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25th August 2012 - Reign Supreme - St. Louis, MO

The LPW logo flashes on the screen for a brief moment. “When Worlds Collide” by Powerman 5000 begins to play as clips from the Reign Supreme tournament and the consolation tournament are shown. As the music’s pace picks up, so does the content of the clips. The highlights fade out to the arena with pyro going off all throughout the arena. The fans go crazy, many of them wearing some of the new LPW merchandise. The music begins to die out as the scene transitions to the regular LPW announce team.

Ash: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to the first pay-per-view of the NEW Legacy Pro Wrestling. As always, I’m Danny Ash and I’m joined by my broadcast partner and general pain in the ass, Rick Henson.

Henson: I may be a pain in the ass, but at least I’m not a whiny pushover douche.

Ash: You’ll have to ignore him; it’s what I do as often as possible. Tonight is a HUGE night for LPW as we will crown our first ever Reign Supreme Champion in the winner of our Main Event between HOW’s Mike Best and our very own and newly beloved Steve Solex!

Henson: Solex…I still can’t believe what he did. Sure I’m all happy and what have you that he stuck with LPW I guess…but he really can’t embrace these stupid fans, can he?

Ash: I have no idea if he will or not, but I can guarantee you that he will be well supported in his match tonight. Love him or hate him, he’ll be representing our Legacy Pro Wrestling again the big bullies on the block, High Octane Wrestling.

Henson: You only call them that because they have no interest in acquiring your talents when LPW inevitably fails. It probably has something to do with your distinct lack of talent, to be honest.

Ash: In addition to that big Main Event, we’ll also find out which two men will square off for LPW’s newest title, which will also be unveiled tonight!

Henson: It isn’t a real title because Scott Stevens won’t be holding it. That is the only way I will acknowledge a championship’s legitimacy.

Ash: How’s he handling that loss, by the way?

Henson: You shut your face! YOU SHUT YOUR FUCKING FACE RIGHT NOW!

Ash: Woah! Calm down psycho fan!

Henson: You know this has been very rough on me…



Ash: I can see that…well, without any further embarrassment, let us get our first match started.

Shane Jackson (1-1) vs. Psycho Sam (1-2)

The lights dim and “Danger Zone” by Kenny Loggins begins to play as Shane Jackson comes out to the stage, giving a quick look around the arena. He jogs his way down to the ring and slides in. He tests the ropes as he awaits his opponent’s entrance.

Ash: Shane Jackson hasn’t looked himself since his defeat to Shawn Arrows.

Henson: You’re right; he’s starting to act like someone who gets it. Don’t worry about these sheep in the stands; all he need be concerned about is winning.

Ash: Whatever his motivation is, he definitely looks like he is fully focused on winning this match.

The lights go pitch black as the opening of "Fall Back Down" by Rancid plays. Once the vocals start, Psycho Sam walks to the stage, snarling. Sam’s manager, Rock, is behind him, overwhelmed by the audience. When the chorus starts, luminous blood drops from the ceiling onto Psycho Sam. The crowd members exposed to the blood wipe it off in a hurry as Psycho Sam then runs towards the ring, with Rock closely following behind. Sam then slides under the ring and bites the ring ropes. He then climbs up towards the turnbuckle and gives the bird to the audience, wiping the blood off him. Sam hops from the second rope and turns around only to be greeted by Shane Jackson standing in the center of the ring.

Ash: Oh wow, these two men are ready to go at it. They both look determined to use this opportunity on a LPW PPV to showcase their talents.

Henson: I still don’t know why this match got bumped up off the prelims; no one really cares about either of these guys.

Roth: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, hailing from Fort Wayne, Indiana…SHANE JACKSON!

And his opponent, accompanied to the ring by Rock and fighting out of the Island of Alcatraz…PSYCHO SAM!

The referee immediately calls for the bell and the two men lock up. Sam slips through Jackson’s grip and nails him with a knee to the gut that sends Jackson down to a knee. Sam then reaches back and slaps Jackson directly across the mouth. Jackson touches his reddened cheek as Sam holds his arms out to the air taunting his downed opponent as the crowd boos with fury. Sam runs in and hoists his boot at Jackson’s face, but Shane wisely moves to the side and quickly rolls Sam up for the pin. The referee slides in quickly for the count…





Sam kicks out after the count of one and immediately gets to his feet. Jackson is on his feet just a moment too late and is clobbered back down to the mat by a giant clothesline by the ghoulish LPW villain. Sam taunts the crowd briefly as he gets words of encouragement from Rock on the outside of the ring. Sam continues the attack with three firmly planted boots to the chest of Jackson, followed by a gruesome elbow drop that finds its mark. Sam gets back to his feet but this time he drags Jackson up with him. Sam clubs Jackson in the jaw with a stiff right hand then bounces off the ropes and attempts another clothesline. Jackson wisely ducks the move, as Sam whips himself off the opposite side ropes. Jackson spins toward Sam and when the two meet in the middle of the ring Jackson grabs a hold of Sam. Then sends him flying with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex as the crowd erupts in cheers. Sam rolls around the ring holding his lower back as Jackson quickly jumps to his feet. Sam, using the ropes for leverage, gets to his feet as well and when he turns around Jackson nails him across the lips with a beautifully placed drop kick that puts Sam flat on his back.

Ash: Jackson seems to be storming back in this match and the fans are rallying behind him.

