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WARPED51 - 7/1/12 - South Bend, IN - Eagles Club


WARPED Wrestling, after nearly 2 1/2 years, will finally introduce a third championship - the Tag Team Championship. After giving out an open invitation to teams in or out of WARPED, we've got our elite eight selected. While some teams were randomly paired by WARPED Booker, PKA, other teams were already established.

In the month of July, eight tag teams will compete in a Round-Robin style of series in an unprecidented number of events in a month for WARPED, and the team with the most points at the end of the series will be crowned the first ever WARPED Tag Team Champions. Here's the breakdown and details:

The Elite Duos
- 8 Teams of 2
- 15 Minute Time Limit on All Matches

- Elite Duos Point System-
Submission = 3 points
Pinfall = 2 points
Time Limit = 1 point
DQ/Countout= 0 points

DQ = -1 point
Submission = -0 points
Pinfall = -0 points
Countout = -0 points

- Elite Duos Prizes -
1st Place: Gold Cup & WARPED Tag Team Championship
2nd Place: Silver Cup
3rd Place: Bronze Cup

- Elite Duos Details -
There will be seven events, all featuring four Elite Duos matches per show. Every team will face each other at least one time. The team with the most points at the end of the series will be crowned the first ever WARPED Tag Team Champions. The tournament will run from July 1 - July 31. If there is a tie in points, then the tiebreaker match will take place at the first event in August.

In this Elite Duos series, it's all about the victory and pure wrestling skill. Submission and pinfall victories get you the most points(3 and 2, respectfully), while a time limit draw, signifying that neither team could defeat the other in the alloted 15 minutes, earns 1 point for each team. A DQ victory will not garner you any added points, but the team that gets DQ'd will be docked 1 point for unsportsmanlike conduct. No points will be docked if a team loses via pinfall, submission, or countout.

The first stop on the tour will be July 1st in South Bend, Indiana at the Eagles Club.

Match List:





Maple Leaf Strike Force vs. SwitchBlade & William Wallace

Drug Money Inc. vs. The Filth and the Fury- Alexander StarrZoe & Crowbar

Singles Match - Non-Title
Korrupt vs. Robb Daniels

The Untouchables vs. Leon Stone & Midnight Felon

Jimmy Helmsley & James Stall(NEW) vs. Cameron MacNichol & The Rough Ryder

Triple Threat Match
Anton Chase vs. The Sociopath vs. Douglas Fresh


WARPED51 - 7/1/12 - South Bend, IN - Eagles Club


You open the DVD of WARPED 51 and enter it into your favorite DVD player. The sounds of "Pogo" by Digitalism play as the WARPED Wrestling logo floats down from the top to the middle of the screen. Underneath that fades in to words "Play DVD". You click... and the show begins...


Scene 1

Show Open

Randy Long is shown standing in the ring as he brings the microphone up and speaks!

Randy Long: "Wrestling fans welcome to WARPED 51! We are live here at the Eagles Club in South Bend, Indiana! It might be hot outside but tonight's show is sure to be on fire as we kick off the first night of the Elite Duos Tag Team Tournament! Eight teams.. seven shows.. and only one team can be the first ever WARPED Wrestling Tag Team Champions! Plus tonight, we'll see the debut of two new stars in The Sociopath and Douglas Fresh taking on Anton Chase in a triple threat, and Robb Daniels faces the man who is STILL the World Champion, Korrupt! Not to mention we'll see the man who ended the streak of Alexander StarrZoe at WARPED 50 - William Wallace! Ladies and gentlemen this is-"

suddenly Randy Long gets cut off by familiar sounds. Jeepers,creepers....where'd ya get them peepers..
Jeepers, creepers...where'd ya get those eyes...

Suddenly the lights go down and "Empire" by Machinae Supremacy begins to blare through the arena. Comes from the back looking around at the crowd, the lights throbbing a blood red. He walks down the ramp slowly, stalking his way towards the ring with his eyes glued forward with the Warped World Championship hanging around his neck. He tosses the belt inside of the ring, then he charges and slides into the ring, his crawls forward towards a camera and mouthing things to it. When he gets closer he licks it. He begins to crawl to a corner holding his hand out for a microphone. Korrupt brings himself up and takes the belt and places it in the middle of the ring. He squats down behind it as he looks at the crowd, hearing boos echo through the room. Korrupt licks his lips slightly and holds the mic up to his mouth.

Korrupt: LADIES...and GENTLEMEN....boys and girls, children of all ages, all of you know who I am, and to be honest if you DON'T know who I am...allow me to introduce myself, my name is Korrupt...with a "K" My patient number is 23045950...I take five medications...I speak two languages English and Nonsense, and my favorite snack is animal crackers. ANYWAY...I'm out here tonight to talk about...someone all of you basically jizzed your drawals over...the guy who's been blowing up Twitter Twatter, the one...the only...TAURUS. YAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!

The fans cheer as Korrupt expected as he claps his hands with a retarded look on his face. His face turns solid as he raises the microphone to his lips.

Korrupt: At the 1 Year Show, the night were I went to defend my title against Gorilla Grod...I saw Taurus. He looked me in my eye, he gave me that BEAUTIFUL he brushes his teeth with the hair of Jesus...and he gave me this...t-this LOOK. It was a smile, a smile I hadn't seen...since I looked in a mirror. And something came over me, something that's NEVER happened before: I was excited...I was nervous, I didn't know WHAT to think, and so in my moment of reaction...I laughed. I laughed because it was funny that this guy sent shivers down my spine, I LAUGHED...because for the first time something interesting is happening here in Warped. I get to have a new play thing that I hope won't break.

The fans chatter and boo at Korrupt as he bats his eyes and shrugs his shoulders lightly looking down at the title. His left hand caresses it as tilts his head slightly.

Korrupt: PKA...or he may go by his gov'ment name now because he's a big business man, trying so hard. He doesn't like me being champion, just like how he didn't like me being champion a year ago. He didn't LIKE the fact that I was rising so quickly, he didn't like I was the center of attention for the Movement, he didn't like the fact that if it weren't for me...this company would be irrelevant. Noooo one would pay attention to it, you could have Alexander Starrzoe, William Wallace, The Rough Ryder, HELL throw Taurus in that big ass gumbo of propaganda and shirt selling, and you've got yourself a cesspool people who could NEVER...EVER....EVER...STACK UP TO ME...!!!

There was a scowl on Korrupt's face as he looks around. The crowd boos him, "You're An Emo!" *clap clap clap-clap-clap* "You're An Emo!" *clap clap clap-clap-clap* "You're An Emo!" *clap clap clap-clap-clap* rings around the arena as Korrupt digs his hands into his hair and a slight smirk comes onto his face. He snatches the title up and holds it up with a big smile.

Korrupt: This EMO...?! Is an emo CHAMPION. This emo has caused mayhem, this emo has made the kids you bring to this shithole have NIGHTMARES. This emo...has once again proven to the people all over who watch Warped to the people in the back...that he is the one and only person who can hold onto this belt. But there's one person who could probably take it...and that's Taurus, because that's why he's here right...? To take something of mine...? Like I said...I'm excited for what's going to happen...I'm literally...drooling at what you've got for me please....PLEASE OH PLEASE with a fucking CHERRY ON TOP...don't disappoint me.

His face turns dark as his eyes become satanic.

Korrupt: I hate being disappointed. That's why tonight in front of HUNDREDS of people in this very ring...I'm going to put an end to that rambling shit Robb Daniels has been spewing. That's right ROBB with TWO B'S...I know I'm not going to get a lot out of you, and I know I'm not going to get a worthy little match because we all know that you're two weeks late on your period to understand why you're in this match in the first place. Those cramps are starting to mess with your brain, almost to the point of delusions. I am the are NOTHING. You talk big game and you walk like the king of the jungle; Now let's see if you got the stones to back it up. Honestly, I doubt you do. So prepared for the most brutal match of your life...because I'm going to send you back to wherever you came from in a

Korrupt stands up slowly and holds up the championship.

Korrupt: ENJOY YOUR NIGHT! Try the corn dogs I hear that they'll kill you all faster than the beers you're gulping down. BYE BYE!

"Empire" by Machinae Supremacy plays as Korrupt looks around at the crowd. He beings to make his way out towards the back as he slithers slowly out of the ring.


Scene 2


The camera pans in on “Sir” Douglas Fresh in his bright yellow ring jacket & trunks and finishing the process of lacing his wrestling boots up. Kelly Calloway enters into the frame with a microphone as Douglas tucks the remaining length of his boot lace into the side of his boot. He looks up as he hears the clicking of Kelly’s heels.

Douglas Fresh: “Well, what do we have here? Good evening Ms. Calloway. Looking for a few words I assume?”

Douglas chuckles as he stands up and pulls her hand with the microphone close to his face.

Douglas Fresh: “Anton Chase, I’ve wasted enough of my breath on you.”

Douglas reaches down into his bag and grabs his white towel, wraps it around his neck, and tucks it in the collar of his ring jacket.

Douglas Fresh: “Sociopath, I see you decided to finally crawl out from under your little anti-social, woe is me rock. I don’t have the time to stand here and explain who the “old man from the park” was to someone has no respect for the history of this business. You may think I don’t understand your mindset. I get it, trust me, more than anyone I get it. You were living what I assume was your dream. You were quickly becoming the cream of the crop, and BOOM!

Douglas punches his right hand into the palm of his left to make a sound effect.

Douglas Fresh: It’s gone. Now, you’re in the business where I’m living MY dream. You’re in this business for the wrong reasons. You’re looking to commit senseless violence inside the ring, because you don’t have the balls to try and get away with the shit in the outside world. So you’re going to ATTEMPT it, in that squared circle. You’re in my playground now, you wanna get violent, oh not only will I get violent, I’LL STRANGLE YA SON!

Kelly Calloway looks a bit startled as Douglas Fresh barks the last few words and walks out of frame.



Scene 3

Triple Threat Match - Anton Chase vs. Douglas Fresh vs. The Sociopath

To the ring!

Randy Long: "The following contest is a triple threat match scheduled for one fall! Making his way to the ring first, from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 210 pounds - Anton Chase!"

As Faint By Linkin Park blasts over the pa system, white smoke fills the entrance way as a person is seen behind the white smoke, as the person steps forward in front of the white smoke Anton Chase makes his way down the ramp way, with a cocky smile on his face and his arms out at the side, he climbs in the ring and climbs the second ropes and puts one hand up in the air.

The entrance way lights begin to flash as the Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s version of Flight of The Bumblebee blasts through the PA system. The spotlight shines on the entranceway revealing “Sir” Douglas Fresh posing in his ring bright yellow Ribera Steakhouse Jacket and black tear away pants.

Randy Long: Making his WARPED debut.. on his way to the ring at this time, from the Carnival Grounds, weighing in at 233 pounds. “Sir” Douglas FRESH!

Douglas Fresh pulls the towel out from his collar and swings it above his masked head before jogging down the aisle. Once he reaches the ring, he rolls under the bottom rope and kips up quickly and tosses his towel into the crowd. He removes his jacket and yanks of his tear away pants revealing plain black wrestling trunks pulled high above his belly button. And tube socks high above the tops of his wrestling boots. He goes to his corner and does hindu squats and pushups as he awaits his opponent.

Randy Long: "And also making his debut tonight.. from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 212 pounds - The Sociopath!"

"Revenge I Seek" begins blasting through the speakers of the arena. From the top of the entrance way, The Sociopath emerges to an extremely negative reaction. Embracing the disgust from the audience, The Sociopath makes his way to the ring while getting into the faces of a few fans. When he gets to the ring, The Sociopath slides under the bottom rope suddenly hits a Running Shoulder Breaker that sends Anton Chase through the ropes and down to the floor!

Tony D: "Holy crap The Sociopath just made an impact with that move he calls The Gutting Edge!!"

Kris Red: "And look at his face! Douglas Fresh looks like he's seen a ghost!"

Douglas Fresh looks surprised as the music dies down and the bell sounds. Douglas Fresh comes at The Sociopath with a right hand but he blocks it and delivers a hard knife edge chop.. and another, and another, backing him into the ropes. He whips Dougie off the ropes, attempts a Spinebuster but Douglas Fresh turns it into a spine-tingling DDT! He covers!


Kick out!

Tony D: "Quick kickout there from The Sociopath!"

Kris Red: "The Sociopath escaped that pinfall so fast! Too bad he didn't escape that car bomb explosion that destroyed his face."

Tony D: "Kris!!!"

Kris Red: "Too soon???"

Dougie smiles as he awaits The Sociopath to get to his feet. He then whips him into the ropes and on the rebound hits a hip toss! Sociopath gets back to his feet and Dougie Fresh hits another hip toss! He showboats as The Sociopath gets to his feet and Dougie hits a running lariat~!

Tony D: "Douglas Fresh has taken control of this one!"

Kris Red: "Too bad he didn't take better control of a certain bar incident that happened last night.... but uh we're not supposed to talk about that."

Douglas realizes he's still without his third opponent, and looks through the ropes to check on Anton Chase who is nowhere to be found. He turns back around in the ring and The Sociopath charges with a high knee strike that sends him through the ropes and down to the floor!

Tony D: "The Sociopath has a mark for taking people out of the ring apparently."

