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Details have been sketchy all week but there had been rumblings coming out of Creative Meetings for Victory last week before, during, and after the televised event from Rio de Janeiro that Creative and the World Champion, La Flama Blanca, couldn’t come to terms as it pertained to a pitched storyline between LFB and hot up and comers Cayle Murray and the new Wildfire Champion Colton Thorpe.

Initially it was chalked up to friction between the new management on Victory and the newly minted roster of the show, but as more and more details have come to light it turns out that the fault may just lay squarely on the shoulders of the World Champion himself.

As far as I can  tell, LFB was set to work a program with Thorpe and Murray that would have given Cayle Murray a shot at the title on an upcoming episode of Victory, but the whole idea was shot down because, and I’m quoting here-- “I think he’s deliberately trying to make things difficult, and I don’t wanna jump through that fuckboy’s hoops.”

Of course, I’m sworn to secrecy on the name behind the quote, but it’s safe to say that he would have been intimately involved with the proposed storyline. So, being the journalist that I am I reached out to the Director of Talent Relations and brand new Victory showrunner, Michael Lorenzo, but I got the runaround from his secretary.

I did later receive a text telling me to leave it alone.

Of course, I didn’t. That’s now how I roll, after all.

Murray and Thorpe refused to give me anything to work with, neither being stupid enough to bury themselves to The Office while they’re both getting hot on TV, and Blanca would only shout obscenities about “the Ungratefuls,” so I did what any ace reporter would do in such an instance. I went to the biggest big-mouth on the roster.

Eric Dane, Victory’s resident Veteran Leadership, answered my phone call on the first ring. Living up to his reputation he had plenty to say about Murray, Thorpe, Blanca, the situation, Lorenzo, and whatever else was sticking in his craw at the time and very little of it is fit for print. He did give me one usable blurb though:

“La Flama Blanca is an asshole and an idiot. He’s been lucky in his career for too damned long now, and he’s forgotten what it’s like to not have everything handed to him on a silver platter. In our Creative Meeting he was fumbling over his words and clearly trying to back out of the story. He made everyone involved uncomfortable with the unprofessional way he handled his business, and in the end the call was made to drop the entire angle because nobody on Victory outside of Mikey Unlikely wants to work with the prick.”

Dane went on:

“Now I’m not in the office, and I don’t have any more pull than anybody else in that locker room when you come right down to it, but I’ve spoken with the boys and girls from Victory and I can tell you that as a group, we don’t want that schmuck in our locker room, we don’t want his boring diatribes on our TV shows, as a matter of fact, we just don’t want him. As far as I’m concerned he can keep his narrow ass away from Victory unless and until he shows up to grant me my World Title shot, otherwise something of an “unsafe work environment” might just develop for the Champ.”

Hold the phone!

Did you read what I just wrote?

The World Champion is not welcome on Victory? Nobody but Dane would comment on the subject at all, but one can only believe that a guy like Dane wouldn’t say it if it weren’t true, right?

Or is this all just posturing from The Only Star, who admittedly is angling for a title shot himself. One could say that perhaps he feels he’s got a better chance of defeating LFB for the title rather than Cayle Murray? The only thing that can be said for sure as that Eric Dane is a certified Master in the fine art of Backstage Politics.

It remains to be seen if LFB will be in Johannesburg for Victory XXXVIII.

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