the entire thing goes up. The lights return on and the tron dies again, but the fire rages bright and strong, the flames almost reaching the security barrier."

That's how the unsanctioned AbominationZ "Sideshow Spectacle" began to end. Did you miss the show? Click HERE to check out results.

UPDATES: President Joey Matthew was in a month-long coma following an armored truck accident at WARPED HQ. He woke up a week ago and has been released from the hospital, but the recovery isn't finished yet. Matthew has learned of the horrific events that took place in his absense, and while he's still got to visit the hospital on a regular basis for check-ups, he's trying his best to SAVE his company. You can tweet him @PrezJoeyMatthew if you have any well wishes or want to help out. Joey says that WARPED is NOT dead and he urges anyone who wants to join in the fight for recovery against AbominationZ to please apply ASAP.

I got into the wrestling business and opened up my own company in September 2003 because I wanted to do something great and make my mark on the business for the better. Sure, perhaps I was a bit greedy at times when I insisted on handling and overseeing every. single. thing. - but I am a perfectionist, and I strive to give people watching the best entertainment, and the guys working those matches the best environment they can have. I wanted to entertain people, make them happy, make talent famous and make them rich. In a lot of instances, I did just that. In some cases, I failed, but that's par for the course in this business.

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August 5 Update: Hugo Strange Found

WARPED world champion has been found after 30 days missing in the Canadian wilds. He appeared in at rest stop he had suffered some injures and was severly dehydrated. He has told what happen to him and refuses to talk us. Read more CLICK HERE

August 7 Update:

WARPED President Joey Matthew has been very vocal on Twitter lately (@PrezJoeyMatthew) about the RECOVERY of WARPED. On August 23, live on iPPV, WARPED will hold a show at the Frontier Fieldhouse in Chicago Ridge, IL. On the card, all championships will be defended, and AbominationZ members will be banned from anywhere near the building. The Prez has made an acception for one Mr. Rottentreats, the WARPED Evolution Champion, as he feels that Treats (now the original Treats, not the imposter that was shot dead in June) might not be a full-fledged member of AbominationZ. On top of that, Treats was one of the few people to actually visit Matthew in the hospital during his month+ coma, but it won't be easy for Treats. He'll be booked in two matches, one of which is a feud that spawned from Twitter this past week, and the other is a title defense. Crowbar, StarrZoe, Wallace, as well as Kris Red and Kelly Calloway, will all be banned from the event.

Joey plans on holding a "State of WARPED" address on the iPPV. "It's not about the war, it's about the wrestling on August 23rd" said Matthew on Twitter.


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WARPED81 - #Recovery - 8/23/13 - Chicago Ridge, IL - Frontier Park Fieldhouse



Dark Match: FnX Match: Matt Kail vs. Brie James vs. Devon Strong

Winner: Devon Strong over Brie James via pinfall.


For $10 you can watch WARPED81 "#Recovery" LIVE on iPPV via our Ustream page! Thanks for purchasing. Enjoy your experience.

Fade in.

"WARPED 81 - #Recovery" comes on the air on Internet Pay Per View as we are shown the back entrance where two armed police offers are standing guard at the doors. These men are standing guard and watching for Abominationz members.


The scene fades and into the WARPED trademark red "W" on the screen and "Pogo" by Digitalism playing in the background. The W gets bigger and bigger as we zoom in and get closer to the letter until it explodes and we see in-ring video clips of WARPED talent like new World Champion Hugo Strange, Evolution Champion Mr Rottentreats, Anton Chase and Cameron MacNichol holding the Tag Titles high, plus many others including William Wallace, Alexander StarrZoe, Leon Stone, PKA, Joey Matthew, and so many more. The scene then switches to the live crowd in the Frontier Fieldhouse in Chicago Ridge, Illinois as the fans cheer. The red and white strobe lights fill the building with excitement. As the music dies down and the lights come up, we see President Joey Matthew standing in the ring.


The fans pop big and chant "Welcome back! Welcome back! Welcome back!" as Joey smiles in the middle of the ring, suit and tie and all.

Prez Joey Matthew: "Thank you and welcome back to all of you! It's great to be back in the ring at a WARPED event and trust me when I say that this show is called RECOVERY for a reason and that's because WARPED is truly recovering from one of the darkest moments ever in my entire wrestling career and it's all because of The AbominationZ!"

The fans boo the mention of the heel stable that's been destroying anything in its path for the last year with the likes of Crowbar, Alexander StarrZoe, William Wallace, Kris Red and possibly Mr. Rottentreats.

Prez Joey Matthew: "Ya see they have been trying to kill WARPED and they thought they did back in June when they tore the entire building down, kicked all of the loyal fans out, caused a couple great men to lose their lives, and nearly killed me. They put me in a coma for over a month. Devin and Derrick Daniels should have never lost their lives. This is BEYOND wrestling at this point with AbominationZ and they can't let a story arc be that no no they have to turn it into reality and it's quite sad because their reality is quite WARPED, pardon the pun. That's why I'm banning Abominationz from the show tonight. If you step foot anywhere near this building you will have hell to pay."

The Chicago crowd starts a chant of "Fuck those guys! Fuck those guys! Fuck those guys!" and Joey nods in approval.

Prez Joey Matthew: "Tonight, it's not about the war with Abominationz, it's about the wrestling. All championships will be on the line and tonight we will begin to reclaim our company! Trust me I know we have a lot to clean up and fix around here with all of the shit Crowbar and his goons have put everyone through over the last year but trust me when I say that there will be brighter days ahead and this filth will be abolished for good in due time. But like I said tonight is about the wrestling, not the war.!"

The crowd cheers!

Prez Joey Matthew: "And oh yeah, did I mention? Today is a huge day for WARPED, because I - "

"Just let us in" is heard throughout the loud speaker. Everyone turns their attention to WARPED Vision, the giant screen on the stage, and on it we see Alexander StarrZoe, Rampage, William Wallace and Kris Red trying to get past the security guards. The fans erupt in boos.

"We can't let you in, sirs." says one of the officers.

Kris Red: "Guys, I have commentary to do. Ya gotta let me in!"

In the background, Starr grabs his phone and under his breath he mutters "Where the hell are Crowbar and Treats? God damnit.." and he puts the phone up to his ear and starts pacing.

Wallace tries to get past the officers but they won't let him in.

Wallace: "Ya can't keep us out forever, Joey. We know ways to get in."

Starr is frustrated.. "Fucking straight to voicemail" as he shoves the phone back in his pocket. Rampage steps up to the camera and grabs it from the camera man and suddenly it cuts...


The camera pans back to the ring where Joey stands with a look of uncertainty on his face.

Prez Joey Matthew:(off mic) "What the hell happened! What happened to the camera?! Somebody get back there and find out what's going on!"

At ringside, PKA and Dylan Daniels (guest commentators for the evening) stand up and keep an eye out for anything that might happen and to serve as guards of sorts. Joey brings the microphone back up and speaks.

Prez Joey Matthew: "Well as you can see folks it doesn't matter to Abominationz clearly what rules are put into place but if its a fight they want then they can have their fights at the next show and believe me there will be a next show! Abominationz you tried to kill WARPED two months ago but I promise you that WARPED is back and will be better than ever.. which brings me to a major announcement. I am literally MINUTES away from signing on with a company that will give WARPED an awesome distribution deal that will include, yes, a television deal!"

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" chants fill the building at this major announcement from the President of WARPED! After 3 1/2 years, WARPED is going to be seen on TV rather than just DVD releases and iPPV!

Prez Joey Matthew: "We couldn't last this long without your support and I am truly appreciative of every fan and wrestler who has stuck with us for the last three and a half years! The Four Year Anniversary is coming up and I know that 2014 is going to be even better because by then, we'll have hopefully gotten rid of the trash like you know who!"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa" says the familiar voice of one Kris Red. The camera pans up to the stage area where the former color commentator for WARPED, Kris Red, is followed by Starr, his bodyguard Rampage, and Wallace.

Kris Red: "Did you honestly think you could keep us out, Joey? Joey, I have a job to do. Why are you letting PKA and Daniels sit there? Let me sit there. Joey! Let these guys wrestle! Joey!"

Prez Joey Matthew: "Security! Get these guys out! Escort them from the building now!"

Kris Red: "Did you honestly think that you could threaten us? Abominationz have the money to do whatever we want. Hell, we bought out the future venues to NOT run WARPED. So if its a fine you want to lay on us, fine. But-"

PKA stands up at ringside with a mic and shouts out to his former best friend.

PKA: "Kris I don't know when you got so damn cocky but if you want a fucking fight I'm right here buddy."

Prez Joey Matthew: "Security, escort these men from the building right now! PKA, Daniels, keep an eye out. Where are Mr. Rottentreats and Crowbar?"

Multiple security guards rush out onto the stage and stand in front of Abominationz, holding them back. They won't have it, though, as they start fighting and knocking the security out. One by one the security falls and Abominationz start a charge toward the ring. PKA and Dylan Daniels slide into the ring to stand by Joey.

Prez Joey Matthew: "If you touch me I will fire ALL of you on the spot!"

Starr smirks and shrugs as he leads the continued stride to the ring. They all reach the apron and tease getting into the ring. They don't give a damn if they're fired. Abominationz want to cause pain.

