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WARPED48 5/19/12 Bethnal Green, London - York Hall
WARPED finishes the tour of the United Kingdom by stopping in Bethnal Green at the York Hall. John Pariah will make his in-ring debut for WARPED, plus a new tag team of Drug Money Inc is in action against 1/2 of "Mainstream"... plus an Evolution Title Match as Leon Stone (taking Anton Chase's spot) will take on William Wallace for the gold. There will be a huge tag team match pitting SwitchBlade & Crowbar on one side taking on The Rough Ryder & Cameron MacNichol, as we get a mini-reunion of "Team PKA" and "Team Joey".. And finally in the main event, after PKA seemingly costed StarrZoe his last rematch for the World Title, he's given StarrZoe another shot for the gold as he faces Korrupt one on one!

What else will go down as WARPED hits England one more time? We're getting closer and closer to our 50th Show!


Main Event for the World Title
Korrupt (c) vs. Alexander StarrZoe

Tag Team Match
Switchblade & Crowbar vs. The Rough Ryder & Cameron MacNichol

Evolution Championship Match
William Wallace (c) vs. Anton Chase Leon Stone

Tag Team ShowcaseHandicap Match
Drug Money Inc. vs. 1/2 of Mainstream - Robb Daniels

Singles Match
Victor Jace vs. Henry Malikin

Singles Match
John Pariah vs. John Yuma

WARPED48 5/19/12 Bethnal Green, London - York Hall


You open the DVD of WARPED 48 and enter it into your favorite DVD player. The sounds of "Pogo" by Digitalism play as the WARPED Wrestling logo floats down from the top to the middle of the screen. Underneath that fades in to words "Play DVD". You click... and the show begins...


Scene 1

Singles Match - John Pariah vs. John Yuma

The scene opens up outside of York Hall in London, England as we see fans entering the building. The camera zooms in on the "Bethnal Hall" engraving on the side of the building before fading out and to the arena...

Randy Long: "Wrestling fans, welcome to WARPED 48! We are live at York Hall in Bethnal Green, London, England! Welcome to the third leg of our first ever tour of the United Kingdom!"

The fans in York Hall erupt in cheers and applause!

Randy Long: "Let's kick things off with a singles contest scheduled for one fall!"

The lights in the arena begin to flicker and strobe as a hard rock guitar intro is heard. The fans grow restless, as "The Truth Is" by Stonethorne kicks into high gear.

Have you ever thought something was lost,
Something inside of you?
And yet for so long you’ve been searching
Not knowing what you’re looking for.
So you look in the mirror day to day
Wondering just what it is.
Finding content in ordinary lives
Through smoke and mirrors, you cant figure out….

Randy Long: "Making his WARPED Wrestling in-ring debut, he hails from Chicago, Illinois and weighs in at 227 pounds - The King of Wrestling John Pariahhhhh!"

The fans explode as John Pariah steps onto the stage, wearing a knee length black jacket. His hair is slicked back and he roars with the crowd as he throws his arms into an X above his head-before throwing them out in a crucifix position.

…Just what it is
That you hope will bring you happiness
But the truth is, no one ever does!
The truth is, in the eye of the beholder…
Now tell me, why is it so hard to happiness at all?

Pariah makes his way down to the ring-looking the arena over once more. He slides in, and poses on the ropes as his music begins to fade out.

Randy Long: "And his opponent - from Glen Rowan, Australia, weighing in at 232 pounds - John Yuma!"

"The Times They Are a-Changin'" by Bob Dylan plays as John Yuma comes from behind the curtain. He doesn't use fancy pyros, he simply walks down the ramp, enters the ring, and prepares to fight..

The camera then shows Tony D and Kris Red seated at ringside!

Tony D: "Welcome to WARPED48! I am Tony D, alongside as always, Kris Red. And Kris, tonight - WARPED is ridin' solo in the third and final leg of the UK Tour."

Kris Red: "No doubt, no doubt, Tony D. We've had a lot of fun over the last month with NEWera with shows in Wales and Glasgow, but tonight we're in London and we're doing it our way!"

Tony D: "And with this huge debut in London means big things because not only will the Evolution Title be on the line tonight but so will the World Championship!"

Kris Red: "Tonight, that title truly becomes a "world" title as it gets defended outside of the United States for the first time. Both of them do, in fact!"

Pariah and Yuma circle the ring and shake hands, both showing respect for one another as the bell sounds.

Tony D: "We've seen John Pariah come out over the last month saying something about a new era coming... but we're not quite sure what he means. Could we find out tonight?"

Kris Red: "It's quite possible, Tony D, but who knows. This is his WARPED in-ring debut but it's not his first go. This guy knows his way around the ring and his opponent, John Yuma, knows a thing or two as well."

They lock up in the middle of the ring as the fans are going wild... Yuma with an armdrag! Pariah gets up and nods as HYuma smiles. They circle the ring and lock up again... Pariah with an armdrag! Both men pop up and Pariah smiles. Yuma nods and they circle around the ring again..and into a lock up in the middle of the ring for a third time. Yuma with the go-behind into a reverse waistlock.. Pariah counters out and goes behind with his own waistlock. Yuma then goes behind. Pariah reverses. And Yuma finall spins out but chooses not to lock in the waistlock as both men keep an eye on each other. The fans applaud.

They circle the ring and lock up again.. Pariah with a side headlock. Yuma goes to one knee while Pariah holds it on tight. Yuma is able to push up though, and tries to push Pariah off the ropes but he holds onto the head. Yuma now drills his right hand into the gut of Pariah numerous times, but Pariah holds on and brings Yuma down with a headlock takedown. Yuma is able to escape though and quickly get to his feet but Pariah is there ready with a knife edge chop! The fans let out a "WOOOO!" and Pariah goes for another chop but Yuma ducks it and goes for a neckbreaker but Pariah holds onto the ropes and Yuma drops to the mat! Pariah then pulls Yuma away from the ropes a bit and jumps on the middle rope and hits a Lionsault ~ but wait! Yuma rolls out of the way and Pariah lands on his feet. Yuma then charges for a running stomach kick but Pariah sidesteps the leg and goes behind Yuma and tries for a belly to back suplex .. and Yuma flips out and lands on his feet - then hits a Neckbreaker! He covers..


Kick out!

John Yuma brings Pariah to his feet and sets him up for a Front Suplex. He lifts him up but Pariah lands behind and rolls him up in a schoolboy pin..

One - Kick out!

After a quick kickout from John Yuma, Pariah quickly tries to take his head off with a lariat~! but Yuma ducks and kicks Pariah in the gut then hits a DDT! He covers..



Kick out!

Yuma brings John Pariah to his feet as the fans applaud the action thus far. Yuma with a right hand that rocks Pariah back into the corner. Yuma then hits another right hand, followed by two kicks to the gut. Yuma climbs up but Pariah pushes him off and he lands on his feet. Pariah charges for a clothesline but Yuma ducks it! Yuma goes for a big spinning clothesline but Pariah catches him and hits a T-Bone Suplex!

The fans pop for Pariah's explosive maneuver and he gets to his feet, riling up the fans. He measures John Yuma as he gets to his feet and Pariah comes up from behind and looks for a Half Nelson Suplex but Yuma brings his elbows back and connects with the side of Pariah's face. Yuma then hits the ropes, bounces off and Pariah screams out and charges in with a ROARING ELBOW~! The shot sends Yuma through the ropes and down to the floor as the fans get on their feet to see what might happen next!

Yuma pulls himself up with the barricade as Pariah measures him off in the ring. He hits the far ropes, bounces off and charges. He leaps over the top rope, flipping, and lands on Yuma, and goes into the first row!

Kris Red: "Tope Atomico!"

The fans help Pariah up as they are also going absolute crazy! They pat Pariah on the back as he collects himself and climbs over the barricade. He brings Yuma to his feet as the fans chat "WARPED! WARPED! WARPED!" and Pariah pushes Yuma into the ring. Yuma is out of it as Pariah climbs on the apron and up the turnbuckle. He gains his balance and leaps off with a Swanton Bomb!

John Yuma moves out of the way! Pariah crashes and burns!

Yuma is up and he brings Pariah to his feet and up on his shoulders, setting up for the Australian Death Drop! He then spins him out for the Cutter, but Pariah lands on his feet and then leaps up and hits the Codebreaker!

Kris Red: "John Pariah with the Ghost Bullet Theory!"

Pariah hooks the leg...




