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Jamie Swayers sat down with Will Haynes. Topics include his thoughts on being drafted to Victory, current state of the UTA, and of course - Mikey Unlikely.

The words "Previously Recorded" appear in the corner of the screen. Jamie Swayers sits with his legs crossed as the camera pans out to reveal the scene. A simple interview set, two chairs facing one another, a small table in the middle to break things up. Swayers begins to speak as the camera slowly pans out.

Swayers: UTA faithful, let me hear ya. Jamie Swayers here, and tonight I sit down with a superstar who impressed everyone with his run through the Ring King tournament, falling just short of the finish line in one of the best matches we've seen this year against Alex Beckman. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to welcome back to the UTA universe, Mr. Will Haynes.

The pan out complete, it's seen that Will Haynes is sitting across from Swayers. Haynes is dressed casually, a pair of black athletic pants, white trainers, and a white t-shirt with a black UTA logo on it. There is a small scar above his eye, just part of the aftermath of the number of beatdowns Haynes has received over the past month.

Haynes nods, waving his hand towards the camera.

Swayers: Will, let's get this out of the way first. There's a rumor on the UTA Website that says you've suffered a setback in your you're training. It looks like your return will be delayed because of that. Can you tell us what happened?

Haynes reaches for a glass of water set on the small table between them. the THRILL takes a sip. He prepares to answer.

 Haynes: Jamie, as much as I hate t' admit it - it's true. I suffered an injury durin' my trainin' n' it looks like I ain't gonna be back for a while. N' lemme tell ya somethin' I blame myself.

Haynes looks towards Jamie to see if he'll ask another question. Jamie allows Haynes the floor and motions for him to continue his answer.

Haynes: I was workin' in the ring, just sparin'. Doctor Emo, UTA legend, was watchin' the workout. He was gonna report back, they was gonna see where I was at n' lemme know when I can come back. But I pushed it t' hard. Ended up tweakin' a nerve in my neck, right down t' my shoulder. Doctors looked at it, MRIs n' what not - they shut it down. Told me I couldn't train till I get well. Took the wind right outta my sails.

Jamie shakes his head.

Swayers: I'm sorry t' hear that, Will. Must've been tough news to get.

Haynes runs a hand over the back of his freshly buzzed head. He shrugs his shoulders. There isn't much he can do.

Haynes: Yeah it's hard. I wanted t' get back in the ring cause these international fans deserve t' see the UTA at a hundred percent. They deserve t' see these guys out here bustin' their humps, fightin' hungry. Hungry for chances. Hungry for opportunities. They deserve that.

Hell they by the merch, they rep us hard. They carry our banner around the world. Across the Seven Seas. That's what this International Tour is about. It's about showing the world that the talent we got, right here, right here in the UTA is the best around. 

Swayers: No doubt. The UTA brand is stronger than it's ever been. And it seems like we're getting new superstars almost all the time.

Haynes: UTA is the land of opportunity, Jamie. You wanna wrestle, you come in that door, you impress n' you'll stick here, Jamie. You'll be somethin' here. We take chances on guys. We work our tails off for one another. We are the best place to be, right now, here today, in this sport.

Swayers: Without a doubt, UTA is the place to be, Will. Not gonna fight you there. What do you think about being drafted to Victory?

Haynes: Victory is great. It didn't matter where I ended up, I had no preference. None at all. I was excited to see what would happen. I'm glad that there's some young talents who could do great things in their careers. There's no place for us to go, Jamie, but up lemme tell ya.

Swayers: And, I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't ask this, what are your feelings on having to share the locker room with Mikey Unlikely?

Haynes again with a sip of water as he tries to prepare his words.

Haynes: Mikey, well Mikey is ... ya know ... well ... he's somethin' else. I see a guy who has all the talent in the world, the charisma of a movie star, n'I see him wasting it. I mean I'm sure I'm not the first to say that, I'm sure I won't be the last.

Swayers: I expected a little more hellfire from you Will, I'm not gonna lie.

Haynes shrugs, holding his chest.

Haynes: The hootin' n' the hollerin' aren't that good for me right now. But rest assured they ain't gone for good.

Swayers: Well thank God for small favors, huh. Any other last words for the folks watching?

Haynes: I'm tryin' t' get back as soon as I can, everyone. Bustin' my butt for you guys. Hopin' t' get a chance t' see you real soon.

Swayers: Thank you Will!