"So Addictive" by Twiztid hits the PA and everyone turns to the entrance. Mr. Rottentreats steps out with the Evolution Title in his hand. He heads down the ramp and he's greeted with a 'where the hell have you been' from the boys. Off-mic you can hear Treats seemingly talking the men down and they look confused. Wallace shakes his head and starts into the ring but Treats grabs his arm and pulls him back. Wallace shoves Treats and Treats shoves Wallace, as tension builds. Rampage, Starr and Red separate the two and now security is coming back down the ramp and more have arrived. About fifteen security surround Abominationz.

Prez Joey Matthew: "I want these men put in jail! Take them now!"

Security starts putting handcuffs on all of the men as their faces are filled with fire for the President of WARPED.

Prez Joey Matthew: "All of 'em, but the clown."

This gets heat with the boys as well with Treats and he holds up the Evolution Title, stepping back up the ramp as the fans boo. The rest of the group are handcuffed and led up the ramp.

The crowd does not disappoint with the chanting. They start singing! "Na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye!"

Prez Joey Matthew: "Damn right, goodbye! Oh, and if you happen to see Crowbar, tell him he is officially FIRED as General Manager. I'm back in control, the way it should always be around here. I warned you. Let's see how it feels to spend the night in jail for trespassing. Take them away! I hope the jail lets you watch this i-Pay Per View, cause you sure as hell owe me and this company thousands of dollars so $10 isn't a bad place to start! You can watch and see how damn good this show can be without ANY of you! Not only that, Hell, I can't wait to prove that you were behing the armored truck accident at WARPED Headquarters and put you behind bars for good!!"

The security lead the struggling wrestlers to the back.

Prez Joey Matthew: "NOW.. like I was saying. PKA, Dylan, thank you."

They nod and head back down to ringside to commentate with Tony D.

Prez Joey Matthew: "Tonight, it's about the wrestling. Let's get things started!"

Joey Matthew hands the microphone through the ropes to Randy Long, the ring announcer, and Joey waves to the fans as they applaud him. Joey leaves the ring and heads up the ramp. He slaps the hands of fans that are reaching out for him along the way.

The camera pans to ringside to show the crew of Tony D, PKA, and Dylan Daniels on commentary at the wooden table near the ring. Fans go wild behind them.

Tony D: "What an opening to WARPED 81. It truly is a RECOVERY for us as The Prez is back and he has canned Crowbar as GM, sent Abominationz packing to the jailhouse, and not to mention we're going to be on TV!"

PKA: "Tony D it's truly a great time to be in WARPED. Not only are things red hot and I'm not talking Kris Red hot, I'm talking red hot cause WARPED is on fire.. okay again maybe I shouldn't talk about fire either."

Dylan Daniels: "You're doing great. Keep going Peeks."

PKA: "Don't you start!"

Tony D: "Well well fans as you can see I am joined on commentary tonight by PKA and Dylan Daniels tonight. Sadly my commentary partner couldn't make it; he's in a cop car right now."

PKA: "Oh he made it close enough tonight. I can't believe the balls on that kid.."

Dylan Daniels: "Guys, let's not even focus on that nonsense. We've got great wrestling to look forward to including a Tag Team Title match to kick things off tonight."

PKA: "You're such a pro. I want to be like you when I grow old like you."

Tony D: "Err uhh let's get to the Tag Team Title match! It's the first title match of three tonight!"



Backstage, three-quarters of The Asylum are convening in a corridor crossroads. Evangelista is notably absent, as is the masked presence of Noumenon. The others are all in a circle, talking in low tones.

Laurel Anne Hardy: If he's back in the buildin' tonight... him or Rampage... we don't let 'em leave. Lily's safety is the most important thing, obviously, but Starr needs to learn what happens when you try to fuck with The Asylum.

Serena Raine: Don't hurt them too badly, though. Not until we find out where she is.

BlakJak: What exactly counts as too badly?

In unison the Jokers Wild glance at each other and smile knowingly.

Cerberus: Course, after tha'... anything's fair game.

The six share a quick scrum-like hug, then split up, with Spades and BlakJak going one way, Cerberus and Laurel goin another, and Matt Kail and Serena Raine going a third.




Cameron MacNichol is on his way to the ring for his match, with his WARPED tag team championship belt slung over his shoulder. Turning a corner, he accidentally bumps into WARPED President Joey Matthew.

Joey: Cameron!

Cameron: Hey, Joey. It's nice to see you again. Welcome back.

Joey and Cameron shake hands.

Joey: It's good to be back.

Cameron: Listen, I wanted to apologize for never visiting you when you were in the hospital. I feel terrible about it. Even with all that time off, I just wasn't able to squeeze in a visit. I don't know if it was because I didn't want to or because...

Joey: Cameron, Cameron. It's okay. Really.

Cameron: All right, if it's really no problem. Anyway, I knew you'd be back eventually. As long as I've known you, I've never known you to stay down for long. If you were ever bitten by a snake, I wouldn't be surprised if, after days of agonizing pain, the snake died first.

Joey lets out an amused laugh.

Cameron: But in all seriousness, I'm glad you're back in control. It's about damn time some order was restored around here. I hate to cut this reunion short, but I do have a match to get to. We'll catch up later.

Joey: Good luck out there with the title defense.

Joey and Cameron shake hands again, and Cameron continues on his way down the corridor.



Opening Match for the WARPED Tag Team Championship
Anton Chase(c) & Cameron MacNichol(c) vs. Dragons Unleashed (Laurel Anne Hardy & Evangelista)

Randy Long: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the WARPED Wrestling Tag Team Championship! Introducing first, the challengers. From England, weighing in at a combined weight of 280 pounds, Evangelista and Laurel Anne Hardy - Dragons Unleashed!"

The opening notes to Glass Candy's "Candy Castle" hit the speakers and Laurel Anne Hardy dances onstage, while Evangelista walks out beside her and places her hands on her hips. They jog down to the ring, high fiving fans, then Evangelista slides under the bottom rope while Laurel leaps over her onto the apron and vaults over the top rope. They climb opposite turnbuckles and pose, then moonsault down to standing positions in the centre of the ring. Laurel takes a theatrical bow while Leanne warms up.

Randy Long: "And their opponents.. first. From Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 210 pounds, he is one-half the Tag Team Champions, Anton Chase!"

As Faint By Linkin Park blasts over the pa system, white smoke fills the entrance way as a person is seen behind the white smoke, as the person steps forward in front of the white smoke Anton Chase makes his way down the ramp way, with a cocky smile on his face and his arms out at the side, holding the Tag Title. He climbs in the ring and climbs the second ropes and puts one hand up in the air.

Randy Long: "And his partner, from Detroit, Michigan, weighing in at 200 pounds, he is the other half of the Tag Team Champions, Cameron MacNichol!"

As the riff of Black Sabbath’s “N.I.B.” hits the PA system, Cameron MacNichol walks out from behind the curtain arm-in-arm with his sister Dyan. They pause, he gives her a brotherly peck on the cheek, and they continue on down to the ring. He slides under the bottom rope, and she prompts the audience to cheer louder.

Tony D: "Well this will be the first defense for the Tag Team Champions Anton Chase and Cameron MacNichol as they defend the titles against the team they won them from some months ago, Dragons Unleashed."

PKA: "Formerly the UK Dragons, these two broads have gone through a transformation lately that has definitely lit a fire under everyone's asses, including Abominationz."

Dylan Daniels: "At what point do we talk about how you cost them the Tag Titles?"

PKA: "Let's not make things up now!"

Each team is having some difficulty deciding who's going to start things off for them - Anton and Cameron because they both want to be first to make an impact in the match; the Dragons because they each want to give the other that chance. After a moment it's decided that Laurel and Cameron will be the starters. The two pace around each other warily for a moment, then lock up.Hardy attempts a switch to the rear, but Chase flips her overhead and drops her into a kind of inverted spinebuster. She takes her time getting up, and he walks around her with an expression of curiosity and mild surprise at the lack of fight. He deadlifts her up, then drops her with a proper spinebuster and covers.

Tony D: “Anton Chase with another spinebuster!”

Dylan Daniels: “Looks like Anton is wanting take this one home early!”





PKA: “Was that a case of Chase not getting it all the first time or is he really that pissed off?”

Dylan Daniels: “I would be pissed off too, if people kept calling me out for not knowing this was a title match.”

PKA: “Ooh, sick burn.”

He cinches in an arm triangle and waits to feel her fade, then grabs the same hand and deadlift Irish whips her into the corner, follows in with a stinger splash, then tags Chase in before laying knees into her gut. He stands aside as Anton leaps over the ropes in a vaulting, twisting dropkick which folds Hardy in half.

PKA: “That’s a fine dropkick there. Daniels, why can’t you do a dropkick like that?”

Daniels: “I had to give up the flippity flops and whoop de dos when I gained weight, Peeks.”

MacNichol shoulder rams her on his way out, and Chase lifts her onto the top turnbuckle. He climbs up after and lays in a couple of fists, then hooks her up... she starts fighting back, finally, with punches to his stomach, and then a headbutt which leaves him reeling precariously. But he shakes it off and finds a European uppercut, then quickly snaps off the superplex! He pins.




Hardy gets a shoulder up.

Tony D: “Anton Chase with an impactful superplex there but not enough to put Hardy away.”

PKA: “They’re really hitting the big spots early in this match. What’s the rush?!”

Dylan Daniels: “It’s a new era, Peeks! The flashier the better, as long as I’m not on the receiving end!”

From the Dragons' corner, Evangelista calls, "Come on Ell, fight it," but she seems about as drained as her beaten-down partner. Anton tags in Cameron. MacNichol scouts Hardy as she's rising, and as soon as she's vertical, levels her again with a thunderous spear! He pins.

Dylan Daniels: “VICCIOUSSsssSPEAR!”



