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The UTA was live from the CenturyLink Center in Omaha last night in front of a sold out and red hot crowd.

The show opened with Dr. EMO coming out and saying that on Wrestleshow he gained a lot of respect for Madman Szalinski but his eyes are now on reclaiming the UTA Championship at the upcoming iPPV.

Madman came out and said he respected Dr. EMO as well. Just the the team of IM Hate and Chance Von Crank intterupted. They mocked the two, calling Dr. EMO a loser just like he would be again at the iPPV. Crank said he can't wait for EMO to lose again so Crank can challenge Hussain and become the UTA Champion. This set up tonight's main event.

Next, Esteban Awesome came out. He talked about how close he was to winning the tag match on Wrestleshow, but Kirk Irving just didn't give it his all. Irving came out and asked if Awesome had a problem. This led to the first match of the night.

Esteban Awesome dominated the entire match, pulling off an impressive win over Kirk Irving.

Next up, Log Habben defeated Bobby Dean. Dean looked very sloppy as he did on Wrestleshow.

In the third match of the evening, Roscoe Shame and Lucius Jones went to the twenty minute time limit. Both men looked very good in this match.

Yoshii with Jed Dye came out. Jed Dye said that Frank Dylan James was an animal and that Yoshii would put him down tonight and become the new Internet Champion.

Frank Dylan James emerged, chain in hand. After a few moments, the referee was able to get the chain away from FDJ and start the match. Both monsters fought it out but after a missed Yoshii Bomb, Frank Dylan James was able to once again hit the Face Breaker to retain the Internet Championship.

Wulfric and CBR was next. Good match with a lot of back and forward action that led to CBR getting the pin fall.

Abdul bin Hussain was next, demanding that Sean Jackson come out for a rematch. Jackson came out and said he already proved who the better champion was but would gladly defeat Hussain again and lower the value of the UTA Championship some more.

Very good match between the two, a lot of back and forward. Just when Jackson almost had it, Hussain hit the Pray to Allah for the three count.

In our main event, Dr. EMO and Madman Szalinski took on Chance Von Crank and IM Hate. The match lasted less than two minutes before Hate introduced a steel chair, knocking EMO out to get disqualified. They turned their attention to Madman Szalinski, beating him down.

Madman's upcoming partner, Lucius Jones, ran out to make the save. As EMO and Szalinski came to, the three outnumbered the heels and stood tall to send the fans home happy.