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Show opened to Austin Davis, who announced that he will be making an earth-shattering announcement. Finn speculates that it could be an announcement that Davis will face Ice this Friday.


Wolf Fang vs. Billy James

In a quick match, Wolf Fang executed a swinging DDT and made the pinfall. Wolf Fang then put James in the "Wolf Bite" after the bell, fracturing the leg of Billy James, who was carried from the arena.

Result: Wolf Fang by Pinfall


Hellrazor vs. God's Gift


In a back and forth match, Hellrazor got the upper hand after reversing out of a headlock and hitting a jawbreaker. Hellrazor rolled up God's Gift for the pin, but an angry Gift delivered a superkick to an unsuspecting celibrating Hellrazor.

Result: Hellrazor by Pinfall


Dude vs. New Ninja

The New Ninja and Dude wrestled an even match, until the New Ninja was able to land a flying lariat from the top rope. As the New Ninja covered Dude, Cactus Jon entered the ring and attacked the Dude, causing the New Ninja to be disqualified, once again. The two brawled to the backstage area.

Result: Dude by DQ


Chris Universal vs. Austin Davis

Chris UniversalAustin Davis

Chris Universal made his way to the ring, only to be met by Austin Davis on the large screen. Davis announced that he was taking time off from the fWo, and was retiring for the time being. Universal then celebrated and announced to the crowd that he had run Davis out of the fWo.

Result: Chris Universal by No Contest


Ultra Violet vs. Great Waru

Ultra Violet

Ultra Violet looked distracted as he made his way to the ring. Waru taunted Violet, which angered Ultra Violet, who delivered a DDT followed by the Purple Piledriver and the pinfall.

Result: Ultra Violet by Pinfall


Commissioner Travis Interview

Travis arrived at the ringside area, and announced that because the other candidates were involved in other matches, Stevie Roberts would face Ice at the next event, Summer Heat, for the title.


Boston Strangler vs. Pestilence

Boston Strangler
In a hard-fought match, Pestilence got the upper hand after delivering a frog splash. As Pestilence rolled up the Strangler, a quick reversal and hold was made, and the Boston Strangler made the pinfall and will face Scotty Cool for the Internet Title on Friday.

Result: Boston Strangler by Pinfall


Lone Gunmen vs. Kidman & Falcon

Lone Gunmen

Kidman and the Falcon had the edge on the tag match, only to have Darkness arrive at ringside and attack Kidman on the outside with a chair. As Falcon made his way to assist Kidman, the Dark Angel attacked Falcon, and rolled him into the ring where Machina was able to make the pin.

Result: Lone Gunmen by Pinfall


VL Tha Murdera vs. Brawler

VL was able to easily put away the Brawler following a 450 splash to the outside, which drove the Brawler through a table.

Result: VL Tha Murdera by Pinfall


Scott Slugger (c) vs. Rage

Scott Slugger (c)

Rage trapped Slugger in the tree of woe, which damaged the cruiserweight champ. As Rage attempted the huricarana, Slugger pulled up short, and grabbed hold of the tights for the pinfall victory.

Result: Scott Slugger by Pinfall


Scotty Cool (c) vs. Death


Scotty Cool came to the ring enraged, tossing candy wrappers at the crowd and screaming that things were not right with the candy. Death arrived at the ring with the remaining Dark Riders, but Scott Cool's rage overcame Death, and following a Scotty Dropper trapped Death in a Scotty Deathlock to which he submitted.

Result: Scotty Cool by Submission