Kris Red: "And it's ova!"

The bell sounds and the fans stand up, cheering and applauding, as "The Truth Is" by Stonethorne kicks in on the PA System.

Randy Long: "Here is your winner - John Parrrriah!"

Pariah's arm gets raised in victory by the referee as he wipes the sweat off of his brow after a very fast-paced match. The fans cheer him as he throws his arms into an X above his head and then puts them out in a crucifix position!

Tony D: "Very impressive debut by one John Pariah tonight, but we can't take anything away from John Yuma. That kid has a lot of potential."

Kris Red: "Both of these men put it all on the line tonight and they went 90 miles an hour while doing so. I love it! Great job, guys."

John Pariah turns around and Yuma is down on one knee, looking up. Pariah extends his hand as Yuma pushes himself up by his knee and looks at the hand and without much hesitation he shakes it. Yuma holds Pariah's arm up in victory as the fans cheer this great sign of respect!



Scene 2


The scene opens back stage. As Austin Sanders walks through the corridors a sheep runs past him. He soon approaches the door of the Evolution Champion William Wallace. He knocks at the door looking for an interview.

William Wallace: Dolly, a told you suck properly or a kick you out!

Wallace opens the door looking very embarrassed as he finds the Executive Assistant, and very beautiful Deja, standing.

Deja: I was looking to get a quick word from you William?

William Wallace: Velocity...It is the quickest word a can think of

Deja: No I mean an Interview?

She pulls out a small notepad from her large bussom, and a pen from her hair. She clicks it and smiles.

William Wallace: Oh well say that old man!

Deja: Sorry William

William Wallace: you will be next time.

Deja: Can I Ask your opinion on Leon Stone?

William Wallace: You can, but it isn't much, a have had shits bigger than that punk, he wants to kid on he is somethin in this business then he can go ahead, but until he has a win against someone who isn't the bottom of the barrel then a won't be takin him seriously. ..Tell you what Deja, save you some time, how about you come in here an stop wastin your time...It is time you experienced a real man...a real Champion!

Deja looks around before walking in. Wallace closes the door behind her an locks it beofre a series of farm yard noises can be heard "cuming" from the dressing room!


Scene 3

Singles Match - Henry Malikin vs. SHEEP SHEEP

Randy Long: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Making his way to the ring, from Norham, Northumberland, ENGLAND!"

Crowd pops huge!

Randy Long: "Weighing in at 185 pounds - Henry Malikin!"

The arena is at a slow humming murmur. That is until the opening guitar riffs for the song "Busy Being Born" by the band Middle Class Rut hit the PA sound system. The fans then go into a straight down the middle discharge of cheers and jeers for that young U.K. kid Henry Malkin. Malkin emerges from the backstage area with a cock grin upon his face. Clad in his ring gear, with a black warm up suit sweat jacket, Henry makes his way from the back and down the ramp. As he gets to the middle of the ramp Henry kneels down to one knee. He looks to the fans on his left and his right and then looks dead center at the ring. Henry extends his arms outward in a posing fashion. He soaks in the ambiance and then gets to his footing once more walking down to the ring. Henry then slides in the ring and quickly makes his way up the nearest turnbuckle, posing once more at the top of it. With his arms extended outwards as if he were on a crucifix. His music then dies and Henry hops down from the turnbuckle, unzipping and removing his jacket, handing it to a valet at ringside.

Randy Long: "And we regret to inform you that Victor Jace was not able to make it tonight. Though, taking his place, he hails from the Farm... SHEEP SHEEEEEEEEP!"

The Farmers whistle sounds and the sound of a farmer shouting is heard before "Old McDonald Had a Farm" begins to play and SHEEP SHEEP emerges from the back. Making his way to the ring while tagging fans and stopping to take pictures with them.


Kris Red: "He's here!"

Tony D: "Oh my goodness it's the Baaaaaaahd Man himself, SHEEP SHEEP!"

Henry Malikin isn't sure what to make of this. SHEEP SHEEP motions for him to bring it on! The bell sounds and they lock up. SHEEP SHEEP with a huge headbutt!

Tony D: "Massive headbutt!!"

Kris Red: "SHEEP SHEEP is so good they named him twice!"

SHEEP SHEEP fights to keep his giant mascot head on. Henry Malikin gets up and delivers a few shin kicks. SHEEP SHEEP returns with a mongolian chop, taking Malikin down! The crowd is enjoying this!

Kris Red: "He's so powerful!"

Malikin gets to his feet and hits knee to the gut of SHEEP SHEEP. Malikin with an irish whip.. SHEEP SHEEP off the ropes.. Malikin with an armdrag! SHEEP SHEEP fights to keep his head on straight while standing up. Malikin then dropkicks SHEEP SHEEP! He hits the ropes and bounces back to Malikin and delivers a back handed chop! Malikin flips backwards and lands on his face.


Kris Red: "What a maneuver from SHEEP SHEEP!"





"Old McDonald Had a Farm" hits the PA System and SHEEP SHEEP gets to his feet, adjusting his head. The referee holds his arm in the air and he puts both arms up in celebration as the fans are going wild. He climbs the turnbuckle and shakes his arms in excitement.


Scene 4

Flashback - Robb Daniels' Reacts to Not Having a Partner

The voice-over sound of Tony D is heard as a graphic is shown for the team of "Mainstream"

Tony D: "Coming up next, we originally had a Tag Team Showcase match set up as WARPED gets closer and closer to officially launching a tag team division, but we found out earlier this week that one of the participants in the tag team match would not be here tonight. That man would be Joey Hollywood, one half of the team of Mainstream alongside Robb Daniels. Earlier this week, Daniels had some words for Kelly Calloway at Let's take you to that clip - "

Robb Daniels is shown.

Robb Daniels: "Let me tell you something Kevin--you don‘t call the ‘Innovator of Wrestling‘ Robb Daniels. You sit back--waiting patiently for him to contact you. I know--I know…everybody is speculating ‘Who is going to replace Joey Hollywood in the tag team match against Drug Money Inc.?’ Well that answer is simple--there isn‘t one individual damn person who can take the place of the ‘Essence of Excellence‘ Joey Hollywood. And Yes--I have already spoken to both Joey Warped and PKA. They have thrown name after name at me but I‘ve turned them all down. There‘s a reason why the Championship Wrestling Council named Mainstream the ‘2011 Tag Team of the Year.’’ That is because we are that damn good--that is because when Hollywood and Daniels are working together as Mainstream it is gold and it is the hottest ticket in wrestling--but when we‘re not we‘re headlining and main-eventing all the shows across the world as top singles performers. So if you want an answer for who will be my partner at WARPED 48 against Drug Money Inc.--nobody! That‘s right--I‘m better off taking on those two pieces of trash on my own--without anyone getting in my way. I‘ve got my manager Bret Hamilton. My beautiful fiancé Lauren Parker and a new acquisition of talent services that you‘ll all soon be introduced to. Together we are Mainstream--no excuses--no mercy!"

Fade out...


Scene 5

Handicap Match - Robb Daniels vs. Drug Money Inc

Randy Long: "The following contest is a handicap match scheduled for one fall. Introducing first.. from Knoxville, Tennessee, weighing in at 235 pounds, he represents the team of Mainstream - Robb Daniels!"

"Never Too Late" by Three Days Grace begins to play throughout the arena.

*This world will never be what I expected
*And if I don't belong who would have guessed it
*I will not leave alone everything that I own
*To make you feel like it's not too late, it's never too late

Two large blue bursts of smoke explode into the atmosphere of the arena.

*Even if I say it'll be alright
*Still I hear you say you want to end your life
*Now and again we try to just stay alive
*Maybe we'll turn it around 'cause it's not too late
*It's Never Too Late

As the fog settles to the floor the “Innovator of Wrestling" Robb Daniels appears out from behind the black curtain followed by Lauren Parker and manager Bret Hamilton.

*No one will ever see this side reflected
*And if there's something wrong who would have guessed it?
*And I have left alone everything that I own
*To make you feel like it's not too late, it's never too late

The fans with mixed reactions cheer and chant his name as the stairs step through the ropes. Daniels climbs on the middle turnbuckle of the corner facing the crowd and camera with arms in the air. The music comes to an end.

Randy Long: "And his opponents... at a combined weight of 340 pounds - Blake "The Snake" Blomberg & Villano VI - please welcome the debut of Drug.. Money.. Inc!"