Henson: If he’s smart he won’t pay them any attention. They won’t be the reason he wins the match, but they could certainly be the reason he loses if he tries to rely on their support.

Ash: To be honest Rick, I think the fans might cheer for anyone who is in the ring against Psycho Sam.

The crowd continues to cheer wildly as Jackson gets back to his feet and waits for Sam to get to his. Just as Sam gets to his feet Jackson kicks him firmly in the gut the violently drives his head into the mat with a DDT. Jackson makes the cover.





Sam barely kicks out before the count of two, and Shane stares the referee down with a look of disbelief. Jackson shrugs it off and pulls his opponent up to his feet then whips him off the ropes. Jackson attempts a cross-body block, but Sam catches him in mid-air! Sam taunts the crowd as he carries Jackson rather effortlessly. Sam spins around then sends Jackson across the ring with a nicely executed fallaway slam. Sam jumps to his feet and makes the cover.




Jackson barely gets his shoulder in the air. Rock, from the outside, complains to the referee who turns his back to the competitors inside of the ring. Sam gets to his feet and spreads his Jackson’s legs with his hands, seemingly setting up a sharpshooter. However, Sam has other ideas, and just before the referee turns back to the action Sam takes advantage of the distraction by stomping his foot directly into Jackson’s proverbial cash and prizes.

Ash: Owie zowie!

Henson: What the hell did you just say? Are you 9 years old?

The crowd boos crazily as Jackson rolls around in the ring in agony. After a few boots to Jackson, Sam lifts him back up to his feet, throws him viciously into the turnbuckle, charges in after him, and thrusts his body into the air attempting to splash on top of his cornered foe. However, Jackson moves in just the nick of time. Sam’s upper body clears the top turnbuckle, and his head connects flush with the steel ring post. The crowd goes wild as Sam stumbles backward from the corner of the ring and turns around only for Jackson to send him face first into the mat with Top Gun! Jackson quickly makes the cover…





Before the referee can make the count of three Rock jumps up onto the ring apron and once again distracts the gullible official. Frustrated, Jackson jumps to his feet and gets in Rock’s face. The two banter back and forth and unbeknownst to Jackson, Sam has gotten to his feet and is stalking him from behind. Sam charges with his hands clinched above his head attempting a double-axe handle. But just before he connects with the back of Jackson’s head, Jackson drops to a knee. Both of Sam’s clinched fists connect on Rock’s face and send him to the outside floor.

Ash: That’ll show that strange guy in the pebble jumpsuit to get involved.

Henson: I thought you were going to say someone about Fruity Pebbles there for a second.

Ash: No, that would be a different person’s schtick.

Sam leans over the ropes check on his friend, but now the tables have turned and Jackson is stalking Sam. As Sam turns around Jackson takes his feet out from underneath him and immediately applies My Way! Sam fights off as best he can as the crowd cheers against him. Sam grits his teeth as his face turns bright red. The referee continuously checks on Sam, and after a while…he can take no more! TAP! Sam has tapped to My Way and the crowd couldn’t be happier as they celebrate Jackson’s victory. Jackson releases the hold as the bell tolls and holds his hands in the air signifying his win. Rock quickly pulls Sam out of the ring as Jackson hops to the second turnbuckle and celebrates his win.

Roth: The winner of the bout by way of submission, SHANE JACKSON!

Ash: Big win for Jackson after coming off the loss to Arrows. Time will tell, however, whether the support he got from the fans tonight will be enough for him.

Henson: Well hopefully he’s learned his lesson, but if not then I hope he likes his current position because he’ll never go any further.

Ash: That is just your opinion, which doesn’t really mean much around here. In my opinion, we should send it over to David Flores who is standing by with Francis James with some major news.

Pick Your Poison

The scene cuts backstage where David Flores is standing with Francis James inside of an office. Next to them is what appears to be a box of some kind box covered in fabric.

Flores: Thanks Danny. I’m here with Francis James, the proxy of our yet to be revealed co-owner. Thank you for giving us your time Mr. James, and it is my understanding that you’re about to reveal the details on LPW’s newest championship.

James: That’s right Davis. I’ve had many meetings and discussion with my employer as well as Mr. Hardt. It was difficult to decide on how we wanted to approach the championship and distinguish it from our previous Internet Championship and our LPW Championship. We discussed a hardcore or extreme title of some sort, as we clearly have some on the roster that would enjoy such a match. We also talked about some more classic and distinguished rules. Unfortunately we couldn’t agree on any of them. So I regret to say the new title we have won’t have any one stipulation.

Flores: I had heard some reports and chatter about the title having a stipulation attached to it, are you saying these claims were without merit?

James: No, not at all. As I said, the title won’t have any one stipulation. In these many discussions I had with my employer, he had quite a brilliant idea that I’m sure will be fantastic for both business and our roster. We’ve all heard of the “championship advantage”, but what if you took that one step further. What if the champion could decide on how the title was defended?

Flores: I’m not sure I follow, sir.

James: Whenever a champion is crowned, he will decide on the type of stipulation that is attached to said title for the duration of his run. Every match the champion has where the title is on the line, will follow these same rules up until a new champion is crowned.

Flores: I have got to admit, that is a strange and interesting concept. But how are you going to avoid shenanigans where the champion chooses some absurd stipulation in which he always wins?