Thre-NO! Kickout!

PKA: “That was a great spear and all but it is nothing compared to your awesome suit there Dylan. Boy oh boy… that’s a knock out for sure.”

Dylan Daniels: “You like this, eh? Picked it out myself!”

PKA: “LIKE is a strong word.”

Dylan Daniels: “Well, I LIKE how you look like a used tampon!”

The fans roar in approval at the fact the match will continue. Cameron checks that it was indeed only a two count, then hauls Laurel back up. But she stuns him with a sitout jawbreaker! She swings a kick at him but he ducks it, rolling her into a schoolboy pin. She pushes out and as they both come back up, knocks him onto his ass with a dropkick. She kips right back up into a cartwheel and lands in another dropkick, flooring him. Chase bangs the ropes in frustration, the old issues between himself and his tag team partner clearly still having some effect.

Tony D: “Anton Chase looks a little displeased with his partner thus far.”

PKA: “Chill out, Chase.”

Dylan Daniels: “Temper tantrums won’t get you anywhere in this business.”

PKA: “They’ll get you a blacklist thread on RoughKut. Does that not count for something?”

Dylan Daniels: “Kayfabe, Peeks, Kayfabe.”

Tony D: “Oh my.. moving right along it looks like Hardy is going to make a tag!”

Hardy meanwhile leaps for her corner, and slaps Evangelista's outstretched hand.Evangelista calmly enters the ring, waits for Cameron to reach a kneeling position, and starts demolishing him with stiff kicks to the face and chest.

Tony D: “Dragons Unleashed are in firm control now!”

She finishes up with something more akin to a stomp than a kick, then hangs back and watches him get up again with pained expression on her face and her hands clasped to the sides of her head. With a roar, MacNichol jumps to his feet, shaky but determined, only to be instantly dropped again with a double knee facebreaker. Leanne pushes him over for the cover. One! Two! Kickout.

Tony D: “The Tag Champs hold onto their titles!”

PKA: “They better get their crap together. This is their first defense! Does Anton realize that yet?”

Dylan Daniels: “If he didn’t, he does now! I think he heard you. Look at that stink eye he’s giving you!”

PKA: “Oh, that’s why he looks like that? I thought one of the dragons unleashed some gas or something.”

Dylan Daniels: “Isn’t that what they mean when they talk about breathing fire?”

PKA: “Touche..”

She moves back on her knees, just watching him emotionlessly, as Anton yells at him to stay in it. As Cameron rises again, Leanne starts laying knees into his midsection until Cameron is backed right up into a corner. She moves from knees to body blows, unleashing a flurry of fists into his midsection and ribcage, letting out an inhuman growl of rage as she does so. The referee warns her; she doesn't even seem to hear him. He physically tears her off MacNichol and she circuits the ring, fuming. She comes back in, only to be met with double kick to the face as Cameron rolls back against the turnbuckles. He follows that by kneeing Evangelista in the diaphragm, then lifting her up stalling suplex style. He marches her to the middle of the ring and drops her in jackhammer, but the effort clearly takes a lot out of him too at this stage, and both competitors are left lying on the mat sucking in huge gulps of air with sweat running from their foreheads into their eyes.

PKA: “This is definitely a turning point of the match..”

Anton and Laurel are both hammering on their corners for the tag, but Evangelista is out and Cameron just stares at Anton blankly before crawling on top of her.

Tony D: “Cover!”




Dylan Daniels: “Close, but no cigar!”

She powers a shoulder off the canvas. Anton yells for the tag again, and Cameron glances at him before turning his attention back to Leanne.

PKA: “Oh you see that? Cameron just no-sold the tag request!”

Chase shouts that retaining the title is more important than proving a point.

Dylan Daniels: “Dissension amongst the ranks!”

MacNichol looks between his opponent and partner again, sighs, and starts hobbling over to his corner. Evangelista meanwhile starts crawling for her own.Both tags are made, and Chase and Hardy charge in. Hardy knocks Chase down with a flying hadouken, but he kips straight back up, roaring, energy almost visibly crackling through him. They charge again and end up spinning round each other, then take each other down with fast tandem leaping clotheslines. Again they both kip up. Hardy with a hammerlock, which Chase starts to reverse. Laurel backflips behind him and locks in a full nelson. Dragon's Bite - no! He rolls forward, flipping her overhead onto her bum, and catches her with a smart dropkick to the spine.





Unfazed, he just pushes her back down.


Nope, not gonna do it.


Cameron yells at Chase to stop messing around and get on with it. Anton shoots daggers at him, then turns his attention back to Laurel, spiking her with a scoop piledriver.

PKA: “These two guys need counseling. “

Dylan Daniels: “If you ask me, they’re not the only members of the WARPED roster that could use counseling.”’

The champions exchange a couple more angry words, then Anton climbs the corner.

PKA: “Yeah, who else?”

Dylan Daniels: “I’d rather not say.”

Chase sails off in a diving splash - but his target rolls aside! Chase's tailbone connects with the hard mat, badly winding him, and MacNichol double facepalms.

Dylan Daniels: “Ooooo!”

Tony D: “Bad landing for Chase!”

As Anton stands, Hardy wraps around him in an octopus stretch. He tries to fight it but sinks to one knee after a moment, giving Laurel the chance to add more torque.

PKA: “I love me an Octopus Stretch!”

Dylan Daniels: “I prefer an abdominal stretch myself.. Anton is fading!”

Chase's head droops and the ref asks him if he wants to quit, but he growls a "no". Cameron mutters to Anton that he better not tap. He sinks down still further... then with a mighty bellow, pushes up and backpedals Hardy into the ropes so hard she's knocked clean through them! While she pulls herself upright, Anton tags Cameron. Cameron runs the ropes and charges Laurel, who in desperation pulls them down to send him over the top to ringside. She follows that up with a double rotation asai moonsault. Before she can celebrate, however, Anton takes both her and Cameron back down with a somersault suicida! And as the wrestlers at ringside try to regain a vertical base, Evangelista flies from the top of the ringpost in a swan dive, wiping out both her opponents and her own partner!

Tony D: “Bodies are everywhere!”

PKA: “Amazing action!”

Dylan Daniels: “Did you see the height on that!”

She whips Chase into the barricade, then MacNichol against the apron.

Dylan Daniels: “Is this ref new? Why isn’t he administering the ten count?”

She kicks Cameron hard in the chest before rolling him into the ring where she runs the ropes and connects with a Stevie G kick. She goes for the pin, but the ref reminds her she's not the legal woman, prompting a frustrated sigh. MacNichol is back up, only to find himself thrown into the air by a dragon sleeper suplex courtesy of Laurel, who'd snuck up behind him! She follows that with a handstand into a twisting legdrop. She follows through on the momentum from that by backrolling up to her feet and connecting with another legdrop. She pulls his leg up for a pin.




He thrusts a shoulder up definitively. Hardy hauls him up, but he finds an open fist jab to create some separation, then another. He grabs her arm as she tries to swing back and uses it to wrap her into a package, and uses that to plant her with a cradle driver. She holds her head in pain, but slowly pulls herself up... only to eat a kick to the gut and a powerbomb. He locks in a Boston crab, holds it for a moment, then stretches into his corner to tag Anton, who steps in and kicks Hardy right in the contorted spine. Chase with a brainbuster, and then the cover.

PKA: “Brainbustahhhhhhh~!”




Dylan Daniels: “They seem to be pulling out all the stops here tonight!”

He works over her with stomps, then lifts her up in a stalling suplex... Laurel falls behind him, twisting into a straitjacket lungblower! They're both slow to rise but it's advantage Hardy, with a flying chuck, a Pele anda standing shooting star press. She stays on him and hooks the leg.One!Two!He kicks out. She lifts and then immediately drops him with a scoop powerslam, then climbs the turnbuckles. At the top she claps a few times, although the fans are already about as hard into the back-and-forth match as they possibly could be. She vaults out in a corkscrew looking for her Stronger Than Dirt elbow drop - but Anton gets the knees up! Cameron calls to the weary Anton to tag out to him, using the same logic Chase himself used earlier. Anton seems to be going back and forth on the idea, eyes flickering between his downed opponent and his partner bouncing across the top rope. Anton finally turns to Cameron and takes a couple of steps - only to be dragon screwed into the centre of the ring by Laurel! She presses her assault with a spinning toehold, then floats around Chase and as he gingerly pushes himself up, nails him with a legsweep double-arm DDT. Evangelista has her head down and resting on the top rope. Laurel crosses to her and hugs her, with a look of concern, and they exchange a few quiet words. But Anton takes the opportunity to schoolboy Laurel! One! Two! Laurel powers out and leaps to her corner, tagging Leanne in. As she blazes into the ring she kicks the kneeling Chase clean into the air with a drive-by kick. She backs him into the corner with stiff kicks and elbows, hits a shoulder barge, then lifts him up to the top turnbuckle and ascends after him, and starts laying in the requisite ten punches, which the fans naturally count along with. Evangelista starts setting up a superplex, but Chase fights back with punches to her ribcage. They start trading blows, both wobbling precariously, until Chase finds a hard headbutt to stagger her. He starts to hook her in for a side slam off the top - but she counters it with a sudden avalanche exploder! Anton and Evangelista bounce around as they meet the mat, but she quickly scrambles over him for a pin.



NO! Kickout!

Evangelista stands and lets forth a bloodcurdling primal scream, and starts unloading on Chase with kicks, stomps, elbows and closed fists.

PKA: “She’s losing it!”