Anton Chase now slides into the ring and The Sociopath turns around just in time to backdrop him over the ropes, but Chase lands on the apron! He hits a forearm strike to the face of Sociopath and springboards off into a spinning wheel kick! Chase hurries into the cover..


Kick out!

Tony D: "The high flying Anton Chase is back in this! And what a move there!"

Chase brings Sociopath up onto his shoulders and brings him down with a double knee gutbuster! He then points to the corner as the fans cheer and he climbs up to the top.

Kris Red: "Anton has something in mind here that's high risk!"

Douglas Fresh then hops onto the apron and hits a big boot, cracking Anton Chase right in the face and sending him down to the floor!!

Tony D: "Whoa!! That had to be PAINFUL!"

Douglas Fresh climbs up to the top now and measures The Sociopath off.. He leaps off with a Jumping Knee Drop but Sociopath rolls out of the way! Fresh grabs his knee as Sociopath hits a Neckbreaker! He covers..



Kick out!

The Sociopath now grabs the injured leg and lifts it up, kicking at the knee. He drives the leg into the ground and Douglas Fresh grabs at it, writhing in pain!

Tony D: "And The Sociopath goes right to work on that injured knee of Douglas Fresh."

The Sociopath now goes for a leglock but Douglas Fresh is able to push him away with his other foot. He gets to his feet and The Sociopath runs at him but Douglas Fresh lifts him up and slams him down with one arm! He then drops down to his knee though, favoring the injury.

Tony D: "Impressive one-armed bodyslam! But that knee looks to be troubling Douglas Fresh."

Fresh gets up and pulls The Sociopath to his feet and hooks both arms. He lifts him up for a double underhook backbreaker but his leg gives out and Sociopath drops to the mat, then gets up and brings him in for a Brainbuster and drops him on his head! He then covers..


Anton Chase then springboards off the ropes and hits a somersault senton on top of both men!

Tony D: "Anton Chase with a brilliant move to break up the pin!!"

Anton Chase now brings The Sociopath to his feet and sets him up for a Superkick and goes for it but Sociopath slips out under the ropes to the ringside area. He waves his hand toward the ring and takes a breather, but Anton Chase isn't having any of it as he runs and somersaults over the top rope, landing on The Sociopath! The fans stand up and cheer as Chase gets up and does a fist pump.

Kris Red: "The Sociopath is gonna have to learn you can't turn your back on Anton Chase!!"

Anton Chase now brings The Sociopath to his feet and tries for the Chaos Theory on the floor! He lifts him up but Sociopath edges out of it. He goes for a right hand but Chase ducks it and kicks him in the gut. Irish whip.. Sociopath counters.. Chase goes right into the ringsteps!

Tony D: "The Sociopath lucked out there because he was in for a world of pain!"

The Sociopath now rolls into the ring and right into Douglas Fresho who brings him to his feet and hits a Double Underhook Backbreaker!!

Tony D: "Welcome to the Carnival!"

Kris Red: "Muthafacko!"

He now applies an elevated double leg boston crab, putting his knee on The Sociopath's back and pulling back!!

Tony D: "The Carnival Crab is locked in!!"

Kris Red: "Look at the way he's got his back bent up! And the knee in the back!!"

The Sociopath reaches out for the ropes, trying to get to them but he is too far away. Anton Chase now slowly rolls into the ring.

Kris Red: "Anton Chase is in to break it up!"

The Sociopath starts tapping!!

Tony D: "He tapped!"

Chase gets up and can't believe that he was too late! The bell sounds.

Randy Long: "Here is your winner via submission - Douglas Fresh!"

Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Flight Of The Bumblebee plays over the PA System as Douglas Fresh gets to his feet! He holds his knee slightly as he rises but looks ecstatic! He rolls out of the ring and the referee meets him on the outside to hold his arm up.

Tony D: "Impressive debut for Douglas Fresh tonight, picking up the win via submission."

Kris Red: "No doubt. He's one half of the Carnival Connection with Mr. Rottentreats and I'm sure Treats is proud!"

In the ring, Anton Chase still can't believe he was barely too late. The Sociopath gets to his feet, grabbing at his back. They start going back and forth with words in the ring, getting face to face.

Tony D: "Uh oh, looks like there's something brewing in the ring."

Chase makes fun of Sociopath for tapping out and Sociopath says something about the ringsteps and Chase hurting his back on those. The Sociopath then pushes Anton Chase and Chase pushes back! The Sociopath swings but Chase ducks, kicks him in the gut and sets him up for the Chaos Theory!

Tony D: "Oh no!"

But The Sociopath slips out and rolls out of the ring, shaking his head. Chase tells him to bring it on but The Sociopath backs his way up the aisle as the scene fades.


Scene 4


The camera pans into see Mr. Rottentreats with his heavily bandaged face slinging a bag over his shoulder.

Mr. Rottentreats: ROBB DANIELS!!! Look at what you did you incompetent moron! But then again, maybe you aren't incompetent. Maybe this was on purpose. You didn't want me in your match, so you took the first chance you had to take me out. It's not gonna work! WARPED is MY turf! I helped lay the foundation for this promotion. That's who the fuck I am! And trust me, as soon as my doctor clears me to wrestle. You're going to become just another "Where are they now?" story like the rest.

Mr. Rottentreats palms the camera lens and the screen goes black.


Scene 5


Korrupt looks at the camera as he sits down looking at the belt, against a wall in a dark hallway. He breathes on it and wipes off any sweat.

Korrupt: WELP, I finaaaally beat King Kong and now I'm the king of the jungle ONCE...more. And...I got to meet a new friend...he seems cool. Taurus...Taurus is what they wanna call him. I like to get to know my date before I ask them out. I'll be...lookin' out for'em. Things just got a whole 'lot sexier up in this piece!

Korrupt snickers to himself, but his smile fades as he leans back with the World Championship draped over his waist, as the scene goes to static.


Scene 6



The scene cuts backstage where Taurus Capone is strolling down the hallway. His nonchalant demeanor suggest that he's not impressed by the scenery as he continues his swag heavy slow creep. As always, dark shades hide his eyes making it difficult to tell if anything is catching his attention.


Taurus stops dead in his tracks as if startled. He slowly lifts his shades, cutting his eyes from left to right. While Taurus stairs off into the distance the camera pans around also. As the camera is in mid 360 spin it catches a glimpse of a sheep and quickly stops to refocus. When everything comes into clear view we can see that the sheep is tied to a column in the distance with no explanation as to why in sight. The camera pans back around to Taurus as he just glares and blinks. After a couple seconds a look of pure determination comes across his face as he begins to power walk towards the lonely sheep.


As he gets closer Capone slowly steps inches towards the creature with his head turned to the side with curiosity & confusion. He slowly looks around in all directions while scratching his head...not seeing anyone insight Taurus begins to speak to the animal.

Taurus: " Oh....So you showed up. .....I know who you are. ...I've seen all the social network hoopla about you..."

Taurus slowly steps all around the sheep as he continues to investigate.

Taurus: " ...You don't look that special to me SHEEP SHEEP! ....Yea..That's EXACTLY who you are .......I hate your stupid sheep ears......What are those? Paws? your name is so stupid. Is that all you could come up with!?.. "

The sheep doesn't respond. Taurus slowly kneels down to be at eye level with "Sheep Sheep".

Taurus: " So you think you're just going to walk in here and dethrone the greatest King in the history of everything!?......YOU THINK just because you have better hair then me you're gonna referee Robb Daniels & Korrupt's match tonight don't you? I read twitter! You're not fooling me! I know exactly what you're trying to pull. You think you're a better superstar and referee then ME!? .....Urgh, get over yourself dog.........sheep..."

Taurus glares at the emotionless sheep in disgust. He looks it up and down before continuing to antagonize it.

Taurus: "..Go back to the farm where you came from! You'll never be HALF THE SHEEP I AM! I'M A FORMER WORLD CHAMPION! I'm RICHER Then You! I have an entourage.....Where's your little herd huh!?....What? Is your stable still at the stable??....You could learn something from me Sheep Sheep....a real man! .....I'm model sexy!...I have gladiator sex!....I-MAKE-WAFFLES!!"

"....BAa Taurus: "SHUT UP!"

Obviously angered, Capone's speech turns into a teeth clinching hiss...

Taurus Capone: "You know,'re just like that stupid llama from HSW. ...If you think for one minute you're better then Taurus Capone you've got another thing coming you filthy four legged attention whore!....Now give me MY ref shirt and DO NOT interfere in my business ever again!......I'm KING Damnit! I RULE WITH AN IRON FIST!......Are we clear!?..."

The sheep doesn't respond but appears to be glaring back at Taurus.

Taurus Capone " I'm talking to you! YOU ANSWER ME YOU FLUFFY BITCH! I'LL.."

Suddenly the sheep snarls it's teeth and bucks at Capone in the blink of an eye.

Taurus Capone: "JESUS CHR!!.."


Taurus tumbles to the floor before scrambling to make in back to his feet in an attempt to escape the vicious sheep. The camera also tumbles and falls to the floor, landing sideways horror movie style. Taurus's Polo boots can be seen swiftly running off camera as the scene cuts.


Scene 7

ELITE DUOS - The Good Guys (Helmsley/Stall) vs. Cameron MacNihcol & The Rough Ryder

Randy Long is shown in the middle of the ring.

Randy Long: "Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time to kick off the first ever Elite Duos tag team tournament! In this tournament, eight tag team duos will go through a round robin style tournament over the next seven events. Each team will face each other one time, and at the end of the tournament, whichever team has the most points will be named the first ever WARPED Wrestling Tag Team Champions and Elite Duos Cup winner for 2012! Points can be earned via Time Limit Draw giving you 1 point, Pinfall for 2, or Submission for 3. Getting yourself intentionally disqualified loses your team 1 point! There will be a fifteen minute time limit on all matches. And now.. let us begin ELITE DUOS!"

The fans cheer!

Randy Long: "The first match in the Elite Duos is scheduled for one fall with a fifteen minute time limit! Making their way to the ring, representing NEWera, at a combined weight of 535 pounds - Jimmy Helmsley, James Stall - The Good Guys!"

“Bad Company” by Five Finger Death Punch blares over the PA system as the fans begin booing for the Good Guys arrival. James Stall leads out followed by Jimmy Helmsley. Both men seem quite embarrassed to be wrestling in such a small venue. They both avoid all contact with fans before sliding in the ring and taunting the fans.

Randy Long: "And their opponents - first, from Portland, Maine, weighing in at 254 pounds - The Rough Ryder!!"

"Show Me A God" hits, and the crowd begins to boo instantly. After a few moments, Jessica Reyes makes her way through the curtain, standing on the small metal ramp. The fans boo her, and she shrugs it off, raising her arms and pointing towards the entrance curtain right as the song in the background blares out "I'm at 99, but I need 100% proof! Show me a God!". When those words are spoken, The Rough Ryder makes his way through the curtain in his wrestling attire, black sunglasses, and a black pleather, sleeveless hoddie. He also carries with him to the ring a black steel chair, with the words "RYDE OR DYE" written on the seat of the chair. He makes his way to the ring lead by Jessica, making sure not to make any contact with the fans, not even eye contact. Jessica walks to the middle of the apron on the floor, meanwhile Ryder climbs the stairs, and makes his way to the middle of the apron above Jessica. He stands there... surveying the crowd, while Jessica just smirks proudly. He passes the chair to Jessica, and takes the glasses and vest off as well, handing it to to Jessica as well. He then enters the ring, surveying the crowd once more before turning his attention to the entrance curtain, awaiting his partner.

Randy Long: "And from Detroit , Michigan, weighing in at 200 pounds - Cameron MacNichol!"

As the riff of Black Sabbath’s “N.I.B.” hits the PA system, Cameron MacNichol steps through the curtain, with his sister Dyan trailing a step behind him. Ignoring the cascade of boos that shower down on him, Cameron walks down the ramp, focused on the ring in front of him. As Cameron reaches the ring, he helps Dyan up onto the apron, and they climb through the middle rope together. In the middle of the ring, Cameron raises his right arm and clenches his fist, as Dyan applauds her brother. As the music dies down, Cameron walks to the ropes and begins trash-talking fans in the front row.

Kris Red: "Tony, Tony, Tony! Elite Duos is here! It's here!"

Tony D: "No doubt about that! Here we see a team from NEWera that we've seen quite a bit of lately, Jimmy Helmsley and James Stall, collectively known as The Good Guys apparently.. and then we see two men who are giving this a solid go as a tag team, Cameron MacNichol and The Rough Ryder."

Kris Red: "It can't be that solid if they didn't even have an entrance together. Talk about egos!"

Tony D: "Be that as it may, this match could set the pace for the Elite Duos matches that follow! Remember.. fifteen minute time limit.. points go to the wniner for submissions, pinfalls, and time limit draws. Teams must hold onto the white tag rope in order to tag in."

Both teams stand in their corners, debating on who will start off the match. Cameron MacNichol and The Rough Ryder look on at the outsiders from NEWera, Jimmy Helmsley and James Stall.

Tony D: "Looks like Jimmy Helmsley is going to start off things for NEWera."

Kris Red: "He looks ready to go. And out goes The Rough Ryder, which must mean that The Dirty Mac himself is going to start things off for their side."