James: I actually have to credit Mr. Hardt with that fix. We have agreed to a list of stipulations that are allowed for the title and the champion can pick any of these that he wishes. For those interested in fewer rules, there is an “anything goes” stipulation. No rope breaks, count outs or disqualifications and falls count anywhere. For those like to keep things under control, there is the “pure” stipulation. One rope break, twenty second count outs, no managers, and the title will change hands on disqualification. For those who are bit more retro there is the “classic” stipulation in which top rope moves and throwing an opponent over the top rope will result in a disqualification. If the holder is a submission expert he can put the “submission only” stipulation, meaning the match can only be won by submission. Similarly, there is the “pinfall only” stipulation, where only pinfalls will finish the match, but the pin is a five count instead of three. With all these variations we felt that we should also allow the option of a standard match, if the title holder so chooses. Obviously this would mean that the match would follow typical LPW rules. Then there are two stipulations that are similar but still different. There is “opponent’s choice” where the challenger gets to pick which of these stipulations the match will follow. The last is the “random” stipulation, where each match has a stipulation randomly chosen just prior to the match.

Flores: Wow…I think I’m going to love this new title.

James: We hope everyone does. So without any further waiting, I give you the LPW Wildcard Championship.

Francis James removes the fabric from the box, revealing a glass case with the new LPW Wildcard Championship inside. The camera zooms in to show the title’s detail before the scene cuts back to ringside.

Ash: This title could be a huge hit with our fans. I cannot wait to see who will be the first champion and what stipulation they select. The good news is that we won’t have to wait much longer. Our next match will decide one of the opponents who will get the opportunity to win this title.

Shayne Adams (6-3) vs, Kalean Turner (1-0)

Henson: It should have been Stevens…it should have been Stevens.

The lights drop. The fans begin to cheer in anticipation. There is a moment's pause before “Papercut” by Linkin Park begins to play and blue lasers dance around the arena. When the guitars kick in, there is a flash of light and a pop of fireworks as Shayne Adams steps out onto the ramp to rapturous cheers. The lights return to normal as Adams struts to the ring, with Rachelle in tow. He slides into the ring, lowering the bottom rope to allow his manager into the ring behind him. He climbs each turnbuckle in turn, puts hands on hips and lets a cocky smirk drift across his face. After the fourth turnbuckle, he talks to Rachelle as she puts an arm on his shoulder and he waits for his opponent.

Ash: Adams is always a game opponent here in LPW and this may be his chance to finally secure a championship.

Henson: The day Shayne Adams wins anything of importance is the day when we need to close our doors and sell everything we have.

Mad World erupts from the speakers as the lights fade to black. Kalean Turner's sadistic smile comes across the video screen to greet the fans. Spotlights shine down on the top of the entrance ramp to show Kalean standing there smiling. He seems to be talking to someone as the camera pans in on him. The crowd erupts and cheers as he makes his way down the ramp still talking to someone. His eyes are focused on the ring his whole walk down. Kalean stops at the bottom of the ramp as he turns and nods to whoever who he is talking to. Sliding in the ring he walks to a turnbuckle and sits and on the ring mat looking up into the rafters and listens to Mad World fade. As it comes to an end he closes his eyes and awaits the start of the match.

Henson: How does Shayne Adams always find ways to be in the crosshairs of crazy people? Guy is like a crazy magnet.

Ash: I…don’t really have an answer to that question.

The bell sounds and the two men begin to lock up before the lights suddenly go out. “Prequel to the Sequel” by Between the Buried and Me hits the speakers. The lights come up and the fans in the building start to cheer as one of their favorite LPW wrestlers of the past is standing on the stage. Jett Mason plays to the fans while the two men in the ring look on with confusion. Jett quickens his pace a bit, making his way to the ring, where he slides in. He extends his hand to Shayne Adams, who gives it a shake. He then extends it to Kalean, who just looks at him.

Ash: Jett Mason is back, Rick! But what is he doing in the ring?

Henson: Apparently trying to get buddy-buddy with the two guys in there.

Jett gives Turner a pat on the back anyhow before turning his attention back to Adams. The smile that was on Jett’s face turns to a grimace before he begins putting boots to Shayne. The ref has no choice but to call for the bell, as Jett Mason pummels Shayne Adams.

Roth: The winner of this match by way of disqualification, SHAYNE ADAMS!

Ash: What the hell is going on?

Henson: Yes! Finally something worth watching tonight! I always knew that Jett Mason was awesome!

Kalean Turner can’t believe what is going on. He begins to grab at his hair and leave the ring, clearly trying to keep it together. As he heads up the ramp, Adams is still being beaten by Jett. Mason grabs Shayne and throws him over the top rope and to the outside. Jett doesn’t hesitate in following him out, where he finds a steel chair. He waits for Shayne to stir before cracking the chair over his head, forcing blood to begin gushing out instantly. Jett isn’t finished yet, as he begins dragging Shayne’s dead weight up the rampway. He manages to pull the man up to his feet, just so he can drop him head first with the FreeMason Driver. Security finally makes its way to the area, grabbing Mason and pulling him off.

Ash: I…don’t really know what to say right now. Guys, can we cut to something while things are cleared up out here?

The First Time

The scene cuts away from ringside to an interview shot earlier in the night. We find LPW’s resident interviewer Shelly Summers standing before a black and blue LPW Reign Supreme backdrop. The shot closes in on her face just as she raises the microphone.

