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The set comes to life with two chairs facing each other, a table in the middle. With a Wrestle UTA banner acting as a backdrop, the camera begins to pan inward as Marshall Owens and Sean Jackson steps into the shot. Making their way towards their respective chairs, Marshall to the left and Sean to the right, they both sit down at the same time. Of course, both are well dressed in their respective suits and Sean is sporting the Ace In The Hole briefcase which is placed on the floor.


Owens: "Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Marshall Owens and I'm here to interview one of the hottest stars in Wrestle UTA history."

As Marshall speaks, the man now known as Mr. Ace In The Hole sits quietly, sporting a smirk.

Owens: "A man who has held the UTA World Tag Team Championships with Kathryn Velmont Thomas, a man who has held the UTA World Championship on two separate occasions..."

As Marshall continues, Sean adjusts the cuff on his right sleeve while nodding in approval.

Owens: "And a man who just five days ago, secured the coveted Ace in the hole briefcase, guaranteeing himself a future shot at the world championship."

He continues singing praises towards his client.

Owens: "Ladies and gentlemen, just to give you an idea on how big that win really was..."

Marshall points towards the UTA banner hanging in the background.

Owens: "That company, which never gave my client the respect he truly deserved, had no choice but to draft him in the top five for the Wrestleshow brand."

Now the smile truly forms on the face of Sean Jackson.

Owens: "In the days and weeks leading up to the Ring King pay per view, NO ONE outside of Dynasty gave my client a snowballs chance in hell of winning. As far as the UTA Ungratefuls were concerned, anyone could have won as long as it wasn't a member of Dynasty..."

Marshall isn't holding back any punches. You can tell this is going to be a slanted interview.

Owens: "Or better yet, as long as it wasn't my client Sean Jackson."

Defiantly, the ace in the hole winner raises the briefcase up for the camera to see, then places it back on the floor to his side. The gesture isn't ignored as Marshall zips right on in.

Owens: "But yet, there it is. Congratulations Sean, it was a thing of beauty."

The triumphant smile continues to linger on the Dynasty members face. He remembered that no one gave him a chance, the UTAverse solidly convinced that Farthington was going to bring it home. Of course, they also thought Alex Beckman would be the world champion today.

Jackson: "Thank you Marshall. As always, you are a man of distinction and class. It is so refreshing to have a man of your vast knowledge and great taste in this sea of trolls and cretins."

Oh yes, Mr. Ace in the Hole definitely knows what to say. Marshall feels completely buttered up as his face lights up.

Owens: "Well what can I say? I've learned from the absolute best during my time of association with you and the rest of Dynasty."

Yeah, this could go on all night so Marshall brings the chit chat to a halt and gets into the interview.

Owens: "But getting into the reason we are here, Sean what was your overall impression of Ace in the hole?"

Nodding, Sean inhales deeply before letting it go.

Jackson: "Outside of Dynasty, nobody else really stood a chance. We were stacked, we were ready to go, and as always, we stepped inside the ring to prove our dominance."

This time it is Sean Jackson who points towards the UTA banner.

Jackson: "For months we had to listen to Machine this and Machine that. Beckman this and Gold Standard that..."

There is disdain in his voice. For months he had felt disrespected and had every intention of changing that feeling at Ring King.

Jackson: "Well now they have no choice but to respect us. La Flama Blanca is still the UTA World Champion and if anyone dares to step up against him..."

Once again Mr. Ace In The Hole passes a quick glimpse to that all too important briefcase.

Jackson: "Then I'll be right there, if need be, to bring the championship right back to Dynasty. Because no one..."

He shakes his head.

Jackson: "And I do mean NO ONE takes that championship from us."

Owens: "Okay, fair enough. Why don't we switch gears just a bit and touch on your opponent for Wrestleshow 44, that being Chris Hopper."

The Dynasty member rolls his eyes. For the first time ever, Chris Hopper and Sean Jackson meet inside the ring in a one on one matchup.

Jackson: "Hey, if you don't care about ratings, then go ahead."

Owens: "Well to be fair, you will be the one on camera, so I expect the ratings to go thru the roof."

Yeah, that brings back the positive tone.

Jackson: "Good one Marshall."

Owens: "Yeah, I thought you would appreciate that."

Fist bump.

Owens: "Now then, Chris Hopper."

