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6th September 2012 - Action Packed - From in Lexington, KY

The scene opens to the entrance of the arena. A moment later, the door opens and through it walks the interim LPW Champion and reigning League Champion, The Phoenix. A mixed reaction greets his appearance, with the LPW faithful booing an "interim" champion and the remainder cheering him, knowing his past accomplishments elsewhere.

He seems rather at ease as he continues down the hallway and towards the locker room. The fact that no opponent has been named for his title defense tonight doesn't affect him. It's just par for the course for him given his past, anyway. As he reaches his locker room, he exhales once as he continues to mentally prep for his match, and opens the door.

A steel chair smashing him in the face is the reaction he gets. The champ drops to a knee, stunned, and the chair comes down again, this time cracking him in the back of the head and opening up a laceration. The chair continues to hammer away at the champion, really opening up the cut and causing a bloody mess. After nearly a dozen chair shots, the weapon is tossed away, and a figure steps out from the locker room.

Scott Stevens looks down at the fallen champion, and scoffs. He gestures into the locker room, where two more figures emerge. One is a figure garbed in black, complete with black mask. The other is a League referee.

The figure in black and Stevens both manage to get Phoenix rolled onto his back, and the figure in black makes a lateral press as Stevens forces the referee to slide into position:




As soon as the third count is reached, Stevens snatches the LPW Championship belt from the floor and hands it to the figure in black. Stevens then spits on the fallen form of The Phoenix as he and the new interim LPW Champion flee like thieves in the night.

The scene then fades out to the LPW logo for a moment before highlights from Reign Supreme begin playing. Scenes of Jett Mason’s return and attack on Shayne Adams, Mark Devereaux’s Wildcard title win, and clips from the Steve Solex and Mike Best match are shown. As those disappear “Downfall” by TRUSTcompany kicks in and the usual Action Packed intro video is shown. The video fades out to the arena where the pyro goes off along with the fans in attendance. After a few pans of the crowd the camera cuts to ringside where Danny Ash and Rick Henson sit.

Henson: Now THAT is how you kick off a show! We’ve barely begun and we already have a new interim LPW Champion, and the best part is that he is friends with Scott Stevens!

Ash: I can’t believe what I just saw. We were scheduled to see an LPW Championship match tonight under League rules…I just never expected that to be the match we got.

Henson: Deal with it!

Ash: Well folks, as you can already tell we’ve got a very exciting, post Reign Supreme, Action Packed in store for you tonight. We have Steve Solex back in action after his first ever loss, the in ring return of Jett Mason, and a Main Event where we’ll have a #1 contender for the new Wildcard Championship.

Henson: I still can’t believe that toolbag Devereaux picked the random stipulation for the title. A real man who pick what he is best at and then easily destroy all challengers.

Ash: Devereaux doesn’t seem the type to take the easy way out, he probably chose random to ensure that he has to stay focused and prepared for all challengers.

Henson: That. Is. So. Lame!

Ash: Speaking of lame, while we’ve got a lot of big LPW stars here tonight, it is also make or break time for some others on the roster. Their performance tonight can essentially dictate whether or not they’ll have a job tomorrow.

Henson: Good, let’s cut some of this dead weight. And what better place to start than with Psycho Sam and Ashley Anderson. Both of which are coincidentally in the ring…which totally blows my “already in the ring is the loser” theory to hell. Then again, we can also cut both and it is win-win for everyone.

Psycho Sam (1-3) vs. Ashley Anderson (0-1)

Roth: The following match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from the Island of Alcatraz…PSYCHO SAM!

And his opponent, hailing from Mrs. Tompkins Home Room at T. Funke High School…ASHLEY ANDERSON!

The referee calls for the bell and the match is underway. Psycho Sam just stands there with a devilish grin on his face. He begins to lick his lips before he rushes in on the cute, but dangerous Ashley Anderson. Ashley does the smart thing by going in between ropes to force the referee to break Sam’s attempt at getting her. As the ref holding back Sam, Ashley mounts the top turnbuckle and executes a missile dropkick on the psychotic one. Ashley goes in for the cover…





Ashley using her high school wrestling background to her advantage as she transitions from the top mount to side control and locks in a side headlock. Sam is way too powerful as he makes it to his feet and picks her up and drills her back and neck first with a high-angle side suplex. Sam in control begins to stomp on the fallen body of Anderson. Sam goes in for a cover…





Thr…Sam pulls Ashley up.

Ash: I don’t like the way this is looking…



Henson: KILL HER!

