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WARPED67 - 12/1/12 - Richmond, VA - Greater Richmond Convention Center

WARPED debuts in the Greater Richmond Convention Center in Richmond, Virginia on December 1st and the Crowbar Era continues as he's booked a wide variety of matches. These matches include a Six(changed to Five) Man Mayhem gone mad... Crowbar's Clusterfuck of Death Match will be contested under FnX rules! Not only that, but #1 Contenders will team up to take on the Tag Team Champions.. Starr and Strange battle in an FnX Match.. and the Maple Leaf Strike Force battles the Tag Title #1 Contenders Flux in Motion.

In addition to the matches in place, the man who successfully defended his World Title, Taurus Capone, has promised to talk to each and every one of 'his' roster. Plus, what's the relationship between Crowbar and Starr, and how does SwitchBlade feel about Starr costing him the title match? Will we finally see Starr vs SwitchBlade soon? Does William Wallace have any plans for Taurus as he prepares for his title match at Not So Silent Night? Plus, what else might happen?!

Tickets will be available to purchase at the door the night of the show! Greater Richond Convention Center (Hall B) 403 North Third Street - Richmond, Virginia - 23219

Main Event Tag Team Match
William Wallace & Cameron MacNichol vs. Carnival Connection

FnX Rules Match
Alexander StarrZoe vs. Hugo Strange

Tag Team Match
Maple Leaf Strike Force(Andy/Lenard) vs. Flux in Motion(Leon/Damien)

Crowbar's Clusterfuck of Death - FnX Rules
Anton Chase vs. Steve Marlay vs. Blake Blomberg vs. Dagger Dave vs. Dallas Zwick

WARPED67 - 12/1/12 - Richmond, VA - Greater Richmond Convention Center



You open the DVD of WARPED 67 and enter it into your favorite DVD player. The sounds of "Pogo" by Digitalism play as the WARPED Wrestling logo floats down from the top to the middle of the screen. Underneath that fades in to words "Play DVD". You click... and the show begins...


REACTIONS - Two Weeks Ago

Following each event, a camera is set up near the EXIT of the building for wrestlers to give their "REACTIONS" to the event or anything that took place. The following collage of Reactions begin to show on the DVD ..

Carnival Connection

Mr. Rottentreats, wearing a bandanna over the bottom of his face, and holding a bottle of Hennessy Black to his forehead enters the frame. With his free hand he twists his WARPED Tag Team title around his waist pointing the main plate toward the camera. He stares into the REACTIONS camera as if he’s going to speak. Instead, he lowers the bottle of Hennessy Black revealing a huge knot on his forehead. He pops the cork top and turns away from the camera. Upon doing so he tilts his head back along with turning the bottle up for a long drink. He turns toward the camera again lowering the bandana back over his face.

Mr. Rottentreats: “This bottle was meant for celebratory reasons. Hell, I had a reason to celebrate. And I knew I did as soon as I drove Bushido face first into the mat with that beautiful Faygo Plunge..”

Treats pulls the bandanna from his face a bit sticking the neck underneath and tilts his head back and takes another swig.

Mr. Rottentreats: “Yet much like PKA’s party was shat upon earlier today.. Well, Hugo Strange decided to rain on my parade. There is a positive to this though.. I can now add prophet to my resume. I tweeted about his traitorous ways not too long ago. Looks like no one took it to heart though. Hugo, yet again, you’ve fucked with the wrong, Jay-you-double-gee-eh-el-oh! Am I going to make a declaration of war? Nah, that would be predictable. Not to mention, that’s the old Treats. I’ve turned over a new leaf, I’m a changed man. I forgive you.”

Treats takes another swig of his alcohol before continuing.

Mr. Rottentreats: “I won’t forget though. Much like you’ll never forget who put that army of scars on that gelatinous stomach of yours. Now, if you’ll excuse me, lonely camera on a tripod.. I’ve got a victory to celebrate.”

Treats walks out of the frame as he takes another drink from the bottle.

Alexander StarrZoe

"Oh, why, oh why would he do it?! It just doesn't make any sense. He's sold his soul to the devil...yada, yada, yada." Alexander StarrZoë appears in front of the camera, dressed in his street clothes and smoking a cigarette. "I did it to send a message, I did it to make sure people knew I was still the king of this fucking castle, and I did it because...why the fuck not? I'm getting a nice chunk of the earnings by taking a few of Crowbar's problems off his hands and, you know me, I love to beat the shit out of people anyway, so why not, right?"

Starr sighs and shakes his head; "I know, I know. Switchy is very upset with me. But think about it SwitchBlade. I didn't cost you the World Title just to be a dick, I always have alterer motives. I attacked you to send a message and judging from your reaction, I think you got the message. Let's not bullshit the world SwitchBlade, you and I both know, since the minute you returned to WARPED, you've been waiting for the opportunity to go up against me and I've bit chewing at the bit for a chance to face you. Two legends, fighting for respect. Come on Switchy, you lost the World Title shot, but isn't it worth it to finally get your dream match? No regrets here."

StarrZoë walks out of the camera's view.

Hugo Strange

Hugo walks up to the camera smiles and points at his FRONTIER t-shirt and then walks out.

A few seconds later Hugo comes back smiles again.

Hugo Strange: Hey Crowbar fuck you.



Backstage Pre-Taped: Before the Show

The camera cuts to the backstage area. Warped reporter Austin Sanders is walking down the hallway with the camera crew following him.

Austin Sanders: Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve just gotten word that Alexander StarrZoe has arrived to the building just now, and-excuse me! StarrZoe!

Both Sanders and the camera catch up to Starr who looks to be on his way to the locker rooms. Starr looks at Sanders and rolls his eyes.

Alexander StarrZoe: What?

Austin Sanders: If you don’t mind, I’d like to talk to you about what took place at Warped 65..

Alexander StarrZoe: Well make it quick. I’ve got better things to do than stare at your ugly mug.

Austin Sanders: The big question that everyone is asking is…why? Why did you interfere in the main event title match and cost SwitchBlade the World Championship?

Starr looks annoyed.

Alexander StarrZoe: You think I’m going to just answer a question like that here and now? Stick around, chump, because once I get through decimating Hugo Strange later tonight I’ll explain my actions, and all your inane questions will be answered. Now buzz off!

Starr shoves Sanders aside and heads to the locker rooms. Sanders turns to the camera.

Austin Sanders: Well you heard it here, folks. StarrZoe WILL be addressing the controversial finish in the ring later tonight, and one can only imagine that SwitchBlade will be present during it.

Kris Red: Another useless report as always, Sanders.

Tony D: He at least tried, Kris.

Kris Red: Was he also trying to bore everyone to death? Because if so, mission accomplished!

Scene fades.

Show Open w/Pre-Show Match Note

The camera then shows Tony D and Kris Red at ringside as the excited fans behind them cheer!

Tony D: "Welcome to WARPED 67 live here from the sold out Greater Richmond Convention Center in Richmond, Virginia! I'm Tony D and as always, there's Kris Red!"

Kris Red: "Tony D, tonight is going to be a special night and hopefully a segment heavy one because by god these matches keep dropping like flies without poop to land on!"

