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Sunday, October 30, 2011 - New York City - Manhattan Center




You open the DVD of WARPED 34 LIVE FROM DEATH'S DOOR and enter it into your favorite DVD player. The sounds of "Pogo" by Digitalism play as the WARPED Wrestling logo floats down from the top to the middle of the screen. Underneath that fades in to words "Play DVD". You click... and the show begins.

The show fades in as we see "October 30, 2011 - New York City - Manhattan Center" on the bottom right of the screen.

Randy Long stands in the middle of a sold out Manhattan Center in New York City.

Randy Long: "Wrestling fans, WARPED fans, welcome to LIVE FROM DEATH'S DOOR!"

The crowd cheers as loud as possible!


New Blood Four Corner Survival Match
AJ Fairchild vs. Leon Stone vs. Silas Bullock vs. Sean Tyler

Randy Long:" The following contest is a New Blood Four Corner Survival match scheduled for one fall! Introducing first from Bainbridge, Georgia, weighing in at 200 pounds - "The Cowboy" Silas Bullock!"

A Country Boy Can Survive hits the PA system and when the song begins Silas Bullock walks through the curtain in New York City, cloaked in a Confederate flag and cowboy hat. A majority of the New York crowd boos.

Silas enters the ring and signals for a mic. The ring attendant hesitates but hands the microphone to the man with long black beard.

Silas Bullock: "There are a lot of things I love in this life. Going to church on Sundays, the smell of fried chicken, my truck and of course my wife and our beautiful children." He pauses for a moment, taking in the crowd. "But if there's one thing I can't stand it's a damn Yankee!"

This insights instant boots.

Silas Bullock: "Ya wanna know the only thing I hate more than a Yankee?" He again pauses for a few seconds before answering his own question. "New York City! Your city is perhaps THE most corrupt city in the United States of America! You support the killing of innocent children through abortion. You support illegal immigration, you support faggot 'marriage' and race mixing. Hell, even on the 9/11 anniversary you wouldn't let religious leaders attend because a majority of this city is filled with atheistic scum! I can understand why most New Yorkers are so angry because if I lived in a shithole like this filled with spics, niggers and faggots I'd be pissed all the time too!"

By now the crowd is pissed. Some toss objects at Silas.

Silas Bullock: "Oh is that your best shot?" Silas shouts at a fan. "Why don't you bring your fat ass into this ring and man up?" He taunts the fan and signals for him to enter into the ring but security prevents the enraged fan from doing so. "That's what I thought. You ain't nothin' but a bitch nigga!" The crowd boos even louder. The conditions are now near riot like.

'Puck Off' By Pantera hits the Hammerstein Ballroom's sound system, as the fans cheer for the new blood of Warped Wrestling A.J. Fairchild. Fairchild has on his ring gear with a black Warped 34 T-Shirt on and an all black skull cap. He high fives the fans seated alongside the ramp area.

Randy Long: "And making his way to the ring - from Duluth, Minnesota, weighing in at 183 pounds - AJ Fairchild!"

The ringside attendant is ready with a microphone as A.J. slides into the ring under the bottom rope. A.J. then walks over to pick up the microphone as his entrance theme slowly dies away until the only thing that can be heard is the roar of the crowd.

A.J.: "Hey there Silas... You know I couldn't help but to overhear a few comments you just said."

A.J. is pacing the ring with a calm smile upon his face, as Silas is staring bullets into A.J. with his fist clenched.

A.J.: "You know there are things I too love in this life. My Minnesota Wild of course... Sleeping in on Sundays, basically nailing anything that has boobs and a pulse. And oh what was that last thing... Damn I so forgetful...

A.J. puts a hand to his chin in a sarcastic way looking up as if he's thinking. He then suddenly remembers and sarcastically taps his forehead.

A.J.: "Oh yeah, and curb stomping the shit out of bigots like yourself!"

The fans cheer wildly as A.J. snaps and raises his voice and paces around more aggressively.

A.J.: "You see Silas you are a damned fool if you can't realize that this city you in... The Big Apple... Is the greatest city on Earth my friend. And I'm not pandering to the people of New York, I'm just stating a fact that we've all known since kindergarten... Or were you and your old man, to busy going to monster truck shows, and klan meetings?"

The fans cheer loudly again supporting A.J. who was just getting warmed up.

A.J.: "There's a difference between me and you, but that difference comes in a familiar territory... A common ground if you will. See we both are proud of our races. I'm proud to be a African-American man. And you are proud to be a Anglo-Saxon man. Whopee that's great! But you see the difference lies on the fact that I love all people, while you hate anything that doesn't have white skin. That's not kosher my friend... "

A.J. takes a break while the fans clap for him...