Ash: You are a sick, sick man.

The ref begins to yell at Sam and ask what he is doing. Sam responds to this with the one finger salute. He backs into the corner and begins to rotate his arm begging for Ashley to get up. Ashley makes her way to her feet and Sam charges in and attempts to nail the Fuck You Lariato but Anderson ducks and charges against the ropes and shoulder blocks Sam who doesn’t move. Sam just chuckles and tells her to do it again. Ashley runs the ropes once more but eats the sole of Sam’s boot for her efforts. As the prone Ashley lays up looking at the lights, Psycho Sam walks to her and places his hand around her throat and begins to choke the life out of her. The ref begins to count….





Sam releases the hold before five so he doesn’t get disqualified. He reaches down with both hands and picks her up by the throat. Once she is to her feet he picks her up and begins to choke her again while holding her in the air.





Sam drops her before five.

Ash: Someone stop this!

Henson: I swear if anyone tries to stop this match I will personally assault them with a Mike Best sex toy!

Ash: …



Henson: Shut up.

He picks her back up and this time delivers a thunderous overhead choke suplex. Sam goes over to the turnbuckle to pose to the crowd as they boo him relentlessly. Once done celebrating he makes his way back over to his prey and begins to pick her up when she hooks him and rolls him up in an inside cradle…






Before Ashley can even get to her feet she is met with a short-armed Fuck You Lariato. Sam not happy she almost caught him calls to The Rock for some rocks. The Rock hands Sam some rocks and he goes over and begins to shove the rocks down her gullet as she starts to suffocate from the effects of the Rocky Body, Sam also applies the Alcatraz Claw to the top of her head. As he digs his claws into the top of her head, blood begins to flow from the side of it. Sam demands the referee count her shoulders down.




Roth: The winner of the match by way of pinfall…PSYCHO SAM!

Sam releases the holds and Ashley lays motionless in the ring as Psycho Sam’s hand is raised in victory. Sam sees the blood on the side of Anderson’s face and he goes over and begins to lick the side of her face with his tongue until there is no more blood. After Sam is done getting his victory drink he wipes his mouth and heads to the back with a wide-eyed look on his face.

Ash: That was…I don’t think that is appropriate

Henson: This is Kentucky; they’re use to this sort of thing.


Busines as Usual

As the scene comes back from a break we see that standing in the ring is a masked man, holding the LPW Championship and a microphone. The crowd is anxious, ready for a reveal. The masked man brings the microphone up to his mouth where a filtered voice begins to come out.

Man: Ladies and gentlemen, bear witness to YOUR LPW Champion!

The man reaches up and slowly pulls the mask off his face as the LPW faithful begin to boo. Mason Hardt has a huge smile on his face as he drops the mask down to the mat.

Hardt: Is that the kind of response you give to your owner and champion? I thought Kentucky prided itself on southern hospitality. It doesn’t matter. Now before I discuss my reign as LPW Champion, I’d like to take some time to address some of the questions that I’m sure you all have. Was I the one who pushed Diamond off the top rope several weeks ago on Action Packed? It was indeed. You see, the plan was to keep the title on who we wanted so that it would make it easier on us when the time was right. Hence why the title was on The League’s commentator, Frankie Garnett, so often. We couldn’t take a chance on having someone unworthy ending up with this champion, not someone like Psycho Sam or Nuclear Templeton. No, instead we stacked the deck in our favor so that we could strike when we wanted, and as you can obviously see…we’ve struck, Tori Montgomery be damned.

The crowd boos louder.

Hardt: I get it, me holding this belt is a clear conflict of interest. For LPW to be taken seriously we can’t have the owner holding the title. It was never my intent to hold onto the belt; I just wanted to bring it back where it belongs. That is why I am announcing tonight that I am stripping myself of the title…and awarding it to SCOTT STEVENS! To make this official I would like to…



James: Excuse me, Mr. Hardt.

The voice of Francis James cuts Mason Hardt off and the proxy to the anonymous co-owner walks out onto the stage.

James: Mr. Hardt, my employer would like to have a few words with you.

Hardt: I’m a little busy right now Francis, if you’d be a pal and let him know that I’ll speak with two of you later.

James: I’m afraid that won’t do, Mr. Hardt. He’d like to speak with you…now.

Francis James points up to the video screen where the silhouette of a person is seen and the altered voice of the co-owner begins echoing throughout the arena.