"Snakeman's Dance" plays as Blake Blomberg and Villano VI step through the curtain. Blake waves to the crowd and slaps the fans hands, though he doesn't appear too happy to be there. His partner shows no emotion and ignores the crowd. They walk down to the ring and get ready to compete.

Tony D: "And here we go with what was supposed to be a tag team showcase, but it looks like we're having a handicap match instead, sadly."

Kris Red: "Joey Hollywood is reportedly unable to compete for an unknown amount of time and that's definitely going to be a blow to the tag team division that WARPED is attempting to start up, but Robb Daniels is a fighter and he's going to go at this match on his own."

Tony D: "And of course you see the debut of Blake Blomberg there with the goatee and Villano VI in the mask. Villano doesn't really look too enthusiastic about being here tonight."

The bell sounds as it appears we'll get Robb Daniels facing off against Blake Blomberg first tonight. Daniels is looking cocky as he tells Blomberg to bring it on! They lock up in the middle of the ring and Daniels quickly applies a headlock and smiles out to his accomplices at ringside, who of course cheer him on. Blomberg pushes Daniels away, and he hits the ropes. Daniels stops and shakes his finger at Blomberg, telling him that he made a mistake. Daniels comes at him with a kick but Blomberg catches his leg and pushes him down. He goes for a Sharpshooter but Robb Daniels kicks him in the butt and rolls to his feet. Daniels calls Blomberg ugly and says he'll never be as good looking, as talented, and most of all never the WARPED Tag Team Champion!

Tony D: "Robb Daniels isn't short on confidence, that's for sure."

Robb Daniels then puts his left hand in the air and tells Blomberg to have at it for a test of strength. Blake Blomberg reaches his hand up but then Daniels drops it and raises his right arm instead. Blomberg reaches his right arm up and Daniels trades arms again, and Blomberg looks frustrated. He puts his hand up to Daniels' left hand but Daniels then trades again. This time Blomberg kicks Daniels in the gut and grabs both hands, squeezing them tightly, and Daniels dances in pain. Blomberg then releases and quickly leaps up, hitting a dropkick to the face of Daniels! He goes down and backs himself up into the corner, clutching his jaw. Blomberg smiles as Daniels checks to see if his jaw is still in one piece.

Tony D: "I think Robb Daniels is scared that his pretty face might've just been ruined by that dropkick."

Kris Red: "Don't hate, Tony D! It's not easy being this good looking. Robb Daniels has a right to be concerned!"

Villano VI tells Blomberg to tag him in and Blomberg obliges. Villano enters and motions for Daniels to get up and fight! Daniels slowly does, keeping his distance. He circles around as Villano keeps his eyes on him. Daniels continues to circle and suddenly turns around and punches Blake right off of the apron! This pisses off Villano, as he comes at Daniels but Daniels ducks and tackles him to the ground and repeatedly lays in the right hands. Villano pushes him off and both men get to their feet and lock up, with Daniels connecting with a headlock takedown on Villano. He holds the side headlock on, a huge smile on his face.

Tony D: "Robb Daniels isn't short on confidence, that's for sure. Look at that sickening smile."

Kris Red: "What you call sickening, I call inspiring!"

On the apron comes Blake Blomberg who is clearly angry and tries to get into the ring to go after Daniels for that cheapshot but the ref stops him! This distraction allows for Daniels to take the sideheadlock on the mat and turn it into a blatant choke hold!!

Tony D: "Oh come on! He's choking him!"

Kris Red: "Blake Blomberg's gotta keep his cool! He's not doing his partner any favors!"

The fans boo as he chokes the life out! The ref turns around as Daniels releases the choke and shrugs. He brings Villano VI to his feet and delivers a right hand and flips off Blomberg! He then kicks Villano in the gut and goes for a DDT but Blomberg spins out and goes for a belly to back suplex but Daniels lands on his feet. Blomberg goes for a clothesline but Daniels ducks and he then hits a Russian Leg sweep! Daniels covers..



Kick out!

Tony D: "Kickout from Blake Blomberg!"

Daniels slaps the mat as Villano reaches out to crawl toward his partner.

Kris Red: "Robb Daniels isn't very pleased and Villano VI wants that hot tag!"

Robb Daniels stops him though and brings Villano VI to his feet and sets him up for a Piledriver or Powerbomb as he puts Villano between his legs. Daniels then taunts Blomberg with a cocky wave before lifting Villano up but Villano knees Daniels in the face on the way up and Daniels releases. Villano then goes in for a tag as Bret Hamilton slides into the ring and the referee rushes in to stop him!

Kris Red: "Hey!"

Tony D: "Bret Hamilton, the manager for Robb Daniels, getting involved in this match!"

Meanwhile villano makes the tag to his partner!

Kris Red: "Look! There's the tag!"

Blake Blomberg gets in the ring and charges in at Daniels and clotheslines him! Daniels gets up and Blomberg clotheslines him again! Daniels up a third time and Blomberg kicks him in the gut and hooks both arms, setting him up for a Tiger Suplex and he nails it!

Tony D: "Blomberg is on fire!"

Blomberg now brings Daniels to his feet and whips him to the corner, and Daniels hits back-first. The referee finally gets Bret Hamilton out of the ring and Hamilton apologizes as we see Blomberg setting up for a Reverse Tornado DDT in the corner but the referee asks Blomberg what he's doing in the ring?! Blomberg insists there was a tag but the ref says absolutely not!

Tony D: "The ref didn't see the tag! Oh no!"

Blomberg tries to argue but the ref starts a 5 count. While Blomberg is trying to reason with the referee, Bret Hamilton slides a steel chair into the ring and Daniels grabs Villano and brings him to his feet and puts him between his legs..

Kris Red: "Hey, wait a minute.."

Daniels then flips forward with the Canadian Destroyer piledriver onto the chair!!

Tony D: "The Daniels Bomb onto the steel chair!! Oh my God!"

Daniels pushes the chair out of the ring then clotheslines Blomberg over the top rope!! He then covers Villano VI..




Kris Red: "Whoa! Robb Daniels with the victory!"

The bell sounds.

Randy Long: "Here is your winner - Robb Daniels!"

"Busy Being Born" by Middle Class Rut plays as the fans boo Daniels. He has a cocky smile on his face as he is now on the outside of the ring with his group known as Mainstream. They celebrate in victory as Daniels weasled his way to a victory tonight. Blake Blomberg checks on his partner who isn't responding at all. Blomberg gets up and goes to the ropes, leaning over them and pointing to Robb Daniels!

Tony D: "I'd say that the odds were stacked against Robb Daniels in this match but that'd be a lie. He clearly had help from one Bret Hamilton in that match, not to mention that steel chair came in quite handy."

Kris Red: "Look, Villano VI was still out from the hell that Daniels had put him through. It's not Daniels' fault that the referee didn't see Blake Blomberg tag in. Villano VI was still the legal man and he should've gotten out of the ring when he had the chance!"

Tony D: "Either way, it looks like this isn't over between these two teams. The question remains, though - will Robb Daniels find himself a tag team partner?"

Mainstream makes their way through the curtains as the scene fades to black.


Scene 6


Leon Stone is standing backstag yelling at his sister Chelsea, but she's not paying attention. She is completely immersed in her phone.

Leon: “Who the hell could you be texting anyway? “

No answer

Leon: “Are you even listening to me? “

No answer

Leon: ” Chelsea who the hell are you texting. “

Chelsea answers Leon with her head down still texting.

Chelsea: “A friend. “

Leon: “Does this friend have a name or are you just gonna not give me her name?”

Chelsea smirks

Chelsea: ” It isn’t a girl. “

Leon: “Then who is it? I pay the phone bill I have a right to know.”

Chelsea’s smile breaks into a full smile.

Chelsea: “You don’t want to know bro.”

Leon rips the phone out of her hand looking at a text from Anton Chase asking “so what color thong you wearing tonight?”

Leon’s whole face turns red as he throws her phone against the stone wall behind her

Leon: “You fucking bitch. You good for nothing whore. Get out of my sight before I beat the shit out of you. “

Chelsea: “You wouldn’t hit a girl.”

Leon takes a step toward her but she gracefully skips down the hall and yell back at Leon telling him he will be buying her a new phone.


Scene 7

Evolution Championship Singles Match - Leon Stone vs. William Wallace(c)

Randy Long: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the Evolution Championship! Introducing first, from Dayton, Ohio, weighing in at 230 pounds - Leon Stoooone!"