Summers: Thanks guys. We’ll get back to the action in a just a moment but before we do, I’m joined by one of the brighter young stars to join the ranks of Legacy Pro Wrestling.

The camera pans back as Shelly turns to her left. Where we might expect to find a budding superstar the likes of Shawn Arrows, Mark Devereuax, or the mighty Ashley Anderson, we find Boston John towering over Shelly. His torso still sweaty coming fresh off his debut win, John grips a cold Sam Adams in his hand and wraps the other around Shelly’s shoulder.

Summers: Boston John, after such an impressive first win over Ashley Anderson, how does it feel to finally have that first match under your belt?

Boston John: It feels great, Shelly. Brings tear to my eye to have to stomp on a little lady like that but, hey, them’s the breaks. Hopefully now I can keep this train movin’ straight through to the next match, the match after that, and then on to TitleTown.

Summers: I’m sure Miss Anderson is second guessing her decision to step into the same ring as you tonight. You seemed to have an extreme focus tonight despite you having the clear advantage. Care to comment?

John shrugs while tossing back a good amount of Boston Lager.

Boston John: Beats me, babe. All I know is that I didn’t come to LPW to be some curtain jerkah. So what can I do? I had to come out, show the boss what I’ve got, and make the people notice. Hopefully they did.

Summers: What do you think lies next for you? Who would you like to take on next?

Boston John: I’ll tell ya who. How about you and me head back to my hotel room with a few bottles of bourbon, get reeeeal freaky… whadda ya say, sweets?

Summers: Next show, John. I was talking about your future in LPW.

John gulps down the rest of his beer before pulling another from off camera. He opens it, finally turning to Shelly with a blank stare.

Boston John: Well, that’s not my call. I’m sure Hardt’s gonna watch the tape, analyze the ratings, and talk to the board on who’s gonna make this place famous. No offense to anyone else on the rostah but… shit. I’ve seen more talent in one of my used condoms than Stevens has on his best night. I apologize for talkin’ that way in front of yah Miss Summers but it’s the Jesus breathin’ truth.

Summers: Wow.

Boston John: Either way, I’m not here to act like I run things. Whoever I get put up against, I’ll win, and I’ll do it with style. Despite little Miss Sunhine bein’ the last thing you think you’d see in the ring, I wasn’t out there to show her up. I just did my job. I came out and did what I do to make sure LPW took notice. The suits. The guys in the back. But most importantly, I wanted to show you, Miss Shelly.

John winks at Shelly before he directs his gaze into the camera directly.

Boston John: Night kids.

Summers: There you have it, fans. LPW newcomer Boston John says he plans to…



A gaggle of attractive women walk into frame as Boston John hitches arms with the last one. Giggling, laughing, and a hearty bellow echoes off the hallway walls as the big man from Boston trots off smiling. The action cuts back to ringside.

Ash: We’re back and it appears that things have been cleaned up out here. I promise to keep you all up to date on the status of Shayne Adams as soon as we get word. For now though, it is time for Henson's favorite wrestler.

Scott Stevens (5-4) vs, Dangerous Dan (2-2)

The lights in the arena go pitch black, as red lasers and spotlights light up the area. The video screen lights up and flashes across the screen, "Nothing survives my sting!" The crowd starts booing as Dave Mustaine's voice echoes throughout the arena, "I am the Scorpion, whoa!" The jeering intensifies as a mash-up of "I Stand Alone" and "Amazing" hits the speakers, drawing out the reigning Legacy Pro Wrestling champion. Walking down the aisle, he talks trash the entire way while raising a fist at a few of the more vocal bashers. As he finally gets to the ring, he climbs the nearest turnbuckle and stares down “Dangerous” Dan, an icy glare and the throat slash gesture his only actions as he drops to the mat.

Henson: I know Dan is going to lose this match. Not only because he is going up against the greatest man in the history of ever, but because Dan was already in the ring.

Roth: His opponent, from Houston, Texas...SCOTT STEVENS!

“Dangerous” Dan is already in the ring and the two stare one another down from opposite sides of the ring as the referee calls for the bell. As the bell sounds, Dan makes a lunging effort toward Stevens but Stevens is one step ahead of Dan and immediately knocks him to the floor with a giant clothesline that sends the fans in attendance into a flurry of jeers. Stevens points to his head showing the ferocious crowd that he’s smarter than his fallen opponent before planting to hard boots onto the abdomen of Dan. Dan rolls around the ring in pain and is lifted to his feet by the hair and dropped once again with a thunderous clothesline from Scott Stevens. Stevens continues to mock the fans before dropping a needle pointed elbow drop into Dan’s heart. Stevens sits upright in the ring and smiles out at the fans dusting his hands off in an extremely cocky gesture. Stevens gets to his feet and soon after lifts Dan to his. Stevens holds Dan in place by his mutli-colored hair and motions to the crowd that the end is near by slitting his throat with his thumb to a chorus of boos from the audience. Dan tries to fight back flailing his arms at Stevens…but the damage has been done and Stevens just laughs at his failing attempts to connect with a blow. Stevens delivers a hard kick to Dan’s stomach and delivers the Toxic Sting! As Dan’s throat connects with Stevens’ shoulder, Dan is sent into the air and flat on his back, and there he lies motionless. Stevens makes a half asked cover and the referee makes the count.




Roth: The winner of the match by way of pinfal...SCOTT STEVENS!