Dylan Daniels: “Geesh! Sounds like Erica when I promise to do the dishes, and I forget!”

Cameron MacNichol gets into the ring and pulls her off of his partner, and she storms into her own corner looking about ready to kill something, possibly even herself. She realizes it was Cameron who pulled her away, and while the ref tells Cameron to get out of the ring, Evangelista charges him and leaps on him, driving her fists into his face.

PKA: “CAT FIGHT! Sort of.”

Dylan Daniels:“That’s one heavy handed cat!”

The referee pulls Evangelista off of Cameron and he rolls to the ropes. She screams out and turns around right into Anton Chase who nails her with the Tag Team Title!

Dylan Daniels: “WHAT A MANEUVER!”

She drops to the mat and Anton stands over her with the title. The referee calls for the bell.

Randy Long: “The winners of the match as a result of a disqualification - Dragons Unleashed! But STILL Tag Team Champions - Anton Chase and Cameron MacNichol!”

Cameron gets to his feet and asks Anton what in the world was he thinking?

Dylan Daniels: “I hope Dragons Unleashed managed to get some kisses tonight, because they’ve just beenFUCKED!”

PKA: “What a great match only to be ruined by a shot to the face with the title. I don’t imagine that was the kind of shot to the face Evangelista was looking for tonight!”

The referee hands the other title to Cameron while Anton still holds his. Anton ignores Cameron’s questioning and leaves the ring. Cameron follows him, trying to get answers.

Tony D: “Cameron MacNichol doesn’t seem to be too pleased with the way this match ended. I don’t imagine the Dragons are either, but this isn’t good for the Tag Champs either.”

Dylan Daniels: “You’re right, Tony D. It’s not good, its GREAT! I can guarantee you that my brothers are looking down on this show from the seedy part of heaven with a smile on both their faces!”

“Candy Castle” starts playing. Evangelista gets to her feet. The ref tries to raise Evangelista's hand, but she pulls it away and, after glancing around at the rest of the people in the ring, just closes her eyes, swallows, then rolls through the ropes and drops to ringside. She just heads straight backstage. Hardy hurries after her friend.

Tony D: The Dragons win the match, but Chase and MacNichol retain the titles. This surely isn’t over!

PKA: “This has rematch written all over it. It’d be good for both sides too, especially the Dragons, after well.. what they have going on.”


Dylan Daniels: "This just in, Alexander StarrZoë has finally been confirmed as a raving lunatic!"

PKA: "Too many chair shots to the head."

Dylan Daniels: "Apparently he’s blaming Dragons Unleashed for pushing to his boiling point. After Alexander tweeted ‘I have something you want.’ The WARPED roster, and WARPED Faithful alive have twitter abuzz. According to these sources at least, we all know I’m lazy when it comes to twitter.

PKA: "Sources? You have sources? What are you, TMZ?"

Tony D: "Regardless of why he did it, it's a sickening act. Completely inexcusable! He kidnapped an innocent girl, Evangelista's sister Lilly! How can he live with himself? He should be in prison."

Dylan Daniels: "It’s not illegal, it’s pro wrestling!"

PKA: "Yeah, I mean that's bad enough. He kidnapped someone? Man, that guy has turned into a real dick."

Dylan Daniels: “It’s not like he’s the first kidnapper that Joey Matthew has employed..”


We cut backstage where we see Adam Stryker stretching out before his match with Damien Baine. He's wearing his ring gear and a t-shirt, while his leather jacket still rests on the chair behind him. As he starts stretching his triceps, he is interrupted by a familiar voice.

"Damn right I don't believe you."

He turns around to see Jason Richards, still in casual clothes as his match is later in the evening. Stryker smirks while Richards approaches him wearing a serious face.

Stryker: "Nice to meet you too, Jason. How has your shit been?"

Jason doesn't seem to care about Stryker's good mood.

Richards: "I saw your promo, Adam. Nice work, yeah, but you're right that I don't believe your sweet talk. You have to do more than just that to earn my trust again."

Stryker is still smirking as he puts his jacket on.

Stryker: "Whatever you think, pal. I'll show you I'm not the Stryker you used to know."

Adam extends his right hand for a handshake. Jason just looks at it for a second before looking Stryker straight in the eyes again.

Richards: "We'll see."

The SoCal Switchblade uses the right hand to pat the Wolf on the shoulder as he walks past him towards his first WARPED match.


As the lights in the FRONTIER Fieldhouse slowly dimmed and plunged the arena into darkness an air of anticipation swept the crowd. After what had already been an amazing show they knew that what they were about to witness would be history making... Or so they hoped.

An unfamiliar song hits the speakers as a robotic voice proclaims; It's Gonna Be Me.

"You might have been hurt, babe, that ain't no lie.
You've seen them all come and go.
I remember you told me that it made you believe in;
No man, No cry. Maybe that's why."

As the chorus of the ridiculously good cover of N'Sync's "It's Gonna Be Me" starts to play Seth Moore slaps his way out from behind the curtain to lead the raucous crowd in a little song a long.

"Every little thing I do, never seems enough for you.
You don't want to lose it again, but I'm not like them.
Baby when you finally get to love somebody,
Guess what; it's gonna be me!"

With a huge shit eating grin on his face Seth casually struts his way down to the ring as the 'gentle' crooning of N'Sync continues. Clad in pink tights with "MOOREGAZMO" across them and a patented 143rd Best In The World T-shirt Seth rolls under the bottom rope, a little taken back by the mostly positive reception he is receiving, and takes a microphone.

Seth Moore: Look at yourselves. Just stop and take a good hard look at yourselves. It's amazing what a bit of time off and a haircut can do. I change my tights to look like a pornstar super hero and all of a sudden you people want to climb aboard the Seth Moore gravy train.

The crowd offers a mixed reaction to this. Unfortunately for them Seth still seems to be the same asshole he was before.

Seth Moore: Or maybe, and far more likely, is that you all know that after tonight Seth Moore is going to be the WARPED Evolution Champion and you want to be one of those people who 'liked him before he was big'. Yeah; the wrestling world is full of idiots like you.

This brings Bronx cheers raining down upon the self proclaimed 143rd Best In The World.

Seth Moore: It's amazing how easily persuaded you all are. If I came out here and said Chicago is the greatest city on earth, go Blackhawks, you all scream your fucking tits off.

A few cheers go up at the mention of the Stanley Cup winning Hawks.

Seth Moore: But instead I come out here and tell you that you all suck, and question your loyalty and commitment to this industry and to us as competitors, based on hard evidence and facts and you have the audacity to boo me. But that's fine, because after the show I will head to the back and I'll be able to socialize with real people about real things, maybe go out and get some real pussy and wake up in the morning with a real hang over because I was date raped by another ring rat while you all sit at home in your parents basements jerking it to pictures of Kandi Washington and talking in your little forums about how much you hate your new Evolution Champion.

The crowds boos are even louder now, if they were warming to Seth at all after a few weeks away they were now remembering why they hated him before.

Seth Moore: Treats, Richards, Controvert, I don't see the point of us putting on a show tonight. These morons wouldn't know real wrestling if I came down there and slapped the taste out of that guys mouth.

Pointing to a fan at ringside Seth quickly flips him off.

Seth Moore: Shut it you steaming pile of donkey scrotum. You might be really good at kicking ass and taking names on your Xbox, but that's the only box you can probably get. How long did it take you to get here from Aurora? Did your mom give you a dollar and drop you off in the parking lot, or was it 40 minutes door to door?

A small portion of the crowd give a pop for the reference, but the majority continue with their jeers.

Seth Moore: I spoke earlier about facts, the fact is that whether you love me or you hate me, I get a reaction from all of you. I'm the one you talk about, and as soon as I take the strap from Mr. Rottentreats, you will be talking about me even Moore! Give it up for your next Evolution Champion, because just like the song says; it's gonna be me!

Outline in Color's cover of "It's Gonna Be Me" hits and drowns out the crowd who are adamant in giving Seth what he deserves, and who can blame them? Seth leaves the ring.

PKA: "Damnit! Now all I can think about is the rumored NSYNC reunion on Sunday night's VMA's!!"


Twitter Grudge Match
Mr. Rottentreats vs. Jessica Harmony


Randy Long: "The following contest is a Twitter GRUDGE MATCH!"

"Rude Boy" by Rihanna hits the PA.

Randy Long: "On her way to the ring at this time, weighing in at 127lbs. From Las Vegas Nevada, by way of Seattle Washington! JESSSIIICCAAA HAAARMOONYY!

Jessica Harmony is seen posing for the crowd. Walking down the ramp and heading for the ring, she smirks and ignores the fans. She poses on the ring apron and then gets in the ring posing one more time, then focusing on the entrance ramp.

The music and lights die down and WARPEDVision lights up. On the screen is Mr. Rottentreats in the process of touching up his face paint. Once he notices the camera he turns and smiles.

Mr. Rottentreats: "HI JESS!"

Jessica Harmony focuses on the WARPEDVision screen.

Mr. Rottentreats:"I was afraid you wouldn't show up after our little dinner date Whoremony.. Word has it, I put the fear of the Dark Carnival deep inside you. Truth is, I've got my mind on more important things, so I'm really taking my time getting ready tonight. Focus, Determination, etc.. You know, the buzz words that champions like myself use on a day to day basis. So, give me a minute.. "

Treats goes back to touching up his face paint then seems to have a moment of clarity..

Mr. Rottentreats: "You know what enough of this, it's time to see who learned more Derrick Daniels. So.. Ring Crew Randy! Play that wicked shit!"