Tony D: "This will be the second time that those two have teamed up together in a regular tag team match. Ryder and Cameron both were apart of Team Joey back in February, though, if you want to count that."

The bell sounds as these two men come closer in the middle of the ring. Collar and elbow tie up in the middle of the ring, and Helmsley immediately goes behind applying a reverse waistlock. Cameron grabs the left arm of Helmsley and twists it, escaping the waistlock. Helmsley now counters out and trips up Cameron MacNichol, taking him down and floating over into a front facelock. Cameron grbas his arm and spins out, getting to his feet but Helmsley pulls him in with a fireman carry, taking him over. He applies the chinlock but Cameron fights to his feet and elbows Helmsley in the gut. MacNichol applies a side headlock and Helmsley tries to escape but Cameron has it on tight. Helmsley slowly backs his opponent into the ropes and holds him there, prompting the referee to start a 5 count. Helmsley backs off, putting his hands up, giving a clean break. Cameron then delivers a hard right hand! Helmsley stumbles back and MacNichol steps up to him and Helmsley slaps him across the face! MacNichol battles back with a right hand, followed by a right hand from Helmsley. They trade a fury of right hands back and forth until Cameron applies a cravate and snaps him over onto the mat and kicks him in his back! Helmsley gets to his feet and kicks MacNichol in the gut and delivers a snapmare of his own, then a kick to the back!

Tony D: "Some stiff back and forth thus far in this contest!!"

Kris Red: "You can tell that they're all hungry for this tournament! They want to win!"

MacNichol gets back to his feet and delivers a right hand to Helmsley followed by an uppercut. Helmsley retaliates with an uppercut of his own! Cameron hits the ropes, bounces off and returns with a clothesline, but Helmsley ducks and hits a neckbreaker! He brings Cameron to his feet and whips him into the ropes.. Cameron off, Helmsley with a clothesline but Cameron ducks and hits a neckbreaker of his own! Both men get to their feet and Helmsley chops Macnichol across the chest! Macnichol then delivers a chop to the chest of Helmsley! Helmsley delivers a chop but Cameron Macnichol ducks it and hits a belly to back suplex! He pops up to his feet and hits the ropes just as Jimmy Helmsley is getting up and he spears him to the mat! Cameron MacNichol covers..


Kick out!

Cameron MacNichol gets to his feet, looking confident that he got the better of Jimmy Helmsley there. Helmsley gets to his feet and isn't done. He requests a test of strength as he raises up his hand. MacNichol wastes no time locking his hand with Helmsley's. Before they can lock the other hands together, Helmsley applies a quick front facelock and backs into the NEWera corner, allowing for James Stall to tag in.

Tony D: "And here comes James Stall!"

Stall immediately enters and rolls Macnichol up with a school boy..


Kick out!

Tony D: "Trying for those two points but no luck."

Both men up, Stall a little quicker than Macnichol. Stall applies a side headlock and Macnichol is able to force him back across the ring into his team's corner. Stall struggles to escape as The Rough Ryder tags himself in and enters. Stall escapes the grasp of Macnichol and The Rough Ryder enters. The two meet face to face and Stall tells him to bring it. The Rough Ryder throws a right hand but Stall ducks under and applies a reverse waistlock. Ryder elbows him in the head and turns around, pulling him in with a front facelock. Stall jabs him in the midsection and backs him into the ropes. He pushes him off, sending Ryder into the ropes and the two meet in the middle of the ring with a double shoulder tackle, but neither man goes down. Stall tells Ryder to try it again. He hits the ropes and once again they meet but neither man goes down. Ryder points to the ropes for Stall, and he says fine.. and hits the ropes and returns with a shoulderblock but neither man drops. The Rough Ryder then hits the ropes, bounces back and James Stall nails a low dropkick to the legs of The Rough Ryder, dropping him to the mat!


James Stall gets to his feet and kicks Ryder in the gut. Irish whip.. Ryder counters.. Stall into the corner. Ryder runs but Stall connects with a drop toe hold, sending Ryder's face into the turnbuckle. Stall turns him around down on the mat in the corner and backs up. He charges in with a kick but Ryder slips out of the ring just in time and is joined by Jessica Reyes to comfort him. The crowd boos as Ryder says 'screw that..'

Kris Red: "I don't blame Ryder. I wouldn't want to get my face kicked off."

Tony D: "He'd better find his way back to the ring before he gets counted out, though!"


Jessica pats The Rough Ryder on the back as James Stall tells him to get back in the ring. Ryder walks up the steps, telling the ref to keep him back. He enters back into the ring and the two meet in the middle with a lock up. The Rough Ryder twists the arm of Stall and he drops to a knee. Stall fights his way up but Ryder then gouges out his eyes and pulls him to the corner and tags in Cameron MacNichol. Cameron comes in and kicks Stall in the stomach, followed by a knife edge chop. Cameron continues to deliver the chops as Stall absorbs them, his chest lighting up. After about four, Cameron MacNichol looks at him wondering why he hasn't dropped down yet, and Stall asks for another to which Cameron obliges and this time Stall drops to the mat. Cameron rolls him over onto his back into a cover..





Kick out!

Stall rolls away from him and tags out to Helmsley who quickly enters the ring but gets cut off by a big lariat from Cameron Macnichol which sends him down to the mat! Cameron pulls him away from the corner and covers..



Kick out!

Cameron brings James Stall to his feet and delivers a knife edge chop to the chest. He then lifts him up on a shoulder for a running powerslam and he starts running when Stall slips out from behind. Cameron turns around and James delivers a Throat Thrust! Cameron drops down and Stall pulls him up to his feet and sends him through the middle and top rope, crashing down at the floor. Stall distracts the referee while Jimmy Helmsley hops down and brings Cameron Macnichol to his feet, then whips him into the steel steps! The Rough Ryder tries to get into the ring to tell him what's going on, but the ref stops him, getting even more distracted. Helmsley brings Cameron up and rolls him into the ring. Stall covers, hooking the leg -





Kick out!


Stall brings him to his feet and backs him into the corner. He headbutts Macnichol, and tags Jimmy Helmsley. He enters as Stall exits, and Helmsley confidently enters the ring with his arms in the air. Cameron delivers a punch, but Jimmy fights back with one of his own, keeping control. He brings Cameron away from the corner and goes behind him,.. Belly to back Suplex connects! Helmsley covers..




Kick out.

Helmsley brings Macnichol to his feet and hurls him through the ropes, then grabs the referee to ask him some questions while James Stall hops off of the apron and puts the boots to Cameron MaCNichol! The Rough Ryder tries to get into the ring and the referee tells him to stay in his corner! Meanwhile, Stall has Cameron up and he hits a Fallaway Slam on the floor! The fans boo as Stall brings the lifeless body of Cameron up and rolls him into the ring. Helmsley shouts out at the ref as he drops into the cover..





Kick out at two!


Jimmy Helmsley brings Cameron Macnichol up to his feet and twists his arm. He takes him to the corner and tags James Stall who enters into the ring while Jimmy holds the arm. Stall tells Cameron MacNichol that they are here and NEWera is going to dominate the Elite Duos! He then boots Cameron in the gut and he drops down. He high fives with his partner as Helmsley gets back out on the apron and grabs the ring rope. Stall pulls Macnichol back to his feet and whips him into the ropes.. Cameron off the ropes.. Big boot to the face! He goes down and Stall covers..


But Stall pulls him up, saying he's not done.


Stall stands over Macnichol's body, arms high in the air, begging for the crowd's approval but the only boo. He doesn't care, either. Stall tags out to Helmsley who enters in just as Cameron is slowly rising to his feet. Helmsley lets him get up, standing behind him, and he clubs him in the back just as he gets to a vertical position. Russian Leg Sweep from Jimmy Helmsley! Into the cover..





Kick out!

Tony D: "Cameron MacNichol desparately needs to make the tag here."

Helmsley brings Macnichol to his feet and grabs his arm, waving it in the direction of The Rough Ryder, taunting him. Ryder reaches out his hand and wants a tag but Helmsley smiles and pulls the arm away. He delivers a right hand and Macnichol can barely stand. Helmsley then hits the ropes and The Rough Ryder punches him in the back of the head! This temporarily distracts Helmsley, but he goes back on target to MacNichol with a running clothesline, but Macnichol ducks it! He then lifts him up on his shoulder, runs and slams him down to the mat!

Tony D: "Running Powerslam!"

Kris Red: "This could be the opening that he needs to make the tag!"

Cameron crawls to his corner as The Rough Ryder has his hand extended, the other hand firmly grasping onto the white tag rope. Jimmy Helmsley pushes himself up off of the mat just in time for Ryder to get the tag!

Tony D: "There's the tag!"

The Rough Ryder quickly enters the ring and the crowd explodes for the WARPED Superstar! He charges in with a roaring forearm to Helmsley, taking him down to a knee. Ryder then charges and dropkicks James Stall off of the apron! He then turns his attention to Jimmy Helmsley, delivering a hard right hand that backs him into the corner. Ryder climbs up top and makes a fist, then brings it down on Helmsley's face as the crowd counts along with each punch.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. Ryder then leaps up and drops an elbow across the nose of Helmsley!

Tony D: "Ouch!"

Helmsley barely holds himself up as The Rough Ryder backs away from the corner to the opposite one and measures him off.

Tony D: "The Rough Ryder is thinking Whiplash!"

He charges in and hits a huge big boot to the face of Helmsley!

Kris Red: "Jimmy Helmsley is gonna need some plastic surgery on his face after the last thirty seconds of offense!"

Ryder now pulls him out of the corner and lifts him up from the side and connects with a backbreaker! He covers..





Kick out!


Cameron MacNichol shouts out at The Rough Ryder, begging for a tag.

Tony D: "Cameron looks like he really wants back in this match."

Ryder says what the hell and tags in his parnter and he enters the ring as Helmsley gets to his feet.. Chop to the chest! Helmsley drops to a knee and Cameron MacNichol pulls him between his legs, lifts him up and leaps ~ dropping him on his head!

Tony D: "What a Jumping Piledriver!"

Kris Red: "The skull of Jimmy Helmsley is taking a beating!"

MacNichol covers..








Tony D: "Helmsley kicks out yet again!"

MacNichol doesn't hesitate to bring him back to his feet. Helmsley is out on his feet and Cameron hits the ropes and returns with a Clothesline From Hell~! Helmsley folds up on the mat!

Kris Red: "Lariatooooo~!"

Cameron rolls him over and covers..




Stall starts to get into the ring..


Kick out!

Kris Red: "James Stall nearly thought he had to break up the count but looks like there's still fight left in Helmsley."

Cameron gets up in the face of Stall and tells him to stay back. He then turns around as Helmsley is slowly getting to his feet. He goes to lock in the Stranglehold submission but Helmsley flips him over onto the mat!

Tony D: "Stranglehold gets countered!"

Kris Red: "That temporary distraction by Stall did it!"

Helmsley then pulls Cameron in, hooks the arm and lifts him into the air and drops him with a brainbuster!


Helmsley rolls to his corner and tags in James Stall! He immediately enters and grabs the leg, applying an Ankle Lock!

Tony D: "Ankle Lock! A submission would get his team three points!"

But Cameron pushes up and rolls forward, escaping the hold and flipping James Stall out of it. Both men get to their feet and Cameron MacNichol charges in for a spear but Stall kicks him in the face! He then lifts him up and drives him to the mat with a spinebuster!

Tony D: "The Sergeant Spinebuster!"

Stall hooks the leg!






Kick out!

Stall slaps the mat with frustration. He brings MacNichol up to his feet and slaps him across the face. Stall spins him around and applies the Cobra Clutch!

Tony D: "Stall applying MacNichol's own finishing maneuver!"

He lifts him up to slam him to the mat but Cameron counters into an armdrag! He then leaps and tags in his partner! MacNichol slides out of the ring as The Rough Ryder comes in.

Tony D: "Whoa! Hot tag to The Rough Ryder!"

Ryder enters and goes for a midsection kick, but Stall grabs his boot. Ryder then brings his other up for an Enziguri but Stall ducks it and Ryder slams to the mat on his chest! Stall now applies the Ankle Lock!

Tony D: "James Stall once again with the submission!"

Cameron MacNichol slides into the ring and Jimmy Helmsley enters and cuts him off with a baseball slide, sending him to the outside. The Rough Ryder pushes himself up off of the mat as the referee asks if he wants to tap out. He shakes his head 'no' and rolls onto his back. He kicks Stall away and Stall stumbles back into the ropes. The Rough Ryder gets to his feet and Jimmy Helmsley spins him around out of nowhere, kicks him in the gut, turns and hits the Pele kick!


Ryder stumbles back into a kick to the gut from Stall, who sets him up for a T-Bone Suplex and nails it! He holds on though, and pulls The Rough Ryder up to a vertical base and hits another T-Bone Suplex! Ryder is barely able to stand but Stall pulls him up for another T-Bone Suplex and bridges into a pin this time!







No!! Cameron with the save!

Tony D: "Cameron MacNichol with the break up at two!"

Kris Red: "Boy that was close!"