Tony D: "What Kris is referring to is of course the scheduled AJ Fairchild versus SwitchBlade match that was cancelled due to AJ having a prior booking with another promotion. Not only that, but due to last minute changes, the Six Way dubbed "Crowbar's Clusterfuck of Death" was changed to a five man match due to Bushido having to pull out for personal reasons. We all wish him the best in everything. The match itself, due to time restraints, well it was moved to before the DVD taping!"

Kris Red: "LOVE THAT! Not."

Tony D: "Prior to the taping, Crowbar's Clusterfuck of Death Match was held featuring Anton Chase, Steve Marlay, Blake Blomberg, Dagger Dave, and Dallas Zwick. As the match was in full effect, the end came when both Anton Chase and Blake Blomberg make pinfalls on Steve Marlay and Dallas Zwick respectively, with Dagger Dave laid out at ringside from being put through a table. Their simultaenous pins prompted the referee to count three for both of them and the match was ruled with both men as the winner!"

Kris Red: "So that means that both guys are in the mix for an Evolution Title #1 contenders match at the Not So Silent Night! I bet they are both so thrilled."

Tony D: "They must be. Tonight, who else will pick up wins?!"

Kris Red: "What a ridiculous question, Tony D. Clearly the fans will win because Taurus Capone is IN DA HIZZY!"

Tony D: "Well.. that. And we've got three great matches for you tonight as Andy LeBeau and Lenard Lemoux will face Flux in Motion, Alexander StarrZoe and Hugo Strange will go at it in FnX Rules, and we're expecting SwitchBlade to confront Alexander StarrZoe regarding the shocking events two weeks ago when Starr costed SwitchBlade his title rematch."

Kris Red: "Hell yeah! That's gonna be a good time. But the night is capped off by the Tag Team Champions Carnival Connection taking on the Number One Contender for the Evolution Title - Cameron MacNichol, and the Number One Contender for the World Title - William Wallace! The Era of Crowbar continues! He's the matchmaker around here STILL and from what I heard, he actually invited former matchmaker PKA to join him in a meeting tonight, but PKA turned him down, saying he'd rather enjoy his night off with a beer at home."

Tony D: "Well I'd say that there's no chance that PKA will ever get his job back here if he isn't getting sober, but I also read that Crowbar even offered PKA a drink if he showed up tonight. So I'm not sure what's going on anymore. As a no-name on Twitter put it last week, there's a lot of drama going on right now here at WARPED! But I still love working here!"

Kris Red: "Oh yeah. We have the best bosses ever."

Tony D: "Yep, sure do. Love those guys."

Kris Red: "The best. Absolutely the best."

Tony D: "Top notch."

Kris Red: ""


The Television screen scrambles and blacks out. The lights in the arena shut off completely as low ominous strings of unknown music can be heard. A sample of a man seemly giving a speech to thousands begins.

”...And the prophecy read! That one day, like the phoenix arose from the ashes…That a boy would be born onto a family in the slums…this boy would go own to use the knowledge he gained…while fighting for survival in the streets…to become a great leader…and in time that boy would grow to become………KING! ”

As the TV unscrambles the bass-line to "Like That" by T.I. drops and the live crowd erupt into a chorus of boo's.

Kris Red: " And Tony D here comes our favorite part of the show...OUR KING HAS ARRIVED!"

Tony D: "Please speak for yourself.."

Kris Red: "Week after week you disrespect out world champion. I don't understand why. I mean...he hasn't lied to us yet Tony D!"

Tony D: "Can I take a bathroom break during this?"

After a couple moments of the speaker drowning boos Taurus emerges onto the entrance way shirtless....Complete with the Egyptian Nemes headdress, kilt & golden Pharaoh neck collar with the world championship centerpiece resting in the middle. The boo's become louder as everyone in the arena gets a clear visual of Taurus's attire and once again newly remodeled custom world championship. Taurus

Tony D: "Oh for crying out just.....and how many times is he going to deface the world championship!?"

Kris Red: "Deface!? Tony this is GREAT! I thought the new version of the world title Taurus had last time was cool but this one is truly fit for a king! Taurus probably lives in a pyramid now Tony!"

Tony D: "Can we mummify him?"

Kris Red: "What!? You're talking about King Taurus Capone here..He rules with.."

Tony D: " An iron fist...yeah..I've heard. We all have unfortunately."

Taurus slowly continues his strut down the ramp as the boos seem to become louder and louder. He reaches the ring and slowly climbs in as Randy Long announces his presence.

Randy Long: "Ladies and Gentlemen, Please help me welcome the WARPED WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION......TAUUUURRRUUS CAPONE!"

A staff member hands Taurus his custom made microphone as the chants and boos of the Richmond crowd seem to never let up.


Taurus simply smirks as he holds both hands out as if he was some sort of prophet. The music begins to fade as the chants become stronger.


Kris Red: "So disrepectful..."

Taurus basses up his voice to overpower the nonstop verbal onslaught of the crowd



Taurus continues to smirk off the reaction.

Taurus: "...Yes...."Hell Up"...everyone needs to get use to it! That entire roster of defaults will sit down & "Hell Up" as long as I'm the face of this brand. You see, everyone with a heartbeat in this arena right now is going to respect me. No choices. ...And SwitchBlade even though your zombie ass is STILL walking around backstage undead you'll respect me also! ..I"VE GOT MY OWN HIEROGLYPHICS NOW DAMNIT!"

Kris Red: "..I actually enjoy Zombie Switchblade more than original SwitchBlade."

Tony D: "Is this over yet?.."

Taurus: " So what's next? What's with the Egyptian Pharaoh get up King Capone? Is that what is crossing your little minds now? ...I actually did it to please you....You see, I figured I'm the only one around here without a ridiculous gimmick that I shove down your throats week after week so maybe I'd be more appreciated if I had one. .....When I first stepped foot in this company your world champion was the emo guy in face paint. ...I bet you people loved that. Next I was confronted by the general manager who lets his slut love interest make his business decisions. I guess the original twist is that he's also a depressing drunk with my boot imprint permanently engraved in his face. what by far has to be my favorite is the old guy who doesn't know when the road is over. ....always the beautiful Disney story of the wrestling industry. Too bad in the end I demolished him TWICE in a row and reduced him into the shadows in which his old ass belongs!"

Tony D: "Talk about lack of respect. How does he expect anyone to respect him when he clearly respect nobody.."


Taurus removes the headdress and kicks it out into the audience. Fans scramble to catch it. He takes off the Egyptian kilt to reveal black and red basketball shorts underneath. He kicks them to the side and continues on the mic.

Taurus: "...ME...I DON'T NEED ANY OF THAT! I'VE CAME OUT HERE EACH AND EVERY NIGHT, NO GIMMICKS, NO GET UPS!.....I've simply walked in, Did what I do best. Be Taurus Capone. Be great. Be history making. Be ground breaking! Demolish anyone who steps in my path and RULE WITH AN IRON FIST!!...I haven't lied to you YET!"

Kris Red: " TRUTH!"

Taurus shifts his snake like eyes across the crowd with his halfway smirk still on display.

Taurus: "So here we are right now...I get a message from Crowbar that I can face ANYONE I want at my next event, TAURUS 68.....So since he felt like he was doing something great I figured I'd entertain it. So right now I'm here to announce my opponent. So who could it be that I pick? Who even deserves to be in the ring with the face of this company? ...Maybe I should pick SwitchBlade...So he can have one last shot at redemption..."

