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Hostile Takeover!

(The IWO Logo appears on the screen. It explodes and the Hostile Takeover
logo appears... The Monday Night Meltdown logo appears... They merge
together in a really groovy way to form a Hostile Meltdown logo... "Of Wolf
and Man" by Metallica begins to play as that logo fades... We see various
clips from various shows... Era of our Kind holding the IC Tag Titles...
Jason Nash becoming the TV Champion... Mad Max in a bloody mess holding the
Extreme Title... Hostile Youth with the world tag gold... Ken War holding up
the US Title... Jack in the Box defeating Satan to become the North American
Title... "Mr. Hardcore" Billy Larson and Summer... The Raging One... JAX
Stone... ?¿?... Xtreme... Capital Punishment and Angel... Titan holding up
the IWO World Title... The music fades to the background.)

(The scene opens up to a jam packed arena. People are holding up signs,
fireworks are going off. The cameras zoom in on the announcer's table
where we see Big Scott Weber, JT, and Nikki.)

BSW - Welcome to Hostile Meltdown!!! We have 12 HUGE matches tonight and
only 4 days until the biggest pay-per-view of the year, Desperate
Measures!!! A lot of scores will be settled then, and tonight is just a
preview of the carnage we will be seeing this Sunday.

JT - We have 12 matches tonight, 15 matches this Sunday, that's 27 matches
in one week, that is unbelievable and something is bound to happen sometime
this week.

Nikki - Tonight's Main Event pits Titan and Mad Max together taking out
Scott Morris and Capital Punishment. Now Titan is the World Champion, and he
will be facing Morris at the pay per view. Mad Max is the Extreme Champion,
and he will be facing Capital Punishment at the pay per view.

JT - In other words, look for that match to be insane. The FWA does have the
advantage, they've teamed up before, Morris and Cappy have never been in the
ring, on the same team.

BSW - Also tonight, we have a three way match featuring 3 ladies here in the

JT - I wanna see some ass tonight!!!

Nikki - I think that match is a waste of time and we shouldn't even allow
that to take place. There are so many better things that could go on instead
of that.

BSW - Nevertheless, we will be seeing that here tonight, also, finally, we
will be seeing Zombie take on Chris Anthony. And the fun part to that, is
that Jack in the Box and The Vietnam Veteran will be handcuffed TOGETHER!!!

JT - The IWO Officials just added that to get some attention to that match.
You and I both know that The Vet and Jack will brawl all night while
attached to each other.

Nikki - People wanna see violence!!!

BSW - We do have ONE title match here tonight, that is the Extreme Title...
In a very unusual match, Mad Max defends against Chris Anthony. You must pin
your opponent within 1 mile of the arena. I don't see how they will go past
1 mile.

Nikki - You know Mad Max, he is insane.

JT - If they go past 1 mile I'll kiss your ass Nikki!!!

Nikki - I'm just saying, Max is INSANE!!!

BSW - Well, we have SEVERAL debuts here tonight so we better kick things
off. The first match is a match between two new tag teams here to the IWO.
Well, hold that thought, I've just been told we have to cut to commerical so
we will be back for that match right after this!!!

***commerical break***

Saturday Night Specials (Lorak & Malice) w/ Mr. S vs. Psychotic Mother
F*ckers (Justin Shack & Mother F*cker)

JT- Well guys we got some Tag Debutes next but ahh..

Nikki- What?

JT- Guess whose back?

Nikki- Who?

JT- That Justin Shack!

BSW- Yup, he fights next. Lets go to the ring area for the announcer.

Announcer- Ladies and Gentlemen....Welcome back to Hostile Takeover!

(SNS's music begins to play as Lorak and Malice make there way to the ring as
the crowd cheers. Mr. S is walking behind them)

Announcer- Malice and Lorak...SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIALS!!!!!!

(SNS slides in the ring)

Announcer- Next....

("I'm An Asshole" by Dennis Leary begins to play as the crowd is on there
feet. Out walks The Mother F*cker and Justin Shack make there way to the ring)


BSW- Whatta reaction from them. It looks like Malice and TMF are going to
start their IWO carrers first. TMF gets punched and drives a fist to Malice's
stomach. TMF fingers him and spears him. TMF is getting the crowd in it and
sends Malice to the ropes...Blind tag to Lorak. Lorak comes in, rollup on
TMF...1..2..and TMF gets the shoulder up. Showing some fight early.

JT- TMF dropkicks Malice off the apron and suplexs Lorak. The crowd goes nuts
as TMF points to Justin Shack..He tags Shack in and Shack clothslines Lorak.
OHH MY GORILLAPRESS SLAM BY SHACK! What power. He hasn't missed a step. Shack
climbs the turnbuckle. Double axe handle smash to Lorak's head. Shack tags in

Nikki- Good team work so far by the Physcotic Mother F*ckers. TMF in but gets
tripped by Lorak. Lorak runs the ropes and a cross body block..1..2..and TMF
kicks out just barely. Lorak makes the tag to Malice. Malice comes in and
gives TMF a belly-to-belly suplex. Shack slides in the ring...He gets
Malice..SHACKED FOR LIFE(Tigerbomb)..TMF pins Malice.1..2..Lorak comes in and
makes the save.

BSW- A good match shapeing up. Wait a second here! Lorak throws a chair to
Malice..Malice knocks TMF with the chair..THE REF SAW IT! HE ISN'T RINGING THE
BELL! He yells to us.

Ref- It's no DQ fellas.

BSW- You heard it! Malice hits TMF again and again with the chair! TMF is out
cold. Malice tags Lorak in and he goes to work on TMF. TMF gets up...LOW BLOW!
TMF is trying to tag Justin Shack in..Reaching, reaching...HE GOT IT! Shack is
in. Clothslines to everyone! He grabs Lorak..DDT! A ddt for Malice! TMF goes
under the ring and pulls a table out under the ring!

JT- Ohh my GOD!! He sends it to Shack..Shack sets it up on the corner. He
places Lorak on it....TMF pulls a ladder out! He sets it up in the middle of
the ring..Lorak's head is hanging over the top..Shack on the Ladder..MY

Nikki- What excitment. The ref displays the ten
count...1...2..3...4..5...6...7..8 but Shack gets to his feet. TMF is reaching
for the tag..HE GOT IT! Lorak makes the tag to Malice. TMF just laughs. He
flips Malice off and northern light suplexes him. 1...2..and Malice gets the
shoulder up! Malice spears TMF and now is punching him. Malice climbs the

BSW- TMF is out.. Malice off the top with a splash. 1..2..and TMF kicks out.
Wait a second look whose under the ring! Joey Terrifying! He has a lighter!
Ohhh my God! A fireball right to Malice's FACE! The match has stopped! Lorak,
Malice's partner, is calling for the EMT's. Terrifying looks shocked. Then he
starts to LAUGH!! The EMT's are here folks and it doesn't look good..They are
trying to patch the eye...So maybe he can return next week or something. I am
not sure. They patched it up and HE SLIDES IN THE RING!! HE GETS JOEY

JT- Well the bell rings and were off. Malice and TMF..TMF with a
slap...Bitchhhslapp no!!! Snap mare takeover by Malice. He tags Lorak
in..Lorak gets TMF whips him to the rope..Forearm smash! TMF gets up and tags
in Justin Shack. Shack is smiling and then leaves the ring..TMF follows.
Malice and Lorak follow then. On the aisle there brawling! A fan hands Lorak a
chair..WHAMM!! He hits Shack.

BSW - Fans we will be right back!!!

***commerical break***

JT - Welcome back!!!

Nikki- They are now going into the back. Shack hits the DDT on Malice. Wow
that eye must be really hurting now. Lorak gets TMF..Atomic drop..He sets up a
table, places TMF on it..Lorak on the sound barrers!! 450 SPLASH!!! OH MY!!!!
THREW THE TABLE!! Shack gets Malice..Suplex. 1..2. and Malice gets the
shoulder up..Shack dominating Malice. And Lorak is dominating TMF. TMF is
bleeding on his ear. Malice hits Shack with a bed pan! WOW what a match this
is...Wait Shack ran off...Wheres he going? I guess now it is TMF against the
Saturday Night Specials. TMF gets up..BITCHSLAP ON MALICE!!!! 1..2..BUT LORAK

BSW- Wait a damn second!! Look whose back! He's not alone either!!! He got a
Zamboni!!!! The things that clean the hockey rink! Mr. S is in the way! TMF
pushes Mr. S to the Zamboni. It hits him right on the throat. I think he may
be dead! Joey Terrifying is still out cold in the ring! Shack lowers the end
on Mr. S..Now both managers are out cold!