Mr. Ace In The Hole motions for Marshall to bring it.

Owens: "After destroying him in the Ace in the hole match, why do you think he wants to step into the six sided cage?"

Jackson: "That's easy Marshall, Chris Hopper is a coward and doesn't want to step into that structure with me. Five days ago I was amazed Mr. Geritol could even get up the ring steps, much less climb a ladder..."

Marshall listens intently.

Jackson: "His bad back, replaced hips, varicose vein legs, double heart bypass. The only thing he didn't have was cancer..."

Sean waves at the camera.

Jackson: "Hey Barry."

Followed by a thumbs up.

Jackson: "Thinking about you bud."

That draws a snicker from Marshall Owens who knows damn good and well what that will do to Chris Hopper. Sean then somewhat gets back on topic.

Jackson: "So yeah, Hopper doesn't want anything to do with me. He would be better off facing Jackson Brown or the Rock City Express because if he steps in the cage in Mexico City...."

The Mental Rapist leans forward.

Jackson: "I will end his career and won't even think twice about it."

Reaching into his pocket, Marshall takes out some note cards which contain questions.

Owens: "Again, fair enough. Before the show Sean, I took the liberty to jot down some questions from social media. What I have now are just a few questions from the Ungratefuls."

Jackson: "Sure, I have no problem educating the masses."

Marshall goes to the first card.

Owens: "The first question is from Robert in Biloxi, Mississippi. Mr. Jackson, why do you disrespect stars like Chris Hopper?"

Jackson: "Because I can, next."

Marshall chuckles as he tosses the card and goes to another.

Owens: "This one is from Tony in Toledo, Ohio. Sean, why didn't you cash in the contract on La Flama Blanca?"

Again, Sean rolls his eyes.

Jackson: "Because you are an Ungrateful, that's why. I have always said we don't do what you morons want us to do. I know you are a fan of the Machine and would love to see Dynasty implode...."

Sean points towards the camera.

Jackson: "But it isn't going to happen. I'm not going to help those idiots replace us as the top stable in this industry because they don't deserve it. But I will tell you this much Tony, and I mean this respectfully, screw you and the Machine because WE run UTA. Always have and always will."

Again Marshall tosses the card and goes to the next.

Owens: "This is from Jennifer in Lexington, Kentucky. Sean, how happy are you to be drafted to the Wrestleshow brand?"

Jackson: "I am very happy to be on Wrestleshow. But when you are as good as I am, it doesn't matter which show I'm on because all I do is win."

Marshall nods again and tosses the card. However, upon looking at the next card, his eyes go wide. As that shit eating grin forms on his face, Marshall begins to tap it on his open palm.

Jackson: "What?"

Owens: "Oh wow, I forgot all about this one."

Jackson: "What?"

Owens: "This one is good."

Jackson: "What?"

Owens: "This one is from Brad, and it isn't a question."

Jackson: "Oh really?"

Marshall clears his throat.

Owens: "Sean Jackson, you egotistical son of a bitch, give me back my damn world heavyweight championship. I haven't been able to put on a show since November of 2014 and I want it back..."

The Dynasty member is desperately trying to keep a straight face. Is this a gag or is Marshall for real?

Owens: "And if you don't give it back, I will take your ass to court."

Still tapping the card on his free hand, Marshall can't wait for the response. After a couple of moments, Sean doesn't disappoint.

Jackson: "First off, go drink another beer Batee. It is obvious you are drunk and if you want my NWA world heavyweight championship, then you can come here and take it. But since you can't stay sober enough, I doubt I will have to worry about you taking me to court either."

Again Sean leans forward in his chair.

Jackson: "Matter of fact, I'll worry about the one foot in the grave Chris Hopper before I will ever worry about a loser like you. I won that NWA world heavyweight championship in the ring and the only way I will lose it, is in the ring. But I tell you what Brad, if you ever get sober enough to really want it..."

He motions with his hand.

Jackson: "Then you can come and get it. Until that time, you can kiss my ass."

Mr. Ace In The Hole turns his attention back to Marshall Owens.

Jackson: "Anything else?"

The Attorney to the stars shakes his head no.

Owens: "Nah, I think that just about covers it."

This time it is Marshall who turns his attention to the camera.

Owens: "Folks, I'm Marshall Owens and you've witnessed another sitdown with Sean Jackson."