Tony D: "That's my vote."

The audience burst into cheers.

Taurus: "...Maybe I'll pick that dirty ass sheep....sheep. ....Or maybe I'll take out Alexander Starrzoe because I hate his name. Maybe I'll just challenge William Wallace before Not So Silent Night..."

The Audience also cheer at the idea.

Taurus: " ...Maybe....Maybe I'll pick Crowbar himself and go one on one in and FnX match...."

Kris Red: "Whoa!.."

Tony D: "Actually some matches I'd like to see.."

Taurus begins to frown as he continues.

Taurus: " I've come to the conclusion that whoever I pick has to have a real bone to pick with me. ....This man I pick has to have some real built up rage and animosity towards me!....This guy has to be someone I've disrespected time and time again. Someone I've...Somebody I've bloodied with a foreign object and wants nothing but pure revenge!..."

The crowd once again chants for SwitchBlade.

Taurus: "So at TAURUS 68 in one on one competition....I'll face none other than..."

Kris Red: " Who!?"

Taurus's scowl curls back into his signature smirk.

Taurus: ".....Tony D.."

Kris Red: "WHAT!?"

Taurus laughs as he focuses in on the shocked Tony D at ringside. His music hits as he tosses his custom mic behind him. The audience chatter as Taurus hops out the ring and heads back up the ramp. As he back pedals up he points at Tony D still smirking.

Taurus: " ...WITH AN IRON FIST!!.."

Kris Red: "Tony! I'm in shocked! What are you going to do!? You've got about a week to learn how to wrestle or even fight!"

Tony D sits at ringside shaking his head completely speechless.

Kris Red: " Well...You've been bad mouthing our champion since he got here. Holding a grudge from like six years ago. Here's your chance to get him back. I'm never too sure when Taurus is joking or serious but incase he's serious you've got to be prepared to UNLEASH THE BEAST TONY D! You've got to go rule with an iron fist! Here's your chance.."


Crowbar rounds the corner toward his office to the sound of cans being cracked open. He looks up into the midst of a smoke cloud and at the Carnival Connection now sipping on a couple of Faygo colas.

Mr. Rottentreats: “Crowbar, our main ninja! We’ve got a little proposition for ya! More specifically, a proposition about the upcoming Visionary Wrestling show, and the WARPED showcase match..”

Crowbar: "Whats up guys? I'm intrigued, I'm listening"

Douglas Fresh: “Yeah, seeing how Flux In Motion, haven’t actually earned a shot at our titles. We were thinking maybe, you could make it a title vs. titles match. Our WARPED Tag Titles for Leon Stone’s Evolution title.”

Crowbar strokes his chin and leans against the wall in thought

Mr. Rottentreats: “It could cause your reign as GM to go down in history, Crowbar! Not to mention I did take a chair to the dome piece for you at the last show. No pressure, just mull it over and what not, and get back to us.

Crowbar: "No mulling over needed, you're right, they really haven't earned shit, and you did take a chair, so the very least I can do for fellow Juggalos is make that match, damned good idea, you're on!"

Treats and Fresh smirk and happily make their way down the hall as Crowbar enters his office and the scene fades.

Tag Team Match: Andy LeBeau & Lenard Limoux vs. Flux in Motion (Leon Stone/Damien Baine)

To the ring..

Randy Long:" The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, at a combined weight of 450 pounds - the team of Leon Stone and Damien Baine - Flux in Motion!"

"Supernatural" by Monocle plays. Leon Stone and Damien Baine come out together, running down to the ring high fiving and shaking hands. They slide into the ring running from corner pumping the crowd up. The crowd chants their names and slowly the hooplah calms down, and the team retreats to their corner.

Tony D: "There they are! The team that will challenge the Carnival Connection at Visionary Wrestling Inc's SHOWCASE ZERO in just two weeks!"

Beastie Boys ”Looking down the barrel of gun” hits as Andy LeBeau and Lenard Limoux make their way out to a chorus of boos from the fans!

Randy Long: "And making their way to the ring - Andy LeBeau and Lenard Limoux!"

Tony D: "And here come these guys who we're not even sure are apart of Maple Leaf Strike Force anymore.."

Kris Red: "I think they are.. I'm not sure.. But aren't they number one contenders to the Tag Titles after Flux In Motion?"

Tony D: "I don't know that either. We're supposed to hear from Crowbar about that and I have no idea until we do!"

Limoux and LeBeau slide into the ring and immediately like a pair of wild dogs Flux in Motion go on the assault stomping down on them. Damien Baine brings Limoux up and gives him an uppercut that sends him into the corner, he then nails him with a few elbow shots. Leon Stone whips LeBeau into the ropes and nails a dropkick on him that sends him to the outside. In the corner Limoux starts to fight back against Baine, and uses his power to shove Baine back and to the mat. Leon Stone now comes at him with a huge corner kick to the face and Limoux stumbles out just enough for Baine and Stone to hit a HIGH/LOW!

Tony D: "Leon took out the legs and Damien took out the upper body!"

They both bring Limoux to his feet and whip him to the ropes.... Stone backs up as Damien Baine hits a Flapjack and Stone yells out "YOU'RE FLUXED" before he leaps up hitting a cutter on the way down!

Kris Red: "Nice move!"

Stone covers... LeBeau tries to get in the ring but Baine stops him..




Tony D: "Wow that was fast!!"

The ref calls for the bell and it sounds.

Randy Long: "Here are your winners - Flux In Motion!!"

"Supernatural" by Monocle plays as Stone and Baine celebrate! Chelsea joins them and gets between the two, raising both of their arms as the fans cheer.

Tony D: "What a decisive and quick win for the team of Stone and Baine, aka Flux In Motion."

Kris Red: "Very impressive!"



The cameras fade backstage where we see Hugo Strange standing in front of a brick wall somewhere in the back of the Greater Richmond Convention Center. The crowd boos him with some cheers peppered in there. Hugo is wearing a FRONTIER shirt..

Hugo:You All can suck my dick. Those were the words Starrzoe used for each and everyone of here in this building. Crowbar and Starrzoe are raping WARPED for their own means yet the one of the most hated man on the rooster is the only willing to do something about it.....That just pisses me off see All you retards are going to cheer when Starrzoe steps out you All are going to go nuts just for the,man that is robbing you blind.

Hugo walks back and fourth.

Hugo:Now after this match I hop on plane and head to FRONTIER for my first match there. I am well on my way to being a international star . Yet everybody here is willing to seat back and let Crowbar run this place into the ground. Nobody caught on to the fact that Starrzoe gets half the door half the fucking door what does that leave for the rest of the guys here busting tbeir ass. I signed on to FRONTIER to ruin Crowbar to make him the laughing stock of pro Wrestling. See I am going to win WARPED and I am going to take it to FRONTIER. Then when I am seas Wrestling with WARPED gold at a FRONTIER show defending it against lesser talent the only person to blame will be Crowbar. Now Starr lets get this done I have a plane to catch I got international ass to kick.

Strange storms out of camera view as the scene fades.


The cameras fade once again backstage and thank goodness because we have very few matches on this card... Kelly Calloway is standing by with Cameron MacNichol.

Kelly Calloway: "Cameron MacNichol, tonight in the main event you team up with William Wallace to take on the Tag Team Champions, Carnival Connection. But before I get your thoughts on that match, I want to know how you feel about losing to Leon Stone two weeks ago and what that means for your Evolution Title shot at Not So Silent Night versus him."