Ryder rolls to the side as Helmsley comes at MacNichol, who delivers a knife edge chop to his chest! Stall is up and MaCNichol delivers a chop to him as well! MacNichol with another chop for Helmsley. He then runs back to the ropes and returns to get a BIG BOOT from James Stall! He then applies the Full Nelson as Jimmy Helmsley climbs to the top turnbuckle. He leaps off with a Missle Dropkick but Cameron moves and Helmsley hits his own partner!!


Helmsley gets up and can't believe what just happened! He turns around and Cameron MacNichol spears him through the ropes and the two go tumbling down!


Ryder gets to his feet as Stall gets up as well.. Superkick to the face of Stall!

Tony D: "Side Swipe!"

The Rough Ryder brings him into Pedigree position, hooking the arms.. he lifts him up and drops down to his knees, dropping Stall on his skull!

Kris Red: "The Dangerouuuuuuuuuuus Driver! It's gotta be over!!"

The Rough Ryder hooks the leg..




. Cameron, up on the apron, screams out at Ryder, who gets off of Stall. Cameron motions that he wants to apply the Cobra clutch!

Tony D: "Cameron MacNichol wants to finish it off?! What's he thinking??"

Kris Red: "I know exactly what he's thinking!"

The Rough Ryder asks if he's sure and Cameron puts his hand out. Ryder tags and Cameron MacNichol comes in. James Stall tries to push himself off of the mat and he's unable to move. Cameron then applies the Cobra Clutch on the mat!

Kris Red: "He's looking for those THREE POINTS!"

Jimmy Helmsley gets to his feet at ringside; Ryder hops down and clotheslines him to the floor!

Tony D: "James Stall can barely move! How can he reach the ropes?!"

Stall slowly taps out, lifeless and out of energy. Cameron releases the submission and gets to his feet!


Kris Red: "It's ova! Three points for Ryder and Cameron!"

The bell sounds "Show Me A God" by Tech N9ne plays as the crowd cheers.

Randy Long: "Here are your winners via submission, scoring three points - Cameron MacNichol & The Rough Ryder!"

The Rough Ryder slides into the ring and embraces with his partner. They raise their arms into the air as their managers join them at their sides.

Tony D: "So far it looks like The Rough Ryder and Cameron MacNichol have 3 points, while Jimmy Helmsley and James Stall have 0. What an impressive opening match in the Elite Duos tournament!"

Kris Red: "And according to my count over here, that match was 13 minutes 20 seconds give or take a few.. nearly 15 minutes which means it would've ended up in a draw!"

Helmsley and Stall, on the outside of the ring, look on with disappointment on their faces. They turn around and head up the aisle as the winners celebrate.

The Rough Ryder & Cameron MacNichol - 3 Points
Jimmy Helmsley & James Stall - 0 Points

Match Time: 13:20



Scene 8


Leon Stone walks up to the camera, beaten bloody and alone. What should be a happy moment is obviously tarnished by the absence of Chelsea.

Leon: Well I did it, I walked in the ring and did what I said I would do. I did the most extreme MILESTONE ever performed. I beat Anton Chase and I proved that I have the talent I so often speak of, but I still lost my sister. She already left for her flight back to Dayton and I will miss her. There not much else to say other that I kept my word I beat the living hell out of Anton Chase.

A weak smile crosses his face.

Leon: I guess that’s something right?

He sulks away.


Scene 9


In the trainers room Lenard Lemoux is sitting on the table and a looks of pain is on the face of thr Canadian strong man.

TRAINER: I sure it is his ACL, I cam't tell how bad but it is bad.

Alex sighs.And pats Lenard on thr back Andy hangs his Ashley rests her head on Andys should.

LENARD: (In French.)

ANDY: No buddy you're done for awhile.

Lenard starts shouting in French and tries to stand and falls back on the table.

ALEX: Calm down big guy we will figure something out man.

Ashley: What are we going to do Andy needs tag partner The Elite Dous starts soon Andy needs a partner.

ALEX: I will do it.

ANDY: Alex no you have bern out of the ring to long I need somebody that can matchmy skill And ability.

There is a knock at the door And everybody in The Maple Leaf Strike Force turns And looks..............


Scene 10

ELITE DUOS - Leon Stone & Midnight Felon vs. The Untouchables(Bowen/Ward)

Randy Long: "The following contest is an Elite Duos match scheduled for one fall with a fifteen minute time limit! Introducing first.. at a combing weight of 580 pounds, Leon Stone & Midnight Felon!"

"Perfect Strangers" by Deep Purple hits the PA System. Walking down the ramp is Midnight Felon and his nephew Leon Stone. The music plays through the speakers and they walk into the ring. Felon looks to Leon and talks to him as if teaching something. Surprisingly Leon actually looks like his listening shaking nodding, pulling out a note pad and jots down notes on what he is being told.

Randy Long: "And their opponents.. making their WARPED debut - Matt Bowen, Aaron Ward - The Untouchables!"

The heavy drums of 'Sweet Sour' blare over the PA systems as the crowd erupts into a frenzy. The Untouchables come out from behind the curtain with arms raised. Matt Bowen wears a black sleeveless shirt that reads 'The Fuckin' Man' in neon green letters while Aaron Ward is also clad in a black sleeveless shirt that has 'The Untouchables' in big red bold letters. They begin there walk to the ring with smirks on there faces.

Tony D: "Match number two in the Elite Duos night one matches and - wait hey!"

Bowen and Ward slide into the ring and bumrush Leon Stone & Midnight Felon! The bell sounds and their music stops as Ward knocks Leon to the outside and Bowen has Midnight Felon in the ring.

Tony D: "These newcomers Matt Bowen and Aaron Ward, collectively as the Untouchables, both making an impact on Leon Stone and his new partner, Midnight Felon!"

Aaron Ward with an irish whip on Leon Stone into the barricade!

Kris Red: "I'd say! These guys are here as Guest Stars in the tournament and wow they sure did just take the spotlight."

Matt Bowen brings Midnight Felon to his feet and delivers a series of right hands that backs him into the ropes. Bowen with an irish whip.. Felon off the ropes.. SPEAR!

Kris Red: "What a spear from the big 6'4" 272 pounder!"

Bowen covers..





Kick out!

Tony D: "Wow!"

Aaron Ward gets up on the apron in his corner and grabs the white tag ropes. The camera then shows Leon Stone on the outside, nursing his back. In the ring, Matt Bowen brings Midnight Felon to his feet.

Tony D: "Just look at the intensity on Matt Bowen's face. He looks like he means business tonight."

Bowen then chucks Felon through the ropes and distracts the referee as Aaron Ward comes off the apron with a double axe handle, taking him down. Leon Stone now comes around the corner and leaps at Ward, who catches him, but Stone starts delivering right hands. Ward loses his grip and Bowen pushes past the referee to come help his partner out. He gets out on the apron and kicks Stone in the face. Ward lifts Stone up and drives him back-first into the ringpost!

Kris Red: "This is out of control!"

The referee shouts for them to take it back into the ring and begins the 10 count. (1...) Bowen grabs Midnight Felon and whips him into the barricade back-first! (2...) The fans in the first row push their chairs back as the barricade is driven closer to their feet upon impact. Bowen now clotheslines Felon over the barricade! (3...) He hops over and puts the boots to him, telling the fans to move back! He brings him to his feet and sets him against the barricade and chops him across his chest! (4...) That chop sends him back over to ringside. Aaron Ward comes and puts the boots to him as Bowen hops back over the barricade.(5...) They both stomp away as the referee continues his count.

Tony D: "They better get him back in the ring! A countout victory doesn't get them any points!"

Kris Red: "True. And if they get disqualified for this unsporsmanlike conduct, that will cost them 1 point!"

Leon Stone suddenly leaps off of the apron and hits a flying bodypress on Aaron Ward, taking him down! (6...)

Tony D: "Stone with a risky move to make the save!"

Stone then turns his attention to Bowen with a right hand, but Bowen fires back with a huge headbutt that drops Stone. (7...) Bowen brings Midnight Felon to his feet and rolls him into the ring just and also slides in after. He rolls him onto his back and covers..




Kick out!


Matt Bowen brings Midnight Felon to his feet and hits a Standing Side Suplex, and covers again..





Kick out!



He brings him to his feet and takes him to the corner where he tags in Aaron Ward. He enters and brings Felon to his feet lifts him up from the side and hits a Sidewalk slam with ease! He covers..




Kick out!

Ward tags his partner and puts Midnight Felon in a piledriver position as Matt Bowen climbs the turnbuckle.

Tony D: "Could this be a Spike Piledriver?!"

Suddenly Leon Stone leaps up onto the apron nearby, runs at the corner and kicks Matt Bowen in the side, and he falls off the top and crashes at the ringside area!!

Kris Red: "Whoa, big man down!"

Stone climbs the turnbuckle quickly as Aaron Ward releases Midnight Felon, and Stone leaps off with a Sunset Flip powerbomb to Ward! Stone rolls back and dropkicks him in the face!

Kris Red: "Leon Stone is moving fast!"

Stone then grabs his partner's hand and drags him to their corner. Stone gets out on the apron, grabs the tag rope, and puts his hand out. Midnight Felon reaches up and tags and Stone enters the ring again! Ward comes at him with a clothesline but Stone ducks and both men spin around and Stone hits a dropkick that causes him to back up against the ropes, but not drop to the mat. Stone then hits a European Uppercut on the big man. Irish whip.. Ward counters.. Stone off the ropes and back with a HIGH KNEE~! Ward goes down and Stone backs up to the corner, begging Ward to get to his feet. He slowly starts pushing up and Stone charges in and punts him right in the skull!


Leon Stone covers!






Matt Bowen pulls him off! Bowen lifts him up for an Inverted Atomic Drop but Stone counters into a DDT! Bowen grabs his head as Midnight Felon comes in and brings him to his feet and hurls him through the ropes!! Leon Stone brings Aaron Ward to his feet.. Irish whip! Ward bounces off the ropes and Felon hits him with a spear while Stone hits him with a clothesline from behind simultaenously!

Tony D: "They hit 'em with the high/low! Total Elimination as they call it!"

Aaron Ward starts to slide into the ring but Midnight Felon slides down and applies a front facelock to try and hold him back as Leon Stone covers..






Kris Red: "Stone and Felon win!"

The bell sounds!

Randy Long: "Here are your winners via pinfall, scoring two points, Leon Stone & Midnight Felon!"

"Perfect Strangers" plays as Stone and Felon get to their feet and high five. Stone climbs the turnbuckle and starts showboating as his sister enters the ring. She smiles as he hops down and they give each other a nod.

Tony D: "Well things seem to be still a little different between Leon Stone and his sister but it looks like they are making progress."

Midnight Felon pats Stone on the back and tells him 'good job kid' and Stone smirks as the referee comes between them and raises both of their arms in the air. Behind them, Ward and Bowen both look unhappy in the ring as they look on. Stone turns back to them and extends his hand.

Tony D: "Well this is different."

Felon slaps his hand away telling him that they don't deserve it and then orders him out of the ring. Stone reluctantly follows orders and makes his way out as the scene fades.

Leon Stone & Midnight Felon - 2 Points
The Untoucbables - 0 Points

Match Time: 7:09




Scene 11


The camera cuts to backstage. Reporter Austin Sanders is standing in front of the camera, and he appears to be close by a catering table.

Sanders: Hello Warped fans, Austin Sanders here, and as the Elite Duos tournament continues I stand here with none other than one of the participants in the tournament, the Evolution champion himself, SwitchBlade.

The camera pans over to SwitchBlade sitting at the table eating something off a plate. Sanders steps closer to him.

Sanders: Excuse me, SwitchBlade. Could we have a moment of your time?

SwitchBlade looks up at Sanders.

SwitchBlade: Seriously? I’m trying to eat here.

Sanders: My apologies SwitchBlade, but these Warped fans, like yourself, are hungry for answers.

SwitchBlade puts his fork down.

SwitchBlade: Does Patrick really pay you to do this, or are you in it to make bad puns?

Sanders: A little of both. Now SwitchBlade, many sources have told me that you and Wallace can’t possibly work well together. You just recently had an incredible cage match where you won the Evolution Championship from him. Can you two really co-exist in the same ring tonight? How can you trust the very man whose championship reign you ended?

SwitchBlade it’s simple, Sanders. Wallace and I are like two hungry lions who-oh, wait. Sorry. I just watched Andy and Jacob’s promo and all those “we’re hungry” metaphors got stuck in my brain. Let me switch it up. Wallace and I have a goal. We both want to be winners. More importantly, we want to be winners with titles. He wants the tag titles. I want the tag titles. Therefore, we’re going to work together to win those tag titles. Could Wallace betray me? It’s possible. I wouldn’t put it past him. But I don’t think he wants to jeopardize being the first tag team Champion in Warped history. That’s an achievement that only one team will ever be able to say. Kinda like how I can claim to be the first World Heavyweight Champion in Warped history. Nobody else can say that. And pretty soon, nobody else is going to be able to say that they’re the first Warped wrestler to hold every single title except me.

Sanders: What about Crowbar? He has just as good a chance.

SwitchBlade: ...he can try. And he’ll get close. But he won’t get past me and Wallace.

Sanders: Even though his partner is StarrZoe, a man who went on a 19 match winning streak?

SwitchBlade: And my partner is the man who beat him! Now is this interrogation over? I haven’t eaten all day.