"Seize The Day" by Avenged Sevenfold hits the PA System. Leon Stone and his sister Chelsea Stone walk down the ramp, Leon is wearing a just a pair of loose fitting basketball shorts. Chelsea is wearing tight jeans and a tight low cut tank top, with her long brown hair in a loose pony tail. They seem to be arguing along the way. Leon slides into the ring and his sister walks to the apron jumping up and down a little just as ready for the match as her big brother is.

Randy Long: "And his opponent... from Glasgow, Scotland. Weighing in at 254 pounds - he is the reigning and defending Evolution Champion - William Wallace!"

The arena blacks out as the bagpipes tune fill with air, as Flower of Scotland Begins to play Wallace appears, lit up by one single spot light which follows him to the ring. He makes his way to the ring shouting abuse the the crowd before rolling under the bottom rope.

Tony D: "Evolution Title match time! Leon Stone is getting a shot of a lifetime tonight and luck must be on his side because this shouldn't even be his title match!"

Kris Red: "No kidding. That damn punk took Anton Chase's spot and he doesn't deserve it."

Tony D: "Clearly you're still not a fan of Leon Stone. That said, a lot of people think, Leon included, that Anton stole LEON's shot over a month ago in that 3 Way match for the Number One Contendership."

Kris Red: "The winner of that match was Anton Chase, so clearly he's the winner. It doesn't matter how he won, he still won."

SwitchBlade: "It's a shame Chase couldn't make it this evening. I still owe him one for costing me my match with Wallace."

The bell sounds as William Wallace checks out the man known as Leon Stone, a man about 24 pounds lighter and 3 inches shorter than Wallace.

Tony D: "This will be Wallace's fourth time defending the title tonight, and - "

Suddenly "Lost My Way" by Finger Eleven plays as both men in the ring look up at the stage. SwitchBlade comes out to a huge pop from the crowd! He walks down the aisle, slapping the hands of fans along the way. He acknowledges both guys in the ring, specifically keeping an eye on William Wallace (who is doing the same to SwitchBlade). SwitchBlade makes his way to the announce table and has a seat.

Tony D: "Well, this is unexpected."

Kris Red: "I don't know how to hook this third headset up. Here.. Randy.."

Randy Long comes over and assists the hookup while William Wallace leans over the top rope asking SwitchBlade what he thinks he's doing? Randy Long hooks up the headset as SwitchBlade has a seat and puts it on.

Kris Red: "SwitchBlade, welcome."

SwitchBlade: "Test test.. ah, good. I'm just here to check out my future opponent, Willie!"

Leon Stone tries to sneak up on William Wallace, but it's like he has eyes in the back of his head as he turns around just in the knick of time and Stone stumbles back like he's seen a ghost. Wallace motions for him to come on.. and they lock up. Wallace immediately takes control with a side headlock. The fans in York Hall start a slow building clap as they are pumped for this title match! Wallace transitions to an armwrench now, and he then twists the arm of Stone once. He then twists it again and Stone flips down to the mat, with Wallace holding his arm still. Stone brings his feet up and kicks away from the body of Wallace, rolls back and gets to his feet, but Wallace still has hold of the arm. Stone does a cartwheel out of the hold and applies a keylock submission on Wallace.

SwitchBlade: "Did you see that? Great move by Stone!"

Tony D: "It's not often we see chain/submission wrestling from Leon Stone, but from the video he released this week, it'd appear he's training in submission wrestling more and more lately."

Wallace wastes little time, bringing his elbow back and nailing Stone in the head. Stone releases and Wallace takes a few steps back to the corner, shaking his arm off. Leon Stone motions around his waist and Wallace shakes his head.

Tony D: "Wallace with a nice counter there."

SwitchBlade: "Not bad. Not the move I would have used in that situation, but Wallace isn't much of a thinker when he's in the ring. He follows his instincts."

Kris Red: "Leon Stone can't get too cocky.. but I gotta say I'm impressed with what he just did."

They circle the ring and then lock up, with Wallace immediately bringing a knee to the gut of Stone and doubling him over. Wallace clubs him in the back and Stone pushes him. Stone hits the ropes and comes at Wallace who clotheslines him to the mat! Stone pushes himself back up and tries to take the leg out from under Wallace, but Wallace grabs Stone by his shaggy hair and pulls him down fast and hard to the mat. Stone grabs the back of his head as Wallace smirks and points to SwitchBlade sayin "ya see that?"

SwitchBlade: "Yeah, I saw it. Focus, or the next time I beat you in a match I won't be the new Evolution Champion."

Leon Stone spins Wallace around and hits a leaping hurricanrana, and Wallace goes down! He quickly gets back up but he is beside himself and dizzy. Stone then comes at him and hits a headscissors takedown! Once again a dizzy Scot stands up and Stone delivers a kick to the chin, and then one to the thigh, followed by a spin kick to the chest that takes Wallace back into the corner. Leon Stone now climbs the turnbuckle and delivers right hands to William Wallace as the crowd counts along ....1...2...3...4...5...6...7....8...9...ooooooooooooooooh 10! Stone hops down as Wallace stumbles out of the corner and drops to a knee. Stone runs to the ropes, bounces off and returns with two feet right to the face of Wallace, and that sends him through the middle and bottom ropes, down to ringside. Stone gets to his feet as the fans do as well, wondering what's next. Stone climbs the turnbuckle as Wallace pulls himself up by the apron. Stone then leaps off the top with a fist to the skull of Wallace and the Evolution Champion goes down! Stone raises his arms in the air and the fans give off a mixed reaction. He flips off the ones who didn't cheer and starts to stomp William Wallace.

Tony D: "William Wallace is getting a fight taken to him right now. How's that make you feel SwitchBlade?"

SwitchBlade: "Look, just so we're clear, I don't hate Wallace. He's a talented wrestler, and there's a reason he's the Evolution Champion. But he's deluded himself into thinking he's better than me, and that's something I need to remedy."

Stone places his foot against Wallace's throat, pushing him into the ringsteps. Wallace grabs the boot and tries to remove it, but to no avail, however the referee demands that Leon Stone break the choke! 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. Stone obliges. He brings Wallace to his feet and slams his head off of the apron and sets him up on it. Stone slides into the ring and gets up, reaching through the ropes and bringing Wallace up. He pulls Wallace through the middle and top rope until his feet catch the rope, and Stone drops him with a DDT!

Tony D: "What an impactful DDT from Leon Stone!"

Leon Stone with the hook of the leg...




Leon Stone now kicks Wallace in the head and Wallace shouts out "FUCK!" Stone kicks him in the head again and Wallace shakes it off. Stone brings Wallace to his feet and kicks him in the gut.. Irish whip.. Wallace is sent into the corner and he is dazed. Stone charges in but Wallace gets the boot up! However, Stone is ready for it as he hits a baseball slide to the outside, grabbing the grounded leg and pulling it, causing Wallace to fall flat on his face. Stone quickly slides into the ring now and stomps Wallace in the back of the head. But this is only pissing Wallace off more as he gets to his feet. Wallace goes for a right hand but Stone ducks it and hits a jawbreaker. He then hits the ropes and comes back right into a giant headbutt thrust from Wallace!! Stone goes flying down to the mat! The crowd goes wild as Wallace screams out "Do ya know who the fuck A am, mate?! William fuckin' WALLACE!"

Tony D: "Oh my God I think Leon Stone just awoke the beast inside of William Wallace!"

SwitchBlade: "The beast inside of Wallace? Are you talking about a sheep? Isn't Wallace typically the one inside the sheep?"

Kris Red: "Never thought I'd hear SwitchBlade say that."

William Wallace reaches down to Stone and brings him to a seated position. He kicks him in the back, then kicks him in the face and Stone goes to his back. Wallace then hits the ropes and returns with a leg drop! He covers..



Kick out!

Tony D: "Leon Stone with a kick out and he's still in the race for the Evolution Title tonight."

SwitchBlade: "If I was in the ring with Wallace right now, it wouldn't last as long as this match has lasted."

Stone rolls away, clutching the ropes, as Wallace looks on. He gets to his feet and grabs Stone by the legs and tries to pull him but Stone has the ropes. Wallace then pulls with all his might and lifts Stone high into the air and Stone flips out and lands on his feet. Wallace's jaw drops as Leon Stone hits a Spinning Back Fist! Wallace checks for missing teeth as Leon Stone doesn't let up and he nails a European Uppercut and the crowd cheers!