Before Cameron can speak, Leon Stone enters the picture with his Evolution Championship over his shoulder, and Chelsea and Damien Baine behind him.

Leon Stone: "Cameron, I understand Crowbar booked you versus me for the title at Not So Silent Night, but I just wanna point out that I beat you at the last show already.. so I hope you're ready"

Cameron doesn't miss a beat in his response.

Cameron MacNichol: "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. At Not So Silent Night, we'll see who the fool is"

Stone smirks and extends his hand. MacNichol looks down at the hand and up at Stone's face. MacNichol shakes and the two respectfully nod at one another and go their separate ways as the scene fades.

FnX Match: Alexander StarrZoe vs. Hugo Strange

The cameras cut to the ringside area where Randy Long stands.

Randy Long: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is to be contested under FnX Rules! That means no disqualification, no count out, and falls count anywhere! Introducing first... "

Randy awaits the music to play for either Alexander StarrZoe or Hugo Strange, but nothing happens. The fans all watch the entranceway for who will come out first and Randy Long looks bewildered.

Kris Red: "Did someone fall asleep at the wheel back there? Come on!"

Tony D: "Hold on.. do you hear that? "

Kris Red: "Yes I heard the old lady coughing up a lung! She's been doing it all night!"

Tony D: "No no.. in the earpiece.. something's going on backstage!"

Upon Tony D saying that, the camera shot fades to the backstage area where the camera man is trying to rush into position and in the distance we can see two men fighting and one man goes down!

Tony D: "That's Starr and Hugo Strange!"

Kris Red: "What the hell!"

Hugo Strange looks to be busted open already from the forehead as Alexander StarrZoe has him on the floor and is repeatedly punching him. A ref runs over and shrugs and says 'OKAY RING THE BELL'!

Tony D: "Can anyone even hear the referee out here to know to ring the bell??"

Kris Red: "Well why don't you just ring it! The bell is right here!"

The bell sounds, so Tony probably rang it, but the camera's stay locked on the backstage area. Strange pushes Starr off of him and gets to his feet.. Starr pushes Strange back against the wall and lands a quick spinkick to the ribs that nearly doubles him over. Starr grabs Hugo Strange by the hair and leads him down the hall before tossing him right through a door which, luckily enough for Strange, was already partially open.

Tony D: "In all of the history of FnX Matches in WARPED I do believe this is the first time a match has started backstage! I could be wrong but damn I've been doing this for far too long and I can't stop thinking about that match with Taurus coming up.."

Kris Red: "You'll do GREAT! Hey look, they're going outside!"

Hugo hits the door and stumbles toward a red F150 that has a flatbed trailer attached to it.

Kris Red: "Hey Tony!! It's the truck we take the ring around in! Get away from that!"

StarrZoe reaches down to pull Strange up but he isn’t willing to cooperate as he slams an elbow into Starr’s gut and then scurries to his feet on his own. It just takes a second for StarrZoe to recover but that’s just enough time for Strange to grab a wrench off of the trailer bed and go at Starr swinging. Strange swings for the fences but StarrZoe easily ducks the first attempt. When a second swing is dodged as well Strange gets frustrated and swings wild giving Starr the chance to slide under and slip behind Hugo. Starr drives a forearm into Strange's back and Strange drops the pipe and staggers forward giving StarrZoe just enough separation to run in and bring Hugo down with a running bulldog onto the concrete!

Tony D: "Alexander StarrZoe drives the face of Hugo Strange into that concrete!!"

Kris Red: "I'm not cleaning up that blood off the ground later!"

With Strange down and out for a few moments Starr looks around for some ‘toys’ to play with. The referee checks on Strange as we hear some commotion from off camera where Alexander StarrZoe is off finding something worth using to his advantage! Hugo Strange, not one to be out for long, pushes himself up off of the concrete ground. Blood trickles from his forehead down to the cracked concrete and gravel below him. The sound of a vehicle being fird up can be heard and the camera pans to the truck where we see Starr poking his head out of the window!

Tony D: "StarrZoe is in the truck!"

Strange turns around and Starr backs the truck and trailer up and Strange leaps up so he doesn't get tripped up by the trailer! Strange starts his way up the trailer toward the bed of the truck.. Starr then puts the vehicle in DRIVE and quickly punches the gas, causing Strange to lose his balance and collapse! Starr puts the car in PARK and hops out of the truck and into the bed of it. Strange gets to his feet in the trailer and Starr runs and jumps off of the tailgate, and he leaps at Strange who catches him and SLAMS him onto the wooden pallets in the trailer!!

Tony D: "What a counter from Hugo Strange and a death defying move from Alexander StarrZoe that did NOT pay off!"

Kris Red: "Oh man Hugo Strange slammed him down HARD on that trailer bed!"

Strange brings Starr to his feet and throws him head-first into the tailgate of the truck! Starr falls down on his ass and rolls himself backward, trying to escape. Strange picks him up and scoops him up, slamming him back onto the unforgiving trailer!

Tony D: "Hugo Strange has taken control of this FnX Matchup!"

Kris Red: "You've got an angry big man in Hugo Strange who's been getting his ass kicked for this entire match and who knows how long before our cameras caught up to them! He's going to take it out on Starr now."

A smile creeps across Strange’s face as he reaches down and begins to lift StarrZoe, unfortunately that smile quickly fades. Starr blocks the initial lift attempt and then powers up pulling Strange up and over with a back body drop. Hugo’s fall takes him right down onto the hard wooden pallets with an impact that echoes through the outside area.

Tony D: "Starr has a lot of fight in him!"

Starr brings Strange to his feet and kicks him in the gut before irish whipping him off of the end of the trailer but Strange lands on his feet. Starr charges and leaps off, hitting a quick sidekick to the face of Strange on the way down and Strange goes to the ground! Starr goes for a cover..


QUICK kick out!

Tony D: "Hugo Strange sent a message there with that quick kickout!"

Starr delivers a few quick punches to the head of Hugo Strange before spotting something in the distance. He runs over and grabs the wrench and smirks as he prepares to punish Hugo some more. Strange starts up to his feet and Starr goes for a swing but Strange grabs him around his waist, lifts him up, runs and slams him back-first into the wall of the Convention Center! Starr drops to the floor, grabbing at his back.

Kris Red: "Look at the quickness and power of Hugo!!"

Hugo grabs the wrench now and gets on top of Starr as if going for a Camel Clutch, but instead uses the wrench to pull back and choke out Starr! The referee yells at Hugo to let it off but Hugo will not stop!

Tony D: "The referee can't do anything about that blatant choke there because this is an FnX Match and that means no rules!"

Kris Red: "Starr has to tap out or he's going to die!"

The referee asks Starr if he wants to give up and he spits in the ref's face, whether on purpose or on accident, nobody knows! But shortly after Starr reaches up and grabs the head of Strange, pulling on his hair and loosening the grip of the wrench around his throat. The grip is released and Starr does a 180. He rolls onto his back and kicks up at Strange, pushing him up against the wall. Starr, grabbing at his throat and coughing, trying to regain his breath, gets to his feet, but not quickly enough as Hugo Strange then chop-blocks the front of Starr's right knee WITH the wrench! Starr collapses and grabs at his knee, screaming out in pain, as Hugo Strange gets to his feet and cracks a smile.

