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Chris Finn introduced Commissioner Travis, who announced that the Cruiserweight title would return to it's previous owner, Pestilence. However, Pestilence would be out of action for at least three months, and since the title had to be defended every thirty days, it would be held up in a tournament that would begin this Friday at Paranoid IV. Travis announced that the full list would be available soon, but that Scott Slugger and Primetime would be two of the definite candidates for the title.


Falcon vs. VL vs. Famine vs. Briana

In a physical match, the Falcon and Briana at once went at it in the center of the ring with a very physical offense. VL and Famine brawled inside and outside of the ring, and VL was finally tagged in to face the Falcon. Unwilling to lock up, VL and the Falcon finally worked a stiff submissio-style match, ending when VL had the Falcon in a pinning combination, and Briana entered the ring to attack VL. This dazed VL, and she was then pinned by a relatively fresh Famine, who would earn the title shot this Friday at Paranoid IV. This caused Briana to become enraged, since she assumed she had the title shot already penciled in.

Result: Famine by Pinfall


Primetime vs. Black Quicksilver

PrimetimeBlack Quicksilver

Primetime and the Black Quicksilver wrestled a conservative match in what many suspect may be repeated in the Cruiserweight tournament. The two wrestled a technical match, wich the Black Quicksilver calling upon Stump for advice. From the entry ramp, Scott Slugger, Kidman, and Ultra Violet watched the proceedings with interest. The match was finally called when both men brawled to the outside and were counted out.

Result: Double Count Out


Flying Frenchie (c) vs. War

Flying Frenchie (c)

The Flying Frenchie was looking for revenge after several months since the loss to War. The Frenchie used quick arial techiniques to avoid the power attack of War, but finally feel victim to a powerbomb from the Dark Rider. As War made a cover, Famine entered the ring and pulled War off. The two Dark Riders began to bicker between themselves, leading to the Frenchie rolling up War to win. As the Dark Riders looked on, the Frenchie escaped through the crowd waving the Hardcore title.

Result: Flying Frenchie by Pinfall


Ultra Cool vs. Chameleon & Total Eclipse

Ultra CoolChameleon & Total Eclipse

The Chameleon & Total Eclipse made their return to tag team wrestling against Ultra Cool, who were fresh off their victory at Mob Rules. Scotty Cool and the Chameleon wrestled a tight match until the Total Eclipse and Ultra Violet were tagged in. During this, the new Punisher Squad consisting of Scott Slugger and Jim Dudley made their way to ringside to observe. As Ultra Violet ran to avoid the Total Eclipse's splashes, he bumped against Jim Dudley, who shoved Ultra Violet out of the way. Scotty Cool then came over to see what the issue was with the Punisher Squad, leading Scott Slugger and Jim Dudley to enter the ring and attack Ultra Cool, and earning them the DQ victory. During this, the Boston Strangler looked on with interest at his opponent for the Friday.

Result: Ultra Cool by DQ


Jim Dudley (c) vs. Machina

Jim Dudley (c)Machina

Jim Dudley hit the ring to a standing ovation from the crowd, as Machina came out dressed like Double J, complete with gutair that read "Don't P*** Him Off". Machina wrestled a surprisingly good match, having Jim Dudley in several key pinning situations. Jim Dudley rallyed however, but before Dudley could land the DDD, Death came to the ring and began attacking Machina, earning Dudley the DQ loss. An enraged Dudley chased the Dark Rider leader from the ring, and demanded better security for matches from an equally upset Travis.

Result: Machina by DQ