Kris Red: "How fitting, a European Uppercut is way over with these fans."

Stone can't believe his ears as the fans just cheered him.

Tony D: "And how odd that Leon stone got cheers."

Stone then hits another European Uppercut and the fans go wild again! Stone smiles as he hits the ropes and comes back for a roaring European Uppercut but Wallace catches him and traps him with repeated headbutts! 10!

Wallace stumbles backward, feeling the effects of the headbutts, and Leon Stone collapses and rolls out of the ring.

Tony D: "It's good that Leon Stone has the where-with-all to roll out of the ring to avoid getting pinned off of those devastating trapping headbutts from William Wallace."

SwitchBlade: "They hurt, that's for sure. I'll give him that much."

Wallace rolls out of the ring and Leon Stone punches him in the gut. Stone with an irish whip, but Wallace counters and sends Stone into the ringpost! Stone collapses as Wallace comes at him, but around the corner is the announce table. Wallace and SwitchBlade both have their eyes locked on each other. Wallace walks past Stone and up to SwitchBlade, telling him "Your time is comin'" as SwitchBlade then stands up and gets in Wallace's face.

SwitchBlade: "Oh yeah, you're a big man, Wallace. How about you focus on your match and not me."

SwitchBlade takes off his headset as Wallace smirks and turns around to go back to Stone, but quickly turns back and nails a righthand to the face of SwitchBlade, dropping him to the floor!

Tony D: "Oh look out!!"

The commentary team hop up to get out of the way as the fans boo Wallace, who turns around right into a Spear from Leon Stone - KICK TO THE FACE~! Wallace with a quick kick just in time, and now he sets Stone up for the Freedom Drop!

Kris Red: "Wait a minute! Wallace is going to hit the Freedom Drop powerbomb out here?! He'll kill Leon Stone!"

Chelsea looks on, not even concerned for her own brother, as she's clearly still pissed at him. She turns her back so she doesn't have to watch this happen, at least. Wallace starts to bring Leon Stone up when suddenly CRACK~! A steel chair to the back of William Wallace thanks to Switchblade!

Tony D: "Wait just a minute!"

The referee calls for the bell and William Wallace just won via disqualification!

SwitchBlade then drives the chair into the gut of Wallace, puts the chair down and hits a DDT onto the chair! He gets on top of Wallace and repeatedly nails him with right hands as the fans are going wild! Leon Stone now pulls SwitchBlade off of Wallace and asks him "What the hell dude?!" and SwitchBlade ignores him and goes back to Wallace, repeatedly delivering right hands. Stone pulls SwitchBlade off again and goes for a right hand but SwitchBlade blocks it and hurls Stone face-first into the steel ring post!! Stone goes down and SwitchBlade goes back to work on Wallace on the floor, and he is busted wide open. Referees hurry down to the ringside area to pull SwitchBlade off of Wallace and finally four referees are able to get him off of him!!

Tony D: "This is insanity! SwitchBlade has busted William Wallace wide open!"

Kris Red: "Yeah, and Leon Stone looks to be knocked out cold and busted open as well!"

Referees keep SwitchBlade away, trying to escort him to the ramp, while medics come down to check on Wallace first, who clearly took the biggest beating.

Randy Long: "Ladies and gentlemen - the winner of the match via disqualification and STILL Evolution Champion - William Wallace!"

Flower of Scotland plays as Wallace gets tended to at ringside. SwitchBlade gets released by the referees and he puts his hands up, saying it's okay. He makes his way to the back as his work has been done.


Scene 8


The cameras catch up to John Pariah, following his show opening Mach with John Yuma. He's currently in the phone with an unnamed person

John Pariah: for week, it's a done de--fuck I gotta go.

He hangs up the phone and looks at the camera

John Pariah: next time you see me in a WARPED ring, the whole picture will be revealed. I said tonight I was going to bat for professional wrestling. Next time-I raise the stakes. Thank you Mr. Yuma for a great reintroduction, but now the ball is rolling, and the plan is being put into motion. Next show....all will be revealed....

he smirks as he goes back to his phone call. Fade out


Scene 9

Tag Team Match - Cameron MacNichol & The Rough Ryder vs. Crowbar & SwitchBlade

To the ring we go for the tag team match!

Randy Long: "The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall! Approaching the ring, from Detroit Michigan, weighing in at 200 pounds and being accompanied by his sister, Dyan - Cameron MaaaaacNichollllll!"

As the riff of Black Sabbath’s “N.I.B.” hits the PA system, Cameron MacNichol steps through the curtain, with his sister Dyan trailing a step behind him. Ignoring the cascade of boos that shower down on him, Cameron walks down the ramp, focused on the ring in front of him. As Cameron reaches the ring, he helps Dyan up onto the apron, and they climb through the middle rope together. In the middle of the ring, Cameron raises his right arm and clenches his fist, as Dyan applauds her brother. As the music dies down, Cameron walks to the ropes and begins trash-talking fans in the front row.

Randy Long: "And his tag team partner. From Portland, Maine, weighing in at 254 pounds and being accompanied by Jessica Reyes - The Rough Ryderrr!"

"Show Me A God" hits, and the crowd begins to boo instantly. After a few moments, Jessica Reyes makes her way through the curtain, standing on the small metal ramp. The fans boo her, and she shrugs it off, raising her arms and pointing towards the entrance curtain right as the song in the background blares out "I'm at 99, but I need 100% proof! Show me a God!". When those words are spoken, The Rough Ryder makes his way through the curtain in his wrestling attire, black sunglasses, and a black pleather, sleeveless hoddie. He also carries with him to the ring a black steel chair, with the words "RYDE OR DYE" written on the seat of the chair. He makes his way to the ring lead by Jessica, making sure not to make any contact with the fans, not even eye contact. Jessica walks to the middle of the apron on the floor, meanwhile Ryder climbs the stairs, and makes his way to the middle of the apron above Jessica. He stands there... surveying the crowd, while Jessica just smirks proudly. He passes the chair to Jessica, and takes the glasses and vest off as well, handing it to to Jessica as well. He then enters the ring, surveying the crowd once more before turning his attention to his partner, awaiting his opponents.

Randy Long: "And introducing their opponents, first - from Long Beach, California, weighing in at 246 pounds - Crowbar!"

"Crush 'em" by Megadeth hits the arena as it goes completely black. It continues with red lights flashing to the beat. As the chorus hits the lights fade off and a blue spotlight illuminates the walkway as Crowbar steps out to cheers from the crowd. He raises his arms then punches the air as the lyrics "Crush 'em" hit. The arena lights fade back but with a red tint, showing his manager Jessika Rudakova standing behind him and a Crowbar in his hand. He smirks and starts heading down the walkway as the crowd continues to cheer and chant "Crowbar! Crowbar!". He reaches the end of the walkway and starts walking towards the steps before shrugging, laughing and climbing onto the ring, stepping inside. He raises the crowbar in the air before pounding the corner post with it a few times, raising it in the air again as the music fades. Jessika Rudakova stands at ringside as Crowbar prepares for the match.

Randy Long: "And his partner, from Boston, Massachusetts, weighing in at 192 pounds - SwitchBlaaade!"

SwitchBlade slowly steps through the curtain to a large number of cheers. He is dressed in his usual attire of a black short sleeve shirt with a leather jacket, blue jeans, and black shoes. He also has on his trademark gold belt and sunglasses, but this time also has a necklace with a switchblade pendant on it. Upon making his way to the ring he high fives a few of the fans, and then slides into the ring. He gets up, takes off his sunglasses and necklace and tosses them aside. He waves to the fans and then begins talking with Crowbar.

Kris Red: "I wonder if SwitchBlade feels like the odd one out because he doesn't have a manager?"

Tony D: "This should be an interesting tag team match. Four huge names in WARPED, and four egos that will not rest."

Kris Red: "Not to mention two men in SwitchBlade and Crowbar that have bad blood dating back to 2010. Apparently SwitchBlade hasn't forgotten."

Tony D: "Cameron MacNichol and The Rough Ryder have a little experience as a team when they were on Team Joey at the Second Anniversary Show, but SwitchBlade and Crowbar, not so much." Cameron MacNichol and Crowbar come face to face in the middle of the ring, jaw-jacking.

Tony D: "These two men have grown to hate each other and it all stems from the epic Team Joey versus Team PKA war that went on in the first three months of this year."