Sanders: One more question, SwitchBlade. What do you have to say about Andy’s comment that you’re…slowing down. Has your age affected your performance in the ring? Have you considered retirement to be in your near future?

SwitchBlade doesn’t say anything at first. Then, he takes his fork, turns it upside down, and slams it onto the table. The action surprised Sanders and spooks him. The pointy ends of the fork dents the surface of the table allowing it to stand in place. SwitchBlade stares forward, his eyes refusing to blink. He then glares at Sanders.

SwitchBlade: We’re done here.

Sander: But I-

SwitchBlade: LEAVE!

Sanders leaves without saying another word. SwitchBlade pulls his fork off the table and goes back to eating his meal.


Scene 12

Singles Match - Korrupt vs. Robb Daniels

Tony D: "What a great night we've had here so far ladies and gentlemen. This next match should be one for the ages Kris.."

Kris Red: "I've been waiting for this one since it was announced Tony! Robb Daniels Vs Korrupt in a non title match up. This match has had the internet going wild! Even former Headstrong world champion Taurus Capone has taken and interest in it.."

Tony D: "And where there's Taurus, there's controversy. "King" Capone, who made his debut here at the historic WARPED 50 took to twitter stating that he wanted to be the special referee for this match here tonight. Let's not forget the odd exchange that took place between Taurus and Korrupt last week."

Kris Red: "Let's also not forget that Taurus called Korrupt out at WARPED 50 also! There's no telling what could happen here tonight!.."

Tony D: " Well Robb Daniels said he doesn't care who the ref is. Korrupt said flat out no to the idea of Taurus being the official. PKA never said otherwise so I guess we can count Capone out of this equation."

Kris Red: "Well Tony, King Taurus has done well with equations lately so maybe we shouldn't count him out just yet. He also stated that he never needs permission to do anything and we've seen in the past what can happen when Taurus does things his way.."

"Never Too Late" by Three Days Grace begins to play throughout the arena.

*This world will never be what I expected
*And if I don't belong who would have guessed it
*I will not leave alone everything that I own
*To make you feel like it's not too late, it's never too late
Two large blue bursts of smoke explode into the atmosphere of the arena.
*Even if I say it'll be alright
*Still I hear you say you want to end your life
*Now and again we try to just stay alive
*Maybe we'll turn it around 'cause it's not too late
*It's Never Too Late

As the fog settles to the floor the “Innovator of Wrestling" Robb Daniels appears out from behind the black curtain followed by Lauren Parker and manager Bret Hamilton.

Randy Long: " The following match is scheduled for one fall! Making his way to the ring from Knoxville Tennessee, Weighing in at two hundred and thirty five pounds....Roooobb Daannniieeeeeellllllllss!!

Kris Red: "He seems pumped and ready Tony! He said that he'll win no matter what. Do you think he's underestimating our champion?"

Tony D: "I believe so. But this match could go either way Kris.."

*No one will ever see this side reflected
*And if there's something wrong who would have guessed it?
*And I have left alone everything that I own
*To make you feel like it's not too late, it's never too late

The fans with mixed reactions cheer and chant his name as the stairs step through the ropes. Daniels climbs on the middle turnbuckle of the corner facing the crowd and camera with arms in the air. The music comes to an end.

Tony D: "Now we await our world champion..."

Kris red:" World champions always keep us waiting. Who do they think they are Tony?"

Jeepers,creepers....where'd ya get them peepers
Jeepers, creepers...where'd ya get those eyes...

Suddenly the lights go down and "Empire" by Machinae Supremacy begins to blare through the arena. Korrupt Comes from the back looking around at the crowd, the lights throbbing a blood red. He walks down the ramp slowly, stalking his way towards the ring with his eyes glued forward.

Randy Long: "And his opponent...From Asbury Park New Jersey, weighing in at two hundred pounds...He is the WARPED WORLD CHAMPIOOOONNNNN........KOOOOOOORRRUPPPPPPPTTT!!

He charges and slides into the ring, his crawls forward towards a camera and mouthing things to it. When he gets closer he licks it. He begins to crawl to a corner and sits back in it, rocking back and forth with until the match starts.

The music fades as Korrupt stands to his feet. The bell rings and the match is underway. Robb Daniels begins to mouth off to the world champion who glares back....Lauren and Bret look on from ringside. Robb swings his right forearm at Korrupt who ducks and counters into a back-breaker!

Kris Red:: "Nice way to start this one off. The champ in control early."

Korrupt picks Daniels up holding in a headlock before pushing him into the ropes. He goes for a running clothes line but Daniels rolls out of the way. Korrupt turns around and walks into a perfectly executed dropkick! The world champ goes down to the delight of Lauren an Bret on the outside as referee Josh Starns begins the count.



Robb Daniels gets to his feet and rebounds himself off of the ring ropes into a leg drop. He connects! He gets to his feet again and mouths off to the crowd and receives a mixed reaction as Lauren claps in approval. Daniels applies a sleeper to Korrupt and the crowd begin to get behind the champion.

Tony D: "The audience seem to want Korrupt to get up. He doesn't get that reaction too often."

Kris Red: " I think they just want this awesome match to continue Tony. I don't think they care for either one of these guys...they just want them to continue to beat the crap out of each other."

Korrupt begins to stand to his feet with Daniels arms still wrapped tight around his head. After a couple moment he elbows out of the maneuver to the a mixed reaction from the audience. Korrupt manages to escape and pushes Robb Daniels off into the ring ropes. ...Robb comes back towards Korrupt...and is leveled by a SPINNING WHEEL KICK! Daniels hits the mat but immediately pops back up to his feet. Korrupt spins him around into a SNAP DDT for the pin attempt.

Kris Red: " Korrupt has him covered!"



The Television screen scrambles and blacks out as the lights in the arena shut off completely.


Kris Red: "Did he pin him!? I Can't see anything! ...Tony! Where are you!? And who's touching me!? Is that you Lauren!?"

As the TV unscrambles the bass-line to "Like That" by T.I. drops and the live crowd goes insane. Bright white lights engulf the entrance as Taurus Capone shoots out onto the stage flashing his smile.Taurus slowly makes his way down the entrance ramp with his signature swagger as his triumphant theme blast.

Kris Red: " It's Taurus Capone! King's back again!"

Tony D: "Indeed he is Kris but for what? He clearly doesn't have a referee shirt on and this match has already begun!

Back in the ring Korrupt and Robb Daniels trade blows. Taurus continues to the ring playing to the crowd with every step.

Tony D: "I'm guessing Daniels kicked out of the pin attempt but all the lights were off. In any event this match continues!"

Kris Red: "Tony I think Taurus is coming to join us!"

Taurus heads to the announcers table with a huge smile on his face as he watches the back and forth action in the ring. Korrupt connects with a swinging neckbreaker as Taurus grabs a headset at the announce table. Korrupt heads to the top rope and the audience begin to cheer. Robb Daniels begins to move around but is stopped dead by a 450 Splash! The world champion cuffs the leg as the referee begins the count.




Daniels kicks out at the last second! Korrupt slaps in hands against the mat in disgust as he glares at the referee.

Kris Red: "King Taurus Capone! It's been TOO LONG since you've graced us with your commentary!"

Tony D: "....Oh Jesus Kris.."

Taurus: "It's good to be back in the environment I belong in. My words going into this headset is nothing less then perfection right now. ...Me on commentary is HUGE for WARPED Kris...It's like music from whale vagina."

Kris Red: "WOW!"

Korrupt gets back to his feet and stalks Robb Daniels who begins to stir. Suddenly Bret Hamilton climbs onto the ring apron and begins to yell at the referee. The ref runs over and goes back an forth with him as Lauren Parker steps in the ring behind Korrupt and kicks him square in the nuts. Korrupt drops to his knee's as she quickly get's out of the ring. With the mission accomplished Bret Hamilton steps off of the apron. Robb Daniels quickly gets to his feet as the ref turns around oblivious to everything. He applies a single leg Boston crab to the injured world champ who is clearly in agony. Korrupt yells out in pain as he struggles to pull himself towards the bottom rope.

Kris Red: "Korrupt may be forced to tap out right here!.."

Tony D "Taurus what brings you out here? PKA never agreed to you being the official for this match so what do you plan to do?..Further more, what is your interest in this match or Korrupt anyway?.."

Taurus "...I don't need PKA's approval for anything around here Kermit. ...And I spoke on enough at WARPED 50 so just shut up and enjoy the ride....Pause...."

Kris Red: " Haha..."

Tony D: "....Well atleast tell us.... did you ever get everything straight with the sheep Taurus?"

Kris Red: "Tony! Don't disrespect Taurus. I can't save you if he hits you in the head with a steal chair again."

Taurus: "That Sheep will never work in this town again! And as far as PKA goes tonight he'll find out I rule with an iron fist..."

Robb Daniels leans on the back of the world champion in an attempt to make him submit but after a couple of moments Korrupt finally manages to reach the ring ropes. Daniels lets go and quickly begins to lay stomps to his opponent. He once again beings to stalk his prey.

Kris Red: "He may be going in for the kill!"

Korrupt slowly staggers to his feet and is quickly spun around by Daniels....TOTAL DEVASTATION!!!....NO IT'S REVERSED!! Korrupt pushes Daniels off into the ring ropes.....Daniel Rebounds~...Korrupt attempts a clothesline...Robb ducks!...He spins Korrupt around....TOTAL DEVASTATION!!! This time he connects! Korrupt and Daniels both are laid out in the center of the ring after the maneuver. The ref begins a ten count while both wrestlers seem to be out of it. Bret Hamilton once again jumps onto the ring apron to argue with the referee, buying his guy some time. Taurus removes his headset and stands from the announcer table to roar of the live audience.

Tony D: "Leaving already?"

Kris Red: "What's going to happen here Tony!?"

Taurus removes his glasses and swiftly rolls in under the bottom rope. He goes undetected from the referee who 's busy yelling back and forth with Robb Daniels manager. He smirks as he looks down at both competitors and then back at the referee. Bret Hamilton jumps down from the ring apron as Josh Starns warns him to not interfere again. The official turns around and is startled by Capone's presence in the ring. Taurus looks around seemingly nervous.

Kris Red: "Uh-Oh..Now what?."

The referee begins to walk up to Taurus with his index finger extended but before he can get a word out he is met with a big boot to the face. The audience burst into cheers and begins to buzz heavily not knowing what to make of the situation. Taurus stands back scratching his head while peering down at unconscious official.

Tony D: "What the hell? He can't do that.."


After a couple moments Taurus shrugs the whole situation off. He then removes his shirt and tosses it in the crowd to the delight of the female audience members. With a smirk Taurus wastes no time in grabbing the official by the collar and yanking the striped shirt off of him. He rolls the ref out the ring who hit's the mat with a "THUD" as Bret Hamilton and Lauren Parker look on in confusion. Taurus holds out the referee shirt in front of him with an unsure expression as the audience begins to chant his name.


Tony D: "..Oh Gee Kris did he really have to spell the rest out?.."

Korrupt and Robb Daniels both begin to stir as Taurus quickly attempts to force the referee shirt over his frame. ..The problem is the shirt in a couple sizes too small and TC's head and arms become stuck, not able to get the shirt completely on or off at this point. This audience begins to howl with laughter as Taurus dramatically begins to jump up and down, not being able to move much of his upper body. He drastically drops to the mat and rolls around kicking his feet up and down in an attempt to making ANYTHING happen.

Tony D: "...King Taurus Capone ladies and gentlemen..."

He manages to finally slip his head through and put his arms down. Korrupt & Daniels both manage to stand to their feet at the same time as Taurus, who rips the ref shirt Hulk Hogan style down the from making it more of a referee vest. Daniels mouths "What the hell are YOU doing?" as Taurus blankly stairs at him. While Robb's attention is turned Korrupt comes up from behind and connects with a COBRA CLUTCH SUPLEX!! He goes for the pin! Taurus surprisingly quickly gets into position.



..........ThKICK OUT"

After Robb Daniels kicks out Korrupt quickly stands to his feet and gets face to face with Taurus holding his arms out. Taurus holds out two fingers and shrugs Korrupt off.

Tony D: "That count was a little bit slower then what we're used to I believe."

"Taurus!...TAURUS! STOP"

Both men turn to face the entrance ramp to see PKA heading down with microphone in hand. The camera quickly cuts back in the ring and catches Capone rolling his eyes.

PKA: "Taurus! Enough of this! Look, I know what you're use to with Joey Matthew in charge but I AM NOTHING LIKE JOEY MATTHEW! Your not "Ruling with an iron fist" on my watch!.....Get me an official referee to the ring ASAP! ..and Taurus YOU step out...NOW..."

Tony D: "He's laying down the law. I guess that solves that.."

The audience boo and PKA continues to the ring without taking his eyes off of Capone. After a moment Taurus grins and points his finger to the monitor behind PKA, who slowly turns around to view it. The screen shows various chains & padlocks around the "Referee Locker Room" door while banging and yelling can be heard coming from the other side. PKA holds his hands out in disbelief and mouths "You've got to be kidding me...REALLY!?"

Kris Red: "Welp.....I guess the other referees are on an extended break.."