Ash: What the...

Henson: I told you so!

Ash: Hold on a minute Rick, I'm getting word that we have an unexpected interview with Steve Solex.

My House

The crowd cheers wildly as Steve Solex is shown backstage with David Flores. Solex is dressed in his ring attire and looks ready for his matchup tonight with Mike Best. Steve has a smirk on his face as David Flores stands there goofily with the microphone raised to Solex’s mouth. Steve stares down at the microphone then looks toward Flores.

Steve: What in the hell are you doing, David?

Flores: Well, I thought I wa…



Steve cuts him off.

Steve: You thought? What did you think? That you could just hold this little microphone in my face and I would speak? What kinda shit is that, David? Are you telling me, that you aren’t going to ask any questions? That you are just here to hold microphones for people to speak into? If that’s the case, why the hell do you still have a job here?

David pulls the microphone away from Solex, but Steve snatches it right back. David grows a look of concern on his face.

Steve: No, idiot. You’re not going to try and seem important now. You’re going to hold that microphone, and you’re not going to say a word. Got that?

David begins to speak.

Steve: AHHH! AH! Don’t talk, guy. You just nod your head up and down, that’s what you do. Got it?

David nods his head up and down, his lips sealed tightly.

Steve: Alright, damnit. Now that I’m done dealing with this dudes ineptitude, let’s talk about what I’m here for tonight. I’m here, at Reign Supreme to finish what I started. I started this tournament to do one thing and that’s win it. Mike Best has made his name in this company throughout this tournament, but that means absolutely dick to me. Yeah, he beat Scott Stevens. But, hell…an overweight eighty year old woman on crutches could beat the living shit out of that piece of crap.

The crowd cheers.

Steve: Sure, he’s advanced to the finals, and that’s awesome for him. But what Mike Best didn’t count on was, that in the finals he would have to get in the ring with Steve Solex. I’ve never been beaten inside of a LPW ring, Mike, and you can chisel this in stone buddy…you aren’t going to be the one that finally does it. When the bell rings there will be nowhere to go. And when it rings for the second time, it will be Steve Solex who stands victorious. Then you can go back to HOW, and crawl back between your Daddy’s legs and hide behind him as you have for years. Then finally, we can get to business and I can once again claim what I never lost in the first place, the Legacy Pro Wrestling Championship.

Solex shoves the mic out of his face and walks off camera as the scene narrows in on Flores before transitioning back to the commentary booth.

Henson: How dare he make fun of Scott Stevens!

Ash: Are you going to try and stop him? I'm sure I can text David and let him know that you have a word for Steve.

Henson: Event time...right?

Co-Main Event

Shawn Arrows (2-1) vs. Mark Devereaux (1-0)

The instrumental version of “Iron Man” by Black Sabbath kicks in as Shawn Arrows steps out onto the stage. He again has a vacant expression on his face as he walks down the ramp as if he is the only man in the entire arena. He climbs up into the ring and through the ropes, heading straight for his corner.

Ash: What has gotten into Shawn Arrows recently? I’ve never seen someone make such a one-eighty like he has.

Henson: The guy is off his rocker; my assistant tells me he smokes the drugs or something. Maybe he is too stone to care?

Ash: I find that hard to believe, regardless of what he may do in his personal time, he is usually a game opponent.

"Epic" by Faith No More begins to echo throughout the entire building. Fans begin stomping on the ground to the bass drum and slapping the side of the guard rails along to the snare drum. All the while chanting loudly and proudly, “WAR-RI-OR” along to the kick-snare beat of the music. Shortly after the start of the music and crowd participation, out comes Mark Devereaux. He lightly jogs out, stopping at the top of the ramp. Devereaux puts his hand up to his brow and motions that he is looking over the entire arena. He then pounds his right fist on his chest and points to the crowd and starts walking down the ramp. With every other step he is reaching to slap the hands of the children and adults in the live audience. He climbs the ring steps to enter the ring. Once inside he climbs the turnbuckle facing the camera, points to the crowd, points to his heart, and then points to the ring. Finally raising his hands in the air for an explosive reaction from the crowd. He climbs down and begins stretching his arms by rotating them as the music fades.

Ash: Here is a true man of the people, and even more so after what he did to Scott Stevens on our last show.

Henson: I hate him, I hate him, and I hate him! He ruined everything!

Roth: The following match is scheduled for one fall and is a semi-final match in the consolation tournament. Introducing first, accompanied by Jessica Jenkins, from Greensboro, North Carolina…SHAWN ARROWS!

And his opponent, fighting out of Dearborn, Michigan…MARK DEVERAUX

The fans go crazy for Devereaux as the bell rings. Arrows begins to pace around the ring in a circle, not even looking at Devereaux. Meanwhile, Devereaux never takes his eyes off his opponent, circling away and trying to get an idea of what is going on and how to proceed. Mark sees an opening and charges in, only to be met with a deep arm drag. He quickly gets up to his feet, only to taste a spinning heel kick. Devereaux grabs at his jaw and nods as he gets back up to his feet. Shawn looks at him with a vacant stare as he contemplates his next move. Mark decides to go back on the attack, hooking up with Arrows in a collar and elbow tie. Arrows is quick to transition it to a side headlock, just as Devereaux suspected. Mark lifts Arrows up and slams him to the canvas with a belly to back suplex. Devereaux wastes no time in securing side mount on his opponent, laying all of his weight down on his opponent. Mark lets up just a moment, long enough for him to deliver a knee to the side of Arrows.

