Posted by Rumor Man Stan

Team Danger comments on their UTA status!

Late yesterday afternoon, UTA officials announced that the UTA World Tag Team Championships have been officially "deactivated," citing a lack of challengers for the regining champions, Team Danger. With the division they have conquered seemingly dissolved, many have wondered if Tyrone Walker and Stephen Greer were also being served their exit papers. We were able to get comments from each today regarding this monumental decision.

When asked about their current UTA status, Tyrone Walker was quick to clear things up, "I'm not goin' anywhere. We did what we said we'd do and we won the World Tag belts. Then no one aside from the little yoga hoes even wanted to TRY an' get in the ring with us. Office made their decision and now we gon' hang around with our boy, Big Dee, and make sure none of these fools get in the way of him handlin' his business."

Stephen Greer offered the following when asked what their next step was, "We move onward and upward. I have been tasked with taking out B.R. Ellis is South Africa and that's what I'm going to do. Then I'm going to keep crushing everyone who tries to get within ten feet of the big man. In between? The UTA is going to allow us to do some travelling, do some crushing and scout out some freaks. We're like the UTA Ambassadors of Pain and Suffering."

The internet has been abuzz with rumors of Team Danger appearing for several independent promotions in the months to come, however no official announcements have been made. What this means for their UTA status remains to be seen.