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Austin Davis, the fWo champion, hit the ring at the top of the show to call out Mick Foley, who was revealed to be the partner he picked earlier in the week to face Scott Slugger and Ice. Austin Davis calls out Cactus Jack, who seems relucatant to come to the ring to stand with Davis. Davis tells Cactus Jack that he can "trust him", and shakes hands with the WWF star to the dislike of the crowd. As Jack and Davis leave the ring, Davis makes a silent gun shooting gesture at Jack, which goes unnoticed by the hardcore legend.


Markus Cairn vs. Judge Steel

Markus Cairn wins the match after completely dominating Judge Steel for several minutes. After the pinfall victory, Judge Steel begins to walk away... only to have Markus Cairn chase him down on the entrance ramp and powerbomb him off the ramp and onto the floor. Cairn then announces that his past has been finally rectified, and the rest of the fWo is next.

Result: Markus Cairn by Pinfall


Cactus Jon (c) vs. Chris Kidman Jr.

Cactus Jon (c)

In a surprisingly close match between Jon and the now seemingly insane Chris Kidman, Jon prevailed in the end with a double-arm suplex followed by a massive elbow drop. Jon secured his title once more, and left up the entrance ramp, leaving a confused Kidman in the ring. At this point, the lights dimmed and a strange voice told Kidman over the arena's PA system that Kidman would not be losing a match ever again... for his guardian angel has arrived. Kidman seemed unnerved by this, and fled to the backstage area.

Result: Cactus Jon by Pinfall


Primetime & Showstopper vs. Shocker & Hunter

Primetime & Showstopper

As Primetime and Showstopper entered the ring, the Shocker's partner the Hunter was nowhere to be found. As the Shocker prepared to wrestle the match alone against Showstopper inside the ring, Primetime picked up a chair and leveled his own partner. The Shocker quickly pinned the Showstopper inside the ring, as Primetime left the ringside area. The Shocker ran up the entrance ramp to confront Primetime, who leveled him with a chair as well. After Primetime left, the Hunter arrived on the scene seemingly battered after having been attacked backstage. As Shocker insisted the Hunter explain himself, the Hunter delivered a quick DDT and wandered off into the boiler room area of the arena.

Result: Shocker & Hunter by Pinfall


Oracle Interview

The Oracle and Prophet came to the ring to discuss their upcoming match with the Boston Strangler and Darkness... the former and current fWo internet champion. As Oracle began to speak, the giant fWo screen blazed into life, revealing Darkness backstage, attacking the Prophet in his dressing room. Oracle turned to the Prophet questioningly, who uncovered his face to reveal the Boston Strangler. The Strangler proceeded to attack Oracle in the ring, until Oracle broke free and escaped to the backstage area.


Lone Gunmen (w/ Billy James) vs. Ground Zero

Lone Gunmen (w/ Billy James)

The Lone Gunmen came to the ring dressed like the Steiner Brothers, complete with Rudo wearing a face protector and dog leash. Ground Zero came to the ring in "J.O.B. Squad" t-shirts, which at once drew the anger of Machina, who insisted that he and the Lone Gunmen were the only team that jobbed in the fWo. Billy James then reminded Machina that he had won the week before, prompting Machina to beat on him outside of the ring. Inside the ring Jackhammer and Wolf Fang dismantled Rudo, finally trapping him in the Wolf Bite. The team of Ground Zero will go on to face Ultra Cool at No Turning Back 5.

Result: Ground Zero by Submission


Cactus Jack Interview

Cactus Jack came to the ring and was asked how he could possibly tag with Austin Davis. Jack explained that he wanted to find at least one bald man in wrestling who wasn't a backstabbing SOB, and he didn't want to have to wear signs around his neck asking for partners again. Jack then informed Scott Slugger that it isn't baseball that's played in the fWo... WWF, or anywhere... but wrestling. Jack concluded the interview with his trademark "bang bang" gesture, and told everyone to get ready for a wild main event.


Black Quicksilver (c) vs. Waru

Black Quicksilver (c)

Waru came to the ring with the Stump taped to his head, and slapped away the hands of the fans who mocked him. The Black Quicksilver came to the ring and at once went for Waru's head, trying to get the Stump back in his possession. Waru reeled away, but fell out of the ring and cracked his head... and the Stump... on the concrete. The Black Quicksilver rolled Waru back into the ring and quickly pinned him, then rasied the Stump up for the crowd, who responded by waving their own styrofoam stumps.

Result: Black Quicksilver by Pinfall


Ultra Cool (c) vs. Survivors/Lone Gunmen

Ultra Cool (c)Survivors/Lone Gunmen

Ultra Cool came to the ring for their match, but once again the Survivors were late to answer the call from the announcer. Finally, the Survivors seemed to come to the ring, but it was actually Machina and Rudo wearing pumps and skull caps. Ultra Violet seemed alarmed by the new costuming of the Survivors, and complained to Scotty Cool that they had merged with the Lone Gunmen to form a super team of wrestlers. While the refs were prepared to send the Lone Gunmen away, the fighting champion Scotty Cool invited them into the ring for a match. The match went back and forth, but the Lone Gunmen, weary from another match that evening already, fell to the combined attack of Ultra Cool. To finish the match Scotty Cool instructed Ultra Violet to climb into the third rope, and get into a "cannonball" position... which Scotty Cool picked up and tossed at Machina. Ultra Violet then shook his head clear, and pinned Machina for the successful title defense.

Result: Ultra Cool by Pinfall


Stone Interview

The leader of the bWo arrived in the ring alone to discuss her plans at Battle Bowl. Stone revealed what numbers the bWo had drawn. She claimed that Fathom had drawn #8, she had drawn #27, and Wynd had drawn the ultimate number... #30. She said that she revealed this because the bWo would not be fighting "every woman for themselves" but rather as a team... that Fathom would weaken the fodder, and Stone and Wynd would finish them off. She also personally instructed Wynd to keep her mind on the match, and put "silly infatuations" out of her mind. At this point, a large batch of roses was delivered to Stone, who looked confused as to who would send her such a present.


Austin Davis & Cactus Jack vs. Scott Slugger & Ice

Austin Davis & Cactus JackScott Slugger & IceScott Slugger & Ice

The Punisher Squad came to the ring as a strong unit, and waited for their opponents to show. Austin Davis came to the ring alone, followed later by Cactus Jack. As the four men got in the ring and began to wrestle, it was clear that Austin Davis was overpowering the Punisher Squad by using dirty choke holds and eye rakes to wear the two down. As Davis tagged in Jack, Jack turned around and attacked Davis with a DDT that drove Davis' neck into the ropes. Jack then tossed Davis back into the ring, where he was pinned by a waiting Scott Slugger. As Davis lay, Jack removed his usual shirt to reveal a Chris Universal shirt as the show went off the air...

Result: Scott Slugger & Ice by Pinfall