Ash: A little ground and pound from Devereaux, doing his best to keep the high flyer grounded.

Henson: I heard that Devereaux has a Barbie collection.

Ash: Is that the kind of commentary you’re going to provide for this match?

Henson: Absolutely.

On the next try Arrows manages to time his move just right, rolling over onto all fours in a turtled up position. Devereaux is still on top though, pressing his weight down. At his first opportunity, Mark transitions from the side to the just behind Arrows. He hooks Shawn by the waist and begins lifting him into the air with a German suplex. At the peak Arrows manages to counter the move into a bulldog variation. Arrows immediately brings Devereaux back up to his feet. First comes a European uppercut from Arrows, staggering Mark. Then comes a cracking knife edge chop. Shawn stays on the attack, bringing Mark down to the mat with an arm wringer takedown followed immediately by a snapping legdrop. Arrows then begins to stomp on his downed opponent several times. His last attempt manages to be caught by Mark, who holds the leg while climbing back up to his feet. Arrows bounces and balances on one leg. Mark releases the leg after deliver and short elbow to Shawn’s face. Devereaux begins unloading stiff kicks to the thigh and knee region, wobbling Arrows’ legs beneath him. Devereaux grabs hold of Arrows and whips him into the ropes. No, reversed; it is Devereaux who gets sent into the ropes. On the rebound Arrows leaps into the air and catches his opponent with a hurricanrana. NO! That too is reversed, as Devereaux plants Arrows down on the canvas with a powerbomb!

Ash: Folks, I’ve just gotten word that Shayne Adams has been diagnosed with a concussion. The severity of the damage has not been determined. However, the LPW doctors have put Shayne on an indefinite medical suspension and he will miss, at minimum, the next Action Packed.

Henson: Who cares…



Ash: Plenty of people may care, Rick, because that isn’t all. Because there is no time table for when Adams will be cleared, both Hardt and the anonymous co-owner have agreed that THIS match will be considered the finals with the winner becoming the first ever LPW Wildcard Champion!

Henson: You’ve got to be kidding me!?

Ash: Afraid not. Neither of these guys is aware of the decision obviously, but I’m told that the winner will be awarded the title following the match. For the Shayne Adams fans out there, he will still be awarded a shot at the title somewhere down the line.

Devereaux doesn’t even both with the pin, instead bringing Arrows back up to his feet. He screams out “Devereaux Driver” to everyone that can hear. He hoists Arrows up but his opponent manages to slip behind and execute a sunset flip.



Mark manages to shift his weight, rolling Arrows over with a pin of his own.



Both men scrambled up to their feet, where Arrows charges in. He ducks a clothesline attempt from Devereaux and bounces off the ropes. On the rebound he jumps up and delivers a spinning head scissor. Shawn kips up to his feet and heads back towards the rope. He springboards off with a corkscrew moonsault for the pin.












Ash: Beautiful move by Arrows there, one that nearly won him a championship.

Henson: I hope to God that Arrows snaps out of this and destroys this Devereaux jerk. I don’t think I could continue living if he beats Stevens and becomes the first Wildcard Champion.

Arrows rolls out to the ring apron as Devereaux slowly gets back up to his feet. Once standing, Arrows springboards back into the ring. Devereaux manages to duck at the last second, but Shawn shows his agility by managing to land on his feet. Devereaux turns around into a superkick from Arrows. Mark manages to catch the kick and using it to spin Arrows around. Devereaux hooks Arrows and with shades of Scott Stevens, crashes Arrows down on the back of his neck with a half nelson suplex. You can see the intensity in Mark’s eyes as instead of going for the pin, he brings Arrows up to his feet. DEVEREAUX DRIVER!!




Henson: Son of a bitch!

Ash: He did it!

Roth: The winner of the match by way of pinfall and the NEW LPW Wildcard Champion…MARK DEVEREAUX!

Devereaux is caught off guard by the announcement that he is the Wildcard Champion. A staff member comes running from the back with the title in his hands, handing it to the ref once he reaches ringside. The ref then hands the belt to Devereaux and his eyes light up. He hoists the title into the air and the fans blow the roof off. Mark runs up to a turnbuckle and quickly ascends it, holding the title up to his waist with one hand and slapping the face of it with the other.

Ash: You have got to be happy for this guy. He came into LPW as a relatively unknown, and in the matter of weeks defeats our last LPW Champion and ends up winning a championship of his own.

Henson: I don’t have to do anything.

See You in Eight to Ten

The scene abruptly cuts to a slightly distorted image backstage. The video is sideways, being recorded from a downed camera. Inaudible screaming and shouting can be heard from behind. Several feet then come into view and the people they are attached to appear to be dragging something. As the people get further way you see that it is several police officers with Kalean Turner. The scene then cuts back to ringside where the team looks on confused.

Ash: I’m not sure what just happened, but apparently Turner went a bit crazy backstage following his match. Something about a bomb threat…



Henson: Well I guess he just blew his chance in LPW…get it?

Ash: …how about a Main Event?

