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As Warfare is set to go on the air, the New Ninja comes to the announcing table to demand a match with the Texas Kid this very night. After some argument back and forth, it is announced that the match will be signed for later this evening. James Armstrong then confronts the New Ninja, asking him why he hides behind a mask, and if he was the member of the Dark Riders who wore a mask, and the surprise partner. The New Ninja responded by delivering a roundhouse kick that sent James Armstrong to the floor. An angry James insisted that the New Ninja would pay for his actions.


Black Quicksilver vs. Famine

Black Quicksilver

A distracted looking Famine came to the ring, escorted by security guards. The Black Quicksilver arrived with "stump" and the WWF European championship belt to a huge ovation from the crowd. As the Black Quicksilver prepared to enter the ring, Famine delivered a diving plancha to the outside and connected. A wearly and dazed Black Quicksilver was drug back into the ring, where Famine decided to wear down the smaller wrestler rather than go for the pinfall. Famine worked on the leg of the Black Quicksilver, who was finally able to make it to the ropes to break Famine's hold. As the ref checked Famine, the Black Quicksilver grabbed "stump" and used it to knock down Famine for the cover. After the match War, Pestilence and Death ran to the ring and assulted the Black Quicksilver, who was finally able to escape through the crowd. From the travis-tron, Primetime laughed at the Black Quicksilver because he wasn't popular enough to be on a team at Mob Rules.

Result: Black Quicksilver by Pinfall


Pestilence (c) vs. Primetime


Primetime did suprisingly well against the more seasoned Pestilence. From the sound of the bell, Pestilence attempted an airborne attack, which was countered by quick dodges and slams into the mat by the more technical wrestler, Primetime. As Pestilence attempted a moonsault, Primetime caught and rolled over the Crusierweight champion, only to have Death break the count and award the match to Primetime by DQ. After the match, Death took the microphone and announced that he had something to say to Pestilence.

Result: Primetime by DQ


Death Interview

Death Interview

Death took the microphone and announced that as the rightful ruler and master of the Dark Riders, it was not fitting that he did not have an fWo title, even though he intended to burn the title anyway. Death then demanded that Pestilence award the title to himself to show loyalty to the Dark Riders. Pestilence seemed reluctant, but with War, Famine, Brawler, Waru, James and the strange masked female Dark Rider behind him, had little choice. Pestilence then handed the title over to Death, saying that he released his hold over it. Scott Taylor then announced Death as the new Cruiserweight Champion.


New Ninja vs. Texas Kid

The New Ninja arrived to the ring and demanded the match get started. However, the Texas Kid was late in coming to the ring, and fWo camera crews discovered that the Kid had been attacked backstage by an unknown antagonist. The Texas Kid came to the ring anyway, limping on an obviously injured leg. Speculation was that the Ninja had attacked the Kid, but the New Ninja looked surprised at the turn of events. The Kid entered the ring, and the New Ninja wasted no time in putting him in a simple ankle-lock submission hold. The Texas Kid refused to submit, and passed out due to the pain. The New Ninja made his way from the ring, still confused as to the events leading to the match. The Ninja insisted that this was just the start of his climb up in the fWo.

Result: New Ninja by Submission


Lone Gunmen vs. VL Tha Murdera & Falcon

Lone Gunmen

VL and the Falcon came to the ring escorted by the Heaven's Demons, who would team with VL at Mob Rules. The Flying Frenchie also came out from the backstage area, but instead came to the announcing booth. The Frenchie confronted James Armstrong about his comments, and when James turned his back on the Frenchie by pretending to ignore him, the Frenchie powerbombed Armstrong onto the arena floor, and joined Chris Finn for commentary. The Falcon and VL worked surpringly well together, despite their recent match for the Hardcore title. The Falcon grew distracted when the Frenchie began waving a French flag at the former champion, and pointing to his Hardcore title. The Falcon turned to insult the Frenchie, and was quickly rolled up for a cover by Rudo. An irrate Falcon then proceeded to toss Rudo into the steel steps, while VL attacked Machina on the outside.

Result: Lone Gunmen by Pinfall


Commissioner Travis Interview

Commissioner Travis came to the ringside area, and announced that Scott Taylor needed to make his way to the ring right away. Taylor came accompanied by Death, who held the Cruiserweight title. Travis then asked Taylor if this transaction Death made with the belt was valid, and not part of a Dark Rider trick. Taylor informed Travis that it was real. Travis then asked if Pestilence had fully released his hold on the belt. Taylor announced that he indeed had, and given his right to the belt to Death. Travis nodded, and then had security take the Cruiserweight title by force from Death. Travis announced that since Death did not meet the weight requirement for the title, he did not have any legal right to hold the title, and that it must be stripped at once. Taylor responded by screaming and attacking Travis, who was able to fend off the irrate Taylor, but not Death, who delivered a chokeslam on Travis before being escorted from the ring by security... without the Cruiserweight title.


Heaven's Demons (c) vs. Femme Fetale

The Heaven's Demons came to the ring, Darkness with a noticable limp. Briana arrived, but without a partner. An angry Briana announced that her partner Queen Bee Kristen was nowhere to be found. The Heaven's Demons responded to this by attacking Briana on the outside, who was saved by two of her partners at Mob Rules, the Lone Gunmen, who while weakened weilded large metal bats.

Result: Heaven's Demons by No Contest


Jim Dudley & Boston Strangler (w/ Ice & Jon) vs. War & Death (w/ Famine & Masked Man)

Jim Dudley & Boston Strangler (w/ Ice & Jon)Jim Dudley & Boston Strangler (w/ Ice & Jon)War & Death (w/ Famine & Masked Man)

A still angry Death came to the ring and announced that he would be replacing Pestilence in this match because Pestilence was busy searching for the Commissioner for revenge and his title. Jim Dudley and the Strangler seemed to work well as a team, with their two partners for Mob Rules looking on from the outside. Dudley and Jon used quick double team manuvers to keep the upper hand on the obviously upset Dark Riders. The Strangler locked in his crossface chicken wing on Death, only to be attacked by War, who came in to help his partner. This brought in Dudley, Jon and Ice, as well as the rest of the Dark Riders, and the match quickly turned into a massive donnybrook.

Result: No Contest