Mr. Rottentreats: "On second thought.. Ring the Bell!"

Treats begins to laugh uncontrollably as Jessica Harmony looks at the ref then back to WARPEDVision' quite confused. The bell rings and the ref begins to count Mr. Rottentreats out; not realizing he's jumping across the barricade behind them.




Treats slides a steel chair under the bottom rope and it comes to a halt in the center of the ring.

PKA: “What is he even doing right now?”

Dylan Daniels: “I’m assuming these were the ninja tactics he spoke of on the drive up.”



My Mind's telling me no! But my body, my body's telling me YES!"

PKA: “Da hell?”

Dylan Daniels “You’ve got to be kidding me! Why would Joey let this goofball into the building!”

Jessica Harmony backs toward the ropes and readies herself; not noticing the chair.. A spot light hits the top of the ramp to see a slender, oiled up man wearing hot pink vest; swaying his hips. Harmony once again looks at the referee in confusion; the ref keeps counting.



Treats slithers in between the middle and top rope as the slender man continues to gyrate his way down the entrance way. Neither Jessica or the referee have noticed the chair, or Treats.



Treats sneaks up behind Jessica and sends her face first into the steel chair with a snap mare driver! He quickly slides the chair out of the ring and rolls Jessica back up to her knees, then rolls forward with her; hooking her legs with his. The gyrating man frantically tells the referee there's a pin attempt. The referee slides into position without hesitation.




Randy Long: "And here's your winner, MIIISTTEER RAAAHTTENTREEEAATS!!"

Mr. Rottentreats jerks his hand away from the referee as he attempts to raise it in victory. The baby oil drenched man slides into the ring; leaving an oily trail.

PKA: “How bout a mop? Anyone?”

Tony D: “Is that who I think it is? He looks...familiar..”

PKA: “Something you’re not telling us, Tony?”

Dylan Daniels: “Use your imagination, paint his face, and add about one hundred pounds of blubber to his body, Peeks.”

Treats picks up Jessica Harmony and pushes her into the slender man who picks her up and performs a spinebuster; then crawls through her legs and thrusts his crotch in her face. Treats snatches the microphone away from Randy Long.

Mr. Rottentreats: "Looks like I learned quite a bit more than you did, Whoremony! So, the next time you decide to open that cum catcher that you call a mouth.. I suggest you think back to this very moment in time! That's enough Dougie.."

The crotch thrusting comes to a halt and Dougie rises to his feet.

Mr. Rottentreats: "As for what you were digging for? Here's the other victim of identity theft; 'Dee-Licious' Douglas Divine! Mystery SOLVED. CASE CLOSED! Hey, Joseph.. As you can see, I don't need the AbominationZ to have numbers on my side. Besides.. Isn't that what friends are for?"

Douglas Divine raises Mr. Rottentreats hand up in victory, then points at him; mouthing "Ya'll are fucked, now!"

Dylan Daniels: “Excuse me, I need a moment..”

PKA: “Are you crying?”

Dylan Daniels: “I.. I.. I can’t help it.. I’m just so damned proud right now! It’s good to know these boys paid attention to what we were teaching them.”



Singles Match
Damien Baine vs. Adam Stryker (Guest Star)


"Get Real" roars through the PA system as Adam Stryker walks out on the stage, hearing a chorus of boos. Dressed in his ring attire and a black leather jacket, he takes a long look at the crowd while taking a last smoke from his cigarette. He throws the cigarette butt on the ground before slowly walking to the ring.

Randy Long: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 220 pounds, The SoCal Switchblade ADM STRYKER!"

Adam takes off the jacket and hands it to a ring crew member before climbing on the apron. He slingshots himself to the ring and gets on the top rope, where he performs a cut-throat taunt as his music slowly dies out.

Randy Long: "And his opponent.. weighing in at 220 pounds, Damien Baine!"

Damien Baine walks to the ring as Sail by Awolnation plays on the speakers. He is wearing loose fitting blue and yellow wrestling trunks and a shirt that says Warped Warrior on the front, he walks down the ring nodding to his fans, Leon Stone follows behind him making sure everyone knows it is Damien's match and not his, Leon is has on a Flux in Motion shirt, Damien climbs into the ring, and runs from one corner to the next corner pumping his fists to the music, he then stops in the middle of the ring and takes the shirt of throwing it into the crowd then he walks over to Leon to do some last minute talking about the match.

Tony D: "Looks like Leon Stone is out here to support his buddy Damien Baine in this match-up."

PKA: "Leon should be backstage preparing for his damn World Title match!"

Dylan Daniels “You’re right on that one, Peeks. He shouldn’t be taking his eye off the prize!”

The bell sounds.

Adam Stryker and Damien Baine lock up in the center of the ring. They try to overpower each other but neither man is budging.

Tony D: "These men are practically equals in size. Both are 220 and the only difference is that Stryker is 6 foot and Baine is only 1 inch taller!"

PKA: "Well Stryker definitely has the experience edge so I wouldn't call them equal entirely. Stryker has seven years on Baine."

Dylan Daniels “Could we be seeing an upset here tonight?”

Both men attempt right hands but both duck then Stryker gets behind Baine and hits a Northern Lariat to take him down! Stryker brings Baine to his feet and whips him into the ropes. Stryker charges but Baine gets a boot up that drops Stryker to the mat. Baine smiles but Stryker pops back up and hits a European Uppercut!!

Dylan Daniels: "Impressive!"

Stryker then puts Baine in a tree of woe and backs up... he charges in with a knee to the head! Baine drops down and Stryker covers..


Kick out!

Stryker allows for Baine to get to his feet and as he is pushing up, Stryker goes for the Knee Trembler but Baine moves out of the way and goes for a backslide pin, but Stryker immediately kicks out and pulls Baine in.. he lifts him up for a suplex and lets Baine flip until he drops him with a double knee backbreaker!

Dylan Daniels: “VIICIOUSSss!”

PKA: "YeeeeeeeeeeeeOUCH!"

Tony D: "Definition of Mayhem!! What a move from our Guest Star Adam Stryker!"

Stryker doesn't cover though. The fans cheer him on and he tells them to go screw themselves and gets some boos from the crowd. Baine starts pushing himself up as he holds his back and Stryker charges and hits him with a gore aka THE STRYKE! He immediately brings him up and grabs him around the waist, hoisting him up onto a shoulder with a Canadian Backbreaker Rack and he flips him over into a knee strike to the face!

Tony D: "Vortex!!"

PKA: "Stryker is taking it to Baine!"

And a cover..




Tony D: "And just like that it's all over!"

The bell sounds.

Randy Long: "Here is your winner - Adam Stryker!"

Adam Stryker starts putting the boots to Damien Baine and Leon Stone grabs a chair and slides into the ring, and Stryker backs out. Stone checks on his friend as the scene fades.


Earlier Today

The house lights die down and WARPEDVision lights up showing the inside of an empty Frontier Fieldhouse; just as the WARPED ring crew is completing preparations for WARPED81. The elaborately painted face of WARPED Original and current WARPED Evolution champion, Mr. Rottentreats; enters the bottom of the frame. The close up of his painted face becomes a full body shot as he turns to approach the WARPED Wrestling ring. With his back to the camera, the WARPED Evolution Title can be seen draped across his left shoulder; and the name Mr. Rottentreats embroidered across the white hockey Jersey that covers his upper body.

Mr. Rottentreats: "It's good to be home.."

Treats slowly turns to allow the camera a profile view and begins a small stroll toward the ring steps.

Mr. Rottentreats: "The return to the scene of the crime.. I thought that I would be a bit more anxious walking through those doors, I really did. To be honest though, as soon as I saw this ring being set up.. That anxiety melted away. Like a Candy Apple Faygo slushy on a hot summer's day. You, the WARPED Faithful, are probably wondering.. Why am I in an other wise empty Frontier Fieldhouse, this early in the morning? Well, assuming Jessica Whoremoney actually shows up, ya know to back up aaaall of that shit talk.. I imagine I'll a bit too winded from stomping her out to lace Recovery with my verbal flavor before the 4 Corner Survival match."

Treats turns to face the camera directly; revealing the WARPED "W" that's embroidered on the front of his White hockey jersey.

Mr. Rottentreats: "Speaking of my Evolution Title defense.. Controvert, not only does this WARPED Evolution Title make me better than these moronic fans.. RIGHT HERE... in CHICAGO RIDGE, ILLINOIS! There's also the fact that, I'm on the this side of the guard rail, and they're all claiming that it's their dream to be a wrestler. NEeeEeEWS FLASH! If it was your dream, you'd put down the stale popcorn and cold pizza, and DO IT! Connie, you say you cut promos to boost ratings.. What ratings do you expect to boost, playing to the apathetic crowd? They care so little, that when it comes to the hard work we do in this ring..."

Treats reaches back and grabs the middle rope.

Mr. Rottentreats: "They don't even illegally stream the shows, hell.. I bet they barely even skim through the results when they're posted on the dirt sheets! They probably don't even finish reading the first syllable of the winners names. Of course your wins and losses don't matter when no one sees them! You're right, I do care about this title."

He rubs the main plate in the center of the WARPED Evolution title and allows a wide smile to slowly creep across his face; showing teeth.

Mr. Rottentreats: " This title means everything right now, at least to me. Starting tonight, holding this title means better food on my plate; for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Holding this title is going to allow me to prove once and for all, that I'm more than just another pretty painted face! Successfully defending this title tonight, will cement the fact that I'm better than Leon Stone, and the others that held and loss the WARPED Evolution title in their first defense.. I refuse to settle for just winning this title; I'm keeping it, for-ever."