JT- Shack gets hit with a wooden basket by Malice. TMF is getting double
teamed by them! TMF is done my friends. The Saturday Night Specials have hurt
him badly. Shack gets up and low blows Malice. SHACKED FOR LIFE ON LORAK!!!
Now Shack runs away but Malice is following him. Shack is going up a long
ladder! He is going to the scapple! TMF runs in the ring! He goes under
it...Terrifying does too!! The pull out seven tables! TMF runs out to the
scapple...Terrifying sets them up! Shack and Malice are brawling on the

Nikki- OHH NO Don't do it!


JT- 1...

Nikki- 2...

BSW- 3!!! They win it! The Physcotic Mother F*ckers with the match! Terrifying
has Mr. S by the shirt! He throws him out of the arena door.

Joey Terrifying- Whimp!

BSW- WOW! What a match but wait a second..

{"Pretty Fly For A White Guy" begins to blast threw the arena}

JT- We have company! Out walks Scott Morris, the Wood Chipper! He has the mic.

Scott Morris:: Ok, listen! The NWF and FWA are just too
brings to my attention for something! Now for our first member..

{"Welcome to The Jungle" by Guns And Roses begins to play as Dark Wolf and
GOnzo come to the ring}

Dark Wolf:: Yeah me and Gonzo are here...

Gonzo:: SWEAK!

Scott Morris:: Our next member.

{"Americana" begins to play as Capital Punishment comes to the ring}

Capital Punishment:: WOO!! I'm here.

{"Smells Like Teen Spirt" begins to play as "The Shocker" Mike Haven comes to
the ring}

Mike Haven:: The Shocker is here and for our final men..



Justin Shack:: And anything.

Scott Morris:: So FWA, NWF get ready because now you have competition!

***commerical break***

The Man vs. High Flyer

BSW: Now we have a match featuring the return of the High

Nikki: Not only that, but he is going up against The Man,
who I think is one of the more under-rated athletes in the
IWO. He came this close to beating Titan a while back.

JT: What are you talking about? This guy sucks, like you!

Nikki: JT! I was hoping I'd never have to see your ugly face
again... so just SHUT UP!!!

JT: Geez, lay off the caffeine pills.

(Some one hands the Announcer the sweet, cute, magnificent
microphone. Boy, the mic looks hot tonight, with a skimpy
red number. The Announcer smiles his wonderful smile as he
brings the mic to his mouth.)

Announcer: And now coming to the ring, he his making his
return in the IWO... HIGH FLYER!!!

("Americana" by Offspring begins to play over the
loudspeakers as High Flyer makes his way out.)

Announcer: And now introducing, he is the one, the only, to
be the man... YOU HAVE TO BEAT THE MAN!!!

("Back in Black" by AC/Dc beigns to play it's wicked tune
over the P.A. The Man makes his way to the ring, and jumps

BSW: And this one is starting right off! High Flyer and The
Man lock up, with Flyer gaining the advantage. Flyer with a
humongus suplex that sends The Man crashing down to the mat.
The Man is slow to get up, but up he is, and he swings right
at Flyer. He connects! and High Flyer is sent backwards at
the power of that blow. The Man lines it up, and takes Flyer
down with a clothesline. The Man pulls Flyer back up to his
feet, and deleivers a snap suplex. Man hits the ropes, and
nails a big legdrop right across the throat of High Flyer!
The Man with the quick cover, this one could be all over
right here and now...

JT: 1!

Nikki: 2!

BSW: And a forceful kick out by High Flyer. That was a
devestating legdrop, but not enough to bring High Flyer.

JT: I'm surprised that right hand wasn't enough to bring him

Nikki: I thought you liked High Flyer.

JT: Nah, I changed my mind, they both suck.

BSW: High Flyer trying to get his bearings, and meets
another Man Clothesline. An elbow drop by The Man right into
Flyer's heart. The man picks up High Flyer one more time,
and puts him back down with a beatuiful scoop slam.

JT: Beautiful? Your starting to think wrestling moves are
beautiful. I think your job is finally getting to you,

BSW: The Man up on the top rope now, and he waits for the
fallen High Flyer to get up. FLYING CLOTHESLINE!!! What a
move by The Man, and High Flyer is out of this one.

Nikki: Wait a second, The Man is picking him back up, but
for why?

BSW: Come on Man, you had it right there!

JT: Give the guy a break, he just wants more carnage, that's

BSW: The Man gets High Flyer all set up, CHAOS FACTOR!!! And
he just drilled High Flyer to the mat with that one. The Man
with the cover...

JT: 1!

Nikki: Tw.... huh?!?

BSW: It's "The Shocker", it's Mike Haven!!! He is out from
under the ring and nails The Man with a chair! Bam! Right
across the forehead, and The Man falls to the ground. Haven
picks the fallen Man up, and places him in the pump handle.
That can only mean one thing folks, SHOCK TREATMENT!!! And
the crowd goes nuts as Haven drives The Man's head into the
gorund. Oh no, what is he doing. Now he has High Flyer,
SHOCK TREATMENT TO HIGH FLYER!!! Now what the heck is he
doing? "The Shocker" is bringing Flyer out to the outside.
He signals to the table...


Nikki: I can't believe this, how can somebody be some

JT: I don't know, why don't you ask your girlfriend, Angel?

BSW: Haven has Flyer up on top of that table... puts Flyer
into the pump handle. SHOCK TREATMENT THROUGH THE F'N
TABLE!!! Flyer is opened up like a pinata at a birthday
party!!! The blood is completly covering his face, he could
be looking at a broken nose.



JT: HA! I always thought that red was Flyer's color.

BSW: Haven is climbing to the apron now, with chair in hand.
He looks back down at the carnage on the floor, and leaps!

***commerical break***

Dark Wolf vs. Melinko

BSW: Now we have Milenko and Dark Wolf going at it.

JT: Who signed this match, really?

Nikki: Probably Jamie, if anybody.

JT: WHY? There is no reason for this match!

BSW: Oh well, it's here, so deal with it.

JT: Two washed up nobodys that's what this is.

BSW: Come on, both of these guys have tons of talent.

JT: Nope, it's the battle of the jobbers!

BSW: Oh get off it! Dark Wolf is a former television

JT: Yeah, and back then it was called the crusierweight
belt. Admit it, he is a complete wash-up.

BSW: Okay, maybe isn't in the great form he once was.

JT: HE'S NOT IN ANY FORM AT ALL. In a word, or two, he

BSW: Okay, that's enough out of you. Let's get this match

Nikki: Boys will be boys.

(Someone hands the cutest microphone in the whole world to
the Announcer, and he looks at it's lovely form. While Dark
Wolf may have none, this mic had it all, oh yeah!)

Announcer: Now introducing, he stands at 6' 6", weighing in
at 260 lbs.... here is DARK WOLF!!!

("Welcome to the Jungle" by Guns 'n Roses begins to play as
Dark Wolf gets in the ring.)

Announcer: And now introducing, he is measured at 6' 2", and
weighs 238 lbs... he is the GREAT MILENKO!!!

("House of Horrors" by ICP begins to play and Milenko makes
his way out to the ring.)

BSW: Let's get this one started! Milenko with a couple of
hard rights to the face of Dark Wolf.
Dark Wolf grabs Milenko by the head, and delievers the DDT!
What a move by Wolf, and Milenko is layed out. Milenko grabs
his fallen foe from off the ground, and lifts him up for a
suplex. Milenko slaps on your standard sleeper hold.

(10 seconds later)

Dark Wolf is fading away, the ref checks Wolf's arm... 1....
2... and on the third.... Dark Wolf keeps it up! DW is up to
his feet and gives couple of elbows to Milenko, and Wolf
hits the ropes. Milenko breaks the hold, and Wolf nails him
with a bulldog!!! Wolf follows up with a legdrop to the
head, and he picks up Milenko. The force of Wolf's
clothesline flips Milenko over on to his back! Wolf climbs
to the top tope, and an elbow drop! The cover made by
Wolf... 1... 2... and a kickout!

Nikki: Wolf can barely believe that Milenko kicked out of
that. What a devastating elbow that was.

BSW: Milenko back up, and Dark Wolf tries for another
clothesline. Milenko catches his arm, and turns it around
into a armbar. Milenko turns that into yet another sleeper.

Nikki: Milenko is being smart, and isolating Wolf with
submission holds.

BSW: The ref is checking the arms of Dark Wolf once again.
Dark Wolf keeps it up on the first try, A FIRST FOR

JT: I... I... have never seen that done before!!!

Nikki: Dark Wolf reverses the sleeper into a hammerlock. He
lets go of that and hits...

BSW: A GERMAN SUPLEX!!! 1...2... thr... and a kickout by
Milenko. A nice move by Dark Wolf almost won him the match.
Wolf catches Milenko up again, hooks the leg, Fisherman's
Buster! Haven't seen that move since that ten finisher match
between §atan and Jack In the Box! Dark Wolf makes another

Nikki: 1!