Main Event

Mike Best (2-0) vs. Steve Solex (5-0)

“Don’t Hate Me” by Nerf Herder begins to play, queuing the crowd to boo with everything they have in them. From the back comes Mike Best, looking over the crowd with complete distain. He begins to walk down the ramp, wearing his confidence on his face. Some fans reach out to try and touch the star but he jerks away from them as if they were plagued. He isn’t even in the ring when "Wake Up" by Rage Against the Machine begins to play. The boos immediately turn into unanimous cheers as the lights in the arena dim slightly as a white light shines from behind the entrance ramp. The silhouette of Steve Solex is shown atop the ramp, his hands rested firmly on his hips. His head moves from side to side peering throughout the crowd as he begins his descent to the ring. He claps his hands twice sending chalk dust into the air surrounding his body as the white light from behind the ramp fades away. White lights, reminiscent of camera flashes begin to flicker from different parts of the arena as Steve continues his confident stride down the ramp. As he approaches the ring he slides in underneath the bottom rope and immediately takes a knee in the center of the ring looking up toward the ceiling. He smiles wide as he continues to stare up at the ceiling then walks to the corner and poses for the crowd from the second turnbuckle. He hops off as his music fades out.

Ash: I cannot wait for this. Quite possibly the biggest match in the history of Legacy Pro Wrestling.

Roth: The following contest is the Main Event of the evening; it is scheduled for one fall and is the finals of the Reign Supreme tournament. Introducing first, representing High Octane Wrestling, standing 5 feet 11 inches and weighing in at 236 pounds. Fighting out of Chicago, Illinois…MIKE BEST!

And his opponent, standing 6 feet 4 inches, with a weight of 252 pounds. From Huntington Beach, California, he is the first ever LPW Champion…STEVE SOLEX!

Ash: Here we go!

The bell rings and the two men walk to the center and stand nose to nose, trash talking back and forth. Mike Best pushes Solex back and Steve returns favor with a push of his own. Best at Solex with distain before throwing a punch. The strike connects with Steve square in the jaw, but Solex doesn’t even flinch as the crowd goes nuts. The look on Mike’s face chances quickly as Solex delivers a couple punches of his own. With Best retreating backwards, Solex shoots a double but finds Best equal to it with a sprawl. Refusing to be denied, Solex locks his hands just under Mike’s hips and lifts him up to his shoulder. Best struggles but can’t stop Steve from running and slamming him down onto the mat, Greco-Roman style. Best immediately scrambles to all fours, trying to get up before Solex can capitalize. His attempt is fruitless as Solex grabs hold of and arm and locks in a hammerlock that forces Best back flat on the canvas. Steve uses his knee to hold Mike’s arm in place so that he can grab hold of his chin for a hammerlock crossface. Best struggles and is finally able to free his arm, which allows him to drag himself to a rope break.

Ash: Solex is showing a little of his technical ability tonight.

Henson: Needs work. The technical prowess of Scott Stevens would never allow Mike Best to force a rope break.

Ash: Is this the same Scott Stevens that lost to Mike Best already?

Henson: He didn’t lose; he simply elected to not win.

Ash: Right.

Solex releases the hold and backs away, giving Best the opportunity to get up to his feet. Steve confidently motions for Best to come at him and Mike answers with a kick. Steve manages to catch Best’s foot and give a sly smile while shaking his head. Mike bounces on his one available leg before nailing Steve with an enziguri. Quick cover from Best!



Best turns the cover into a mounted position, allowing him to reign down punches on Solex below. Several shots connect and Steve has to put his hands up to try and block. Mike grabs one of Solex’s arms and holds it out of the way while punching with his free hand. Lighting fast Best goes from punching to locking in an armbar. The hold is well scouted by Solex who immediately stacks Best on his shoulders. Steve reaches down with his free arm and locks his hands before using his power to lift Best into the air. Not liking the way things are going, Best unlocks his legs and the momentum places him on his feet where he quickly springs back up into the air and puts a flying knee to the face of Steve Solex.

Henson: I hope Solex has the number to a good dentist; he’s certainly going to need one after that.

Ash: I think Solex would gladly give up a few teeth to win this match tonight.

Henson: I don’t think he has much of a choice. He’s likely to lose his teeth and the match.

Solex shows his solid chin as he manages to stay on his feet, but nothing can prevent him from stumbling backwards into the corner. As if he knew it would happen before it did, the moment Solex is settled in the corner, Mike is springboarding off the ropes and hitting Steve with a dropkick. Solex collapses into a sitting position, where Best begins to repeated kick in him the face and chest. The ref begins to count before pull Mike Best off. Mike looks at the ref and then at his chest, surprised that the official put his hands on him. Best ducks just as Solex was charging in from behind with a clothesline. With Best out of the way, Steve nails the official, sending him crashing to the canvas. Solex looks down at the ref, furious about the incident. Best takes advantage by grabbing hold of Steve and throwing him over the top rope and to the ringside area. As Solex crashes down Mike looks on at him, pointing to his own head and letting everyone know how smart he is.

Ash: I’ll be honest; I’m going to be a lot happier when we no longer have to see Best in a LPW ring.

Henson: Because you hate talent?

Ash: Sure he’s talented, but I can’t stand him as a person and I personally hope that Solex pins him tonight.