Treats drops his painted chin and sighs.

Mr. Rottentreats: "As for, who's under that whack ass mask of yours.. I hope to the Dark Carnival that it is SwitchBlade hiding behind that mask. If not, it isn't going to keep me from inflicting pain on you. I promise you, I won't need, nor do I want yours or anyone else's help in this match. One fall to a finish, and that fall will be mine! And for the LAST TIME!!!"

Treats hauls off and kicks the ring steps with all of the strength he can muster up; with his left foot. The sound echoes throughout the Frontier Fieldhouse. Upon impact, he pulls his leg back and holds it up; allowing his foot to dangle. He winces before continuing.

Mr. Rottentreats: "I'm Not in the dog damned, AbominationZ!! And before I blatantly ignore the fact that two other men are in this match.. I do have a question for you.. It's a real important one.."

Treats takes a moment to gather himself and inhales a deep breathe.

Mr. Rottentreats: "Do you have your ticket? Because the side show starts... NOW!"


WARPED Evolution Championship: Four Corner Survival Match
Mr. Rottentreats(c) vs. The Controvert vs. Seth Moore vs. Jason Richards

Randy Long: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a Four Corner Survival Match for the EVOLUTION CHAMPIONSHIP! Introducing first.. from Seattle, Washington, weighing in at 195 pounds, "The Lone Wolf" Jason Richards!"

The lights go out as a loud howl is let out through the entire venue the music begins to play through the sound system of the venue. He appears slowly stepping through the curtain looking out of the crowd. He begins slowly walking towards the ring as he holds out his hand as the people slap it. He walks over grabbing a chair standing on it putting on foot on the guard rail making a slashing motion across is throat. He jumps down and then jumps on the apron stepping through the ropes he walks over stepping up to the second rope he let's out a howl jumping down he begins stretching in the corner staring at the entrance way waiting on his opponent

Randy Long: "And from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 218 pounds, Seth Moore!"

Outline in Color's cover of "It's Gonna Be Me" hits. Seth Moore slaps his way through the curtain and out towards ringside. He verbally jousts with fans as he makes his way down the aisle before pausing on the ringsteps with a cocky smirk on his face. He proceeds into the ring where he climbs the nearest turnbuckle and stands looking out over the crowd.

Randy Long: "From PARTS UNKNOWN..Weighing in at 250 pounds, this is The Controvert!"

“Vengeance is Mine” by Alice Cooper starts to play as the lights go out. Suddenly the light go strobe for a moment as The Controvert walks down to the ring. He removes his wide brimmed black hat, cloak, and hands his cane off to the ring attendant and waits for the match to start. The white mask is unnerving to look at as he looks around like a curious cat.

Randy Long: "And finally, from The Carnival Grounds, weighing in at 220 pounds, he is the reigning Evolution Champion - Mr. Rottentreats!"

The lights go out just as a fuzzy bass line begins to swell on the PA; followed shortly by a high pitched piano. The chorus of So Addictive by Twiztid blares on the PA. A spot light hits the entrance way showing a solitary figure standing in the midst of a thick fog. Mr. Rottentreats. is patched, across the upper back of a white hockey jersey that covers the figure's upper body. Mr. Rottentreats turns around causing the fog to swirl around his feet. At his sides he holds a, 2-Litre bottle of Faygo. A red and white bag swings side to side; the camera catches the occasional glimpse of the WARPED Evolution title. Now walking down the aisle way, Treats slings the bag across his right shoulder which causes the string between his teeth to smear his elaborate face paint.

Mr. Rottentreats begins to shake the pop in hand as he reaches the bottom of the short entrance ramp. He slaps hands with the few Juggalos scattered along the entrance aisle guardrail. When he reaches ringside he notices a fan that looks to be on the verge of a massive heart attack from berating Treats. He stares a hole in the fan as he calmly uses the Faygo in hand to point out the Evolution title. The stoic expression on Treats' face morphs into a grimace; having heard something offensive. The fan continues to berate him trying to provoke Treats to swing on him. Without warning the fan receives a frothy geyser of Root Beer Faygo to the face. The Faygo soaked fan throws a hay maker in Treats direction; only to fall over the rail due to Treats evading the attack.


Treats shadow boxes for the camera with the Bag of Treats now in his right hand; just as security scoops the fan up. Treats pauses then plants a "kiss of death" on the WARPED fan; smearing his face paint. He jumps up to the ring apron as close as possible to a ring post. He drops his bag then springs over quickly and lands on the second rope in the corner. The Evolution title is quickly unsnapped and brought up to his painted face. He kisses the title just before jumping off the turnbuckle and handing the title off of to the referee.

Tony D: "And now a Four Corner Survival Match in which two men can be legal in the ring at the same time. Tags aren't necessary but they are allowed! When one wrestler leaves the ring another can enter."

The bell sounds. Moore and Richards tie up and struggle for control. Richards backs Moore into the ropes but Moore backs Richards into the corner. The referee asks for a break and Richards puts his arms up but Moore delivers a slap to the face. Richards goes after Moore but the ref tells him to back it up and forces him out!

PKA: "Four Corner Survivals are always a good time to watch. Where's the popcorn!"

Moore and Richards then tag out to Controvert and Mr. Rottentreats. Both men enter the ring as the fans cheer and they tie up. Irish whip from Treats is blocked by The Controvert and Rottentreats hits the ropes and returns with a Cactus Clothesline! The Controvert gets to his feet and attempts to tag Moore in, but he doesn't get to as Treats grabs him from behind and hits a kneebreaker! The Controvert then rolls out of the ring and Seth Moore enters and charges Rottentreats, but Rottentreats is too much and hits multiple cactus clotheslines enough to where Moore slips out of the ring.

Tony D: "The 'real' Mr. Rottentreats is back and he is on fire!"

PKA: "Tony D please don't bring that up with you know who here!"

Dylan Daniels: "Welp.."

PKA: "Damnit why did you have to bring that up!!!"

Richards comes in and spins Treats around and goes for a right hand but Treats ducks it and delivers a kick to the chin. Richards returns with a kick to the chin and Treats battles back with a kick to the calf. Richards grabs his leg but returns with a big kick to the ribs of Treats. He leans forward and Richards delivers a hard right hand to the face of Treats. This wakes him up and he fires back with a right hand of his own and Richards battles back with a right hand which then brings Treats back with one of his own! Richards goes for a spin kick but Treats ducks it and goes for a spinning back fist but Richards ducks it and backs up.. Super kick! Treats grabs the boot and drives it to the mat. Treats returns with a big kick to the head of Richards and he drops like a sack of potatoes!

The crowd chants "GO NINJA, GO NINJA, GO!"

Dylan Daniels: "The WARPED Faithful are turning up the volume in this match!"

Mr. Rottentreats ascends to the top turnbuckle now and signals toward his elbow for the Tight Rope Elbow! Treats starts tight-rope walking the top rope and The Controvert comes in to spoil the fun but Treats leaps off the rope and hurricanranas The Controvert over the top rope and he crashes at ringside!!!

PKA: "Nice RANA!"

Treats then slingshots over onto the apron and in one motion leaps back onto the top rope and springboard elbow drops Jason Richards!

Dylan Daniels: "Nice elbow!"

He covers..



Seth Moore breaks it up! He pushes Treats aside and brings Richards to his feet and lands a Half Nelson Suplex on Moore. He then covers..



Kick out!

Moore then pulls Richards to his feet and whips him into the corner. He charges in but Richards gets a boot up and then hits an Exploder Suplex into the corner!!! Richards pops up as the fans cheer for him! He brings Moore up and sets him up top and climbs with him. He lifts him onto his shoulders but Moore elbows out. Moore pushes Richards down but he lands on his feet and Richards then leaps up with a big palm thrust on Moore which nearly sends him over the edge! Mr. Rottentreats now comes into play as he pulls Richards down and gouges the eyes! They then are taken off guard by Seth Moore who comes off the top with a moonsault!! It clips Treats but takes out Richards moreso!

Tony D: "Mr. Rottentreats got lucky with that!!"

Treats then comes after Moore who ducks a big kick to the face and hits a Northern Lights Suplex!

PKA: "Shades of Sean Edmunds there!"

Tony D: "I imagine Edmunds would normally bridge after the move but it appears Moore has more in mind!"

PKA: "Hey I get it! Moore has more! Ha!"

Tony D: "Purely incidental.."

Moore climbs the turnbuckle now but is stopped by The Controvert who grabs him and hip tosses him over the ropes and down to the floor! The crowd pops as The Controvert drops off the apron and pulls Seth Moore up and hits a German Suplex on him into the turnbuckle post!!


Tony D: "My God!"

PKA: "The Evolution Title is on the GOD DAMNED LINE!"

Tony D: "The Controvert, now without his partner Y and mentor SwitchBlade, is doing quite well for himself right now!"

The fans go wild for The Controvert right then and as he turns he sees Mr. Rottentreats running on the apron and .. shooting star press! but The Controvert steps aside and shoves Treats into the floor!!!

Dylan Daniels: "You and me both know Peeks that the floor is unforgiving! That had to hurt the Evolution Champion."

PKA: "Screw it. That was awesome!!!"

The Controvert looks in the ring and sees a Jason Richards and he slides in. Richards cuts him off with a roaring elbow! This stuns The Controvert and Richards attempts an Exploder Suplex but Controvert elbows out and lifts Richards up and spins, hitting a Spinebuster into the turnbuckle! He pulls him from the ropes and covers..