JT: 2!

BSW: And a kickout by Milenko.

Nikki: Milenko just doesn't want to give up! He nails Dark
Wolf with a huge right hand. Another, and another!

BSW: Milenko with a belly-to-belly suplex that slams Dark
Wolf to the mat. Milenko picks him back up, and carries Wolf
up on to his shoulders. Samoan Drop by Milenko! Milenko is
ascending the top rope, and stares down at the limp form of
Dark Wolf. He leaps, but Dark Wolf is on his feet in a split
second. Wolf catches Milenko in mid air, and sets him back
up on the top rope! WOLF BITE!!! WOLF BITE!!! DARK WOLF WITH

Nikki: That's a one!


BSW: THREE! THIS ONE IS ALL OVER! Dark Wolf pulls off the
amazing victory over Milenko!

Winner - Dark Wolf

JT: I knew it would be him. Yeah.

***commerical break***

Extreme Style
Brujah (Nosferatu and Syphon) vs. Xtreme & Shadow

JT-Next we got a nice extreme tag match, which means somebody is bound to

BSW-Shut up! Thats all you talk about.

Nikki-It makes me sick.

BSW-We have word that the match has started in the back. The two teams have
cout up to each other in the parking lot and are rumbling. Lets get back

(Camera goes to the parking lot.)

JT-Wow! Nosferatu and Xtreme and fighting on top of a car, and Shadow and
Syphon are fighting next to it. Nosferatu with a body slam on Xtreme.
Xtreme's back hits the car hard. Shadow is hammering away at Syphon. He
drops down and nails a low blow.

BSW-The ref is walking out there incase there should be a pin. OH MY! Xtreme
just got powerbombed off the car. Nosferatu sees his partner in trouble and
comes off the car with a splash. He falls right on Shadow who's back falls on
the side walk. Cover, kick out by Shadow. Brujah picks up
Xtreme and Shadow and are taking them inside. They get inside and throw both
men into the trash can. They pick the men up and start heading to the ring,
as they hit the ramp, both Xtreme and Shadow drop down and nail Brujah with a
low blow.

Nikki-There doubled over. Xtreme piledrives Nosferatu on the ramp, and Shadow
powerbombs Syphon off the ramp.

JT-Thats a 30 foot drop! He could be hurt in his first match! But, this is
the IWO and they should have been ready for an ass whiping.

Nikki-The two men take advantage and take Nosferatu to the ring. The bounce
him off the rope and nails a double clothesline. Xtreme goes out side and
grabs a chair, he throws it in the ring and grabs another one. He gets in the
ring and hands one of the chairs to Shadow. Xtreme picks up Nosferatu up and
bounces him off the ropes. Xtreme with the chair shot to the head, but
Nosferatu stays up, and Shadow with a chair shot making Nosferatu fall and get
busted open.


BSW-Shut up! Here comes Syphon, from behind he nails both me with a
clothesline. They both drop their chairs. Syphon picks up Xtreme's chair and
nails Xtreme in the leg with it, he turns and hits Shadow in the head. Syphon
places the chair ontop of Xtreme and climbs to the top. Frog splash on the
chair and Xtreme! Cover, one....two...three, no! Shadow pulls Syphon off of
Xtreme just in time.

Nikki-I thought they had their first win. Shadow bounces Syphon off the
ropes, kick to the mid section. Hes bending over, Xtreme bounces off the
ropes and does a swinging neck breaker. He covers, kick
out by Syphon. Nosferatu is up, he grabs Xtreme by the hair and does a
inverted DDT. Shadow sees this and goes over to help. He takes a swing at
Nosferatu, but Nosferatu ducks. Nosferatu kicks Shadow, and powerbomb. He
goes for the pin,! Shadow just got the shoulder up.

JT-Here comes Xtreme with a chair. Chair shot on Nosferatu. Xtreme takes
Nosferatu by the hair and sends him out the ring. He follows him out. Syphon
and Shadow are both up and throwing rights and lefts at each other. Syphon
blocks Shadow's left and nails him with a right knocking Shadow back alittle.
Syphon bounces off the ropes and, gets nailed with a huge clothesline. Shadow
grabs the chair and places it on the ground. He picks up Syphon and DVDs him
on the chair. He goes for a cover one....two....thre, no kick out. Outside
Nosferatu has been thrown over the guard rail. Xtreme grabs a table and
slides it in the ring. He goes in and sets it up. He puts a chair on the
table. Shadow goes on the table and calls for Syphon. Xtreme picks him up
and hands Syphon to Shadow.

BSW-Xtreme climbs to the top with a chair.Shadow does a jumping piledriver
through the table onto the chair. Xtreme comes off with a leg drop with the
chair on his butt. He connects. Xtreme with the cover, one...two...

Nikki-Here comes Nosferatu, but hes cought with a chair show by Shadow.

BSW-Three!!! The newest tag team in the IWO loses it's first match.

Winner - Xtreme & Shadow

JT-They had it comming to them! Plus, I knew that whoever started bleeding
would lose, and they sure are bleeding. We will be back with out next match.

BSW-Which is?

JT-Insane Inc versus High Intensity, but who cares? I can't wait for that
three way cat fight!

Nikki-God you make me sick.

***Commercial Break***

Insane Inc (Ernest & Ester) w/Shanny McCloud vs. High Intensity (Justin
Randall & Shawn Fisher)

BSW: We are back. It's now time for a double debut tag team match, with Insane
Inc. meeting High Intensity. High Intensity is making it's way down to the
ring now. Justin Randall and Shawn Fisher look ready.

Nikki: I'll say. They're kinda cute, too. But can they wrestle?

BSW: We'll see shortly. Now making their way down is Insane Inc., Ernest and
Ester, being led by Shanny McCloud.

JT: Me likes. This Shanny chick is hot. These guys are now my second favorite
tag team, next to Inferno and anyone.

Nikki: Pig.

BSW: Okay, guys, let's cool it. It's going to be Randall and Ernest to start
it out. The two men lock up. Reversed into a hammerlock by Randall. Elbow from
Ernest breaks the hold. Ernest hits the ropes. Shoulderblock knocks Randall
down. Ernest hits the ropes again, leapfrogs Randall, and hits the opposite
ropes. Randall catches him coming in with a nice looking spinebuster. Nice
move from Randall, and Ernest is hurt. Randall showing some good tag team
strategy here, bringing Ernest to the corner and making the tag to Fisher.
Double Irish whip of Ernest, and a double backdrop from High Intensity. Ernest
was up fifteen feet in the air on that one.

Nikki: Looks like these two can wrestle. German suplex and a bridge by Fisher,
but Ester breaks up the pin attempt with a kick to the gut of Fisher. Ernest
tries to make the tag to Ester, but Fisher grabs his ankle and drags him back
out to the center of the ring. Fisher pulls him up now. Swinging neckbreaker
on Ernest. A cover,! Kickout from Ernest. Fisher whips him into
the ropes, and catches him with a sleeperhold. Ernest is may be fading a bit.
He's trying to fight it. Wait! Jawbreaker by Ernest! Good counter and he has
broken the hold. Ernest crawls over to the corner and tags Ester, and he is

JT: Shanny is so excited she's jumping up and down. This is great. Go Ester!
Dropkick on Fisher. Randall comes in and he gets a dropkick. Atomic drop on
Fisher, and one for Randall. He has them reeling. Double noggin knocker has
them both dazed. Randall falls out of the ring and Ester goes over to work on
Fisher. Fists to the face of Fisher. Fisherman's suplex from Ester, and he may
have him.! He didn't have the hands locked, and Fisher
slipped out. Ester follows it up quickly. He's got him up for a power bomb,
and takes off. He's built up a good head of steam. Running Liger Bomb!
Fisher's head bounced off the canvas with that one.! Fisher somehow got the shoulder up.

BSW: Amazing, because he looked out of it. Ester is standing over Fisher.
Fisher quickly grabs the tights and sends him into the corner head first. He
went all the way to the ringpost. Quick thinking by Fisher. He goes to the
corner and tags in Randall. Randall moves in quickly. Irish whip into the
ropes, and he catches Ester with a clothesline. Standing moonsault onto ester.
A cover,! Ester still has something left in him.
Randall hits the ropes, and falls over! Shanny pulled down the top rope and
Randall went right over and to the floor. Randall looks pissed. he's moving
toward Shanny, but he's caught with a flying Thesz Press from Ernest. Ernest
is pounding away on Randall.

Nikki: Here comes Fisher with a chair. He just cracked Ernest in the back f
the head, and blood is gushing now. Ester is up in the ring now. here he
comes. Suicide dive onto Fisher! Those two are brawling. This is getting out
of hand. Ernest just whipped Randall into the guardrail. He's taking him up
the aisle, ramming Randalls' head in the turnbuckle on the guardrail as they

JT: Fisher is choking Ester, but Shanny comes from behind with a chair and
nails Fisher! Ernest and Randall are still brawling up the aisle. The ref has
lost all control and is calling for the bell.