Co-Owner: Well, Mr. Hardt, I must commend you. You've found the one loophole in the working agreement with The League as it concerns the LPW Championship. A shame that it's all for naught. You see, right now the LPW Championship is still on loan to The League, regardless of your actions, and if you're looking to vacate the championship, I'm sure that The League would be more than willing to make their playoffs for both the League Championship and the LPW Championship.

Hardt: This is bullshit! This is an embarrassment to LPW!

Co-Owner: This coming from the person most responsible for embarrassing LPW in the past year. Let's face facts, Mr. Hardt. You interfered last November in an LPW Championship match, basically gifting said title to Stevens. You screwed Mike Best out of the rightful rewards he should have had for winning the Reign Supreme tournament. And now, by your own mouth just a moment ago, you're going to violate the stipulations I invoked regarding the LPW Championship, and award it to the one person ineligible to win the belt.

You are right in one aspect though, Mr. Hardt. The embarrassment does need to end. I'm sure if I sent the belt back to The League, you'd find a way to embarrass LPW by interfering in The League's playoffs. So here is the solution to this problem: as co-owner of LPW, and the duly appointed liaison for The League, I am hereby vacating the LPW Championship, effective immediately.

Hardt: Finally! It has taken since May, but you’ve finally started to see the big picture. We’ll just give the belt back to Stevens, where it belongs, and call it a day. No harm, no foul.

Co-Owner: You didn't let me finish, Mr. Hardt. The title is vacated, and I am officially ending the loan agreement with The League. It's time this matter was settled in-house.

Now, Stevens may have a claim at the title, but the rule was that whoever had the LPW championship when The League ended its agreement with LPW would be recognized as champion. Scott Stevens was not the LPW Champion when the agreement ended, therefore he will not be crowned champion tonight. He will have his chance to prove he is the champion, though, as he will be in a match for the LPW Championship at Instant Classic.

Some boos meet this announcement.

Co-Owner: Now, there are quite a few people who hold a claim to the LPW Championship, and some of those may be stronger than even Stevens' claim. After all, there's a man who until recently had been undefeated in LPW, and had been in the main event of Reign Supreme. It's a shame that he didn't win the tournament and get the LPW Championship opportunity...or did he?

If memory serves, Mr. Hardt, you made sure that Mike Best's contract ended the night before the show. In your own words, the match was merely an exhibition, and not part of the reign Supreme tournament at all. Do you not see the error you've made? If the finals were an exhibition, and Mr. Best did not have a contract, that would mean that in the official tournament brackets, Mike Best would have forfeited his spot in the finals due to a lack of contract, leaving only one man in the tournament to earn the LPW Championship opportunity.

So, there you have it. At Instant Classic, Mr. Hardt, your good friend Scott Stevens will have his chance to honestly reclaim the LPW Championship...when he faces Steve Solex!

Hardt’s expression changes immediately as the video of the Co-Owner drops. The camera zooms in on Hardt before fading out.

Steve Solex (5-1) vs. Darren Hunter (1-1)

Ash: If anyone out there thought I was lying about Action Packed being exciting, I think we just proved it.

Henson: YES! YES!

Ash: The LPW Championship is officially back with LPW and we’ll be seeing Scott Stevens go up against the man in our next match at Instant Classic to see who will be the champ!

"Wake Up" by Rage Against the Machine begins to play. The crowd cheers wildly as the lights in the arena dim slightly as a white light shines from behind the entrance ramp. The silhouette of Steve Solex is shown atop the ramp, his hands rested firmly on his hips. His head moves from side to side peering throughout the crowd as he begins his descent to the ring. He claps his hands twice sending chalk dust into the air surrounding his body as the white light from behind the ramp fades away. White lights, reminiscent of camera flashes begin to flicker from different parts of the arena as Steve continues his confident stride down the ramp. As he approaches the ring he slides in underneath the bottom rope and immediately takes a knee in the center of the ring looking up toward the ceiling. He smiles wide as he continues to stare up at the ceiling then walks to the corner and poses for the crowd from the second turnbuckle. He hops off as his music fades out. Already in the ring, Darren Hunter shows a look of disgust and taunts the crowd as they cheer for the fan favorite.

Henson: Another “dude in the ring”, I think this shows how disappointed LPW has been in some of these people.

Ash: Do your job and do it well. Win or lose, I think that is all that matters.

Roth: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, hailing from Huntington Beach, California, he is the former LPW Champion…STEVE SOLEX!

And his opponent, from Richmond, Virginia…DARREN HUNTER!