Tony D: "There's a cover but no referee.."

The referee is on the outside checking on Mr. Rottentreats and Seth Moore!!

PKA: "Hey ref come on!"

Treats and Moore seem to be okay and recovering and slowly rising up.

Dylan Daniels: "Can't blame the ref to see if those guys are okay after what The Controvert did to them!"

PKA: "But The Controvert has a pin! You can see it on his face that he's pissed.. Wait, no you can't."

The Controvert is pissed off as he shouts out at the referee to get in the ring and count this pin!!! He covers again as the referee slides into the ring and counts..




Broken up by Richards AND Treats at the last second!

Tony D: "What a close call! We almost had a new Evolution Champion!"

Moore gets to his feet before Treats and he boots him in the face and then hooks both arms attempting a double underhook sitout piledriver but Treats escapes and lifts Moore onto his shoulders but The Controvert comes off the top rope with a flying back elbow that knocks Moore off the shoulders of Treats'! Treats looks down at Moore then turns and The Controvert hits an insane amount of punches to the face!

Tony D: "STIFF punches from The Controvert!!"

He leaps to the ropes for the splash onto Treats to complete "FURY" but Treats gets the knees up!!


Mr. Rottentreats slowly gets to his feet and it appears he's busted open. Jason Richards grabs him from behind for Emerald City Flash but Treats flips out, grabs him by the head and hits a big SNAP MARE DRIVER to the mat! He then hooks the near leg and rolls Richards back up to his knees and rolls forward with him. Just as the Richards' shoulders are on the mat Treats scissors the legs and rolls back into a plank position balling the him up for the three count...

Tony D: "Rotten Rollup!"



The Controvert in..


The Controvert was too late!

Tony D: "Treats retains!"

The fans pop as "So Addictive" by Twiztid hits the PA System.

Randy Long: "Here is your winner and STILL Evolution Champion - Mr. Rottentreeeeeeats!"

Treats is awarded the title as he holds it high to a mixed reaction from the fans who still aren't sure where his alliance lies. Blood trickles down his painted face as he puts the championship over his shoulder.

Tony D: "Mr. Rottentreats retains the title tonight and for a change there were no Abominationz around to assist in a victory."

PKA: "I'm not quite sure if he's with them or with us or maybe he's ridin' solo but what he did tonight was impressive. That said, I really feel like The Controvert got robbed from the win tonight."

Dylan Daniels: "I wouldn't say robbed but the ref has a lot to do in these multi man matches."

PKA: "Well he definitely nearly won this had the referee been in position. I'm not saying he should've won it outright but you never know! That could've been it."

Tony D: "Well we'll never really know but all we know for sure right now is that Mr. Rottentreats is still Evolution Champion."



Hugo Strange is back stage taping his with Missy just staring at him smiling. As Hugo finishes taping his wrist and stands and Missy grabs him.

Missy:You make me so proud I am happy that the Winter Wolf choose you.

Hugo:I don’t mind you coming to the ring with me, but don’t do anything to cause trouble I wanna beat Leon Stone clean to prove a point that I am a real champion.

Missy: I am just here for support that is all you go out there and prove your point I will always have your back.

Missy leans in and gives him a kiss.

Missy:Go give Leon hell

Hugo walks out of the room as soon as he is gone Old man crow steps out of the shadows.

Missy:Nobody knows.

Crow:Good I will make the call.

Fade out.


Main Event: WARPED World Championship Match
Hugo Strange(c) vs. Leon Stone

Randy Long: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall is is the main event of the evening for the WARPED Wrestling WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!"

The crowd pops!

Randy Long: "Introducing first...the challenger. From Dayton, Ohio, weighing in at 230 pounds - Leon Stone!"

Dream on by Aerosmith plays on the speakers Leon Stone walks to the ring dressed in knee length, loose wrestling trunks. They are burnt orange with black seams that say Warped Warrior on the back. Damien Baine is dressed in jeans and a Flux in Motion T-shirt that also say Warped Warrior on the back, as they pass the fans they shake hands and give high fives, When some people boo Leon smiles at them and nods. When they get to the ring, Leon stand in the center, looks at one of the Warped's many W logos that surround the arena, and he nods, he walks to each corner of the ring and raises his fist, he yells at the crowd to get pumped, and finally walking to the center of the ring he grabs two purple velvet sack from his pockets and unties the golden string. He spreads his arms out palms up and waits merely a second before his palms turn and he pours the sand from the sacks, some floats away in the air, most falls onto the mat. He quietly and calmly walks to his corner.

Randy Long: "And his opponent.. he hails from Calgary... Alberta, Canada. Weighing in at 315 pounds, he is the new World Champion, "The Canadian Mad Man" Hugo Straaaaaange!"

The arena goes dark as the opening rifts to Red Fangs “Prehistoric Dog” starts to blast out of the PA system. Hugo steps out on to the ramp with Missy Von Eerie and throws both hands up in the air the crowd pops and Hugo and Missy starts marching to the ring pointing and talking shit to whoever is in the ring. As Hugo gets to the ring he throws the world title up into the ring and then rolls in under the bottom rope. Once in the ring Hugo hops to his feet and grabs the world title and stands in the center of the ring pointing and jawing with his opponent.

Tony D: "Hugo Strange looks great with that belt! He shocked the world back in June when he defeated William Wallace for the World Championship. Surely Wallace is looking for a rematch down the line!"

PKA: "Who knows if Joey Matthew will even GIVE him a rematch! I'm quite intrigued by this match-up though. Leon Stone is in the biggest match of his short career."

Dylan Daniels: "Wouldn't you say this is a close second for Hugo too being the biggest match? He's the first ever Grand Slam winner in WARPED. He's held all the titles and only been here for a year and a month!"

The referee holds the World Title high in the air for all to see.

PKA: "If the William Wallace match was his biggest, this might be equal cause if he doesn't retain the title, his quick rise to the top is suddenly stunted.

Tony D: "At the same time though, Leon Stone looks to realize the same greatness that Hugo has accomplished and he could do that tonight!"

The bell sounds!

PKA: "That IS if Leon has overcome some demons that have been giving him trouble lately.. He's got to focus. Hugo spent 30 days in a damn forest picking cherries or something so he's focused. I think."

Leon Stone and Hugo Strange approach one another and Strange extends his hand. Stone hesitates for a second but the crowd cheers him on enough to shake hands. They back up and circle the ring as the fans are ready for this World Title main event. They lock up to start, and Strange muscles Stone to the corner. The referee calls for the break, and both mean head back to the middle of the ring.

Tony D: “A clean break by Hugo Strange.”

Dylan Daniels: “Hugo is taking this match quite serious, Tony D. I doubt he wants his first title defense to end in a disqualification.”

Stone catches Strange with a side head lock, transitions to a rear hammer lock, and brings Strange down to the mat. Stone stands up and stomps on Strange’s fingers, and Strange rolls to the ring apron to catch a breather.

Dylan Daniels: “Leon and I, have our fair share of differences, but I’ve gotta tip my hat to him for that.”

Missy Von Eerie gives Hugo Strange words of encouragement on the outside as the referee tells him to bring it back in.

Strange heads back into the ring, but Stone is quick to drop an elbow on him and lock in a front facelock. Strange breaks free and slips out of the ring once again. He tells Stone to back it up and Stone does as Strange slips back into the ring. Stone comes after him but Strange knees him in the gut and locks in a side headlock, but Stone creates separation and jabs Strange in the gut a few times. He whips him to the ropes and connects with a hip toss that once again sends Strange to the outside. Stone pursues Strange on the outside, but Strange slides back into the ring. Leon gets back up on the apron and Strange charges and boots him right in the face! Stone drops to the floor and Strange follows him out.

Dylan Daniels: “How about that? Hugo is forcing Leon to wrestle his match. That’s a great champion right there!”

Damien Baine cheers on his friend. Hugo shoots him a look and then Strange retrieves Stone and gives him a back breaker on the ring apron. Stone grabs at his back and Strange doesn't let up as he brings the challenger to his feet and rolls him into the middle of the ring. Strange rolls in after and goes for a cover..



Kick out!

Tony D: “Strange attempting end this one early!”

Dylan Daniels: “And you can expect more where that came from. Winning fall or not, every time you kick out of a pin attempt, you exert more energy.”

The World Champ locks in a seated rear chin lock, but its not enough to keep Leon Stone down. He pushes off the mat and to a semi-vertical base while Strange tries to keep the hold locked in. Stone fights back to his feet with a series of elbows to the gut, but that's quickly put to rest as Strange hits a Canadian backbreaker! He covers..

Dylan Daniels: “He turned the Stone into rubble!”



Kick out!

Strange now drags Stone to the corner and swipes his foot up against Stone's face repeatedly. Strange runs to the ropes and returns with a big running foot wash!

Tony D: "He nearly took Stone's head off!"

PKA: "Its not like the kid uses his brain anyway, so why not."

Dylan Daniels: “I didn’t know he had one to begin with. I always figured he was WARPED’s very own version of the Scarecrow.”

PKA: “If he ooooooooonly had a brain!”

Strange pulls Stone out of the corner and covers..



Kick out!

Tony D: “There’s another kick out at two.. You guys having fun?”

PKA: “Nope.”

Dylan Daniels: “I am, it’s nice to not be on the receiving end of all the brutality, we’ve witnessed tonight.”

Hugo brings him up to his feet and looks for a vertical suplex. He gets Stone off his feet but Stone floats over and counters into a neckbreaker. He covers..


Tony D: "An immediate kick out from Hugo Strange!"