BSW: This match has been ruled a double countout. Security guards are coming
down to separate these men. Both teams have made an impresive debut. We'll be
back with more on Hostile Meltdown!

***commerical break***

Open Flame Match
§atan vs. "The Shocker" Mike Haven

BSW- Are second match of the night tonight should be very interesting
considering its an open flame match! GP is here to explain the whole match in
a nutshell!

GP- Well IWO crew members have set up around the ring..square like steel pipes
that WHEN turned will emit flames as high as 7 feet! You must win by
pinfall...this is not the same thing as an inferno match...because if you
catch on still have to be pinned or pin your opponent!

BSW- With that said...lets go to the introductions...with or favorite ring
announcer Glen Dorshaw

("Am I Evil?" By Metallica begins to play)

Announcer- Coming to the ring first standing at 6'3" and weighing 268 lbs...
Hes ready to unleash hells fury...S@TAN!!!!!

( S@tan comes down to the ring very slowly and looks around to make sure he
knows all of his surroundings)

Announcer- And his opponent standing at 5'9" and weighing 234 lbs...THE
SHOCKER..mikkkkeee haven!

( Mike Haven comes to the ring and timidly walks into the ring. The Bell
sounds and then a giant flame forms over the ring..making it hard to see the
action )

Angel- Woah! You can feel the heat from here...

BSW- I may have to revert to standind up on the table to see the action...

GP- and when it breaks?

( S@tan goes on the attack right away nailing the Shocker with a series of
elbows to the head...The Shocker staggers but regains his balance. S@tan then
kicks Haven to the Haven is bending over in pain S@tan kicks
the Shocker to the back of the head...)

BSW- Mike Haven is down! I tell ya every since satan has come back to the IWO
again....he has just been on a rampage!

GP- Satan is picking up Haven...he looks to be giving him a powerbomb...HES

Angel- No! Mike Haven slides down the back of S@tan and is going for the

GP- Haven showing some of his quickness there....almost getting the quick
pinfall..but satan kicked out!

( Haven and Satan get up and start to exchange punches back and fourth..)

BSW- Both men are trying to out slug eachother BUT i have to give the
advantage to Satan if this becomes a punching match...because of satans bigger

Angel- Satan has Haven in a bear hug...

GP- The ref is asking if haven gives up...hes saying no...but you can tell he
is in pain...

( Satan jus throws Haven down and walks away for a second)

Angel- Satan seems to be winded a little there...BUT wait hes back on the

BSW- Satan gives Haven a knee to the abbs! Haven is getting pummeled! Wait
another knee shot to he is throwing him against the ropes just
missing the flames...

GP- Satan swings around BUT misses!

Angel- Haven does a stage dive onto Satan BUT he catches him and does a
backbreaker! Wow..satan has had an answer for every single one of Havens

( Satan picks up Haven and does a bodyslam that shakes the ring...haven holds
his back in pain BUT gets right back up...)

GP- Satan dives at Haven...Haven moves! SATAN HAS GONE RIGHT THROUGH THE

Angel- Satan is rolling around on the outside trying to put the flames out...

( Mike Haven gets on top of the top rope and looks outside the ring where
satan is laying...)

BSW- Mike Haven looks like he is measuring something...he is running inot the
ropes looking like he is trying to gain some speed...


GP- Both men are down...WHAT A MATCH! If we can see it again here....haven
just jump right through the flames! We have to take a break!!! We will be
right back!!!

***commerical break***

( Haven and Satan are just laying on the outside)

BSW- Haven is trying to regain his balance and now so IS Satan!

( Both men start to exchange punches down the aisle way until they get back to
the entrance ramp..Satan spears Haven onto the ramp...Satan gets up and
delivers a elbow to the chest of Haven...satan picks up haven and throws him
through the curtain to the backstage of the arena!)

GP- These two are really showing what they are made of tonight!

BSW- We now have a camera in the back...

Angel- Satan is setting up tables...he has three in a row set up...what is he
going to do?

( Satan grabs some trash cans and starts hitting Haven with them on after
another..Haven rakes the eyes of Satan and starts to kick him in the
stomach...he gets a chair hits Satan with it...)

BSW- Haven with a little comeback as he hits Satan to his knees...

Angel- Haven is now stacking the tables up...he has three stacked up...he is
Grabbing satan and taking him up to the top of the tables.BOTH MEN ARE ONTOP

( Both men are hitting eachother...Satan delivers a left hook and Haven almost
falls off...BUT Satan grabs him...SATAN lifts Haven but the table gives...both
men fall through all three tables and lay on the ground)

BSW- haven is screaming in pain...and satan is grabbing his wrist...

( 2 minutes go by till they finally both get up...Satan is rummaging around
look for something to use on Haven...he finds some lighter fluid and starts to
pour it on Haven)

GP- Fire..Lighter Fluid! Bar-B-Que?

Angel- This is could get bad....or should i say worse!

( Satan grabs havens hair and they are walking towards the exit sign!)

BSW- They are going outside...its about 20 degrees outside!!

Angel- And as we also see...its SNOWING!

( There's about three inches on the ground and Haven and Satan are slipping
around..Satan just throws him and Haven lands near a snow drift!)

BSW- We cant see Haven anymore ...he is inside that drift...Satan is feeling
around in the snow trying to find Mike Haven...just then we see haven fly over
top the drift and land right no satan!

Angel- he goes for the pin..1..2...NO!

GP- Our first near pinfall in awhile! Our first cover in awhile!...

( Haven sidekicks Satan in the back of the head and now grabs his hair and is
taking him over to where a limo is sitting...he throws satan into the limo and
then goes over to the drivers window...the driver rolls down his window! )

BSW- The driver is saying that this is TITANS limo...BUT haven hands him a

(the door opens in the limo and we see Satan being kicked...We see Meygon get
out of the limo also and she is all bundled up...)

Mike Haven- Hey baby doing anything after my match...!

( Meygon kicks Haven in the crotch)

GP- LOWBLOW!!!! Haven is down in pain...Satan is up and just looks right at
Meygon and gives her the finger!

( Meygon kicks Satan in the crotch)

BSW- Meygon delivers on sugar coated reminder!

GP- Both men are on the ground ....BUT satan is now getting up!

( Satan is dragging Haven back inside and back through the backstage area....)

BSW- Thet are now brawling near the fans concession stands...

( Satan is jus throwing things at Haven....he then starts to pour coffee that
says CAUTION HOT...)


GP-Satan is picking up haven....he powerbombs him onto the floor...hes going
for the cover...wait no...hes not done!

Angel- Another Powerbomb...wait Haven slips down the side....the

BSW- Haven cant see...and thats why he didnt get the three there...

( Satan picks up Haven and throws him into a wall....and again and
again...Satan is giving everyone the finished sign)

BSW- THE DEATH WISH!....its over.1....2.....3!!!!!

Winner- SATAN!

(thanks Andrew... The IWO will miss you... Good luck in whatever you do!!!)

***commerical break***

BSW- Well JT, you said you have a special tape, where you and Inferno went to
deliver something to Zombie's parents?

Nikki- Oh boy.

JT- Yes, hey someone back there with no high school diploma running the
technical crap, roll the tape.

(Letters flash across the screen that say "JT is a dick")

JT- Hey what the Hell is that? Okay, okay, I'm sorry, you must be a very smart
guy to run that thing. Please roll the tape!

(Tape starts)

(A black screen appears and it says "Shit Happens: An Adventure at Grandpa and
Grandma Zombie's House" and it fades into the movie)

(Inferno and JT are running around, they are both wearing camouflage, they are
outside a beat up old small house with the windows barred off and the door
hanging on its hinges. Inferno and JT roll across the yard, Inferno has a
paper bag. He stands up and looks around the yard, JT starts looking as well)

JT- Yo, Inferno, check this out. This has to be the biggest pile of dog shit
I've ever seen!

Inferno- Ha ha ha! Put it in the bag!

(JT puts on a pair of gloves and picks up the dog crap and throws it in the
bag. JT throws the gloves down on the ground and they walk up the steps and
onto the porch of the house)

Inferno- In case you guys don't know, we are here at Zombie's parents house
about to play a nice little trick on them!

JT- Heh heh heh. NWF can suck on this for a while.

