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Scott Slugger came to the ring to discuss his upcoming match at Twilight. Slugger looked grim, but announced that he would fight past the odds and take what should have been his since day one of the fWo... the World Championship. Ice then came out on the entrance ramp and declaired to Scott Slugger that he wouldn't be getting any world title if he had anything to do about it.

Apocolyptica vs. "Great Lookin'" Matthew Zhuk

Coming to the ring with a background track of wild applause was Matthew Zhuk, who waved to the crowd and made certain that his hair was properly in place. Apocolyptica came to the ring suffering from a losing streak of late since her battle against Briana. Despite Zuhk's theatrics, it was all business inside the ring, and the newcomer quickly took Apocolyptica to the mat with a series of quick chops. Zuhk then dropped the knee into the back of Apocolyptica while up in the second tier balcony Briana, who will face Stone at Twilight, watched on with interest. Zhuk kept control of the match however, and was able to suplex Apocolyptica for a pinfall. Up in the stands Stone appeared and began to beat down Briana with a chair, and Apocolyptica watched this development from the ring with interest. As Zhuk let the ring, several fans extended hands to slap Zhuk's... much to the surprise of the new superstar.

Result: Matthew Zhuk by Pinfall

Mitch Wilson vs. Markus Cairn

Mitch Wilson

Mitch Wilson came to the ring along with the French Foundation... and Markus Cairn came to the ring with people as well... four scantily clad females. As Cairn and Wilson wrestled inside the ring, the women who came to ringse with Cairn flirted with Primetime and the Frenchie, the later of which seemed to snub the American women, claiming that they were certainly no attractive French ladies. Cairn was easily the more powerful of the two, but the ring experiance and technial mastery of Wilson proved to be the more powerful, as he quickly grounded the larger wrestler on the mat and attacked with various submission holds. Getting back to their feet, Wilson backed into the ropes to set up a Texas Cloverleif, but his legs were caught by the ladies who came to the ring with Cairn. Using this advantage, Cairn powerslammed Wilson and made a cover, but the Frenchie and Primetime entered the ring to attack Cairn and break up the three count.

Result: Markus Cairn by DQ

Survivors vs. Lone Gunmen (Rudo & Total Eclipse)

Lone Gunmen (Rudo & Total Eclipse)

Rudo and the Total Eclipse came to the ring looking like a team of old, with Rudo riding the back of the Eclipse and dangling a carrot over his head. They were also accompanied to the ring by Machina and Billy James, with the former wearing a suit with a red, white and blue tie. Before the match, Machina addressed the crowd and held up his running mate, the carbon rod. Machina also informed the crowd that this Friday at Twilight he would finally choose his first lady. The Survivors dominated the match once it began, with the Brawler and War using power moves to destroy Rudo, who was trapped inside the ring with no way to get to his corner. As War hefted Rudo up in a cruifix powerbomb, Machina got onto the ring apron and used his running mate to smack War in the back of the head. War fell down unconcious, and Rudo quickly covered him for the pinfall victory. However, before the Lone Gunmen could inflict further punishment the lights in the arena went out. When the lights came back on, the Survivors had disappeared.

Result: Lone Gunmen by Pinfall

Chris Universal Interview

Chris Universal Interview

Chris Universal was invited to the ring to discuss the challenge made by Ice on Slaughter, and update the fans on his condition. As Universal made his way to the ring, he was on crutches, and moved slowly... which was somewhat of an answer as to his condition already. Universal claimed that with the support of the fans and his friend Cactus Jack he is healing quite well, but that he was still not cleared to wrestle. Universal pointed to his leg, and stated that as soon as he could wrestle inside the ring he would... and that Ice would be just one of the many fWo stars on his hitlist when he returned... whenever that was. After the interview Universal slowly limped backstage, to the applause of the crowd.

Darkness vs. Stone

Stone came to the ring with the entire bWo contingent... but they served little advantage as Darkness stormed the ring, clotheslining and slamming Fyre and Fathom to the mat. Darkness then climbed into the ring, but was quickly kicked in the groin by Stone, and then suplexed by the female champion. Stone stayed surprisingly on top of the match, until she spotted Scotty Cool up in the balcony waving excitedly at the female wrestler. Stone waved back, but during the distraction Darkness executed a piledriver and quickly pinned Stone for the victory. Darkness then left the ring, but before he could get backstage, Joy appeared on the WarScreen along with his new partner and friend, the Speed Demon. Joy "tsk, tsked" Darkness for raising a violent hand against a woman, and said that he had to taste his medicine. With that, buckets of glue dropped from the celing, coating Darkness. Then several stuffed bears and happy face symbols dropped, sticking to the surprised and enraged Darkness. As this happened, Joy sang "happiness pie" to Darkness and the crowd.

Result: Darkness by Pinfall

Scott Slugger vs. Cactus Jon

Scott SluggerCactus Jon

Scott Slugger and Cactus Jon both came to the ring angry and determined, wanting to go into Twilight with momentum. The two wrestled a stiff match, with both trading blows inside the ring. Finally Jon grabbed the advantage, landing a DDT in the center of the ring. Jon was unable to follow it up however, and Scott Slugger used his crafty and somewhat cheating ways to turn the match around, and quickly got Jon in a pinning combination. As Slugger went to the top rope for a flying elbow, Jon got the leg up, sending Slugger reeling backward. At this point security rushed the backstage entrance, where Cactus Jack was attempting to come onto the arena floor weilding a flaming chair. Jon was distracted by this, and went outside of the ring to confront Jack. As the ref attempted to get Jon back in the ring, Ice crawled out from under the ring and landed a jawbreaker on Scott Slugger, dropping him to the mat. Jon re-entered the ring and looked about with surprise at the downed Slugger, but finally covered him for the pin. As he did this, Cactus Jack broke free of the security officals and charged the ring, tossing the flaming chair in at Jon. As the two began to brawl, Jon gained the upper hand and delivered a DDT onto Jack... onto the still burning chair. As Jack screamed in pain, the cameras went off the air...

Result: Cactus Jon by Pinfall