The two men get in one another’s faces in the middle of the ring and begin talking smack to one another before a chin-checking session begins. The referee calls for the bell as the two men trade right hand after right hand, and immediately Hunter takes the easy way out by planting a knee directly into the rib cage of Solex. Solex drops to a knee but immediately regains his composure and ducks a haymaker thrown by Hunter. Hunter spins around and Solex secures his back before driving him into the mat with a German suplex with a bridged pin.




Hunter quickly rolls out of Solex’s death clutch forcing the referee to stop the count. Both men get to their feet and Hunter charges in, but Solex slams him down with a well-timed hip toss and follows it up with an elbow drop across Hunter’s chest. Solex pops to his feet as the crowd cheers wildly as the fan favorite mocks his opponent with a middle finger two inches from his face.

Ash: I’ve never seen fans get behind someone so quickly after despising them. Just shows how pro-LPW our fans are!

Henson: Mindless zombies I’d say.

Solex grabs a hold of Hunters hair and pulls him to his feet. Solex plants a kick into the gut of Hunter and sets up for the Solexplex! Solex lifts Hunter into the air attempting to finish the maneuver but Hunter shifts his weight just in time and the two men crash down to the mat with Hunter landing on top. The referee slides in for the count.








Solex gets his shoulder in the air before the count of three and the match will continue. Hunter lands a few elbows to Solex’s face from top position before getting to his feet. Solex clinches his face as Hunter violently kicks him in the ribs repeatedly, toes first. Solex rolls over to his side, but the Hunter is relentless with the kicks. The crowd boos as the attack continues, and Hunter doesn’t stop until the referee forcibly pulls him away from Solex. Hunter gets in the referee’s face and the two argue one another, which allows Solex the recovery time needed to get to his feet.

Ash: Hunter is definitely putting in the effort and trying to show what he’s got.

Henson: What he’s got is the ability to lose frequently to anyone.

Hunter shoves the referee to the side and goes after Solex. Hunter throws a wild punch, but Solex ducks it and lands a bone-breaking shot to Hunter’s ribs. Hunter bends over in pain and Solex thrusts him into the air nailing a beautiful gut wrench powerbomb. Solex is slow to his feet, which allows Hunter to get to his at the same time. Hunter throws a few right hands that connect across Solex’s jaw and attempts to throw Solex off the ropes but Solex reverses and whips Hunter off the ropes and throws out a lariat, but Hunter ducks and hits the opposite side ropes. On the return, Hunter attempts to leap from over the head of Solex, but is caught slammed to the mat with a vicious spinebuster. Solex pops straight back up to his feet, secures Hunter’s legs and locks in an elevated Boston Crab as the crowd cheers wildly.

Ash: I believe Steve is calling this move the Solex-Ecution!

Henson: Who cares?

As Solex wrenches the submission move harder, and with the ropes nowhere near the two men, Hunter is forced to tap! The crowd explodes with excitement as Solex releases the hold and celebrates in the middle of the ring. The referee holds his hand in the air as the crowd continues to applaud.

Roth: The winner of the match by way of submission…STEVE SOLEX!

Ash: Great momentum building win for Solex after hearing the big news!

Henson: Congrats, he beat a guy that I’m fairly sure you could stand a chance against.

Best Studios

Co-Main Event

Jett Mason (5-1) vs. Sid Wilder (1-3)

Ash: Co-Main Event time and we get to see if Jett Mason’s change in demeanor will see any changes in his game.

Henson: Of course it will. Now he’ll have a little edge, stop caring about these stupid people and do his job.

“Prequel to the Sequel” hits the speakers bringing on a chorus of boos from the fans. Jett walks out onto the stage, completely ignoring them all. He heads to the ring, full of energy and confidence. He slides into the ring and climbs the turnbuckle, posing briefly before awaiting his opponent.

Ash: It is certainly strange seeing this side of Jett. He used to be such a fan favorite.

Henson: He wised up, now he’s concentrating on being the best instead of being liked.

“Gasoline Dreams” by Outkast begins to play as Sid Wilder sprints down to the ring and slides in, ready for action.

Ash: That didn’t take long.

Henson: Better than the “already in the ring” dude, but only barely.

Roth: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is the Co-Main Event of the evening. Introducing first, from Atlanta, Georgia, the former LPW Tag Team Champion…JETT MASON!

And his opponent, fighting out of Detroit, Michigan…SID WILDER!