A.J: "You have your grievances against New York, and it's policies. We these people here take offense to your neck fat. Your two-sizes too small ring gear. Your nasty southern drawl. Or the simple fact that when it comes to simple hygiene... No I'm not even going to talk about that apocalyptic body oder you have man... That's just nasty."

The fans laugh as A.J walks towards the ropes and leans on them. A.J. is reveling in the cheers until he takes full notice of Silas' confederate flag draped around him.

A.J.: "That's a nice blouse buddy... Looks like your granny sews pretty well... Any ways mate, I came out here to stop you, before you get burned at the stake by these New Yorkers mate. And no Silas that's not the kind of stake you eat bud... Now growing up in the South is hard as it is, but I'm pretty sure you can keep you hick comments to yourself, and do your job... Which is facing me and three other guys tonight for these good people... So before this becomes an issue, just shut up, nut up, and lets put on a good show... Got that pumpkin?

Silas grimaces at A.J's comments, taking the confederate flag off and draping it over the top rope. He becomes enraged by A.J's comments and tosses the microphone at him going for a cheap shot. A.J. dodges and begins to smashes Silas in the face with punches. He shoots him off the ropes and hits a backdrop. Silas rolls outside outside the ring.

Fairchild slides out and drills Silas with a right hand and Bullock counters back with one of his own and the two are going at it! The refereee gets out of the ring and tells them to break it up and wait for the match!! Bullock hops over the barricade and into the fans and tells Fairchild to get the hell back! The fans around him jeer and Bullock is forced to get out of the fans. Fairchild says 'bring it on' while motioning to Silas. Fairchild rolls into the ring...

"Seize The Day" by Avenged Sevenfold hits the PA System.

Randy Long: "And introducing next... from Dayton, Ohio, weighing in tonight at 273 pounds.. Leon Stooooone!"

Leon Stone walks down the ramp completely igoreing every one around, giving dirty looks to any one who, tries to touch him. He walks to his corner completely relaxed waiting for the final man to enter HIS ring.

Randy Long: "And finally..."

"Grow Up" by Simple Plan hits. “This is who I am and this is what I like…” Sean Tyler comes out of the back smiling, wearing a black leather jacket, his black wrestling trunks with red stripes, black boots and his trademark aviator sunglasses.

Randy Long: "Making his debut in the United States tonight.. he is from San Juan, Puerto Rico, weighing in at 220 pounds - Sean Tyyyyylerrr!"

As he walks towards the crowd he high fives the fans and throw kisses away for the women in attendance, once in the ring he just smiles and takes his sunglasses off winking in the process.

Tony D: "And here we are.. opening contest for Live From Death's Door. Kris, what a way it already kicked off."

Kris Red: "Yeah no kidding. Silas Bullock I guess is his name.. he comes out and he really bags on the crowd and the city in general. I seriously thought there was gonna be a riot. AJ Fairchild put a stop to it though and it seems we've got some order restored..."

Silas Bullock walks up the steps and stands on the apron, as he and AJ Fairchild glare at one another.

Tony D: "The hatred between those two men is clear."

Kris Red: "I'm looking forward to seeing them scrap tonight... but it looks like Sean Tyler and the big guy Leon Stone are gonna start this one off."

The bell sounds..

Tony D: "Now, Kris.."

Sean Tyler and Leon Stone circle each other and lock up.. Tyler with a headlock takedown. Stone drapes his leg over the face of Tyler, pinning him down, and Tyler kicks up. Headlock takeover by Stone and Tyler drapes his leg over Stone face, pinning him, and Stone kicks out. They both get to their feet and the crowd applauds as they now circle each other... they lock hands in the middle of the ring for a test of strength. Stone is forcing Tyler down, arching his back, and Tyler drops down and kicks Stone and spins out, freeing himself. He stands up and twists the arm of Stone, flipping Stone over onto the mat. Stone rolls backward and clips the legs of Tyler and locks in a headlock, but Tyler kicks up out of it and tries to apply a submission but Stone crawls to the ropes and holds on and Tyler is forced to get off of him.

Kris Red: "There goes Leon Stone, grab those ropes and save yourself! Smart move, and you know what I heard? I heard he lost some weight. Turns out my little comments last week got to him and he's been working out more."

Tony D: "Oh man.."