As the camera zooms out the sheep from earlier can be seen also tied to a post outside the Referee locker room door. PKA looks furious as he turns to look back at the ring. He seems torn as he turns around and sprints off into the backstage area leaving Taurus to officiate the match. The audience cheer as Korrupt turns his attention to Robb Daniels who is using the ropes to pull himself up.

Kris Red: " What do you know...Taurus is the official referee for this match after all. He said this would happen!"

Tony D: "Once again....Taurus manages to make a fool out of himself AND everyone else....But this match up continues and we still need a winner!"

Korrupt waits as Robb slowly pulls himself to his feet. Behind Korrupt, Taurus also gets into the ready position..seemingly setting Korrupt up for his signature maneuver.


Kris Red: "It Looks like Korrupt's in trouble and doesn't even realize it!"

Sensing something, Korrupt turns around! He catches & startles Capone who quickly backs up as if he wasn't planning to attack. Robb Daniels runs straight towards Korrupt who has his back turned!....HE HAS HIM!!


Kris Red: "He's got him Tony!"

Taurus looks surprised as Korrupt goes down. Robb Daniels covers. Taurus get's into position.


TWO!!....Korrupt get his foot on the bottom rope. Bret Hamilton on the outside swiftly knock it's down.

THR...Taurus stops the count and rises to his feet which angers Daniels and Bret.

Kris Red: "He got caught! You can't full Taurus..He's pulled every cheap trick in the book he knows them all!"

Tony D: "For once, I commend his actions."

Bret Hamilton once again jumps onto the ring apron and begins to argue with Capone. Taurus watches on expressionless. After a comment moments of Bret Hamilton's taunting Taurus big boots him in the face mid sentence! Bret goes flying off the apron onto the arena floor as the crowd cheer. Robb quickly spins Capone around and pushes him into the turnbuckle. He begins to mouth off as the camera cuts to a close up of Taurus's face. His usual smirk quickly wipes off, his jaws clench as a vein begins to form across his forehead.

Kris Red: "Uh-oh....I think all hell is about to break loose.."

Capone looks like he's seconds away from retaliating.........D.I.E THE MOVEMENT EDITION!! KORRUPT HAS THE SUBMISSION LOCKED IN!! Taurus comes out of his trance and reluctantly slides into position in case Daniels taps !

Kris Red: "This might be it! Their in the center of the ring how is he going to escape this!?"

Robb Daniels begins to tap. Taurus just watches as he hops to his feet seemingly calculating his next move.

Tony D: "What is Capone doing!? Korrupt has this match won! Ring the bell!"

After a couple seconds his shakes his head and calls for the bell.

Tony D: "He Did It! Against incredible odds the world champion walked out of this match victorious! I've got to hand it to him!"

"Empire" by Machinae Supremacy begins to echo throughout the arena as Korrupt let's go of the submission lock.


Taurus leans against the turnbuckle and slowly claps in sarcastic fashion. Korrupt stands to his feet once again coming face to face with Taurus. He begins to hysterically laugh, shades of WARPED 50. Taurus rolls under the bottom rope and steps backwards up the ramp as he smirks.

Tony D: " We may never know what's going through the mind either of these men but I think business just picked up!"

Kris Red: " For a minute there I thought Taurus was going to attack Korrupt but it didn't happen. It's no telling how this is going to play out!"

Capone turns around and heads to the back not acknowledging anything going on around him. He throws his fist up before disappearing behind the curtain to the delight of the crowd. Korrupt slithers out of the ring with his World Championship in hand with a smirk on his face.

Tony D: "What a match that was and if the rumors are true that Robb Daniels might be on his way out of WARPED, then that's a great way to go out, losing to the champ."

The lights in the Eagles Club go out.

Tony D: “What the hell?”

Kris Red: “I smell cannabis and Faygo Tony D! You know what that means!!”

By the light of the flashbulbs you see two figures close in on the ring. When the lights come back on “Sir” Douglas Fresh has Robb Daniels upon his shoulders close to a corner in the ring.

Kris Red: “I hope you have your cups ready ladies and gentlemen!”

Tony D: “What the hell are you rattling on about? And why is Robb Daniels on Douglas Fresh’s shoulders?!”

Mr. Rottentreats (wearing a mask, due to the fireball incident at WARPED50) quickly ascends the to the top rope headbutts Robb Daniels as he struggles.

Kris Red: “Because it’s time, for a Faygo break baby!”

Treats clutches Daniels’ with a cravate and quickly flips into the ring driving Daniels’ into the mat with force.

Kris Red: “FAYGO TWIIIIZT!!!!”

Tony D: “That seems to be the only revenge he wanted. Mr. Rottentreats and Douglas Fresh are leaving through the crowd!”

Kris Red: “What in the world!”

The rest of Mainstream enter the ring to assist Robb Daniels and check on his condition. Mr. Rottentreats and Douglas Fresh leave through the crowd as Mr. Rottentreats sprays and kicks a few 2 liters of Faygos toward the ring.

Tony D: "Well so much for going out on a good note for Robb Daniels!"

The scene fades out.


Scene 13


StarrZoë walks passed dressed in his street clothes, his bag over his shoulder, a cigarette dangling from his lips. "Reactions, eh? You want my reaction? Fine, here's my reaction; tonight, I accomplished and failed at many things. I buried the hatchet with Pat and shook hands with the man that helped establish my career here in WARPED after a lot of ups and downs. Then, after seeing a man destined for greatness begin to sway from the path that will lead him to a championship and begin to make demands of the company that made him famous, I helped prove that he is truly on his way to a title, but he's still got a mountain to climb.

StarrZoë drags his cigarette; "PKA and I beat respect back into each other, that was evident when we shook hands. Wallace though, Wallace and I did something different. After two hard fought matches between us, we took each other passed any known bodily limits for the sake of pride. Wallace might have gotten the better of me, but only by a hair. He's still got a very steep mountain to climb before he stares across the ring at the World Champion and walks out with the belt."

"And," Starr finishes, "to clear up any misconceptions, I'd like to state that after more than 365 days of whipping ass in this company, 19 and 1 isn't a bad record at all."

Alexander walks away.


Scene 14

ELITE DUOS - Drug Money Inc vs. The Filth & The Fury

Randy Long: "Our next match of the night is an Elite Duos Tag Team Match! Introducing first, at a combined weight of 483 pounds - Alexander StarrZoe & Crowbar - The Filth and the Fury!"

"Welcome to a city that'll bring you to your knees" the public announce system booms as "Been to Hell" by Hollywood Undead plays. The lights dim in the small building and spotlights rotate. As the music continues to boom, Alexander StarrrZoe and Crowbar appear from behind the curtain. Starr and Crowbar stand at the top of the ramp and look at each other, meeting each other's gaze, confident and smiling. Starr motions Crowbar forward. The fans begin to chant "Crowbar! Crowbar! Crowbar!" Crowbar bows and motions towards Starr. The small arena erupts; "StarrZoe! StarrZoe! StarrZoe!" The two men make their way to the ring. Crowbar rolls under the third rope while Starr climbs onto the top turnbuckle, raising his fists into the air, welcomed into the ring by a chant of his name. Starr jumps off his perch and points towards his tag team partner; the building breaks out into a cheer; "Crowbar! Crowbar! Crowbar!" Both performers thank the fans and begin to pull on the ropes, preparing for the match.

Randy Long: "And at a combined weight of 340 pounds - Blake "The Snake Blomberg, Villano VI - Drug Money Inc!"

"Snakeman's Dance" plays as Blake Blomberg and Villano VI step through the curtain. Blake waves to the crowd and slaps the fans hands, though he doesn't appear too happy to be there. His partner shows no emotion and ignores the crowd. They walk down to the ring and get ready to compete.

Tony D: "Fresh off of a great match between Korrupt and Robb Daniels.."

Kris Red: "With the famous Taurus Capone! Don't forget Taurus!!"

Tony D: "And the.. referee? Taurus Capone.. we're now back with what's sure to be another great Elite Duos match!"

The bell sounds as Alexander StarrZoe and Blake Blomberg meet in the middle of the ring and tie up! Blomberg immediately applies the side headlock on the formerly undefeated Alexander StarrZoe.

Tony D:"What a night we've had already in the Elite Duos!"

Kris Red: "Yeah and it's time to see how good Alexander StarrZoe can be in tag team action. We saw how good he was for a year being undefeated, but now he's in there relying on not just himself, but his partner Crowbar."

Tony D: "And there you see a side headlock from Blake Blomberg, one half of the team known as Drug Money Inc with his partner Villano VI, and I'd say they should have the upper hand in this match being that they've been a tag team for much longer than Starr and Crowbar."

Blomberg has the side headlock tightly on and it takes Starr to a knee. He powers up but Blomberg tightens up the hold and he drops to a knee once more. Crowbar shouts words of encouragement from his corner as he holds the white tag rope and looks on.

Kris Red: "It's nothing new I know, but I gotta disagree with you. Starr and Crowbar are former World Champions. Crowbar is a former Evolution Champion. Starr was undefeated for over a year. They clearly are the favorites in this match, and maybe the entire tournament."

Starr powers up and backs Blomberg into the ropes. He pushes him off the ropes and Blomberg bounces off the ropes and returns with a shoulderlock. He then hits the ropes as Starr rolls onto his stomach. Blomberg leaps over him and hits the ropes.. then off of them as Starr slides into a drop toe hold on Blomberg. He then hits the ropes and returns as Blomberg pushes himself up but stops him with a baseball slide to the face.

Tony D: "There's the quickness and agility on display from Starr."

Starr then brings him up to his feet and kicks him in the gut.. hooks the arm and lifts him up with a Fishermans Suplex! He floats into the cover..





Kick out!


Tony D: "Just a two count for Starr as he gets the first cover of the match."

Starr brings Blomberg to his feet but Blomberg fires off with a knee to the midsection, followed by a right hand! He tags in his partner. Villano VI leaps onto the top rope and springboards off at Starr who comes out of nowhere with a spinning heel kick to the face!

Kris Red: "Villano VI in from the tag but he didn't make the right call there!"

Tony D: "I think it was far too soon to do something like that and he paid the price for it."

Starr brings him to his feet and backs him into the ropes. Irish whip.. Villano VI runs to the ropes and leaps onto the middle, springing back into a moonsault!

Tony D: "Maybe I spoke too soon!"

Villano VI puts the boots to StarrZoe now as he tries to recover. He talks some trash as he brings him to his feet and sets him up for a belly to back suplex.. and nails it! He covers..



Kick out!

Tony D: "Starr with a quick kick out there."

Villano VI brings Starr to his feet and whips him into the corner. He delivers a hard knife edge chop to the chest and then goes for an irish whip but Starr counters and sends Villano running to the opposite corner, but he leaps onto the middle buckle! He points at his head and smiles as he then leaps back as Starr comes at him but Starr leaps up with a dropkick!

Tony D: "Villano VI perhaps taking a little too much time so far! He's gotta stay on a guy like Alexander StarrZoe. And there's the tag~!"

Starr tags in Crowbar who comes in to a big pop from the crowd. Villano VI gets up, clutching his midsection. Crowbar charges in with a clotheline! Villano VI up.. Crowbar with a second clothesline! On the apron, Blake Blomberg is going out of his mind pacing on the apron. The referee tells him to get back to the corner and grab the tag rope!

Tony D: "Blake doesn't look like he's having a great time!"

Kris Red: "Well he's watching his masked partner get his ass beat!"

Crowbar then whips Villano VI into the ropes.. he bounces off and Crowbar hits a standing sidekick!

Kris Red: "Crowbar with a sloppy standing sidekick but a kick that connected nonetheless!"

Tony D: "I sure hope he didn't hear you."

Blomberg starts to get into the ring but Crowbar charges with a knee lift, knocking him through the ropes and down to the floor!

Kris Red: "So much for Blomberg's interference!"

Crowbar now allows Villano VI to get to his feet. He turns around and Crowbar charges in with a Spear Tackle!

Tony D: "Element Zero!"

Villano VI drops down, clutching his midsection. Crowbar covers..





Kick out!

"Crowbar! Crowbar! Crowbar!" chants fill the venue as Crowbar brings Villano VI to his feet. He whips him into the corner and slowly backs away to the opposite corner, measuring him off.

Tony D: "Crowbar might be looking for that Turnbuckle Spear now.. it's gonna do more damage to the already bruised midsection of Villano VI."

Crowbar charges in and Villano kicks him in the face!

Kris Red: "Villano was much quicker that time!"

Villano charges in at Crowbar and leaps, but Crowbar catches him. He charges out of the corner but Villano slips out behind him and turns Crowbar around, grabbing his head for a cutter.. he runs to the corner for Sliced Bread #2 but Crowbar pushes him away and he connects with the turnbuckles. Crowbar now measures him off for the KFO but Blake Blomberg slides into the ring and goes for a Tiger Suplex but Crowbar doesn't let him lock both arms. He then hurls Blomberg down to ringside!

Tony D: "And out goes Blake Blomberg!"

But the legal man, Villano VI, pulls Crowbar to his feet and hits an Enziguri! Unfortunately, the kick sends Crowbar close to his corner and Starr is able to tag himself in!

Tony D: "Villano VI doesn't know Starr has tagged in!"

Villano VI is looking through the ropes, checking on his partner. He then turns around just in time for Starr to leap off the top with a clothesline!