Cameron MacNichol slaps Crowbar across the face and immediately tags out to The Rough Ryder! Crowbar is pissed but Cameron escapes through the ropes and down to ringside with Dyan and Ryder enters. Ryder and Crowbar lock up in the middle of the ring and Ryder knees Crowbar in the gut. Irish whip.. and a shoulder block! Crowbar crawls to the corner and gets to his feet. Ryder comes at him but Crowbar kicks him in the gut and hops onto the second buckle. He jumps off at The Rough Ryder who catches him and hits a big spinebuster!!! Crowbar bends his body so that his back isn't touching the mat as it must be killing him! He crawls toward his corner and quickly tags in SwitchBlade who looks at him like he's crazy.

Kris Red: "Crowbar just ran to SwitchBlade like he was his daddy. What gives?"

Tony D: "Crowbar wants no part of The Rough Ryder apparently."

SwitchBlade, a man who has had his fair share of issues with Crowbar, enters the match simply because that's the rules, and not because he cares to pick up where Crowbar (sort of..) left off.

Tony D: "And SwitchBlade is none too pleased to have to tag team with Crowbar. He's been ranting about it for weeks on Twitter and in his promos."

Kris Red: "Yeah, and he's not happy with PKA inparticular for making this match. I tell ya, PKA is having a hard time since he took over. Give him a break, people!"

SwitchBlade and The Rough Ryder tie up and struggle for control. SwitchBlade brings a knee to the midsection, then another, and another. He then scoops Ryder up and slams him down. Ryder grabs his back and gets to his feet and SwitchBlade delivers a knife edge chop. Ryder then delivers one of his own. SwitchBlade fires back with another chop, and another, and another. Ryder now delivers multiple right hands, rocking the former World Champion! They both then turn around and hit the ropes, and come back with a dual clothesline that doesn't take either man down! The Rough Ryder throws a right hand but SwitchBlade ducks it and hits an inverted atomic drop! Ryder stumbles back into the wrong corner, grabbing his groin area, and Crowbar reaches in and hits him over the back with his namesake weapon, the crowbar!

Tony D: "Wait was that a crowbar?!"

Kris Red: "I think Jessika gave it to him!"

The referee didn't see it though as he was looking the other direction and SwitchBlade takes a second to question what Crowbar did. Crowbar yells for SwitchBlade to go go go! SwitchBlade comes at Ryder with the Running STO and takes him to the mat. SwitchBlade gets up and has a few words with Crowbar and Crowbar tells him not to worry, then tags himself in by slapping the chest of SwitchBlade. Crowbar enters the ring and goes into the cover...


kick out!

Tony D: "Well, Crowbar tried to capitalize on SwitchBlade's offense but it didn't go so well."

SwitchBlade shakes his head and gets out on the apron while Cameron MacNichol shouts at the referee to get this match in order! Crowbar spits at Cameron and he starts to get in the ring and the referee stops him. Crowbar then lifts The Rough Ryder up and goes for the KFO but Ryder pushes Crowbar into the ropes and nails him with the Side Swipe Superkick!! Both men go down and the referee starts a 10 count.

Tony D: "Both men down.. both men needing to make a tag right now!"

Kris Red: "Cameron MacNichol is pretty fresh thus far. And who knows if SwitchBlade even wants to tag in. There's definitely friction between him and Crowbar."

1..... 2..... 3..... 4..... 5.. both men start to slowly crawl to their corners.. 6.... 7... both men make a tag! SwitchBlade in - Cameron in! SwitchBlade with a clothesline on Cameron! He gets back up and Switchy hits him with a back elbow! Cameron continues to get back up and SwitchBlade kicks him in the gut. Irish whip to the corner! The Rough Ryder comes in and goes after SwitchBlade but gets a kick to the gut and a Double Arm DDT for his troubles! SwitchBlade brings Ryder to his feet and irish whips him into his own partner! Ryder stumbles out of the corner and SwitchBlade charges in at Cameron and connects with a big clothesline! He then runs back and hits the ropes and returns with a discus clothesline to Ryder, taking him over the top rope! SwitchBlade now measures off Cameron MacNichol, and Crowbar reaches in and makes the tag! Switchy looks at him like he's lost his mind as Crowbar rushes into the ring as Cameron is getting up...

Tony D: "Crowbar setting up for the KFO! SwitchBlade doesn't look very happy!"

SwitchBlade spins Crowbar around and asks him what the hell he thinks he's doing tagging himself back into this match?! This delay allows for Cameron to hit the ropes and SwitchBlade warns Crowbar just in time to turn around and get nailed with the Clothesline from Hell!! Cameron looks at SwitchBlade and covers Crowbar...



SwitchBlade with a kick to the head of Cameron MacNichol! SwitchBlade brings Cameron up as the referee yells at SwitchBlade to get onto the apron!! SwitchBlade backs off and listens to the ref's orders. Cameron points and laughs and SwitchBlade starts mocking his laughter by pointing and laughing at him too. Cameron doesn't know why until he turns around... KFO! Crowbar hits the KFO! Crowbar smiles at SwitchBlade and SwitchBlade smiles back... Crowbar turns around and gets hit with another Side Swipe Superkick! Ryder now grabs his partner and drags him to the corner and gets out on the apron and tags in! Meanwhile, the Superkick sent Crowbar stumbling back into the corner and Switchy pushes Crowbar out of the corner, making a blind tag in the process.

Tony D: "I am so lost! What is going on?!"

Ryder gets in the ring, then sets Crowbar up for the Dangerous Driver and SwitchBlade enters the ring. Ryder pushes Crowbar away and Switchy heads right into a Spinebuster! Ryder gets to his feet as does Cameron MacNichol and Crowbar.. Crowbar is strattling the ropes. Ryder and Mac talk it out and Ryder irish whips Cameron MacNichol into Crowbar for more impact but Crowbar pulls the rope down and Cameron goes overboard! His sister Dyan screams out as her brother crashes on the floor! SwitchBlade then spins The Rough Ryder around, kicks him in the gut and hits the Implant DDT! He then immediately locks in the Crucifix Neck Crank!

Tony D: "The Rough Ryder is entering the darkness! SwitchBlade has it locked in!"

Ryder reaches out for the ropes but there's nowhere to go and he is forced to tap out!!

Tony D: "Oh my! Ryder tapped!"

The bell sounds and the fans cheer! "Lost My Way" by Finger Eleven plays as SwitchBlade gets to his feet. The referee holds his arm in the air as Ryder rolls out of the ring.

Kris Red: "I'm shocked at how fast The Rough Ryder tapped. He looks almost fine. It's almost like he's saving himself to fight another day, which is smart. I mean, this tag team match was just full of shenanigans.. no reason to get a broken bone because of it."

Tony D: "No kidding.. it's pretty wild. And quite frankly, Crowbar and Swi- wait!"

Crowbar pushes SwitchBlade and they begin arguing. SwitchBlade pushes back. Crowbar goes to swing at SwitchBlade but suddenly he pushes Crowbar out of the way just as Cameron MacNichol was on the apron about to swing a chair and SwitchBlade punches Cameron off the apron! Cameron goes down and Dyan tends to him. SwitchBlade looks at Crowbar up and down, shakes his head, and walks away, going through the ropes and walking down the steps. SwitchBlade keeps an eye on Crowbar in the ring, and The Rough Ryder at ringside with Jessica Reyes. Crowbar is joined by his Jessika in the ring as the two embrace..


Scene 10

Backstage with PKA

Backstage, we see Deja entering the locker room area where PKA is hanging out.

Deja: "You wouldn't believe what I've had to deal with tonight."

PKA: "William Wallace?"

Deja: "Yeah, how'd you know, babe?"

PKA: "These badass new live stream monitors we have come in handy. I've got one dedicated to following that sheep around. Have you ever seen a sheep take a shit?"

Deja looks disgusted. She puts her hands on her hips and raises her eyebrow.

PKA: "Come here.."

PKA puts his arms out and she joins him in a hug and a kiss. They hold each other close together.

PKA: "I'm glad I've got you. Through all of this stress, with people quitting, people no showing, new signings and tours of the UK with people I've never worked with before, it's sure been stressful. You help take the load off, that's for sure."

She smiles.

Deja: "Babe, that's what I'm here for - to make sure your life is made easier. But I've been getting asked by a few of the guys in the back something and I've been wanting to ask you about it."