Mike climbs down out of the ring and grabs hold of Solex, bringing him up to his feet. Mike spends too much time jawing with the fans, allow Solex to regain himself. Steve hooks in a belly to belly and flips Mike overhead, crashing back first into the ring barrier and landing on his head. The fans erupt with an “L-P-Dub!” chant that seems to put a little fire into Steve Solex. Best is still propped up against the barrier when Steve makes his way over to him and forcefully brings him down flat to the ground. Solex picks his opponent up and crotches him on the barrier. Solex walks around a bit, throwing his arms in the air to the delight of the pro-LPW crowd. Then in the blink of an eye Solex delivers a perfect super kick to Best, sending him to the fan side of the barrier. Solex wastes no time climbing over himself. He grabs a fan in the official Steve Solex shirt and tells him to hold Mike Best up, and the happy fan obliges. Solex delivers a stiff punch to Mike’s face and then motions for the fan to throw Mike back over the barrier. Again the fan doesn’t hesitate, sending Best back out by the announce table. Best uses the table to pull himself up as Solex crosses back over. The ref starts to stir as Solex slams Mike’s head into the table. Solex rolls Bes ton top of the table before climbing up to the ring apron. Solex leaps off with an elbow drop, but finds nothing but table, as Best and the announce crew all got out of the way.

Henson: I think I know what Solex went out and bought with his new LPW deal.

Ash: What’s that?

Henson: A brand new failboat.

Best manages to drag Solex to his feet and get him back in to the ring. Mike immediately goes for the pin and after a brief moment the ref awakes enough to start a count.




Best wastes no time getting back to his feet but Solex still lays flat on the canvas. Mike takes off running and springboards off the ropes, nailing Solex with Best in Show!









Mike Best begins to cuss loudly in frustration as he climbs back up to his feet. He begs Solex to get up and he slowly yet eventually rises. Mike bounces off the ropes to gain some momentum. JESUS COMPLEX! NO! REVERSED! Samoan drop by Steve Solex!

Ash: Well scouted by Solex! Looks like he put the time in for this match and really studied his opponent.

Henson: He better have, otherwise he has absolutely no chance.

Both men are still on the mat, struggling to get to their feet. Solex manages to get up to his feet first. He helps finish the job Best started by bringing his opponent up to his feet. In the blink of an eye the opossum playing Mike Best puts a knee to the gut of Solex before hooking the leg and hitting the SolexPlex!














NO! KICKOUT! Best pounds on the mat in frustration before bringing Solex back up to his feet. Best puts Solex’s head between his legs, prepping the Rape-ture. He can’t lift Solex up due to his struggling and in turn gets lifted up and hot shot on the ropes. Mike clutches at his neck as he stumbles backwards into a release German suplex that has Mike flipping in midair and landing on his stomach. Steve motions to the crowd that it is over, much to their delight. He proceeds to pick Best up and hook in the SolexPlex. He lifts Best up, but Mike shifts his weight and counters with a small package. Solex is equal to it though, rolling through the move himself before getting back up to his feet. Before he can get his bearings Best delivers the Jesus Complex!









The bell rings as the life is sucked out of the building for a moment.

Roth: The winner of the match by way of pinfall and the Reign Supreme Champion…MIKE BEST!

Life comes back into the arena as boos echo all around. Fans begin throwing trash into the ring and Best stands in the center, loving every minute of it.

The Ceremony

The referee tries to clear as much trash out of the ring as possible but more flies in. Francis James begins walking down the ramp with the Reign Supreme trophy in his hands. He climbs in and takes the microphone from Edward Roth.

James: Ladies and gentlemen, please refrain from throwing trash in the ring. I understand it isn’t the outcome you wanted, but please respect LPW staff and management. Now, on behalf of Legacy Pro Wrestling, Mike Best I present you with the Reign Supreme trophy.

James hands the trophy over to Mike Best, who gives it a look suggesting that it isn’t big or grand enough for him. Francis then pulls an envelope out of his jacket pocket.

James: As you are aware, in order for you to receive the LPW Championship match, you must sign a contract with us. I have brought one…



“Thickfreakness” by The Black Keys begins to play as Mason Hardt steps out onto the stage, twirling a microphone in his hand. He looks down at the ring for a moment before beginning to speak.

Hardt: If I may interject here for a moment. First of all, congratulations Mike Best; you defeated one of LPW’s very best fair and square. Unfortunately it wasn’t for the Reign Supreme Championship.

Everyone in the ring looks at him with confusion.

Hardt: You see, our dear mysterious co-owner and his stooge in the ring there, they let me write up the Reign Supreme contracts. And as everyone knows, I always do what is best for LPW and our bottom line. I knew it was never likely that we’d ever be able to secure the rights to you Mr. Best, or to Bobby Dean. That is why I chose to have your limited contracts run out the night before Reign Supreme. So unfortunately, this match was only an exhibition of sorts, nothing on the line. But since Mr. James was kind enough to hand you over that trophy, you can go ahead and keep it. But contract or no contract, you’re not getting a LPW Championship match, ever. Now if you don’t mind…queue the credits!

Mason Hardt drops the mic and gives a sly smile as the scene fades out to the LPW logo and then to black.

Quick Results

Boston John def. Ashley Anderson via South Town Justice

Darren Hunter def. Sid Wilder via F-Bomb.

Max Pierce def. Ian Carlisle via swinging reverse neckbreaker.

Shane Jackson def. Psycho Sam via My Way.

Shayne Adams def. Kalean Turner via DQ.

Scott Stevens def. Dangerous Dan via Toxic Sting.

Mark Devereax def. Shawn Arrows via Devereaux Driver.

Mike Best def. Steve Solex via Jesus Complex.