(Inferno puts the back of dog crap down on the welcome mat and he pulls out a
lighter. Inferno rings the doorbell and lights the bag on fire. Inferno and JT
jump behind a bush and hide, an old fat bald guy swings the broken door open
and it falls over on the porch to the side., wearing a wifebeater that is way
to small for him and his beer belly is all hanging out from under the tight
wifebeater. He is wearing a pair of loosefitting ripped up dirty jeans and he
is wearing no shoes but a pair of nasty beat up socks. He sees the bag and
stomps the fire out with his foot. The fire goes out, and the man sniffs and
he looks at his shoe and find a big dog turd squashed against his sock and he
runs back in the house cussing, Inferno and JT are cracking up)

JT- I don't understand why he got so mad....

Inferno- Yah, shit happens.

(They both start cracking up and they drive off, a black screen appears and it
says "Fin")

Nikki- Oh wow JT, picture of the year.

BSW- Oh God JT, how pitiful.

(The crowd is on their feet going nuts)

JT- So Zombie's dad ran into some shit, life goes on.

BSW- Wait, what's going on here, we have a camera in the NWF lockerroom? We
never get in there, let's see what's going on back there.

(They show the NWF lockerroom, the camera pans around and they show Inferno
standing with his legs spread a bit standing in front of a big Gatorade
container. The camera can only see Inferno's backside, but it sounds like
another liquid is going into the Gatorade, Inferno shakes a bit and a zip is
heard and Inferno turns around)

Inferno: Hey, what are you guys doing back here, I was just um, I guess you
could say spiking their Gatorade.

(The camera shuts off)

BSW- Oh my goodness, did Inferno just urinate in the NWF Gatorade dispenser?

JT- Ha ha ha ha ha!

Angel- Sickening.

BSW- Well, apparently NWF are back in their lockerroom, we have a hidden video
camera back there, now let's check out what we got going on back there.

JT- This should be good.

Angel- I can't watch this.

(The screen shows Zombie sitting in a chair with a glass of Gatorade he takes
a sip o fit, Jack in the Box and Chris Anthony are both drinking the Gatorade
too, Ken War is up getting a refill)

Ken War- The Gatorade is really good this week.

Jack in the Box- Yep.

Chris Anthony- Mmmm hmmm.

Zombie- Yah, it seems like it has some kind of extra tang to it. I really like

(The NWF gulps down some of the gatorade)

Jack- Well let's save some, we can celebrate with it.

Ken War- Good idea!

(They drink a little bit more and the screen fuzzes off)


Angel- Oh God.

BSW- That is repulsive!


BSW: Ok folks, up next we've the Extreme Title Match between the
champion Mad Max and the challenger former US and IC tag champ Chris
Anthony. The rules are simple pinfalls count anywhere in the building
and up to 1 mile away from the arena.


BSW: Yeah JT 1 Mile away from the arena.

JT: This doesn't look good for Mad Max!

Nikki: Damn you JT! Show some impartiality for once.

BSW: Before you two start...let's go to the ring.


(Welcome To The Jungle by Guns n Roses plays)


Nikki: A standing O for CA as he walks out with Luscious.

JT: And she's lookin...HOT!!!

BSW: CA into the ring climbs to the top taking in the cheers of the
IWO fans.

(Frayed Ends of Sanity by Metallica plays)


Nikki: YESSS!!! The TV champ is here!!!

BSW: Nash and Mad Max come out to a chorus of boos...Mad Max races
down the aisle and CA greets him with a boot to the head...CA picks
him up...right hand...and another...CA whips Max in...FLYING
CLOTHESLINE!!! CA picks Max up...german suplex!! Max rolls to the
outside...CA chases him out...Nash creeps behind CA and CLOBBERS him
with a forearm to the back! Nash and Max stomping away on CA...Nash
now takes a seat over here at the broadcast table.

JT: How ya doin Mr. Nash?

Nash: Fine JT. Yourself?

JT: Great now that you guys are beating CA down...UH-OH!

BSW: CA catches Max with an elbow to the midsection...CA rams Max face
first into the table! CA grabs a chair...*SMACK*! BASHES Max over
the head with that chair! CA now with a cover right out in front of
us...1...2...Max kicks out!

Nash: C'mon Max get up!

BSW: CA grabs Max and tosses him over the guardrail and into the
fans...CA in the crowd with Max...DDT INTO A PLATE OF NACHOS!!! Max's
face is covered in cheese...1...2...Max kicks out again...CA now
dragging Max up the stairs...CA with a right hand and Max tumbles down
the stairs and hits face first into one of the seats! CA goes down
and grabs Max and is taking him even higher...CA throws Max through
one of the doors...CA grabs a tray of sodas...and smashes them over
Max's head.

Nikki: Max is filthy...he's got cheese and coke all over him.

JT: Do something Jason!!

BSW: No you sit right here please...CA throws Max throw the men's room
door...CA now throws Max into a urinal!

Nikki: This is disgusting!

BSW: CA picks Max up out of the urinal...Max drops down and gives CA a
low blow!! Max in control now...throws CA into a stall! Max now rips
the toilet paper dispenser off the side and BREAKS IT OVER CA'S HEAD!!
Max now with CA picks him up...Max steps on the toliet

Nash: Max's face may be cheesy but CA's is sh**ty!!


BSW - Fans we will be right back!!!

***commerical break***

Nikki - welcome back!!!

BSW: Max now takes CA out of the toilet and heads to the back of the
arena...Max grabs a beer keg and NAILS CA over the back of the head
with it!! CA falls to the floor...Max stomps away on him and goes
over and grabs a broom...

Nash: Looks like this'll be a clean sweep, eh.


CA!!! MY GOD!!! Mad Max now throws CA throw the back door...Max and
CA are in the parking lot...Max slams CA face first into the hood of a
car! Mad Max rolls CA on top of the hood...Max...TIGER DRIVER ON THE
HOOD OF THE CAR!!! CA is out!! Max covers...1...2...thr...NO!!! CA
kicks out!! Max opens the car door and grabs and ice scraper...jabs
CA in the midsection with the ice scraper...WHACKS him over the back
with it! Max now grabs CA...STUNNER!!! Max covers...1...2...thr..NO!
CA kicks out again!! Mad Max grabs a trash can and BASHES it over
CA's head...CA IS OUT!!! Mad Max throws CA in the back seat and tells
the referee to drive...hey wait a minute...

Nash: Scott isn't that your car?

BSW: THAT'S MY FORD TAURUS!!! The referee is driving as Max continues
to pummel CA in the back of MY car. I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS!!! Max
tells the referee to pull the car over...Max opens the door and throws
CA on the side of highway 154...Mad Max pulls a an exit sign out of
the ground...CA up...kicks Max in the midsection...Max drops the
sign...CA picks the sign up...WHAM!! CA NAILS MAX WITH THAT SIGN!!!

JT: They're about three quarters of a mile away from the arena.

Nikki: How do you know?

JT: I borrowed Scott's compass.

BSW: That doesn't tell how many miles you...OH MAN!!! CA with a
covers...1...2...NO!!! Max gets the shoulder up! CA shoves Mad Max
in the back of the car and tells the referee to drive...the car speeds
off down the highway...CA pounds away on Mad Max in the backseat...CA
tells the referee to pull the car over! The referee pulls over to the
side...CA tosses Max throw the window and out of the car!

Nash: I hope you're insurance covers ass kicking.

BSW: I hope it does too...CA kicks Max in the midsection...and tosses
him over the guardrail and into a ditch!! THAT HAD TO BE A 15 FOOT
DROP!!! CA on the top of the guardrail...NYC JAM OFF THE GUARDRAIL!!!
CA covers...1...2...3!!! HE GOT HIM!!! CA WINS!!! Wait a minute
another car has pulled up behind my car...VP John is getting
out...John is telling the official that they were exactly 1.01 miles
away and that the match is a draw?!?

Nash: HAHAHA!!!


Nash: This is great!

BSW: This is a travesty!

JT: Yeah but look at it this way now you can get a new car.

BSW: Shut up JT.

Nash: Well boys it's been fun. I'm outta here.

Nikki: I'll miss you.

Nash: Likewise.

BSW: Well Nash gives Nikki a goodbye hug...we'll be back after this.

***commerical break***

JT- This next match is going to be a royal ass kicking. I mean Mr. "Sissy Boy"
Billy Larson is going to have his ass ripped into by Nash nad the 69 kid. I
just wish Mr. Tallguy could see this beat down.

BSW- Unlike JT I think they have achance. Billy Larson and Pep do have summer
in their corner and she has helped him out a lot. Anything could happen in
this match.

Nikki- I need to find out where Summer gets her hair done they must be totally

JT- Yeah like totally.

Nikki- Like shut up JT!

JT- Like okay whatever you say like.

Nikki- Shut up!

Announcer- Coming to the ring first members of the FWA at a combined weight of
five hundred and fourty two pounds. The 69 Kid and the current television
champion Jason Nash!