They both rise up to their feet and begin to slug it out in the middle of the ring with right hand after right hand. Stone starts to get the upper hand and he backs Strange into the ropes and goes for an irish whip but Strange holds onto the ropes. He boots Stone in the gut and sends him to the ropes and drops down as Stone comes back at him and kicks him in the face! Strange staggers back, then charges in at Stone who hits a big Muay Thai kick to the face! Strange gets back up and goes for a clothesline but Stone ducks and locks in a full nelson and lifts him up.. Full Nelson Slam to the mat! Cover!

Dylan Daniels: “Where did he get the strength for that?!”



Kick out!

Stone now brings Strange to his feet and can start to feel the momentum shifting in his advantage. He sets Strange up for The Milestone Crucifix Powerbomb and lifts the bigger man up onto his shoulders. He then drops him to the mat and the fans pop! Stone hooks a leg..

Dylan Daniels: “I’m telling you, there needs to be a PED investigation immediately!”



Kick out!!

Stone slaps the mat out of frustration. He gets to his feet and stalks Strange as he slowly pulls himself up with the corner ropes.

PKA: "Don't waste time, kid. You gotta stay on him!!"

Dylan Daniels: “Little mistakes like this, are exactly why he’s a three time Evolution Champion, instead of the longest reigning champion in WARPED history.”

Stone crouches down, perhaps setting up for the Throwing Stones Corner Spear.. Strange turns around just as Stone charges but Strange spins and hits a spinning double hammer fist to the faaaaaaaaace of Strange!

PKA: "Ouch!!"

Dylan Daniels: “RIGHT IN THE KISSA!”


Stone drops to the mat and Strange looks to lock in the Canadian Deathlock (Stretch Muffler) but Stone grabs onto the bottom rope for dear life and the referee forces Strange to release his opponent. The fans start a dueling "Let's go Hugo / Let's go Leon" chant and Strange screams out that this is it!!

Dylan Daniels: “The WARPED Faithful are electric tonight!”

Strange yanks Stone away from the ropes and nails him with repeated stiff punches to the face. Stone drops to the mat after every one but gets back up. Strange whips him into the corner and charges but Stone dodges it and Strange crashes into the buckle! Stone grabs Strange by the head and swings him halfway out of the ring over the middle rope and pulls him away just enough so his feet catch on the rope. Missy Von Eerie teases that she's going to help Hugo out but Leon shakes his head at her as she approaches. The fans cheer as they know what's coming and that's when Stone drops Strange on his head with the DDT!!!

Leon Stone gets to his feet with a crooked smile on his face. He wipes the sweat off his brow as he backs into the corner, watching Hugo Strange pull himself up in the opposite corner. Stone charges in and spears Strange in the gut!!

Tony D: "Throwing Stones!"

Dylan Daniels: “First sand, and now stones! Didn’t his foster parents teach him how to be tidy?”

Stone backs up as Strange staggers into him and Stone lifts him onto his shoulders in a firemans carry. He brings Strange overhead for the "Shifting Sands" (Go To Sleep) but Strange catches his leg and wraps it around his head and drops Stone to the mat, locking in the Stretch Muffler!!

Tony D: "What a counter of Shifting Sands into the Canadian Deathlock!!!"

Dylan Daniels: “Leon better tap, or Hugo will break that leg!”

Stone is in the middle of the ring and is reaching out for the ropes as the crowd is going wild!! Stone reaches out trying to inch himself closer to the ropes so it can break!

Stone is getting closer and closer to the ropes but that's when Strange starts booting Stone in the back of the head!! He drops down and scissors the legs around Stone, trapping him!

The referee drops down to check and see if Stone wants to quit!! Stone tries to crawl to the ropes but Strange won't let him move!! Stone tries again and gets slightly closer to the ropes and reaches out, his fingertips touch the rope but Strange stands up and drags Stone by his boot away from the ropes. Stone pushes himself up off the mat and balances on one leg and goes for an Enziguri and clocks Strange in the side of the head with his boot!

Tony D: "He's a free man!"

Dylan Daniels: “I can’t stand the kid, but that was impressive!”

Stone lifts Strange up for the Shifting Sands again but his leg gives out and he drops to a knee!

PKA: "The Canadian Deathlock did some damage!"

Strange grabs the injured leg again and drapes it over the back of his head, folding up Stone and locking in the Canadian Deathlock once more!! Stone reaches out for the ropes but he's stuck in the middle of the ring!! He tries to crawl but Strange once again starts booting Stone in the back of the head and Stone is forced to tap out!!!

Dylan Daniels: “I applaud Stone’s Tenacity, but you’ve got to wonder how damaged his leg is now. Especially, after not tapping out the first time.”

"Headstrong" by Trapt hits the PA System and out comes President Joey Matthew! He applauds as he walks down the aisle and enters the ring.

Tony D: "What might the WARPED President be out here for?"

Joey extends his hand and Hugo accepts and the Prez raises his arm in victory, World Title and all! Leon Stone lays on the mat and starts to leave but Joey stops him and shakes his hand. Leon sighs and slips out of the ring. Missy Von Eerie joins Hugo at his side and the two celebrate the win with a hug.

Prez Joey Matthew: "Ladies and gentlemen give it up one more time for the man who will lead WARPED Wrestling into a new era of TELEVISION.. Hugo Strange!"

The fans pop big and chant "Hu-go! Hu-go! Hu-go! Hu-go!" as he holds the title high.

Prez Joey Matthew: "As soon as I leave this ring I am meeting with a corporate executive from the company that I've been in talks with since I woke up from my damn coma and Hugo I am proud to say that-"

Joey is cut off.."This Life" by Curtis Stigers & The Forest Rangers hits the arena. The crowd start to react negatively as the guitar ramps up. As "The Crow flies straight" kicks in Crowbar steps out, wearing a black T-shirt, Leather jacket with the AbominationZ A logo on the back, blue jeans and black boots, with his arms out and a grin on his face.

Prez Joey Matthew: "What the HELL are you doing here? Get OUT!"

Crowbar takes in the non-love shown by the crowd and Joey, standing on the stage for a minute before mouthing "I love you all too!" and heading down towards the ring. He walks up the ring steps and climbs through the ropes, holding his arm in the air while still chuckling to himself. Hugo Strange stands next to Joey and pushes Missy back a bit to keep her out of the way. The music dies down.

Prez Joey Matthew: "I'm not sure if you got the memo, Crowbar, but you, along with the rest of Abominationz, are banned from being here tonight. How DARE you interrupt such a special moment like this! You're not GM anymore, I'm back in control, and you have no reason being here. In fact if you don't leave right now you might not get any chance to ever be seen on worldwide television with this new great deal I'm about to sign!"

Security starts to come down the aisle. Joey smirks.

Crowbar: "What, you didn't think I'd have a back up plan in case this happened?"

Prez Joey Matthew: "In case WHAT happened?"

Crowbar: "Joey, you really shouldn't lie to these people like you've been. You're not "back".. you're not even 100%. You're a shell of your former self. That verrrrrrry unfortunate 'accident' at WARPED HQ really did knock some screws loose, didn't it?"

Security surrounds the ring.

Prez Joey Matthew: "Security, take this man away!"

Crowbar: "Whoa wait, before you do that, don't you want to hear why I'm out here?"

Four security guards enter the ring and surround Crowbar. Joey nods at Crowbar and puts his hand aside for them.

Crowbar: "Making business deals, scheduling shows, signing new talent, that must be hard to do when you're on five different drugs, right Joey?"

"What the fuck are you talking about?" says Joey off mic.

Crowbar: "Maybe you rushed into coming back. Wouldn't be the first time ya did that, right Joey? I seem to remember the last time you came back too soon was in 2006 and we all know what happened. Rest In Peace Headstrong Wrestling. And now, because of your bad decisions yet again, taking away the power from me and Abominationz, well then you've also made a great mistake again."

Joey violently shakes his head.

Prez Joey Matthew: "I've heard enough of this bullshit. Take him. Arrest this man. He's not to be within a mile of this building. Arrest him."

Crowbar pulls a rolled up piece of paper out of the back of his jeans and throws it at Joey and the security grab his arms and hold him back. They put handcuffs on him while Joey picks up the paper and reads it.

"Where the fuck did you get this?" asks Joey off-mic.

"Read the fucker. What's the name say at the bottom? Mark FUCKING Austin!" screams Crowbar.

Joey tells the security to "hold on, hold on". He pulls the microphone up and speaks.

Prez Joey Matthew: "How did you get your hands on the distribution documents?"

Joey puts the microphone up to Crowbar's face so he can speak.

Crowbar: "Maybe the drugs had you a little out of it but surely you've figured it out by now. That "corporate executive" you were meeting with tonight to broker the distribution deal? It's me! Say hello to CORPORATE CROWBAR!"

Crowbar starts laughing and Joey's jaw drops. Hugo grabs the contract from Joey and looks it over with shock as well. Crowbar spits in Joey's face and Joey goes after Crowbar but Hugo holds him back. "TAKE HIS ASS AWAY NOW!" shouts Joey as the security force Crowbar out of the ring in handcuffs.

Tony D: "Let me see if I understand. Did Crowbar just imply that he's the guy behind getting us this new distribution deal?"

PKA: "If that's the case, how did Joey overlook that?!"

Dylan Daniels: "Oh boy.."

Joey drops the paper and puts both hands on his face and drops to his knees. He shakes his head as Hugo Strange and Missy Von Eerie stand by, unsure of what to do. As the IPPV fades to black.