Tyler brings Stone to his feet and chops him across the chest up against the ropes. Stone fires back with a chop and Tyler delivers one too. Stone with a right hand.. Tyler with a right hand and into a side headlock. Stone pushes him away and Tyler hits the ropes and Stone leapfrogs.. They both turn and Tyler hits a Japanese armdrag! Both up.. Stone with an armdrag! Both up again.. Stone with a dropkick and Tyler is sent through the ropes!

Tony D: "There goes Sean Tyler!"

Tyler pops up and slaps the apron as Stone tells him to bring it on back in! Tyler hops up on the apron and Stone comes at him but Tyler decks him with a right hand and gets into the ring and chops him across the chest twice before irish whipping him into the corner. Running clothesline in the corner! Tyler pulls him out of the corner and wraps his arms around the body of Stone and hits an Overhead belly to belly suplex! Stone grabs his back and Tyler brings him up to his feet. Stone then pushes Tyler away and into the ropes. Tyler comes back with a right hand but Stone ducks and hits a Spinning Back Fist! Stone with a kick to the gut... he sets Tyler up for a piledriver perhaps and he lifts him up and surely he does drop him right on his head! Tyler looks over at Kris Red and says 'YA SEE THAT?!' and goes for the cover...


Kick out!

Kris Red: "Now what was that all about?"

Tony D: "As you said, your words got to him."

Stone slaps the mat in frustration and brings Tyler to his feet and whips him into the corner. AJ Fairchild tags himself in and Stone charges at Tyler but Tyler gets a boot up and Stone face goes right into it. He stumbles back and Fairchild enters the ring and goes past a surprised Tyler as Fairchild hits a Double Underhook Snap Suplex on Stone and covers!



Sean Tyler pulls Fairchild off of Stone. Fairchild gets up and questions Tyler and Stone gets up and turns Fairchild around. Irish whip.. Fairchild counters and sends Stone into the ropes. He grabs onto them and Fairchild charges, but Stone backdrops him. Fairchild holds the top rope and lands on the apron! Stone brags in the ring as he thinks he just threw Fairchild over. Tyler comes at him with a clothesline but Stone ducks and applies a reverse waistlock. Tyler counters into one of his own and forces Stone towards Fairchild who flips over the ropes and powerbombs Tyler while Stone gets a German Suplex!! Fairchild gets to his feet and Tyler is wobbly and Fairchild tosses him over the top rope then quickly goes back and covers Stone..



Kick out!

Tony D: "Another close call there on the pinfall attempt!"

Kris Red: "I love these Four Corner Survival matches. They're always so fast-paced."

Fairchild gets to his feet and brings Stone up and delivers a forearm strike, then goes for the irish whip but Stone counters. Fairchild hits the ropes. Stone with a clothesline, Fairchild slides through his legs.. reverse waistlock applied by Fairchild.. Stone with elbows to the face. Stone hits the ropes.. Fairchild with a leaping Hurricanrana!

Kris Red: "Rana~!"

Stone goes down and Fairchild quickly rises, bringing Stone up. Forearm strike.. forearm strike.. Fairchild with an Irish Whip attempt, but once again Stone counters. Fairchild hits the ropes and Stone goes for a backdrop but Fairchild puts on the breaks and kicks him in the face, then backs into the ropes and returns with a knee thrust! The impact sends Stone flying back and near the corner of Bullock who he rapidly flings his hand at to make a tag.

Kris Red: "What a high knee thrust!"

Tony D: "And the very outspoken Silas Bullock makes the tag and here he comes!"

The cowboy comes in and goes for a right hand but Fairchild blocks it and connects with one of his own! The spit flies out of the cowboy's mouth!

Kris Red: "Oh damn! AJ just slapped the spit right outta Silas' mouth!"

Fairchild with another right hand, and an Irish Whip attempt.. He sends Bullock to the ropes and ducks down and on the return Bullock quickly lifts him up and hits a Gutwrench Powerbomb!!! Silas Bullock stands up and spits down at the body of Fairchild and kicks him in the face as the fans boo.

He brings Fairchild up and slams his head off the top turnbuckle, and places him up against the corner. Knife Edge Chop! And a second! He then stomps the midsection of Fairchild until he drops to the mat and then he starts choking him with his boot. The referee yells at him to knock that off!

Bullock brings Fairchild out of the corner and to his feet and hits a Blue Thunder Bomb!



Kick out!

Bullock brings Fairchild to his feet by his hair and backs him to the ropes.. Irish whip.. Bullock leaps up with a dropkick but Fairchild holds onto the ropes and tags in Tyler. Sean Tyler comes in as Bullock is getting to his feet and Tyler lifts him up into a Firemans carry and then hits a gutbuster! He covers!