Tony D: "What a high risk move that just paid off!"

Kris Red: "I'd say! And now Starr has something else in mind.. oh we've seen this before!"

Starr bounces off the ropes, rolls and leaps, hitting the senton splash (Rolling Thunder) on Villano VI!

Tony D: "Starr brings more assault to the midsection of Villano VI with that P3!"

At ringside, Blake Blomberg and Crowbar are going at it. Blomberg whips Crowbar into the ringsteps and he goes down hard!

Kris Red: "This thing is breaking down!"

StarrZoe brings Villano VI to his feet. Irish whip .. Villano counters and Starr is sent to the ropes where Blomberg hops up and knees him in the back! He then grabs onto him and holds onto him.

Tony D: "Hey, come on! That's unsportsmanlike!"

Kris Red: "It's also team work! That's what we talked about!"

Villano VI charges to the corner and leaps onto the middle buckle, then springs off into a dropkick at Starr but he moves and Villano VI connects with his own partner!!

Tony D: "Well so much for team work!"

Starr then grabs Villano VI around the waist and hits the German Suplex near the corner! He gets up and looks around for Blomberg but he's out at ringside. Starr hops onto the top turnbuckle and steadies himself..

Tony D: "This could be the Rising Starr!"

Starr leaps off.. flipping in the air..

Kris Red: "Bam! 450 Splash!"

Starr lands it and grabs at his midsection, before covering Villano VI..






Kris Red: "It's ova!"

Tony D: "What a victory for StarrZoe and Crowbar! The Filth and the Fury!"

The bell sounds as "Been To Hell" by Hollywood Undead hits the PA System. Starr gets to his feet, grabbing at his gut but holding his other arm up. The referee tends to Villano VI who looks to have a lot of pain in his midsection.

Randy Long: "Here are your winners, via pinfall, and scoring two points - Alexander StarrZoe and Crowbar - The Filth and the Fury!"

Crowbar slides into the ring and joins his partner. They high five and celebrate as the fans cheer.

Tony D: "What a great victory indeed tonight for Starr and Crowbar. We might need to get paramedics out here to check on the ribs of Villano VI. His midsection took a beating."

Kris Red: "Very impressive and quick win there for them, no doubt."

The Filth & The Fury - 2 Points
Drug Money Inc - 0 Points

Match Time: 3:45



Scene 15


We head backstage where we see the Executive Assistant, Deja, talking on the cell phone. She's laughing and giggling. Her breasts are nearly falling out of her low business top as she smiles and twirls her hair with her finger.

Deja: "Don't worry, he has no idea."

She giggles some more and bites her lip.

Deja: "Bye babe."

She turns off the phone and turns around as PKA walks up, two bottles of water in his hands. She looks surprised but composes herself as she accepts a bottle from PKA.

PKA: "Did I startle you?"

Deja: "Yeah, just a little bit, boo boo."

PKA rolls his eyes and looks around nervously.

PKA: "Please, don't call me ..that.. in public."

Deja: "Sorry boo b-, err, sorry."

Suddenly a referee comes up and taps PKA on the shoulder.

PKA: "Ah.. you."

Referee: "Are you just going to let him do that to us? Is that the kind of boss you are?"

PKA: "Look, I'm handling it. It's just Taurus. I've seen him do this kind of shit for years. And don't you worry, I'm -"

"BaaaAaAaaa" ... all three look on as a sheep walks by the scene.

Referee: "I quit!"

PKA goes to stop him but doesn't even bother as the referee runs off. Deja wraps her arms around PKA from behind, rubbing his chest and giving him a peck on the cheek.

Deja: "It'll be okay boo boo."

PKA sighs as the scene fades.


Scene 16

ELITE DUOS - SwitchBlade & William Wallace vs. Maple Leaf Strike Force

Randy Long: "The following contest is an Elite Duos match scheduled for one fall and it is your main event of the evening! Introducing the first team.. The arena blacks out as the bagpipes tune fill with air, as Flower of Scotland begins to play. A single sport light then appears to show William Wallace arriving at the entrance holding a Salitre .

Kris Red: "There he is! The man who, despite losing his Evolution Title to Switchblade in a near 30 minute cage match, ended up defeating StarrZoe and ending his year long streak!! William Wallace!"

There is blue flashing lights filling the arena as Wallace makes his way to the ring still with the spot light on him, ignoring all the fans abuse.

Randy Long: "From Glasgow Scotland, weighing in at 254pounds, he is William Wallace!"

Wallace reaches the ring and walks around slowly climbing the steps as he demands Randy Long open the ropes for him. As Long sits on the second rope Wallace climbs into the ring taking the microphone from Long and sending him from the ring. The boos ring out as the music fades down and Wallace raises the microphone to his lips.

The fans start a "You Beat StarrZoe! You Beat StarrZoe!" chant and it causes an unexpected half smile from Wallace. He corrects that instantly and speaks over them.

William Wallace: "Stand on your feet and get ready to sing Flower of Scotland with your Scottish hero!"

A massive Saltire unfurrols from the roof of the arena as the Bagpipes start up once again. The boos ring out almost drowning out Wallace as he begins to sing out of tune.

"Oh Flower of Scotland...
When will we see, your like again
That fought and died for
Your wee bit hill and glen.
And stood against him...

At that "Lost My Way" by Finger Eleven begins to play as SwitchBlade slowly steps through the curtain to a large number of cheers.

Randy Long: "And his tag team partner - he is the NEWWWWWWWW Evolution Champion - SwitchBlaaaaade!"

SwitchBlade is dressed in his usual attire of a black short sleeve shirt with a leather jacket, blue jeans, and black shoes. He also has on his trademark gold belt and sunglasses, but this time also has a necklace with a switchblade pendant on it. Of course, he also has the Evolution Title over his shoulder. Upon making his way to the ring he high fives a few of the fans, and then slides into the ring. He gets up, takes off his sunglasses and necklace and tosses them aside. He waves to the fans, and then offers Wallace a handshake. Wallace ignores and SwitchBlade nods, expecting just as that, but not looking too bothered.

Tony D: "These are two men that were paired together by WARPED booker, PKA, and they were not happy one bit about it in the beginning. However recently in their promo at, it seems like they may somewhat be on the same page."

Kris Red: "Well from the looks of things, I don't know about that. But their opponents on the other hand seemed like they had something special.."

"Leader of Men" by Nickelback starts blasting though the PA system as Ashley Lovell steps out first in a very tight and very expansive looking dress with a Sasha with “Miss Maple Leaf” she waves to the crowd as behind her comes “Captain Canada” Alex Lightning Waving a Canadian Flag and then he points to the entrance area and out steps Andy LeBeau and then Jacob Rollins. All four of them make their way to the ring as Andy taunts the fans and Rollins slaps their hands along the way.

Randy Long: "And their opponents.. Jacob Rollins and Andy LeBeau!"

Alex waves the Canadian Flag in their faces. When they get to the ring Andy hops over the top rope and then holds the ropes open for Ashley and Alex. Jacob Rollins goes in between the ropes.

Tony D: "No fans you aren't seeing things. If you hadn't followed the stories at or on Twitter @ThisIsWARPED, let me inform you that we understand one-half of the Maple Leaf Strike Force, Lenard Limoux, suffered a moderate leg injury at WARPED 50 and was unable to make it tonight and might not be able to make it for a couple of weeks. On top of that, Jacob Rollins' tag team partner is no longer with the company, and these two have decided to combine forces for the Elite Duos."

Kris Red: "True, they did. But my sources tell me that Jacob Rollins is going the way of his partner and leaving too. It makes me wonder what Andy LeBeau is going to do after this."

The two teams converge on opposite corners as they decide that William Wallace and Andy LeBeau are going to start the match. Wallace walks to the center of the ring and motions for a test of strength. Andy LeBeau take a step back, looks at Wallace, smirks, and walks forward. As they lock hands though, LeBeau comes with a swift kick to the the midsection, dropping Wallace to his knees. Jacob Rollins then comes darting out of his corner to deliver a dropkick to the face of SwitchBlade, knocking him off of the apron. Wallace looks back, wondering what the hell just happened. The referee shouts at Rollins to get out of the ring! Suddenly, simultaneously, LeBeau and Rollins connect with kicks - one to the chest, the other to the leg, taking Wallace down to a kneeling position. LeBeau then hits the ropes and returns with a leaping leg lariat! Rollins climbs the turnbuckle and leaps off with a Swanton Bomb onto the chest of William Wallace!

The referee starts a 5 count to make Rollins get out of the ring! 1.. 2.. 3.. but SwitchBlade then pulls him out of the ring and the two start brawling at ringside!

Tony D: "Smart move by SwitchBlade. A DQ victory wouldn't get his team any points!"

The referee slides out of the ring and tries to seperate the two telling them both to get to their corners!!! Andy LeBeau shouts out at the referee to get back in the ring as he has William Wallace covered.. the ref slides in..


Kris Red: "Quick kick out! That ref shoulda been in the ring to count."

Andy LeBeau brings the former Evolution Champion to his feet.. Irish whip tot he turnbuckle... instead Wallace reverses the whip and throws LeBeau into the turnbuckle. As Wallace runs towards LeBeau, Jacob Rollins tags himself in.

Tony D: "Blind tag!"

Kris Red: "Wallace sent him to the wrong corner."

Jacob leapfrogs the ropes, extends his legs, and kicks Wallace square in the face, causing his legs to come out from underneath him and him to slam back first on the canvas.

"We Want SwitchBlade!" chants fill the arena as Jacob Rollins stands William Wallace up. Wallace, still recovering from the kick to the face, manages to get a right hand in to Rollins, throwing him back a bit. Rollins comes back though with a right of his own, which is returned as Wallace cracks Rollins with a big boot to the side of his head, sending him down on the canvas. As Jacob squirms around on the canvas, holding his face, Wallace makes the tag to SwitchBlade.

The fans pop!

Tony D: "The fans love SwitchBlade!"

SwitchBlade, built up on adrenaline and looking for revenge, charges after Jacob, who is on his knees. He picks him up the rest of the way and sets him up for a Double Arm DDT, but Rollins squirms out and jumps behind SwitchBlade, applies a reverse waistlock, then he proceeds to push him forward. SwitchBlade grabs the ropes and shoves back, causing Rollins to roll to the middle of the ring. Just then Andy LeBeau comes up and pulls SwitchBlade's neck across the top rope and he snaps back and right into LeBeau with a Half Nelson Suplex as the fans boo.

Tony D: "He folded him up like an accordian there with that Half Nelson!"

Kris Red: "LeBeau and Rollins are working pretty damn well as a team tonight."

LeBeau heeds the warning of the referee to stay in his corner as William Wallace gets up in his corner, finally recovered from his beating minutes ago. LeBeau, one hand on the white rope, has his arm extended for the tag, and Rollins tags him in. LeBeau enters and they both back SwitchBlade into the ropes.. irish whip.. SwitchBlade hits the ropes and they both duck down in the middle of the ring and hit a double back body drop!

Tony D: "The referee needs to get more control over these two!"

Rollins holds SwitchBlade in a seated position as LeBeau hits the ropes and returns with a Shining Wizard~! Wallace has seen enough as he charges into the ring but Rollins is ready for him as he hits a DROPSAULT, dropkicking Wallace while hitting a moonsault on SwitchBlade! The fans pop at the incredible athleticism thus far by these two. Rollins rolls out of the ring and gets in his corner, grabbing the rope, as LeBeau then tags him in.

Tony D: "Great quick tags between LeBeau and Rollins tonight."

Kris Red: "I just got word that Jacob Rollins has chosen to pass on being the partner of Andy LeBeau after tonight. I wonder if Andy has any idea of this and what this will mean for LeBeau's future in the Elite Duos???"

Rollins then enters the ring and SwitchBlade nearly decapitates him with a clothesline!

Kris Red: "Whoa!"

The crowd pops as SwitchBlade brings him to his feet and slaps him in the face, then chops him across the chest!

Tony D: "It's like SwitchBlade just got a second wind here!"

SwitchBlade now takes him to his partner's corner and tags in William Wallace, who comes in and puts the boots to the midsection of Jacob Rollins. Wallace delivers a right hand. Irish whip.. Rollins counters.. Wallace hits the ropes but LeBeau gets a knee up. Wallace then throws a right hand at him but he ducks and drives his shoulder into the gut of Wallace. Rollins rolls him up in a schoolboy!!


SwitchBlade then comes in and kicks Rollins off of him and Rollins snaps up and gets in the face of SwitchBlade. However, the veteran then pie-faces Rollins, causing him to flip backwards and roll toward his corner. A look of concern is on his face as SwitchBlade slowly backs up to his corner and gets out on the apron, keeping his eyes on Rollins, who now tags out to LeBeau.

Tony D: "SwitchBlade staring holes into Jacob Rollins there."

Andy LeBeau enters the ring as William Wallace keeps an eye on him. The fans begin clapping as the two circle the ring.

Kris Red: "The fans are into this! Tag team wrestling has a new home and it's WARPED Wrestling!"

They rush each other for a collar and elbow tie-up...but Andy ducks under it! He runs the ropes, rebounds, and Wallace nails a hip toss! LeBeau gets to his feet, holding his back, as Wallace brings him in for a powerbomb.