PKA: "No, you can't have sex with them."

PKA smirks and she rolls her eyes.

Deja: "No, silly. The tag team division. A lot of people are eager to get things going, but you keep putting it off. I don't think that's fair."

PKA steps back slightly.

PKA: "Whos's side are you on here? I know what's best. And with three tag teams, I'm sure we can make this into more of a spectacle if I invite other teams to come in."

Deja: "So, rather than give the teams that've already signed up the first shot at the titles, you'd rather give non-contracted wrestlers a chance too?"

PKA cocks his head to the side.

PKA: "Hmm..."

A surprised smile graces his face.

PKA: "You know, I hadn't thought about it that way. Tell you what.. meet me back here in about twenty minutes. I've gotta head out to the ringside area now."

PKA winks at her and runs his hand across her cheek as he walks by her and out of camera view. Deja watches as he leaves, then pulls her cell phone out and begins texting. She looks up then back down at her phone as the scene fades out.

Scene 11

World Championship Singles Match - Alexander StarrZoe vs. Korrupt(c)

To the ring we go for our main event!

Randy Long: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the Warped World Championship! Introducing first, the challenger, weighing in at 237lbs, hailing from Philadelphia, PA…ALEXANDER STARRZOOEE!!”

The houselights in the small venue dim as spotlights twirl around the small venue, focusing on the ring and the small entrance ramp. Multicolored orbs dance around the canvas as "Who Shot Ya?" by the Notorious B.I.G. begins to blast through the public announce system while the top of the metal ramp fills with smoke. Alexander StarrZoë emerges from the smoke to the cheers and applause of the fans. Alex struts down the ramp, slapping the hands of a few fans sitting ringside and climbs to the top turnbuckle, staring into the people. Hopping into the ring, Starr climbs up on the second rope, facing the fans, and raises his fist into the air as the fans cheer; "StarrZoë! StarrZoë! StarrZoë!"

StarrZoë looks around the arena for a moment before his eyes rest on Randy Long, he jerks the microphone from the ring announcer’s hand.

Starr: “Randy, get the fuck out of my ring. And you two, at ringside, I keep your shut your mouths and keep them shut the entire time I’m speaking. If I hear a word out of either of you, I’m coming out there. Now, I’m going to make this short and bitter sweet. I’m not in the mood tonight to pander to crowds, I’m not happy go lucky, and I’m damn sure not thrilled to be in this ring. This is just yet another bullshit ploy at the hands of PKA to cost me another opportunity and make himself even more money. Patrick, I know you’ve installed yourself as the ‘enforcer’ or whatever for this match, so I will make this very simple, because I know you’re not the brightest human being and have problems with comprehension, as obvious from the last World Championship when I told you to stay the fuck out of ring. God help you Patrick if I lose this match tonight because of you. If this match does not end in a pin fall or if you so happen to have another ‘accident’ and I am on the losing side of the decision tonight because of you; my championship plans are going out the window. I will save my fight with Korrupt for another day and you will become my newest target. I will personally make your life a living hell. Every waking moment of your life will be torment and it will not end until you admit the truth to me and the world; you are a spineless bastard who is in this business only to make yourself as much money as possible. You will tell everyone that you have purposely stepped on the toes of all of your ‘friends’ only to pad your own pockets. You stay the hell out of my ring tonight or you’re going to be the next person staring across at me from it!”

StarrZoë throws the microphone down and waits for his opponent.

Randy Long: "And his opponent... from Asbury Park, New Jersey - weighing in at 200 pounds - he is the reigning and defending WARPED Wrestling World Champion - Korrrrrrupt!"

Jeepers,creepers....where'd ya get them peepers
Jeepers, creepers...where'd ya get those eyes...

Suddenly the lights go down and "Empire" by Machinae Supremacy begins to blare through the arena. Comes from the back looking around at the crowd, the lights throbbing a blood red. He walks down the ramp slowly, stalking his way towards the ring with his eyes glued forward. He charges and slides into the ring, his crawls forward towards a camera and mouthing things to it. When he gets closer he licks it. He begins to crawl to a corner and sits back in it, rocking back and forth with until the match starts.

Tony D: "The World title is on the line as the former champion and undefeated Alexander StarrZoe challenges Korrupt in his second title defense."

Kris Red: "And to note, both are against StarrZoe."

Tony D: "StarrZoe lost the title at the Second Anniversary Show, but his team won the match, so he's still undefeated but looking to get his championship back."

The fans begin to cheer as another person is making their way out, however we can't see who just yet.

Kris Red: "And after PKA seemingly cost StarrZoe his World Title at the Second Anniversary Show, then seemingly cost him the rematch a few weeks back.. well, now he's given him another rematch to make up for it. And PKA said he's going to be out here during it.. and just in time look who's here."

PKA comes up and shakes the hands of Kris Red and Tony D. He smiles and has a seat, taking the third headset.

Tony D: "Welcome to the announce table, sir."

Kris Red: "PKA! My man!"

PKA: "Kris, it's a pleasure. Tony D, how's that toe infection?"

Tony D: "I uh, I don't think that should be talked about on this DVD. Or any, for that matter."

PKA: "Eh, I disagree. But nevermind. So, let's get us a title match going!"

The referee calls for the bell and it sounds meaning that this match is under way! They immediately lock up in the middle of the ring. StarrZoe quickly overpowers Korrupt, backing him into the corner. Starr backs out of the corner while Korrupt looks on. He comes out of the corner and locks up with Starr again, and once again Starr backs him into the corner. Starr backs away and puts his arms out while wearing a big smile on his face. Korrupt doesn't look too pleased.

Tony D: "Alexander StarrZoe overpowering Korrupt twice there and the champ doesn't look happy about it."

Korrupt comes out of the corner and they circle around the ring before tieing up a third time. Starr applies a side headlock and wrenches it in tight. Korrupt tries to escape but Starr keeps it locked in. Korrupt then is able to push Starr away, and he hits the ropes, bounces off and Korrupt goes for a clothesline but Starr slides between his legs. Korrupt turns around and Starr is up. Korrupt kicks, but Starr catches the leg and throws it to the side, causing the World Champ to spin around 360 degrees and into a headlock takedown by Starr!

Tony D: "StarrZoe continues to get the advantage early on in this matchup."

But Korrupt quickly escapes the headlock and applies a legscissors. Starr is able to escape that, back up to the ropes and kick Korrupt in the face!

Kris Red:"Damn damn damn! Those feet of Starr are dangerous."

Korrupt rolls out of the ring and grabs his title, starting to walk out. Starr gets out on the apron and leaps at him but Korrupt moves and Starr hits the barricade!

Kris Red: "Ooh, the champ playing possum there. Smart man!"

Korrupt taps his head and grins before sliding into the ring. StarrZoe starts to recover at ringside and Korrupt hits the ropes and returns with a handspring plancha over the top rope and onto the challenger for his title!

Kris Red: "Handspring Plancha! Impressive!"

Korrupt grabs the camera and gets all wide-eyed looking into it and he shouts "Didn't expect that, did ya?!" before turning his attention back to StarrZoe. He kicks him in the back while he's trying to get up, and he then brings him up and nails him with a right hand. Korrupt rolls StarrZoe into the ring and climbs up on the apron. Starr starts up to his feet and Korrupt slingshots over and grabs him by the head and drops him on his head!

Tony D: "Slingshot DDT and Korrupt is in the driver's seat."

Kris Red: "It took a minute or two but he's got things under his control now."

Korrupt covers, hooking the leg -



Shoulder up!

PKA: "You know the thing with Korrupt is that he's so talented but I seriously think he lacks focus sometime. But right now he's doing all of the right things."

Korrupt now rapidly stomps at the downed Starr. He drops down and covers again..



Kick out.

Korrupt puts his arms out telling the ref to count faster!

PKA: "See now, don't lose focus."

Korrupt now stomps the head of Starr!

Tony D: "PKA if I could ask you, how do you feel about Korrupt as the WARPED World Champion?"

PKA: "I think he's a great champion to be honest. Starr was too, but Korrupt is in a class of his own. They are both two very different people and two very different type of champion."

Starr starts to crawl to his feet while Korrupt slowly stalks him. From a kneeling position, Starr chops the chest of Korrupt. Korrupt grabs his chest but then returns the favor with a quick double-chop to the throat! Starr falls on his back and Korrupt grins once again. He brings Starr to his feet and sets him up for a vertical suplex then snaps it off quickly.