The two men lock up in the center of the ring; both men seem to stalemate for a moment, but Wilder is the first to attack landing a stiff knee to Mason’s gut. Mason crumbles down to a knee and is caught with a crippling lariat from Wilder. Wilder celebrates for the crowd as Mason lays motionless on the mat. Wilder turns his attention back to Mason and lands three stiff boots to his chest forcing Mason to quickly roll of the ring. Mason paces erratically on the outside clinching his chest as the first row of LPW fans taunt him wildly. Mason screams back at the fans and is unsuspectingly booted in the face by Wilder who followed him to the outside. The referee begins his count of ten, but before he reaches two Wilder has rolled Mason back into the ring. Wilder whips Mason off of the ropes sends Jett flying through the air with a powerful back body drop as the crowd erupts with cheers. Mason grabs a hold of his lower back and puts himself into a seated position. Wilder bounces off of the ropes and connects flush with Mason’s face with a low drop kick. Wilder quickly makes the first cover of the night.








Mason gets his shoulder up just before the count of three, much to the displeasure of the crowd. Wilder quickly argues with the referee which allows Mason to get to his feet without notice. Wilder holds two fingers up to the referee, who continues to insist the count was only two. Mason stalks his opponent from behind, and when Wilder turns around Mason sends him to the mat with an acrobatic and well-placed spinning heel kick. Mason slowly gets to his feet, and just as he does Wilder gets to his.

Ash: Mason appears to be showing a little ring rust, or maybe Wilder just has his number so far.

Henson: Definitely ring rust. But I’m not worried, Jett at half power is still better than this guy.

Mason charges in but Wilder stops him dead in his tracks with a boot to the stomach followed by a quick DDT. The crowd cheers as both men lay motionless in the middle of the ring. The referee checks on both men, but it’s Wilder to his feet first and soon after – with a handful of hair – he lifts Mason to his. Wilder puts Mason back down to the floor with a textbook scoop slam and then motions for the top rope. The fans in attendance cheer crazily as Wilder slowly climbs to the top rope and when atop he raises his fists into the air before leaping off. Wilder executes a perfectly landed big splash from the top. He stays on top of Mason and hooks the leg for the cover.









Once again, Mason kicks out before the count of three. No argument from Wilder this time as he quickly rises and lifts Mason up with him. Wilder whips Mason out and yanks him back in locking in a belly-to-belly suplex setup. Wilder leans backward, and with all of his might throws Mason across the ring, but Mason somehow manages to execute a full flip and land on his feet! Mason bounces off of the ropes and leaps into the air landing in the position of the Hurricanrana but quickly turns it into JETT LAG!

Ash: There is a move we haven’t seen in a while!

Mason springs to his feet and taunts the crowd before grabbing his opponent and throwing him chest first into the turn buckle. Mason follows him in and nails Wilder in the back of the head with a drop kick. Wilder clinches the back of his head and stumbles backward into Mason who stops and lifts him in a back suplex position, but no suplex is to be had as he sets Wilder up onto the top rope. Mason turns his body and lifts Wilder into the air. FREEMASON DRIVER! Mason makes the cover and hooks the leg.








Roth: The winner of the match by way of pinfall…JETT MASON!

“Prequel to the Sequel” begins to play again but is abruptly stopped as the lights in the arena dim. Mason stands in the rings, looking around confused. Suddenly the voice of Shayne Adams comes booming throughout the arena.

Adams: Mason...I know you're there, so listen up. I have no idea what your problem with me is but if it's a fight you're looking for...hoo boy did you just get one! Mason, I thought you of all people would know better than to screw me out of a title opportunity. You were there for LPW 1.0, you saw what happened to me...what I why would you do what you did? Maybe you see me as a stepping stone, a ladder back into the world of Legacy Pro Wrestling. Well, if that's the case, strap yourself in son, it's gonna be a wild, wild ride! Maybe this is the time for a little....relapse?

Adams lets out a maniacal laugh as the scene fades to an ad.


Main Event

Boston John (1-0) vs. Max Pierce (2-0)

Ash: Looks like Jett may have unleashed the darker side of Shayne Adams.

Henson: Good, that is about the only Shayne Adams I can stand.

Ash: You ready for the Main Event? Are you ready to find out who will challenge Mark Devereaux for the LPW Wildcard Championship at Instant Classic?

Henson: Only if one of these two guys manages to dethrone that chump.

Ash: You’ve got to let it go. So what if he beat Stevens.

Henson: It matters to me damn it!