Tony D: "Oh that is absolutely horrendous! He could break his leg!"

Hugo now drops into a cover, hooking the bad leg..



Shoulder up! And Starr immediately starts swinging from the ground, trying to get Strange away from his leg, but Strange moves out of the way and starts putting the boots to the injured knee. He smirks as he grabs the right leg and twists it ever so slowly, telling Starr to tap! Starr kicks at Strange with his free leg but Strange grabs onto that leg too and starts dragging Starr toward the building entrance. "OPEN THE DOOR!" he shouts at the referee, and the ref does just that. Strange drags Starr into the building now and the camera follows.

Tony D: "And they've made their way back inside.."

Kris Red: "Hugo Strange has got Starr right where he wants him."

Starr tries to wiggle, trying to break free. Strange then stops dragging him and drives his boot right in the lower midsection of Starr and digs his boot in the gut. Strange then releases the left leg and kicks the back of the right leg's knee, causing Starr tons of pain. Strange picks up the other leg now and continues to drag Starr throughout the backstage area. They arrive to the black curtain Gorilla Position area and Starr tries to grab anything as he's being dragged. Finally he grabs a chair that someone is sitting in and the man gets flipped out of his chair. Strange lets go of both legs and KICKS the unfolded chair out of Starr's hands. He brings Starr to his feet and delivers a vicious right hand that sends Starr staggering up against the wall. Strange shakes his hand, shaking off the pain from the chair punch, before scooping Starr up onto his shoulder.

Tony D: "Strange is bringing him out here now!"

They come through the curtain and the camera position changes and the fans pop because now they can actually see the action up close instead of off of a stupid TV screen at the entrance way! Strange dumps Starr onto the steel ramp and Starr rolls down to the floor. Strange grabs a chair from ringside and folds it up.. Starr limps up to his feet and Strange cracks Starr over the head with the chair and he collapses!

Kris Red: "THAT has to hurt! Tony, what if Taurus does that to YOU next show!?"

Tony D: "Kris, PLEASE! Enough about that."

Hugo covers Starr..



Kick out!

Tony D: "Alexander StarrZoe needs to think about saving his career and just letting Strange get the win here. He looks hurt badly."

Hugo pulls his opponent up and there is now blood coming from the face of Starr and he is bleeding badly!

Kris Red: "Both men are a bloody mess!"

Strange irish whips Starr toward the ring-apron, but Starr collapses before reaching it! He immediately clutches at his right knee and the referee checks on him to see if he can continue. Meanwhile, Hugo Strange is not letting up as he puts the boots to the injured knee. Starr lets out screams after each shot.

Kris Red: "Without his legs, that takes away a large majority of the offense of Alexander StarrZoe. Hugo Strange has to stay on it!"

"MOVE!" shouts Hugo at Randy Long, who immediately gets out of his chair.

Tony D: "Look out Randy!"

Hugo grabs his chair. He walks around the ring and sets it up at ringside. He grabs the other chair and sets it up across from it.

Kris Red: "Poor Randy! Now he has to stand."

Starr pulls himself up with the ring apron and Strange immediately kicks at his knee, stopping him from getting up the rest of the way. Strange now grabs the leg of Starr and wraps it around his neck applying the Stretch Muffler!

Tony D: "And there it is! The Candian Deathlock is applied!! Hugo has won many a match with that submission!!"

Kris Red: "And he's got that bad knee of StarrZoe stretched out too!!!"

Starr screams out in pain and tries to escape but Strange continues to yank at the leg! Strange, holding Starr up by the leg and having him dangle just over the floor, suddenly takes Starr and swings him face-first into the ringsteps!

Kris Red: "Holy crap!!"

Tony D: "That's a new way to let someone out of the move!!"

Starr collapses on the floor and Hugo Strange stalks his prey.

Tony D: "Who knows if Starr was going to tap but you have to imagine that what Strange did there was just as worse had he left Starr in the hold. He drove Starr's FACE into those steps that, by the way, did not budge."

Hugo Strange now reaches under the ring and searches for something. He drops the ring apron and goes around the ring and finds the object he was looking for - a pane of glass! The fans pop as the man dawning a FRONTIER shirt pulls the glass out and maneuvers it around the corner of the ring.

Kris Red: "Glass... Tony D. GLASS!"

He sets the glass on the two chairs and turns back to his opponent. Starr fights with his fists and Strange starts pulling him up to his feet. Strange knees him in the gut though and lifts him onto his shoulders in a reverse Fireman's carry..

Tony D: "Oh man he's setting up for the Moose Killer!"

Luckily Starr slips out but goes to one knee as he lands on his bad leg. Strange turns around and Starr quickly jumps and rolls under the bottom rope. Strange climbs up on the apron as Starr gets to his feet and as Strange starts into the ring Starr axe kicks Strange over the back of his head and he is left dangling on the middle rope.

Kris Red: "That's got to be the most offense Starr has gotten in in the last ten minutes!"

Starr now hops onto the second buckle and flips off, hitting a Senton to the back of Hugo and he collapses in the ring!

Tony D: "Nice senton off the middle turnbuckle but that had to cause some pain for Starr to push off!"

Starr grabs at his leg as he crawls over and makes the cover..



Kick out!

Kris Red: "Two count there, and yeah, you can tell that Starr is favoring his leg after pushing off the turnbuckle. This isn't good for him!"

Starr puts the boots to Hugo to keep him down, then looks around the ring and at the fans as they get on their feet. He now runs (hobbles) to the ropes, bounces off, rolls forward and leaps up with the Philly's Finest Flyer maneuver, but Strange rolls out of the way!

Kris Red: "Starr was way too slow there! Strange got out of dodge!"

Strange now gets to his feet and pulls Starr up, putting him between his legs and setting him up for something.. but Starr trips him up by pulling his legs out from under him and Starr flips forward into a bridged pin..


Starr's leg gives out on him! Starr rolls off of Hugo and pulls his kneepad down, giving it a rub and trying to shake it off. Strange pulls him to his feet and Starr starts to fight back with right hands to the midsection, but Strange knees him in the gut and grabs the leg of Starr, who tries to keep his balance. He then leaps up and hits an Enziguri...... or NOT as Strange ducks! Starr lands face-down on the mat and likely his knee took a hard landing too. Strange reaches down in a Full Nelson and yanks Starr up to his feet. He picks him up for a Full Nelson Slam but Starr armdrags Strange and he is sent through the middle and top rope down to ringside and almost right into the glass! He pumps the breaks and puts both hands up, shaking his head. He takes a deep breath and a sigh of relief but as he turns around StarrZoe leaps through the ropes like a torpedo with a Suicide Dive and crashes into Strange, causing him to crash right into the glass!!!


Kris Red: "Glass is EVERYWHERE!!!"

"F N X! F N X! F N x!" chants fill the convention center as Alexander StarrZoe crawls onto Hugo strange and the referee counts, trying to avoid the glass...




Kris Red: "It's ova!!"

The referee calls for the bell and it sounds as both men lay on the floor around the glass.

Randy Long: "Here is your winner of this match - Alexander StarrZoe!"

"Who Shot Ya?" hits the PA System as Starr slowly pushes himself up off of the floor. He still bleeds from the face, but now has slight cuts around his arms from the glass. The referee holds his arm in the air and Starr hobbles toward the ring apron to lean up against.

