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Moments after Ring King went off the air, UTA cameras caught up with "Mr. Ace In The Hole" Sean Jackson and his attorney Marshall Owens in the Dynasty dressing room. The duo was in very high spirits as Jackson held the Ace in the hole briefcase in his hand. Upon seeing the camera, the Dynasty member wasted little time in sticking it to the Ungratefuls.

"There, are you satisfied NOW?"

It should be noted that huge smiles were prompted by the rhetorical question. The moment Sean Jackson strolled down the ramp during the world title match, most legitimately thought the Mental Rapist was indeed cashing in on his so called enemy La Flama Blanca. A cash in that wasn't, and ended up being a bad night for Alex Beckman.

"Everything you b(bleep)ched about not getting at Black Horizon, we gave to you tonight. We gave you hatred, we gave you friction, and we gave you a broken Machine. Alex Beckman is on her way to the hospital as we speak, John Sektor will probably be on his way shortly, Mike Best is besides himself with anger, and the only remaining member who isn't beaten to a pulp is Cecilworth Farthington."

"So as far as I'm concerned, the Machine is done for. Eduardo is still your UTA World Champion, I'm Mr. Ace in the Hole, and with Claude Batiste Ranier, Mikey Unlikely, and Kendrix being better than everyone else on the roster..."

"Nobody will stop us. Not Team Danger, Not Two Badass For A Name, Not The Truth, Nobody."

"Not even you Ungratefuls who were stupid enough to believe a wedge could ever be driven between us in the first place."

One can only imagine how insufferable Dynasty will be when Wrestle UTA rolls into the Palacio de los Deportes in Mexico City on September 9th for Wrestleshow 44.