::"Superthug" by Norega begins to play and fireworks go off. Explosions are
heard as Jason Nash and The 69 Kid walk down the isle. The crowd cheers them
on with a mixture of boos::

JT- Show the winners some respect you ungrateful bastards!

Announcer- The next people coming to the ring are members of E4 and weigh in
at a combined weight of five hundred and seven pounds. They are "Mr. Hardcore"
Billy Larson and Pep Westin! Accompanied by the lovely and dangerous Summer!

::"Nobody Loves Me" begins to play and more pyrotechnics go off. Then Pep,
Billy, and Summer walk out. People whistle and scream cat calls at Summer.
Billy and Pep gets some cheers as well.::

Ring Bell- Ding ding!

BSW- It looks like Pep and the 69 Kid are going to start things off. Kid with
an early clothesline sending Westin to the mat. But Westin bounces back up
with a rolling clothesline of his own. The Kid bounces back up and now him and
Westin are squaring off. They lock up and the Kid is sent into the ropes.
Westin follows up with an good ole hip toss. Pep Westin picks him back up and
sends him down to the mat. Then he follows up with a knee drop to the head.
Westin tags in Larson and they do a double powerbomb on the kid.

JT- I can't wait for the next match. All those women like summer with big
heaving breasts in tight uniforms. Oh god I think I'll be in heaven.

Nikki- You pig that isn't the next match.

JT- Oh well I still can't wait for it.

BSW- Billy has taken the Kid out of thsi match. The kid has been worn out
early by the power moves from Billy and Pep. Billy picks up the Kid and trys
for a suplex but the kid blocks it. He kicks billy away and lands a powerful
DDT! The Kid and Billy are now on the ground. That ddt took all his power to
pull off. And now he is crawling to Nash to make a tag. And he does pull of a
tag. Nash rushes in the ring just as Billy gets up and levels him. Pep rushes
into the ring and is ment with a massive right hand that sends him to the mat.
Pep rolls out of the ring as Nash picks up Billy. Nash with a gut wrench
powerbomb on Billy. Nash is about to go for the jack knife... what the hell!
The lights have just went out.

::everything is pitch black::

Nikki- Whats that on my leg?

JT- That's your leg sorry I was aiming higher.

::a smack is heard::

BSW- You hit the wrong person.

Nikki- Sorry scott.

JT-The lights they are coming back on.

BSW- Everything looks okay. Nash is looking around the ring confused as to has
happened. Billy is up and Pep is on the apron. But where is the 69 Kid? He is
gone. Nash just noticed that and is loooking around for his partner. Billy
takes advantge with a bull dog sending Nash face first into the mat. Billy
with a camel clutch on Nash. Nash reaches the ropes and grabs on. Billy lets
go of the clutch and drops a knee on Nash's small of the back. Larson tags in
Pep and they delivcer a double suplex on Nash. Pep picks up Nash and sets him
up on the turnbuckles. Pep trys for a superplex from the top rope. But Nash
punches him in the gut and delivers a super powerbomb! Nash goes for the pin
but Billy runs in and makes a save. The ref is forcing billy out of the ring
as Pep is being choked by the massive boot of Nash. Billy is fighting the ref
and causing Pep to be choked more. Billy is finally forced out of the ring and
Nash removes his foot. Pep gasps for breaths as Nash picks him up and delivers
a shoulder breaker.

Nikki - We will be right back!!!

***commerical break***

BSW - Welcome back to Hostile Meltdown!!!

JT- That's right Nash beat his ass down. Make him suffer but make it quick
women in tights are waiting for me. Talk about hot.

Nikki- Can you be anymore of a pig.

JT- Yep. Oink! Oink! Oink!

Nikki- You are a sick little man.

JT- Damn right... Shit! The lights have just gone out again.

::evil laughter is heard::

JT- What the hell is that? What the fuck is going on?

BSW- Jt watch your mouth this isn't a pay per veiw you know.

JT- Oh yeah I'm fucking sorry.

BSW- JT! Shut up the lights have just came back on again. And now Pep Westin
is gone!? What the hell is going on in this match? Nash is left in the ring by
himself and Billy is loooking around confused. The ref is telling Billy to get
into the ring. Nash gives him a helping hand by pulling him over the ropes.
Nash picks up Billy and sends him into the ropes. Nash trys for a boot to the
face but Billy slides under it and kicks Nash in the back of the knee. He
drops to one knee and is meets a jumping knee from Billy and then a face slam.
Nash is pulled back up and eats some more canvas as Billy sends him down with
a tombstone piledriver. Billy goes for the pin and gets a one count before
Nash gets a shoulder up. Billy picks up Nash and sends him into the
turnbuckles. He bounces off of them and is meet by a clothesline. Nash is
taking a serious beating. Billy is picking up Nash and is signalling for the
armageddon. What is Summer doing? She is in the ring behind Billy. Summer has
just grabbed Billy below the belt. And not a friendly grab we are talking a
grab and twist. Billy screams out in pain and Summer runs out of the ring.
Nash picks up Billy and a Jack Knife Powerbomb! That should be it 1...2...3!

JT- What the hell the lights have gone back out.

::"Bueck Dich" by Rammstein begins to play::

JT- The lights are back on and Pep and 69 kid are in the ring. Well not really
they are laying their all bloody. The Raging One is in the ring standing
betwenn them holding a fire extinguisher and a nine iron. He has a mic.

The Raging One- We are sorry about what we did to your friends. We just wanted
to play and when the Kid passed out we thought we could have fun with Pep. But
he didn't last very long either. Billy we told you to get a new hoe but you
didn't listen. So ha! Its been fun guys look us up anytime and we will play
some more. Until then... Fear us if you want to... Run if you can!

::The Raging One throws up the fire extinguisher. It explodes and the white
chemical covers the ring in a cloud::

BSW-::coughing:: Its starting to clear out. What!? The Raging One is gone and
Billy and Nash are out cold. A bent nine iron is left in the ring.

JT- That is what I call taking out the trash! Now time for some babes.

Nikki- What a pig.

BSW- You know what JT it isn't time for the babes. It is time for commercial!

Winners- Jason Nash & The 69 Kid.

***commerical break***

Falls Count Anywhere
handcuffed outside the ring TOGETHER!!!:
The Vietnam Veteran and Jack in the Box
Chris Anthony vs. Zombie

BSW - We've been waiting for this match a LONG time. Finally, Chris Anthony
will get his hands on Zombie.

JT - Zombie has been a pain in Anthony's side now for a few weeks, lets see
how Anthony gets his revenge!!!

Nikki - I think the idea of having The Vietnam Veteran and Jack in the Box
handcuffed together is a bad idea. I guess we will just have to see what

(The ring announcer is in the ring with his hunka hunka burnin' microphone.)

Ring Announcer - This match is a falls count anywhere match. Now introducing
the men that will be handcuffed together for this match up...

(The Vietnam Veteran and his wife, Katie, walks out. The Veteran is carrying
some handcuffs. Zombie comes running out and nails The Veteran from
behind!!! They are brawling!!!)

BSW - These two just can't wait until Desperate Measures, can they!?!

(Someone is coming through the crowd... It is ?¿?!!! He jumps the guardrail
and grabs Katie, The Veteran's wife!!! MYSTERY DEATH DRIVER!!! OH MY GOD!!!
ONTO THE FLOOR!!! Chris Anthony comes running out. He is met with a
clothesline by ?¿?. He goes down. ?¿? picks him up, MYSTERY DEATH DRIVER!!!
?¿? puts Anthony on top of Katie. He goes back over the guardrail, and
disappears in the crowd.)

JT - HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! This guy has turned into one of my idols.

BSW - I've never heard the fans boo him like they are now. Attack a
defensless woman like that. And to top it all off, The Vietnam Veteran
doesn't even know anything bad has happened!!! He is too busy with Zombie!!!

Zombie now locks on the Tazmission on The Vietnam Veteran. He has him down
on the outside of the ring. Jack in the Box is walking to ringside. He goes
over to where Zombie and The Vet are. He starts cheering Zombie on.

Jack in the Box - SQUEEZE HIS NECK!!! BREAK IT!!!

(Titan comes from the back. He is running down to the ring. He runs past
Jack in the Box. He runs over to Zombie and grabs him by the neck yelling.)


(Zombie lets go of The Veteran. He gets up in Titan's face. He shoves Titan
back, Titan shoves him back. IWO Officials come running out. They get
between the two men. The Vietnam Veteran is slowly getting up. He tries to
go after both Titan and Zombie.)

Nikki - These three guys are now wanting at each other. This is crazy. I
guess Spring Fever is sinking in here in the IWO.

JT - What does that have to do with anything?

Nikki - It is a figure of speech!!! Like saying they have a fever driving
them crazy.

JT - I still don't get it.

BSW - Nikki, stop now or we'll be talking about this all night long.

