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Show opened with a recap of the events that occured last Friday at Paranoid, including Death's theft of the title. Commissioner Travis arrives and determines that because Death burned the belt, he forfeited his claim to the fWo World Heavyweight Title, and was stripped at once of his claim as champion. Travis announced that the title would go to the number one contender who was able to compete... Cactus Jon. Death and the Dark Riders then arrived on the scene and confronted Travis. Death demanded his title at once, and when Travis refused, powerbombed the commisioner from the entry ramp and 15 feet to the arena floor. Travis was taken out on a stretcher, in critical condition.


Wolf Fang vs. God's Gift

After a back and forth battle, Wolf Fang seemed to be gaining the upper hand. Primetime arrived at ringside and mocked Wolf Fang, promping Wolf Fang to spring to the outside and attack Primetime on the outside. God's Gift then moved to the outside, and attacked Primetime as well. God's Gift and Wolf Fang proceeded to beat on Primetime, until a large masked wrestler arrived to assist Primetime. Officials arrived to break up the action.

Result: No Contest


Boston Strangler (c) vs. Chris Universal

Boston Strangler (c)Chris Universal

The Boston Strangler wrestled a highly technical match, followed by quick responses from Universal, who wrestled a more aerial set. The Strangler locked in a crippler crossface hold, but at that moment War, Famine, and Pestilence arrived at in the ring and began to attack Universal. The Strangler seemed unsure of what to do as the Dark Riders attacked Universal. The Dark Riders then came over to shake the Stranger's hand, who looked prepared to say and do something when Jim Dudley arrived at ringside to confront the Strangler about what appeared to be an allegance with the Dark Riders, who fled the scene, along with the Strangler's Internet Title, which they claimed they were only holding for the Strangler.

Result: Chris Universal by DQ


Primetime vs. Jackhammer


Jackhammer dominated the match, watched from the apron by God's Gift and Wolf Fang. At one point in the match, Wolf Fang looked to attack Primetime with a wrench, but accidently clocked Jackhammer by mistake. Primetime quickly covered Jackhammer for the pinfall, and was then attacked by all three.

Result: Primetime by Pinfall


VL Tha Murdera (c) vs. Flying Frenchie

Flying Frenchie

Against doctor's orders, VL arrived to the match with a cast on her left arm, and noticable stiffness in her walk. The match ventured all over the arena, finally ending in the parking garage for the arena. VL Tha Murdera tossed a large steel garbage can on the Frenchie, who quickly raised a boot and drove the can into the head of VL. The Frenchie quickly covered VL for the victory, then escaped from the arena as Queen Bee Kristen and VL chased him. On the fWo-Tron, the Dark Riders appeared to congradulate their ally, the Frenchie, on his title victory.

Result: Flying Frenchie by Pinfall


Dark Riders vs. Ultra Cool & Jim Dudley

Ultra Cool & Jim Dudley

Using strong teamwork, Scotty Cool and Ultra Violet dominated the match along with their partner, Jim Dudley. At one point in the match Ultra Violet and Scotty Cool held War while Dudley delivered a spiked piledriver. As Dudley covered War, Death arrived to pull Dudley off. The Lone Gunmen came to the ring to watch the Dark Rider's actions for cheating. As Scotty Cool covered Pestilence, Billy James removed his Lone Gunmen shirt and attacked Scotty Cool, along with the Brawler who entered from the crowd. The Brawler and James then announced their allegiance to the Dark Riders, and burned a trapped Machina with a blowtorch Death carried with him. Ultra Violet and Scotty Cool assisted the Lone Gunman, while Jim Dudley chased Death to the backstage area.

Result: Dark Riders by Pinfall


Cactus Jon (c) vs. Death

Cactus Jon (c)Death

Cactus Jon came to the ring to accept the title from Scott Taylor, who was announced as the acting commisioner during Travis' abscene. As Taylor was about to give Jon the title, the lights went out, and Death along with Stevie Roberts came to the ring. Death faced Jon, who accepted a match with Death right then. As Jon and Death sqaured off, Taylor rang the bell, and announced that Death was the champion. Taylor then removed his shirt and announced that he was the manager for the Dark Riders, and the one responsible for the flames the week before. Death, Roberts, and Taylor then escaped through the crowd as an enraged Jon gave chase. The remaining five Dark Riders appeared on the entry ramp, and proceeded to burn down the giant fWo banners, announcing that once and for all... the fWo is dead.

Result: Death by outside decision