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Chris Universal vs. Hellrazor

Chris UniversalHellrazor

A jumpy and paranoid Chris Universal came to the ring for his match, constantly looking for Austin Davis after the events at Mob Rules. Universal wrestled a physical match, dominating the relative newcomer Hellrazor. Universal landed a Universal Powerbomb, and followed it up with a swinging neckbreaker for the pinfall victory. After the match Austin Davis appeared on the screen along with James Armstrong and Davis proceeded to taunt Universal, and ask how long Hellrazor would really be gone, considering that Universal is inept at retiring wrestlers from the fWo.

Result: Chris Universal by Pinfall


Flying Frenchie vs. Fear

Flying Frenchie

The Flying Frenchie made short work of Fear in the ring, staying on track and on top of business. The Flying Frenchie landed a frog splash to secure the victory, then taunted the Falcon inside the ring, insisting that the Falcon had gotten one title shot, and there would not be another. The Falcon tried to come to the ring, but was restrained by security.

Result: Flying Frenchie by Pinfall


Heavens Demons vs. Destroyer & RottDog


RottDog and the Destoryer fought amoungst themselves for much of the match, which worked to the champions' benifit, as they were able to toy with the obviously unprepared challengers. The Heaven's Demons then called out the former challengers at the next event, Ultra Cool, and announced that their title shot was now gone forever, since Scotty Cool had won Mob Rules.

Result: Heavens Demons by Submission


Boston Strangler vs. Judge Steel

Boston Strangler

Fresh off his victory at Mob Rules, the Boston Strangler came to the ring to a standing ovation by the capacity crowd. Judge Steel attempted to keep the Strangler grounded by using submission moves designed to work on the arm and leg of the Strangler. This offense proved futile, and the Strangler easliy did away with the Judge. The Strangler then demanded who his next opponent would be, and it was revealed that the answer would come Monday morning on the fWo newswire.

Result: Boston Strangler by Submission


Jim Dudley vs. Chameleon

Jim Dudley

The Chameleon had not been seen for some time, but was accompied to the ring by his tag partner, the Total Eclipse. The Chameleon then announced that he would be making a huge splash into the tag ranks once more... and that all teams should beware. Jim Dudley came out to the ring to a huge ovation, but on his way to the ring was jumped by the only remaining Dark Riders not in the hospital... Death, War, Famine, Brawler, Waru, James, and the newest member of the Dark Riders, Queen Bee Kristen, who called herself Apocolyptica. Several fWo wrestlers came out to assist Dudley, who was enraged at this continued attack, and demanded a finish to the Dark Rider's plots... once and for all.

Result: No Contest