(Chris Anthony is slowly getting up. He looks down and sees Katie. He starts
yelling for some help as he sees some blood on the floor. She has yet to
move since the Mystery Death Driver. The Vietnam Veteran has started to walk
toward the back. He sees Anthony standing over Katie. He yells out and
charges at Anthony. He tackles Anthony down to the ground and starts beating
the hell out of him. He slaps on a choke hold and Anthony's face is turning
blue. Jack in the Box runs over and tries to pull The Veteran off of
Anthony. Zombie sees what's going on and he runs over to try and get The
Veteran off of Anthony. Titan doesn't seem to care. The IWO officials head
to Anthony and The Veteran. It takes 15 of them to get him off. He is
yelling out, "I'm gonna kill you Anthony". Paramedics are out to look over
Katie. Zombie and Jack in the Box help Chris Anthony up and they go to the

JT - What!?!

BSW - Why did they help Chris Anthony!?!

Nikki - I don't know but The Vietnam Veteran is mad. He thinks Chris Anthony
hurt Katie, it wasn't Anthony, it was in fact The Mysterious One, ?¿?.

BSW - Well fans, I guess the Anthony/Zombie match will not happen after all.
But I know what will happen!!!

JT - What's that?

BSW - A commerical break!!!

***commerical break***

Jax Stone vs. Ken War

Nikki-Were back, and next we got Jax Stone taking on Ken War.

JT-Jax Stone is going to kick his ass all over this arena like he did the
first time they meet.

BSW-Must we use words like ass?

JT-You just said it. How come I can't?

BSW-Your so little JT. Shut up and get ready for the match. Jax Stone is
already in the ring waiting for Ken War to come out. People watching at home
might not have heard the music because of JT's big mouth. Here comes Ken War.

("Kiss My Ass" by Ted Nugent plays over the P.A. system as Ken War comes
running down the ramp.)

JT-Come on Kenny!

Nikki-He hits the ring, and the bell rings. Both men are throwing rights and
lefts at each other. Ken War kicks him in the mid section, he bounces off the
rope behind Jax Stone and nails a bulldog. Ken War starts stomping away at
Jax Stone, who rolls out of the ring after two stomps.

BSW-Good move by Jax Stone.

JT-Wrong! Its a wussy move by Jax Stone.

(JT stands up.)

JT-Get in their and fight!

(He sits back down.)

Nikki-Ken War goes over to the ropes to yell at Jax Stone and gets pulled out
of the ring. The two men start throwing lefts and rights like the beginning
of the match. Jax Stone blockes a right from Ken War and throws him into the
guard rail.

BSW-He hit hard. Jax Stone grabs Ken War and sends him in the ring. Jax
Stone rolls in, but gets caught by War with a stomp to the back of the head.
War picks up Stone and bounces him off the rope, and...clothesline. War picks
him back up and powerbombs him back down.

JT-Wars calling for The Drop.

BSW-It's too eairly. War takes Jax Stone to the top rope. He comes up their
with him. Stone pushes War off the top rope. Stone jumps off with a huge
splash on War. Cover one...two...kickout. Jax Stone picks up War and whips
him into the ropes. Tiltaworld backbreaker on War.

JT-What is he? One of those Mexican wrestlers from WCW?

BSW-Shut up and call the match!

JT-Ok. Jax Stone slaps on a figure four. What the hell? Another WCW move?

Nikki-Shut up!

JT-Ok...War is screaming in pain trying to reach the ropes. He nips the
bottom rope, and drops his hand. He goes for it again and reaches the rope.
Jax Stone lets go of the hold. He gets up and stomps away at Ken War's right
leg. He drags him to the bottom rope by his right leg and places it on the
bottom rope. He bounces off the rope and jumps on War's leg. Ken War screams
from the pain. Jax Stone does it again. He stomps away at War's leg while
its on the bottom rope. He takes it off the rope and picks up War. He leaves
him on wobble feet as he measures him up. Jax Stone bounces off the rope and
drop kicks War on his right leg taking him down.

BSW-Jax Stone is in control. It looks like he could win again. He picks up
War and nails a belly-to-belly suplex. He picks War up and nails him back
down with a doctorbomb. He holds on for the cover, one...two...thre, no
kickout. Jax Stone slams War on the canvas and climbs the top rope. He jumps
and misses the leg drop from the top. Both men are down and the crowd is
starting a small "Jax Stone" chant. Both men are trying to get to their feet.
War is up and hoping over to Jax Stone. Stones up and nails a running
clothesline that makes War do a simi flip. Stone with a cover,
one...two...thre, no kickout.

Nikki-Very close. Stone complains about a slow count. He picks War up and
goes behind him like hes going to do a belly-to-back suplex. He starts to
lift but gets nails but Ken War's foot.

JT-For al your stupid asses out there, it's also called a low blow.

Nikki-I should get up and low blow you. Ken War turns around and grabs the
doubled over Stone and does a jumping piledriver. War gets up and spits on
Jax Stone.

BSW-He looks really pissed off.

JT-War picks up Stone and does a huge german suplex. He holds on with a nice
looking bridge, one...two...thre, no kickout by Stone. War gets right up and
picks Stone up. He gives him acouple of chops, knocking Stone to the corner.
War gives him one more HUGE chop. He places him on the top rope.

BSW-This is it.

JT-I know! War climbs up their with him, and. THE DROP! Stone really fell
on his neck that time. Cover, one....two...three!

Nikki-Ken War got the win!

JT-Duh...we'll be right back. WOMEN ARE NEXT!!!

***Commercial Break***

Triangle Match
A Female Fight to the Finish!!!

Meygon vs. Angel vs. Summer

BSW - Well fans, I hate to admit it but I'm actually looking forward to this.
We have three of the most beautiful women in the IWO, if not anywhere, going
at each other.

JT - Say that last part again...

BSW - What part!?!

JT - The VERY last few words you said...

BSW - Going at each other!?!


Nikki - JT, I've told you this before, but I guess it just doesn't sink
in. You are a disgusting pig. Everything that comes out of your mouth makes
me wanna smack you right out of that seat.

BSW - Now, lets not get started. But I'm sure some of you are asking, just how
did this match come around? Well, Friday Night, on Hostile Takeover, Angel
challenged Summer or Meygon to a match. Well, Summer and Meygon both accepted.
I really don't think Summer or Meygon dislike each other. It is all hatred for
Angel and that hatred has been building up for some time.

Nikki - I don't see how you two stand her. I mean, I listen to what she says,
I've seen what she's done. Every since she got with Capital Punishment she
has changed so much. I don't know. Is it just me?

JT - Oh she has changed. She is HOT now!!!

BSW - Are you saying you didn't like her before? I mean you've already been
another announcer, that got "laid off" so to speak after that.

JT - Who? Ashley? Ashley was just a one time fling. I didn't get anything out
of it except when I...

BSW - OK!!! Lets get up to the ring and the ring announcer and get this thing

JT - I hope they are naked!?!

Nikki - I hope they are wearing CLOTHES!!!

JT - Ha!!!

(The Ring Announcer is in the ring with his tinky winky, I mean microphone. The
crowd has started a chant of "We Want Breasts". The ring announcer shakes his
head and goes about his business.)

Ring Announcer - This match is the FIRST EVER IWO women's match!!! This match
was set up by Angel Friday Night on Hostile Takeover. She called out her two
opponents tonight. Now, fans, I think YOU ARE READY!!!

(The males in the crowd give out the loudest cheer of the night.)

Ring Announcer - Introducing first!!! She is the announcer on Hostile Takeover.
She has associated herself with Capital Punishment and since then, she has
been called "Queen Bitch" of the IWO.

(Angel comes walking out. If I go into detail of what she's wearing, you guys
will think I'm a perv. So just picture it yourself.)

Ring Announcer - I give to you... ANGEL!!!

(The crowd cheers. Ok, screw it. She is wearing actual wrestling attire. I
damn, she should be naked.)

Ring Announcer - And her opponent!!!

(Meygon comes running out. She is wearing a tanktop, shorts, and sandals. She
slides into the ring and Angel drops down and starts ripping at her hair. The
ring announcer just smiles.)

Ring Announcer - Well, I guess I'll just call out Summer and get the hell out
of their way!!!

(The crowd cheers out. Summer comes walking out. GOOD LORD!!! She is wearing
a thong and a damn BRA!!!)

Nikki - That has to be the biggest SLUT I've ever seen in my life!!!

(The ref is calling for the bell.)


***commerical break***

Nikki - We are back!!! Things are heating up!!!

Angel is pulling at Meygon's hair. Summer gets into the ring. Angel doesn't
see her. Summer takes off her high heel and nails Angel in the back of the
head with it!!! The ref is calling for the bell!!!


BSW - What!?!