Tony D: "Freedom Drop!"

Andy LeBeau escapes though and crawls between his legs. He tries for the Half Nelson he hit on SwitchBlade earlier, but Wallace elbows his way out, then brings him up in a vertical suplex but turns it into a powerbomb!!

Tony D: "The Sinister Urge from William Wallace! Into the cover! One! Two! No!"

Kick out at two for LeBeau.

Wallace taunts LeBeau as he holds his back, getting to his feet. Wallace takes too much time and LeBeau fires off a lightning quick right to William, who blocks it easily. Then William returns his right with a hammer-like right of his own, which LeBeau ducks, and slides around to William's back. He leaps into the air, and attaches himself to the back of Wallace in a crucifix position. As he leans back for the Crucifix Driver, William merely spins Andy around, and off, where Andy hits an arm drag, sending William to the mat.

Kris Red: "Amazing counter!"

As the men rush back together, William hits a shoulder tackle that nearly flips Andy LeBeau inside out. Andy gets to his feet and leaps for a leg lariat, and Wallace completely ducks, causing LeBeau to crash on the mat. Wallace looks to capitalize on the downed LeBeau with a Fist Drop, but 1/2 of the Maple Leaf Strike Force rolls to the side. Both men make it to their knees and take a breath, as the crowd cheers like crazy.

Tony D: "Some amazing back and forth action between these two talented wrestlers!"

They circle the ring and come in for another lock up.. but LeBeau fires off with a strong kick to the thigh of the Scot. William grimaces, and then rears back before delivering a MASSIVE headbutt to LeBeau. LeBeau nearly drops, but rears back and kicks Wallace HARD in the opposite thigh, bringing him down to one knee. Not to be outdone, Wallace grabs him by the head and pulls him in with another headbutt, who stumbles backwards into his corner.

Tony D: "Brutal headbutts from William Wallace!"

Jacob Rollins makes the blind tag. Wallace acknowledges, and makes the tag to the new Evolution Champion, SwitchBlade.

Tony D: "And both men make the tag!"

Kris Red: "Here we go!"

Jacob Rollins executes a springboard forearm smash on SwitchBlade, or so he thinks, as SwitchBlade counters into an impressive STO Takedown!!

Tony D: "My goodness, what a counter!"

SwitchBlade smirks and tags in Wallace, who enters and backs against the ropes, dropping a fist on the face of Rollins! He covers..





Kick out!

Tony D: "Wallace looking for a tag now.."

Wallace reaches and tags in SwitchBlade who comes in and brings Rollins to his feet. Knife edge chop! And a second! SwitchBlade then kicks him in the gut and hits a snap suplex! Cover..





Kick out!

Tony D: "It seems as though SwitchBlade and Wallace have slowed this one down in their favor."

SwitchBlade watches as Rollins crawls to his corner. Just as he's about to make the tag SwitchBlade grabs the ankle and pulls Rollins back to the center of the ring. This action brings Andy LeBeau in but he's stopped by the referee. Wallace charges in and tells him to do a doubleteam. SwitchBlade and Wallace seem to be not on the same page as Wallace starts putting the boots to a downed Rollins. The referee turns around and tells Wallace to get out of the ring!

Tony D: "Looks like the dirty tactics of William Wallace aren't what SwitchBlade wants to do."

Kris Red: "And now the refere isn't too pleased with either of them!"

This diversion allows LeBeau to clap his hands in the corner simulating a tag and as the referee deals with Wallace, Lebeau comes in and hits a RoundHouse kick to the back of SwitchBlade's head! LeBeau pushes Rollins out of the ring and covers SwitchBlade, shouting at the ref just as Wallace gets into his corner.

Kris Red: "Hey! There was no tag!"

The referee looks down and counts..






Kick out!

Tony D: "Two count!"

The referee then questions whether or not Rollins and LeBeau tagged and LeBeau asks him if he heard it or not?! The ref thinks he might've so LeBeau smiles and continues to go to work on SwitchBlade. As LeBeau picks up SwitchBlade by the head, he is nailed with a jawbreaker.

Tony D: "Thankfully, SwitchBlade still has some fight in him!"

Kris Red: "He and William Wallace went close to a half an hour inside of a steel cage.. I think a little kick to the back of the head won't take him out of comission, Tony D!"

Both men struggle to their feet. Rollins is up in his corner again and LeBeau tags him in.

Kris Red: "There's the tag to Jacob Rollins!"

Rollins charges in and SwitchBlade hits an Inverted Atomic Drop!

Kris Red: "Oouch!"

Rollins stumbles back into his corner and LeBeau quickly tag shimself back in.

Tony D: "Blind tag from LeBeau! Looks like he wants more."

SwitchBlade readies himself as LeBeau charges in for a Roundhouse Kick, but SwitchBlade ducks it and hits an Inverted Atomic Drop to him as well!!

Kris Red: "And ouch again!!"

Andy LeBeau backs into the ropes and SwitchBlade follows him. Irish whip... LeBeau holds onto the top rope. SwitchBlade kicks him in the gut. Irish whip.. LeBeau counters.. he ducks down as SwitchBlade returns with a swinging neckbreaker!

Tony D: "Impressive move from SwitchBlade!"

Switchy now makes the cover.. ..

One! ..

Two! ..

Kick out!

He brings him to his feet and goes to whip him into the corner and successfully does, but when he gets to the corner LeBeau delivers a hard right hand. He then grabs SwitchBlade's head and hops up onto the turnbuckle and pushes off with a Tornado DDT!

Kris Red: "Awesome athleticism off that Tornado DDT!"

LeBeau covers..


ONE! ..

Kick out!

Tony D: "SwitchBlade with a kick out with AUTHORITY! But wait! Submission!"

But LeBeau grabs the arm of SwitchBlade and quickly applies a Japanese Armbar!!

Kris Red: "SwitchBlade knows where he is in that ring, though! LeBeau made a mistake."

SwitchBlade has the ring awareness to find the bottom rope with his foot forcing the ref to break the hold. LeBeau however holds on, forcing the ref to start a 5 count.. 1.. 2.. 3.. and suddenly Jacob Rollins comes in with a quick kick to the midsection of SwitchBlade as LeBeau breaks the hold! The fans boo.

Tony D: "Jacob Rollins in illegally!"

Rollins exits the ring as the referee yells at him to stay in his corner and hold the rope. LeBeau goes for a pin..




The pin gets broken up by William Wallace, kicking him right in the skull!

Kris Red: "Willie with the savie!"

The fans start a "USA! USA!" chant to inspire SwitchBlade! William Wallace starts bitching at the fans for their stupidity.

Tony D: "Ha.. gotta love wrestling fans and their chants."

Kris Red: "No, no I don't."

Wallace buys his partner some time by irish whipping LeBeau to the opposite corner and following it with a corner clothesline! Wallace, obeying the referee's orders, backs to his corner. SwitchBlade uses the ring ropes as he crawls over to his corner to attempt the tag. However LeBeau is also making his way to the corner and almost simultaneously both men makes the hot tag to their respective partners.

Tony D: "Both men make the tag!"

Kris Red: "Hot tag!"

Both men meet in the center of the ring as Rollins is caught with a textbook SPINEBUSTER. Wallace makes a pin attempt..

Tony D: "Boy that Spinebuster rocked the building!"




Kick out!

Both men get to their feet.. Rollins follows the attempt up with a short arm clothesline to Wallace. He gets up.. Rollins then with an irish whip to the corner where Wallace is met with a right hand from Andy LeBeau!

Tony D: "More doubleteam shenanigans from LeBeau and Rollins!"

Jacob Rollins tags in LeBeau as he sets Wallace up on the top of the turnbuckle, facing away from the ring. LeBeau climbs up and sets Wallace up for a super belly to back suplex! He hooks the arm and grips his hands around the waist of Wallace.. he lifts him up and down they go!!

Tony D: "Belly to back suplex from the top!!"

Andy LeBeau then drapes an arm over William Wallace as that move took a lot out of him too!



Two!! ..

ThrrrrrrrrWallace places his foot on the ring rope stopping the count!!!!

Tony D: "That was so close!"

SwitchBlade cheers on his partner from the corner as Andy Lebeau and William Wallace slowly get to their feet. LeBeau is up first and he whips Wallace to the corner and tags in Rollins. Wallace then quickly grabs LeBeau and pulls him in with repeated trapping headbutts!!! The fans are going wild as William Wallace will not let LeBeau go!

Tony D: "Oh my goodness it's like Wallace has snapped and he's not stopping with those devastating headbutts!!"

Jacob Rollins gets into the ring though and pulls Wallace off of him and drops him with a Flatliner! He covers..







Kick out!

Tony D: "Wallace kicks out!"

Jacob Rollins gets to his feet and taunts SwitchBlade, and SwitchBlade immediately starts to get into the ring. The referee goes to stop him as Rollins brings Wallace up but is met with a low blow sending him down to the mat.

Tony D: "Low blow!"

Kris Red: "The ref didn't see it!"

Tony D: "No matter who's partner he is, William Wallace will always still be.. William Wallace."

Wallace crawls over to the corner and tags in his partner who immediately enters the ring and picks up Rollins and drops him with a backbreaker! SwitchBlade doesn't stop there as he brings Rollins to his feet and sends him into the corner. He pulls him out and hooks both arms as he hops onto the middle buckle, then pushes off with a Tornado Double Arm DDT!

Tony D: "SwitchBlade with the Double Arm Tornado DDT!"

Kris Red: "SwitchBlade has fire in his eyes!"

Then in an attempt to slow down the pace of the match, SwitchBlade applies a front facelock on his downed opponent working the neck area even further.

Kris Red: "The technical prowess of SwitchBlade on display there. Working the neck."

Using his free arm, SwitchBlade tags in Wallace. SwitchBlade picks up Rollins and holds him as William Wallace boots him in the midsection. He then applies a sleeper hold to continue working the neck. SwitchBlade makes his way out of the ring to his corner.

Tony D: "Jacob Rollins is not without his fans tonight as we can hear some of them cheering him on."

Kris Red: "I think it's safe to say that the fans love SwitchBlade, hate William Wallace, sort of like Jacob Rollins and aren't entirely sure what to think of Andy LeBeua. Just my two cents though."

As some fans continue to cheer him on, Rollins finds the strength to fight off the sleeper somewhat and makes it to his knees. At this point Wallace releases the sleeper to perform another move but is caught with a desperation reverse atomic drop by Rollins.

Kris Red: "That move is getting a lot of play tonight!"

Rollins uses his new found adrenaline to backpedal into a tag with his partner LeBeau.

Kris Red: "And in comes the guy the fans don't know if they like or not!"

LeBeau quickly enters and delivers a quick T-Bone Suplex out of nowhere to William Wallace! He then measures him off as Wallace pushes himself up off the mat.. LeBeau stomps his foot as he readies for the Canadian Lightning SuperKick...

Kris Red: "He's tuning up the band.. or something."

Wallace is up and turns as LeBeau kicks but Wallace blocks it and pushes the foot down. He then delivers a thunderous headbutt and pulls him between his legs.

Kris Red: "Oh great it's time for the Freedom Drop!"

Tony D: "Wallace finished off Starr and ended his streak with this move!"

Wallace lifts him up and drops him with the sitout powerbomb!!!

Tony D: "He nails it!"

Wallace stays on him for the pin when suddenly the bell sounds.

Tony D: "What? Wait. What?"

Wallace looks at the referee wondering why he isn't making the pin and the referee waves his arms.

Kris Red: "What's going on??"

SwitchBlade enters the ring as William Wallace releases the hold from the mat. He and SwitchBlade try to get some words from the referee. He explains it to them and waves his arms before heading to Randy Long and talking to him through the ropes. Long nods his head and grabs the microphone. Jacob Rollins pulls Andy LeBeau out of the ring from under the bottom rope and the two sit at ringside as Long speaks.

Randy Long: "Ladies and gentlemen, this match has reached it's 15 minute time limit.. Therefore, this match will end in a draw! Both teams earn one point in the Elite Duos Tournament!"

The fans boo as Wallace and SwitchBlade can't believe it. Rollins and LeBeau realize they just escaped losing there thanks to the clock and they are semi-happy.

Tony D: "Wait, so the main event is a draw?!"

Kris Red: "Both teams with one point! This is unexpected!"

The fans chant "Five More Minutes!" as Wallace tries to reason with the referee and tells him he had this match finished with! The referee says there's nothing he can do.

Tony D: "Well fans we had no idea this would end up this way with a time limit draw but I guess that's what you have to expect going into a tournament with rules like this! Both team gets one point but it's surely not what Wallace and SwitchBlade wanted."

Kris Red: "Of COURSE it isn't what they wanted. Wallace hit that powerbomb and it was going to be all over.. but now, they have to split the winnings with Rollins and LeBeau.. who aren't even going to be a team anymore apparently. This is all chaos."

Tony D: "Well fans we thank you for your purchase of this DVD! WARPED 51 is in the books! We'll see you next time!"

Wallace and SwitchBlade converse in the middle of the ring as the referee brings SwitchBlade his Evolution Championship. The show fades to black.

SwitchBlade & Wallace - 1
Maple Leaf Strike Force - 1

Match Time: 15:00