Tony D: "What a hard fought FnX battle between these two men who had nothing on the line except their win-loss record tonight. It makes you wonder what would have happened if there were a title on the line or anything else!"

Kris Red: "Well Hugo Strange is a man who came to WARPED this Summer and cleaned house in the Elite Duos tournament despite being a green rookie. And StarrZoe is a man who has gone through hell over the last year and a half and went undefeated for nearly a year. For someone who's only been in the business for four months, Hugo Strange definitely held his own tonight against Starr."

Starr rolls into the ring and the referee checks on Hugo Strange who is recovering at ringside. Once Starr has regained his energy, he yells at the timekeeper to hand him a microphone. The timekeeper does as he’s told. Starr wipes the blood from his forehead and walks over to the center of the ring. He looks around at the fans as they boo him, with a few cheers or applause mixed in, but this is definitely something new for Starr here in WARPED.

StarrZoe: Really? You’re going to boo me? After the stellar performance I just gave to you people, you’re just going to boo ME?! Have you people already forgotten who I am? I am the former, and the GREATEST, World Champion Warped Wrestling has ever, and will ever, see! I have the greatest win/loss record in this company! I was undefeated for an entire year! A YEAR! And how do you people repay me? With boos!

StarrZoe points at various people in the audience.

StarrZoe: Well fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, and fuck you! Every show I go to I prove to the world how great I am, day in and day out, and do you know what I always hear? “Well he’s no SwitchBlade”. “Yeah, he’s pretty good, but he can’t beat SwitchBlade”. “He doesn’t have the balls to face SwitchBlade.”

Suddenly the fans are chanting “You don’t have balls!” Starr looks like he’s about to explode in the ring.

StarrZoe: SHUT UP! You people make me sick! You worship the guy like he’s a “God” of wrestling when he’s nothing more than a mere man, a mortal, just like the rest of us! He damn talented, I'll give that to him, no one can doubt that, but there's more to this business than just talent. You’re all brainwashed into believing that the man you see in front of you each time SwitchBlade walks down the ramp is the untouchable savior of wrestling! And now I’m goin-

Suddenly, “Lost My Way” by Finger Eleven starts playing and the fans ignite with cheers. SwitchBlade walks through the curtain and marches down to the ring with a somber look on his face.

Tony D: And here comes SwitchBlade!

Kris Red: Christ, the guy can’t even let StarrZoe have a few minutes of mic time! What an arrogant bastard!

Tony D: With the way Starr was talking about him, I don’t blame SwitchBlade for wanting to step in. No doubt he wants to give his own two cents.

Kris Red: His “two cents” are about as useful as having two pennies!

Stepping past the destruction at ringside, SwitchBlade walks up the ring steps and gets in the ring. He and StarrZoe get face to face with each other. As the music fades it gets replaced with loud “SwitchBlade” chants. After a few seconds of starring, SwitchBlade snatches the microphone from Starr’s hand and steps back.

SwitchBlade: If you’re going to talk shit about me, you’re going to do it to my face.

StarrZoe lets out a conceited laugh and grabs another microphone from the timekeeper.

StarrZoe: With pleasure.

SwitchBlade: Just tell me this, Starr. Why go about it the way you did? Why did you have to get involved in my match? If you wanted to face me one on one, you knew where to find me. It’s no secret that I’ve wanted to face you in the ring since the moment I met you. So why do it like this?

StarrZoe: You want to know why?

StarrZoe raises his other hand and makes a money gesture.

StarrZoe: The cash. The dinero. The big bucks, Switchy! That’s all that really matters at the end of the day, to me at least. Crowbar approached me before your title match and made me an offer. If I were to settle a slight issue for him, I could have the two things I want most out of this business. All the money I could ever hope for…and something else, something I've been dying for since I stepped into WARPED.

Another loud set of boos make their way towards the ring.

StarrZoe: But I think we both know it wasn’t just the money. There’s something much more here. This is something we’ve both been wanting for so long, and yet for some reason never got to have. You and me. One on one. StarrZoe versus SwitchBlade. That's what Crowbar offered me. He reminded me of a list I used to keep, people who I always wanted to face, and you know whose name was on the top of that list SwitchBlade? Yours. That's why I did this, I want a match. A match where I can silence all my critics once and for all. I sent you a message, SwitchBlade, and sure enough you received it loud and clear. Now for those of you too stupid or too poor to use a computer, SwitchBlade presented a challenge to me on Twitter yesterday. A challenge for a match to take place at Warped’s Not So Silent Night. Go on. Tell the people what that challenge was.

SwitchBlade grips his microphone tightly. He looks down at the ring mat.

StarrZoe: What’s wrong, Switchy? Did you forget already? I know you want it, you issued the challenge, tell these people. At this point, I'm chomping at the fucking bit for it!

SwitchBlade: ...ironman match.

More cheers; louder than ever before. StarrZoe looks to the audience.

StarrZoe: Did you hear that? An ironman match! That's what SwitchBlade wants, that's where he wants to settle these issues. Well, fuck it, I know he wants it, I know all of you want it, and I damn sure want it. But, let's talk finances for a second, shall we? How much do I…"

StarrZoe is cut off as SwitchBlade smacks the microphone from his hand.

SwitchBlade: Ironman match. Yes…or no?

As SwitchBlade continues looking him in the eyes, the fans start up a “please say yes” chant. Starr looks around, and then focuses back on SwitchBlade. He pulls the microphone from SwitchBlade’s hands.

StarrZoe: …yes.

The fans pop loud as SwitchBlade and Starr continue to stare at each other seemingly oblivious to everyone around them.

Starr then backs away and exits the ring still keeping his eyes on SwitchBlade. SwitchBlade remains in the ring as he watches Starr walk up the ramp.

Tony D: HOLY COW! Not So Silent Night just got one HELL of a match!

Kris Red: I got say that I’m shocked, Tony D. An ironman match between SwitchBlade and StarrZoe!

Tony D: That match has instant classic written all over it

Kris Red: It definitely will be once StarrZoe takes SwitchBlade out once and for all.

Tony D: Hopefully we’ll hear an official announcement from Crowbar about this match later tonight, but for now we have more show to deliver!

As Starr leaves, SwitchBlade finally exits the ring and takes the time to high five some fans before heading up the ramp himself.



William Wallace walks out of his dressing room on his way to the ring for his match. He is cracking his neck and shaking his arms a little as Austin Sanders approaches to get some final thoughts.

Sanders: William we are now just moments away form the main event, you are teaming with a man you have been against many times Cameron MacNichol to take on the new Tag Team champions Carnival Connection, any last thoughts?

Wallace: Last Thoughts? Its no ma death bed son, you keep the last thoughts for when the reaper knocks his cold dead hand off your door tonight.

Sanders: Sorry, a little miss understanding. Just wanting your thoughts on the match tonight.

Wallace: Well all a know is then you put William Wallace in the ring, everyone is in for a treat. But tonight you have two clowns, a big ginger skirt wearin Scotsman and a guy who reminds me of Egon from the Ghostbusters, that has got entertainment written all over it. Now everyone should just sit back an watch as we blow the roof off this place.

Wallace slaps Sanders on the back knocking him forward a little as Wallace walks away making his way towards the entrance ramp.