Summer looks down at Angel and spits on her. She holds up her high heel high
in the air. The crowd cheers. Meygon is now getting up. She looks over at
Summer. They hug each other.


Summer is now asking for a microphone. Meygon is waving to the crowd. She
gets out of the ring and walks back to the back.

Summer - Hey bitch, I thought you were tougher than this. Are you going to let
a little SHOE get you down!!! I'll tell you what. If you think you are so big
and bad, then you'll accept my challenge. I'm tired of hearing you run your
mouth about me EVERYTIME I came out here on Hostile Takeover. You've always
been a bitch as far as I'm concerned.

(Angel is slowly getting up.)

Summer - Yeah, that's it bitch, get up. Face me... Sunday Night... Desperature
Measures... You want damn Desperature Measures? You're gonna get them. Me
against you in a HIGH HEEL SHOE MATCH!!! What's that you ask oh bitchy one?
That means we come to the ring wearing nothing but a BRA and PANTIES!!! If
they get ripped off in the match, so be it. No shoes, no jewelry, no metal
under garments, and in your case, no sex toy shoved up your *****!!!

(The crowd cheers.)

Summer - A high heel shoe will be given to you and one will be given to me.
That's our only weapon. So, I guess in other words, hope you are ready to get
your ass beat. Oh and by the way, the loser will strip down... Hell, even if
I beat you, I'll still strip down to show the fans how much MORE of a woman
I AM!!!

(The crowd is on its feet. They are cheering like never before. Dear lord it
so LOUD!!!)

(Summer drops the microphone and heads out of the ring. She is waving to the
crowd. The camera cuts to JT, BSW, and Nikki. JT is in a state of shock.)

BSW - JT!!!

Nikki - JT!!!

(BSW shakes JT... He still doesn't move.)

BSW - Well fans, as you can see by his reaction, this Sunday night SOMEONE

Nikki - Well, basically TWO PEOPLE WILL BE NAKED!!!

BSW - I think JT may need some help.

Nikki - I don't know...

BSW - So, Summer will face Angel at Desperate Measures this Sunday. Speaking
of Desperature Measures... Up next we have a HUGE TAG TEAM MATCH!!! You thought
Hogan/Nash against Goldberg/Flair was big? You thought Austin/Mankind against
The Rock/Paul Wight was big? You ain't seen anything yet. Right after this we
have Scott Morris and Capital Punishment with Angel going up against Mad
Max and Titan with Meygon!!! The ladies will be back JT!!! JT!!!

(JT falls out of his chair.)

Nikki - Uh-oh...

BSW - We might need some help out here for JT!!!

***commerical break***

"The Blue Chipper" Scott Morris & Capital Punishment w/Angel and Dark Wolf
vs. Mad Max & Titan w/Meygon and Big Fat Ass Zombo

BSW - Welcome back to Hostile Meltdown. JT has been taken to the back for
a medical checkup. Fans, he didn't move or speak during the break!!! He was
so shocked by what was announced that he must have lost control. He even wet

Nikki - Clean this chair up somebody!!!

BSW - Again, Summer against Angel this Sunday.. Well, right now we are
at our Main Event for Hostile Meltdown. We have the World Champion teaming
up with the Extreme Champion to face the number one contender for the World
Title and the number one contender for the Extreme Title.

Nikki - Well, we all know that everyone has been saying that Scott Morris
doesn't deserve to be the number one contender. He has shown on many occassions
that he is in fact a tough guy and does deserve this shot.

BSW - I'm just glad JT isn't out here, I'm sure he'd say some really nice
things about Morris.

(The scene cuts to the back. We see Jason Nash in the production area.
He is putting a cd into the player. He hits the play button and "Blue" by
LeAnn Rimes begins to play. Out comes Titan dressed as The Blue Chipper
Scott Morris and Mad Max dressed as Capital Punishment. Meygon comes out
with a wolf mask on and a shirt that reads, I am Dark Wolf. The Big Fat Zombo
is also out. He has on a wig and is playing the part of Angel!!! They get into
the ring and are handed that sexy piece of microphone.)

Titan - IT'S ON!!!

Mad Max - DAMN YOU!!!

Meygon - GRRRRRRRR!!!


(The crowd at this point is some what amused. Half of them are really booing
the FWA.)

Titan - Hey you know something!!! At Desperate Measures!!! I'm gonna be the
World Champion!!! I earned it!!! March 21st!!! IT'S ON TITAN!!! IT'S ON!!!

Mad Max - You know something Scotty, for a few weeks now I've been bowing up
on Angel and I just have to say, I've never had anything that loose in my

Meygon - HOWL!!!

Zombo - Hey Summer, can you just be lesbians and not fight!?!

(The crowd cheers for that.)

BSW - Fans, we are sorry. This is stupid. The match should be underway and
instead we have this crap.

Nikki - It is funny Scott.

BSW - To some people it is. Those people are very sick. Especially if they
like seeing that 400 pound Zombo with his gut hanging out, in a damn bikini

Nikki - HAHA!!!

(Fans have started chanting "It's On")

Titan - Now, see what you've gone and done Scotty, the fans are even mocking
ya... So why don't you and Cappy bring your asses out here so we can show these
fans just who the f'n big boys are!!!

(The crowd cheers.)

(Scott Morris and Capital Punishment coming run down to the ring with baseball
bats. They slide into the ring and get stomped on by Mad Max and Titan. Titan
picks Scott's bat up and tries to hit him with it. Morris rolls out of the way
and Titan misses. Morris gives Titan a quick kick to the face sending him
down to the mat. Morris hops up and gets on top of Titan beating the crap out
of him. Mad Max still has Capital Punishment down.)

BSW - Well, it really doesn't look like we will have a match tonight!!!

Nikki - You actually thought we would!?!

(Zombie and The Vietnam Veteran come running out from the back. They are
brawling with each other. Zombie slings The Veteran into the guardrail. The
fans are going crazy.)

BSW - Total Carnage!!!

(Out runs Inferno, he is followed by Ken War. War nails him from behind sending
him down to the mat!!!)

(Scott Morris is now beating on Titan with the baseball bat. Mad Max looks
over and sees the fallen World Champion. He goes over and nail Morris in the
back with the bat. Morris goes down. Mad Max goes back over and jerks
Capital Punishment up. Angel comes running out. She slides into the ring and
gives Mad Max a low blow. Max goes down to his knees.)

BSW - We have to take a break!!! If anything MAJOR happens we will show it
to you when we come back!!!

***commerical break***

Nikki - We are back!!!

(Angel and Capital Punishment are having their way with Mad Max. Angel is
stomping away on Mad Max while Capital Punishment has him in a figure four
leglock. Mad Max is screaming out in pain. Angel continues to stomp on him!!!)

(Scott Morris and Titan are getting up. Titan grabs Morris and sends him
over the top rope to the floor.)

(The NWF is out, Chris Anthony is out with them. He has on a NWF shirt. They
have The Vietnam Veteran tied up to the guardrail. They are taking turns
punching him square in the face. Out runs his wife, Katie. She has a huge
bandage on her head. She falls in front of him screaming, "STOP IT". Zombie
picks her up. She is trying to push him away!!! HE KISSES HER!!! OH MY
GOD!!! He throws her down to the floor. He is unzipping his jeans!!!)


(The NWF is now holding Katie down. She is kicking, trying to break free.
Zombie drops his pants to the ground and is now in his boxers. The crowd is
booing, some people are in shock. Out runs VP John. He gets in Zombie's face
and starts yelling at him... ZOMBIE GRABS HIM!!! ZOMBIEPLEX!!! VP John is

Nikki - Zombie is out of control, something has to be done about this.

BSW - Nothing can be this bad!!! This is the worst thing I've seen all
night!!! Atleast nobody is after us!!!

(?¿? is seen walking through the crowd. He jumps the guardrail at ringside.
He heads over to the announcer's table.)

BSW - I guess he wants to talk now!!! I guess we should...

(?¿? smacks Big Scott in the face. It knocks his headset off.)

Nikki - HEY!!!

(?¿? grabs Scott, kick to the stomach!!! ?¿? gets up on the announcer's
table... He brings Scott with him... MYSTERY DEATH DRIVER!!! THROUGH THE
TABLE!!! BIG SCOTT WEBER IS HURT!!! ?¿? gets up and laughs. He looks over at
Nikki and blows her a kiss. He jumps the guardrail and heads back through
the crowd. Nikki is shaking.)


(Zombie has turns his attention back to Katie.)

(Titan and Scott Morris are still brawling. Scott Morris slings Titan into
the ring steps. He starts stomping on Titan.)

(Zombie gets down on his knees and starts rubbing Katie's leg. THE VIETNAM


The show has been brought to you by coco crispy's:

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C-R-I-S-P-Y. Because Coco crispy's has a way with C-E-R-E-A-L.

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