Tony D: "Snap suplex! Into the cover! One.. Two.. Kick out!"

Korrupt looks bothered by that count once more. He carries on, though, bringing Starr to his feet. Starr with a couple elbows to the gut.. irish whip.. Korrupt counters and pokes Starr in the eyes!

PKA: "Boink!"

Starr reaches for his face and starts to walk away but Korrupt grabs him by the hand and pulls him in, crossing his arms while Starr is turned away and Korrupt leaps up and nails the Straitjacket Lungblower! He covers..



Kick out!

Kris Red: "Starr has to dig down and find a way to regain control in this match because Korrupt has him where he wants him."

PKA: "And as you know, Kris, every time you kick out it takes much more out of you. Korrupt knows what he's doing with the repeated pin attempts."

The fans start clapping and cheering for StarrZoe and Korrupt stands up, telling all of them to shut up! He brings Starr to his feet. Irish whip into the corner.. Starr hits it.. and Korrupt follows through with a Running Big boot to the jaw! Starr collapses in the corner and Korrupt has a sick grin on his face as he begins to slide his boot repeatedly across the face of StarrZoe! He then runs to the far ropes, bounces off and flips forward, colliding with Starr!

Tony D: "Sweet Release from Korrupt!"

Korrupt pulls Starr away from the corner and hooks the leg..



Starr gets his foot on the bottom rope!

Kris Red: "Great job by Starr to not waste energy kicking out when he realized he was close to the ropes."

Korrupt brings Starr to his feet and slams him to the mat and points to the top! The fans are getting louder and louder for Starr as Korrupt leaps onto the middle buckle, then jumps onto the top and leaps off with a Phoenix Splash!

Kris Red: "Doubel Jump Phoenix Splash!"


Tony D: "StarrZoe gets the knees up just in time!!"

Korrupt grabs his midsection as he pushes himself up off of the mat and he is in a world of pain. Starr starts to get to his feet but Korrupt gets to him sooner and brings him up, but Starr slaps away the hands of Korrupt and delivers a right hand, and another, and another, backing Korrupt into the corner. Starr delivers a boot to the midsection then grabs the arm.. Irish whip to the opposite corner and Korrupt hits so hard that he bounces off of it and right into Starr who hits a Belly to Belly Slam! Korrupt rolls under the bottom rope and Starr reaches over and grabs him, pulling him up and flinging him back into the ring! Starr then has a moment where he and PKA meet eye to eye and Starr turns around into a kick to the gut by Korrupt.

PKA: "Don't take your eye off of Korrupt, Alex."

Korrupt with an irish whip - blocked by Starr - and into a Samoan Driver! Starr doesn't go for the cover, though, as he hits the ropes, bounces off, rolls through and leaps up with the Senton!

Kris Red: "P Cubed!"

PKA: "How cute was that? Very."

Starr once again does not go for the cover though as Korrupt is still on the mat clutching his stomach. Starr puts the boots to Korrupt twice, then climbs the turnbuckle, sharing a look with PKA along the way. PKA stands up and takes off his headset, applauding Starr along the way. Korrupt gets to his feet and Starr comes off the second buckle with a moonsault that connects! He stays on top for the cover!



Kick out!

Tony D: "There's a lot of tension between PKA and Alexander StarrZoe and I just don't understand why."

Kris Red: "I do, but it's really all a misunderstanding I think."

Starr comes to the ropes and tells PKA to sit his ass down and watch him become a two-time champion. PKA picks up the World Title off of the announce table and holds it out. "It's all about this" PKA says. Korrupt starts to get to his feet and he sees PKA with the title and tells him to put his belt down! Starr then delivers a quick spin kick to the temple, taking Korrupt down! Starr tells him to shut up and that the title is Starr's, not Korrupt's. Starr brings Korrupt to his feet and delivers a right hand, followed by another. He backs Korrupt into the corner and hoists him up top and climbs while PKA looks on with the title over his shoulder.

Tony D: "PKA looks good with that title over his shoulder. But I don't think Korrupt appreciated seeing that image."

Kris Red: "Well the first and last time PKA ever held that title was after he pinned Korrupt's shoulders to the mat for it, so I could see why he'd be posessive over it."

Starr is up top with Korrupt, and Korrupt battles back with a headbutt. Starr slips a little but then reaches up and slaps Korrupt across the chest. He climbs up and delivers a couple right hands, then sets him up for a Belly to Belly!

Tony D: "This is gonna be dangerous.."

Korrupt then suddenly slips out of the bearhug style grip of Starr and delivers a right hand that causes him to step down off the turnbuckle. Korrupt then kicks him in the face and Starr drops on his back. Korrupt now gets to the top and looks down at PKA, telling him to "put the belt down" and then Korrupt leaps off with the Phoenix Splash and this time he nails it!

Tony D: "Phoenix Splash! If at first you don't succeed, try again!"

Korrupt goes into the cover..


Korrupt then sits up and looks at PKA. It's bothering him that PKA has the title over his shoulder. Korrupt rolls out of the ring and tells PKA to hand the belt over now. "This isn't no disqualification.. you don't need this" responds PKA. Korrupt then yanks the title right off of PKA's shoulder and PKA shrugs. "Have at it" PKA tells Korrupt, to which he slides into the ring.

Tony D: "Korrupt didn't want PKA to have the title, so he took it!"

Kris Red: "That wasn't even hard at all. PKA practically gave it to him."

Tony D: "But as PKA said this isn't no DQ.."

Korrupt has the title in hand and is measuring StarrZoe off, waiting for him to get up. PKA realizes what's going on and he gets up on the apron, shouting at Korrupt that he'll get DQ'd if he uses that! The referee is telling him the same and he tries taking the title from him but Korrupt pulls away and overpowers him. StarrZoe charges with another spin kick but Korrupt ducks and then hits Starr in the face with the World Title!

Tony D: "No!"

PKA puts his hands on his head and his jaw drops. The referee calls for the bell.

Randy Long: "Ladies and gentlemen, the winner by disqualification - Alexander StarrZoe!"

The fans cheer.

Randy Long: "But still World Champion - Korrupt!"

The fans boo! Korrupt smiles as he takes his title and quickly leaves the ring. He gives the thumbs up to PKA, mouthing "thanks boss!" as he turns his back and heads up the aisle while "Empire" by Machinae Supremacy begins playing. The referee is kneeling down next to Starr to check on him as he is busted open from the title to the skull.

Tony D: "Well once again Alexander StarrZoe wins the match but doesn't win the title!"

Kris Red: "And I'll say this with all due respect, but PKA pretty much handed Korrupt a way out of this match and a way to keep his title.. He might not have meant to do that, but he did."

StarrZoe, sitting on the mat, looks up at PKA who is still on the apron. PKA mouths "Dude, I'm sorry.." and StarrZoe looks pissed. PKA sighs and shakes his head and there's nothing else he can do. He hops down off of the apron and starts heading toward the back as Alexander StarrZoe pushes himself up off of the mat. Starr looks on at PKA with fire in his eyes as we fade to black.


Scene 12


Following the main event, the cameras find their way backstage. Loud shouting is heard backstage as a camera crew run as fast as they can towards the sound of the commotion. It doesn't sound like two WARPED superstars, but instead 2 female voices yelling at each other.

As the camera arrives we see Cameron MacNichols sister Dyan and Crowbars manager Jessika in the midst of a fight, yelling abuse and throwing punches that would make some WARPED superstars jealous. They continue to fight as Crowbar and Cameron both arrive at the same time to see the girls fighting. Dyan is getting the better of Jessika, pinning her to the ground and slapping her in the face. Jessika defiantly spits in Dyans face and starts clawing and pulling hair. Crowbar starts laughing at the scenario while Cameron looks on wondering how the girls came to blows.

Crowbar and Cameron both grab their respective managers, trying to pull them apart, when Jessika ends up swinging and clocking Crowbar, while Dyan clocks Cameron, sending both superstars reeling backwards and falling to the ground. The girls continue to fight it out until officials come and grab them both, pulling them apart properly. Crowbar and Cam both stand up, Jessika yelling "You're a bitch! Get out of here, you're done when Crowbar gets his hands on Cam!". Dyan flips the bird as she walks off in a huff. Crowbar whispers to Jessika as she walks off. Crowbar and Cameron have a stare down afterwards but Crowbar visibly mouths at Cam "What the fuck was that?". And WARPED 48 fades to black.