“Dance of the Knights” by Prokofiev begins to play over the speakers as Max Pierce steps out onto the stage. He looks at the crowd with a twinge of disgust and disdain. He walks down to the ring casually but confidently. He climbs up onto the ring apron and then slips into the ring. He gives a quick bounces off the ropes before settling into his corner.”



Ash: We haven’t seen a whole lot of Max Pierce, but he is 2-0.

Henson: He’ll get his opportunity to prove he isn’t worthless tonight. Main Event of Action Packed with a title shot on the line. In situations like these you’re either a contender or Ian Carlisle.

“Shipping up to Boston” by Dropkick Murphy’s hits the speakers and Boston John explodes onto the stage, full of energy. He makes sure to strikes a few poses, showing how awesome he thinks he is before rushing down the ramp and sliding into the ring. He makes his way to the center of the ring, striking yet another pose.

Henson: I can’t tell if I like this guy or not.

Ash: I think a lot of people feel that way, and we have seen even less of him to judge. Especially given his only match was against Ashley Anderson, who has clearly shown she is not ready for this level of competition.

Henson: I don’t think she’s even ready for high school.

Roth: The following match is scheduled for one fall and is the Main Event of the evening and will crown the #1 contender to the Wildcard Championship. Introducing first, standing 6 feet 5 inches and weighing in at 255 pounds. From Manhattan, New York…MAX PIERCE!

And his opponent, standing 6 feet and 6 inches and weighing 285 pounds, hailing from South Boston, Massachusetts…BOSTON JOHN!

The bell ring and the Fenway Monster bull rushes Max Pierce. Pierce sidesteps John and gives him a little shove as he passes by, sending him chest first into the corner. Max follows up with a running knee to the back of Boston John. As John stumbles backwards, Pierce quickly rolls him up and hooks the tights.



Max quickly gets back up to his feet and decides to bring John up with him. Once standing it is John who suddenly takes control, hooking Pierce in a powerful bear hug. He swings Max around like a rag doll a few times, trying to shake the air out of him. Pierce struggles, however, prompting John to turn the bear hug into a slam.

Ash: Boston John is such a powerful man, especially considering that Pierce is no slouch himself.

Henson: Power will only get you so far. Remember Bottomless? No? Neither does anyone else.

John pounds away on Pierce, using his pure brute strength to his advantage. John takes a brief moment to admire himself which allows Max to get in an eye gouge that ends John’s assault. Boston John grabs his eye as he tries to make his way up to his feet. He never sees the first European uppercut coming; or the second. With John off balance, Pierce gives a quick Manhattan drop and immediately follows it up with a clothesline. Another pin…






Max Pierce puts three fingers up to the referee, letting him know that it should have been a three count. Pierce gets back to his feet, arguing with the official the whole time. Once standing, however, he is again back to work on Boston John. Pierce leaps up into the air and drops a knee…on the canvas! Boston John rolled out of the way. John springs up to his feet to meet Pierce with a shoulder charge. Pierce gets right back up to his feet only to be hit with another shoulder charge. John begs for Max to get up and he does so, perhaps unwillingly. John gets down in a three point stance before executing a solid football tackle.

Ash: He calls that move The Bruschi.

Henson: It was just a tackle…do wrestlers really have to rename every move they do?

Ash: I guess they just like to be creative and put their own personal touch on things.

Henson: Because renaming a common move is so unique these days.

John gets back to his feet and drags Pierce up with him. John delivers a couple of painful shots to the face before putting a boot to the midsection of his opponent. John grabs hold of Pierce and nails a devastating Goliath DDT. Boston John goes for the cover!




A smile crosses the face of John as he stands. He then pretends to throw a baseball into the air and knock it out of the park, covering his eyes to watch it fly away. Once finished he reaches down to pick up Max Pierce. No! Low blow! The referee saw it and calls for the bell.

Roth: The winner of the match by way of disqualification…BOSTON JOHN!

John collapses to the mat in pain, not looking like the victor. Max, meanwhile, is furious that he was caught breaking the rules. He grabs hold of the official by his collar, bring him face to face. In the blink of an eye he slaps a guillotine choke on the ref, bringing him to the ground. The official’s body goes limp as the scene fades out to the LPW logo.

Quick Results

Shane Jackson def. Ian Carlisle via My Way.

Gideon Valdez def. Dangerous Dan via Black Widows Whisper

Psycho Sam def. Ashley Anderson via Alcatraz Claw.

Steve Solex def. Darren Hunter via Solexecution.

Jett Mason def. Sid Wilder via FreeMason Driver.

Boston John def. Maxie Pierce via DQ.