The camera cuts backstage where Taurus brushes off a more traditional version of the WARPED Heavyweight title. He swings it across his shoulder and as the camera view expands we see Kelly Calloway standing beside him.

Taurus: " ..Kelly, you can never have enough heavyweight titles. What other champion has more championships then me in one title reign. I'll wait..."

Kelly Shrugs.

Taurus Capone: " You see, I was going to go out of my way tonight and have a face to face with every person on MY roster. Then I thought about it Kelly. ....Most of them are hideous. For that reason alone I changed my mind. If they want to talk to the champion and the face of this brand I'm easy to find. Kelly, I have more important things to handle. ...In a couple weeks I have to face William Wallace. I have to make him sit down and hell up like the rest of these guys. ..Kelly don't let my pure masculinity a brute strength mislead you. My mind is my most powerful asset.......Kelly just because I could gorilla press William Wallace through the ring steps with my God Like pectoral muscles doesn't mean I don't have a better strategy. ..And we all know NOTHING breaks ring steps. .."

Kelly looks as if she thinks about it before nodding.

Taurus: : " So tonight I think I'll have face to face with the main event instead. ...Ha. ...Well, These conversations are always so intriguing but it's time for me to go show them once again why I rule with an iron fist."

Taurus winks at Kelly and struts away while proudly clutching his title belt as she's left behind with a look of uncertainty.

Main Event: William Wallace & Cameron MacNichol vs. Carnival Connection

The camera cuts to the ring.

Randy Long: The following contest is your main event of the evening, and it is a tag team match scheduled for one fall.

The entrance way fills with smoke as Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Gimme Back My Bullets” blares on the PA. Mr. Rottentreats and Douglas Fresh walk cockily to the ring jaw jacking with the fans as they hold up their title belts.

Randy Long: "Making their way to the ring at a combined way of 400 cannabis & protein shakes, from the Carnival Grounds, they are the Warped Tag Team Champions…THE CARNIVAL CONNECTION!”

Douglas rolls underneath the bottom rope and quickly kips up and swings his towel in the air as Treats climbs to the top rope and removes his hooded vest. Treats jumps down and removes his tear away pants revealing his trunks as Douglas does the same and they await their opponents.

Randy Long: And their opponents…

As the riff of Ted Nugent's "Stranglehold" hits the PA system, Cameron MacNichol walks out from behind the curtain arm-in-arm with his sister Dyan. They pause, he gives her a brotherly peck on the cheek, and they continue on down to the ring.

First, from Detroit, Michigan and weighing in at 200 pounds…CAMERON MACNICHOL!

He slides under the bottom rope, and she prompts the audience to cheer louder.

Randy Long: And his partner.

The arena blacks out as the bagpipes tune fill with air, as Flower of Scotland Begins to play Wallace appears, lit up by one single spot light which follows him to the ring.

From Glasgow, Scotland and weighing in at 254 pounds…WILLIAM WALLACE!

He makes his way to the ring shouting abuse the crowd before rolling under the bottom rope.

Tony D: It should be interesting to see how these two work as a team.

Kris Red: Wallace is no stranger to odd teammates. I mean he carried SwitchBlade in that Tag Team tournament not too long ago.

Tony D: Carried him? What matches were you watching?

Kris Red: The ones where Wallace kicked ass. Meaning ALL of them!

Tony D: Well it remains to be seen if Wallace and Cameron have it in them to take down the well oiled machine team is our Tag Team Champions.

Treats and Fresh play rock paper scissors on who gets to go in first. While MacNichol shrugs and lets William Wallace be the first in the ring. After a few rounds, Fresh wins the contest and Treats walks to the ropes grumbling. Fresh warms up a little, as does Wallace, and wait for the bell to ring. The bell rings, Fresh quickly grabs Wallace and tosses him into the corner.

Tony D: Here we go!

He lands a few jabs on Wallace's mid-section. Fresh grabs Wallace and leads him away from the corner, he wraps his arm around the head of Wallace. Fresh plants Wallace in a DDT, and quickly covers.

Ref: 1…2…


Kris Red: Not gonna end that quickly.

Tony D: Not for a match with guys of this caliber.

Fresh picks Wallace up, leading him to the corner where Treats is located at. He tags in Treats and the two put Wallace into a suplex. Fresh walks out of the ring, and stands on the ringside. Treats grabs hold of Wallace's legs and puts him into a Boston crab. Wallace screams in pain, while Treats applies pressure on his back. MacNichol holds his hand out for a tag, as Wallace is almost in reach. However, Treats notices this and drags Wallace away from MacNichol. The ref keeps checking to see if Wallace will tap, but he does not. MacNichol gets frustrated and runs in to kick the back of Treats head to break the hold. The ref forces him back into the corner, as Treats gets up to yell back at MacNichol. This gives Wallace time to get to his feet. Once Treats turns around, he is met with a clothesline. Wallace picks Treats up and tosses him into the ropes. He returns and Wallace bends to flip Treats over his back. Wallace runs and bounces off the ropes, he returns to land a leg drop on the fallen Treats. Wallace covers Treats

Ref: 1…

Kick out.

Kris Red: It'll take a little more than a simple leg drop to put down Treats.

Wallace tags in MacNichol. MacNichol walks over to Treats and starts to stomp on his chest. He stomps and Wallace gives Fresh the middle finger. Fresh gets pissed off, and attempts to run in, but the ref stops him before doing anything. MacNichol smiles and stomps on the nuts of Treats, while the ref isn't looking. Treats screams in pain, as he holds his crotch. MacNichol quickly covers

Ref: 1…2…

Kickout! MacNichol gets up and arranges Treats on the mat. He then climbs the ropes and jumps off to land a flying elbow drop on Treats. MacNichol covers

Ref: 1…2…

Kickout. MacNichol picks Treats up and tosses him into the corner where Wallace is at. MacNichol tags in Wallace, and the two lift Treats up to the top rope. However, right before Wallace and MacNichol attempts a double top rope suplex, Treats pushes the two off and quickly stands up to jump off. He lands a double elbow drop on both of the wrestlers.

Tony D: WOW! Nice move by Treats!

Kris Red: Even Fresh is giving him credit for that one.

Fresh can be seen clapping for his partner. Treats gets up, as MacNichol rolls out of the ring. Treats picks up Wallace and to only put him back on the ground with a powerslam. Treats plants a legdrop, and another ... And finally a third before making a cover.

Ref: 1…2…

Kickout. Treats walks over to MacNichol and punches him off the ring. He moves back over to Wallace, and picks him up to toss him into the corner. Treats tags in Fresh. Fresh comes in and starts to shoulder the stomach of Wallace, while still in the corner. MacNichol gets up, shakes his head and walks around the outside of the ring, and to where Treats is at. Treats notices this, and drops down to meet MacNichol. The two exchange some words, as Fresh and Wallace continue to battle it out in the ring.

Kris Red: What are they doing out there!?

Tony D: I don't know.

Kris Red: Great commentary, Tony D.

After a few more words, MacNichol turns his head and slaps Treats in the face. MacNichol follows with jabs to Treats' head. Treats can't block against the punches and falls back. Fresh stops and looks at the two. Wallace, who was on the floor at the time, rolls up Fresh, who was distracted by Treats and MacNichol.

Ref: 1…2…

Kickout. Fresh and Wallace get up quickly, both men lock up. However, Wallace gets the upper hand and knees Fresh in the gut and applies an abdominal stretch submission. Fresh screams in pain, while the ref checks to see if he's gonna tap. MacNichol tosses Treats into the steel railings, outside.

Kris Red: The ref doesn't even have time to yell at Treats and MacNichol! Break those two up out there!

Tony D: Why don't you do it?

Kris Red: Um, well, I have a headache.

Tony D: Don’t use one your wife’s excuses.

Wallace applies more pressure on Fresh, trying to make him tap. Outside of the ring, MacNichol runs towards Treats and attempts to clothesline him into the crowd. However, Treats dodges MacNichol's clothesline, making him flip over the railings, and into the fans. Treats quickly rushes into the ring to break the hold. Treats picks Wallace up and plants a DDT right in the middle of the ring. He grabs Fresh and pulls him over Wallace for the cover. Treats quickly gets out of the ring for the ref to count.

Ref: 1…2…

Kickout. Fresh rolls off. MacNichol finally climbs up to his corner, waiting for the tag, as both wrestlers on the inside are out of it. The ref starts to count ...

Ref: 1!

No wrestlers show any sign of life, as Treats and MacNichol reach for their partner to tag in.




Tony D: One of these guys better get up!

Kris Red: Come on, team WallNichol!

Tony D: WallNichol?

Kris Red: I’m still working on it.



Both wrestlers start to show signs of life, as they crawl to their partner.

Kris Red: Who's gonna get the tag first!?

Both wrestlers get the tag! MacNichol and Treats rush towards each other with a double clothesline ... Knocking each other down.

Tony D: Ouch!

They don't stay down long, as both get up to lock up. Treats looks like he is about to get he upper hand, but MacNichol pushes Treats away for a moment. Treats rushes back with a boot, but MacNichol dodges, and grapples Treats from behind. MacNichol starts a series of German Suplexes.


The crowd chants!


Another suplex by MacNichol on Treats.


Kris Red: I don't know how long he can do this!


MacNichol tries to get up for one more, but loses steam and has to let go, dropping Treats to the mat. MacNichol starts to gather himself, standing for a second. MacNichol picks Treats up by the hair. Once up, MacNichol runs the ropes and attempts a clothesline from Hell. However, Treats flips MacNichol over his back, using his last bit of energy. MacNichol quickly gets up, but Treats is there with a drop kick, sending MacNichol to the ground. Treats quickly grabs MacNichol's legs, but MacNichol pushes him away and into the ropes. MacNichol jumps to his feet, while Treats shakes his head and rushes after him. Treats misses a clothesline, and when he turns around, he is met with the clothesline from Hell! MacNichol covers.

Ref: 1...2...

Fresh makes it just in time to break the pin!

Kris Red: That was a close one!

Tony D: Yeah, MacNichol almost picked up the big win.

Fresh walks back to his corner. Swearing under his breath, MacNichol picks Treats up and leads him to Wallace for a tag. MacNichol picks Treats up and puts him into a back-breaker. He holds him on his knee, while Wallace gets on the top rope to land a top rope leg-drop on the face of Treats. MacNichol walks back to his corner, while Wallace takes over. Wallace picks Treats up and tosses him into the corner. He tags in Fresh and leaves the ring. Fresh enters, and starts to punch Wallace in the face. Wallace blocks a punch and kicks Fresh in the gut, he jumps over Fresh and rolls him into a pin ...

Ref: 1…2…thre-


Tony D: Oooo…close. Real close.

Kris Red: Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. But never combine the two. My god, all those exploded horses…

Tony D: I’m gonna go back to ignoring you now.

The Television screen scrambles and blacks out. The lights in the arena shut off completely. As the TV unscrambles the bass-line to "Like That" by T.I. drops and the live crowd erupt into a chorus of boo's.

Kris Red: "Uh-Oh...King's back. Head for the hills Tony."

Tony D: "......."

Taurus rides down the entrance way on a beach cruiser drinking a bottle of water as the audience greet him once again with a chorus of boos. Meanwhile inside the ring Wallace picks up fresh by his head. He glares at Capone coming to ringside who immediately begins to clap for Wallace. As Wallace turns his attention back to Fresh he is met by a rack to the eye. Taurus sits on the beach cruiser with his arms folded watching the action with a smirk.

Kris Red: "Taurus is on that custom beach cruiser he usually rides around backstage during the reactions."

Irish whip by Fresh. Wallace hits the ropes and clotheslines Treats in the process! "Sir" Douglas races over an in attempt to take down Wallace once again. He's caught! Glasgow Kiss!!

Tony D: "There's that devastating headbutt!"

Fresh goes down! Treats is back in the ring. MacNichol jumps back in also and takes him out with a clothesline! They both go over the ropes and onto the arena floor. The camera cuts back to Taurus who fishes in his basketball shorts pocket and pulls his hand out with brass knuckles wrapped around. The referee heads to the outside in an attempt to break up Treats and MacNichol. Taurus see's his opportunity and slowly slides into the ring undetected.

Tony D: "...NO! get him out of there! He's going to ruin this match! For someone who barely competes he interferences in everything!"

Kris Red: "Shhhhhhhhhhh Tony...Remember...he might compete against you next week!"

The referee is at ringside not paying attention to what's going on in the ring. Douglas Fresh is down and Wallace has yet to turn around and see Capone. Taurus boxes the air in anticipation of a KO punch as Wallace slowly turns around. William turns his head...Capone swings!

Kris Red: "KO!...WAIT.."

William Wallace quickly ducks as the force of the punch spins Capone around completly...LOCK NESS!! The arena roof blows off as Taurus goes into a frenzy trying to escape the deadly submission. He somehow manages to break free for a split second. Capone attempts to take off through the ropes with an expression of pure fear of his face only to be caught by the back of the neck by the massive hand of William Wallace. .....LOCH NESS!!! Wallace applies the submission for a second time Taurus once again goes into a tantrum trying to free himself.


Wallace quickly pushes Taurus down to the mat as Douglas Fresh charges him with an onslaught of quick jabs. Taurus dramatically tosses himself out of the ring and onto the arena floor as he begins to dry heaves. Wallace manages to kick Fresh in the midsection. He scoops him up.....FREEDOM DROP!!!! Douglas Fresh goes down. William Wallace with the cover! The referee just so manages to slide in the ring at the last moment.




Kris Red: "It's OVA!"

The bell rings as William Wallace's theme hits.

Randy Long: "Here is your winners... Cameron MacNichols and WILLLLLIIIIIAAAM WALLLAACE!!!"

Tony D: "Wallace pulled off the victory here tonight and hopefully scared Taurus Capone away from a Warped ring forever"

Wallace climbs the turnbuckle and looks down at Taurus with his arms raised. Capone sits on the arena floor rubbing his neck as he glares up at his future challenger.

Tony D: "Is this a sign of what's to come?"

Kris Red: "....CHEAT!"

Tony D: "Instead of worrying about me he should be worrying about the man who may just be our next world champion! Capone better think of something and fast! It looks like the year of Wallace continues!"

Taurus glares around the arena as the people applaud Wallace's actions. He rolls he's eyes before rubbing his hand down his face in disgust as the scene fades.


Thanks to SwitchBlade for writing the main event and everyone else who submitted items for this show.