Kick out!

Tyler brings Bullock to his feet and Bullock pushes him away, flipping him off and tagging in Fairchild.

Tony D: "Silas Bullock apparently wanted no part of Sean Tyler anymore, and look who he's tagged in.."


AJ Fairchild shoots Silas a look before he charges in and Tyler goes for a clothesline but Fairchild floats around and applies the School Boy!



Kick out!

Fairchild up.. Tyler up.. Fairchild goes for a Russian Legsweep but Tyler elbows out and lifts Fairchild up for a Fireman carry but Fairchild wiggles out and kicks the legs of Tyler, dropping him to his knees. Fairchild then runs forward, hits the ropes and nails a Shining WIZARD~! Cover~!



Kick out!!

Fairchild brings Tyler up and hits a forearm shot, then an Irish whip but Tyler counters and sends Fairchild into the corner and follows up with a high knee! Tyler lifts Fairchild to the top and slaps him across the chest before climbing up. He looks to go for a Superplex but Fairchild headbutts out and Tyler loses his footing and steps down to the mat. Fairchild kicks out at Tyler but Tyler grabs his foot, and the other one, and pulls Fairchild off the top, dropping him on his back! Tyler with a cover.. but Fairchild gets his foot on the bottom rope.

Tony D: "Sean Tyler was pretty aggressive there and had he not been so close to the ropes that could've done it!"

Kris Red: "I doubt it, seriously. But who knows!"

Tyler goes to Stone and slaps him across the chest, telling him to get in there. Tyler gets out to the apron while Stone shoots Tyler a look while getting into the ring. Stone approaches a rising Fairchild who fires off with a right hand, but Stone returns with one of his own. Irish whip.. Fairchild counters.. Stone off the ropes and he hits a SPEAR!

Tony D: "Throwing Stones Spear!"

Fairchild then goes for the cover...



Bullock in with a kick to the back of Fairchild's head!

Kris Red: "Kickkkkkkkkkkk!"

Bullock brings Fairchild to his feet and throws him out of the ring and then turns his attention to Stone. He brings him to the corner and slams his head off the top buckle, then delivers repeated right hands, followed by kicks to the midsection. Stone drops down and Bullock stomps a mudhole in him! Bullock pulls him away from the corner and hooks the leg..



Fairchild pulls Bullock out of the ring and pushes him into the ringsteps! Fairchild slides in and meets Stone as he's getting up. Irish whip by Fairchild.. Stone hits the ropes and comes back with a SPEAR! He then lifts Fairchild up and puts him between his legs, then lifts him up and into a Crucifix... and hits a Crucifix powerbomb, sit-out style!

Tony D: "Leon Stone with his signature maneuver!"

The ref drops to make the count!


Tyler comes up from behind and grabs Fairchild around the neck and starts to bring him up perhaps for the Lifting Inverted DDT but before he can, Bullock hits a SUPER KICK to the face of Tyler and he is sent to the outside. Tyler pulls himself up with the apron and Bullock hits a Somersault Plancha out onto Tyler!! Meanwhile we see Stone climbing the turnbuckle and on the outside Tyler and Bullock get to their feet just in time for a diving clothesline from Stone! He takes out both men as the fans are going wild!

Kris Red: "Its all breaking down! I love it!"

Tony D: "As do the fans!"

This leaves only one man in the ring and that is Fairchild as he gets to his feet and the fans cheer. On the outside the three guys slowly get to their feet and Fairchild runs and hits a suicide dive through the ropes, taking them out.. all except Bullock who moves out of the way just in time. He rolls into the ring and taunts as the crowd boos. He flips everyone off and laughs in their faces.

Tony D: "Silas Bullock might be one of the most hated men in WARPED history and he's been here for.. what.. seven minutes?"

Sean Tyler slides into the ring from behind and pulls the head of Bullock down into a reverse DDT form but Bullock escapes and kicks Tyler in the gut and lifts him up and into a Tombstone Piledriver! He drops him on his head!!!




AJ Fairchild breaks up the count! Fairchild brings Silas to his feet and throws him through the ropes and turns right around into Stone who kicks him in the gut, lifts him up in a Crucifix and drops him with a Powerbomb! Stone into the cover..



Tyler with a kick to the back of his head. Tyler brings Stone up.. Irish whip to the corner.. Tyler runs and leaps, but Stone ducks down and Tyler lands on the second buckle, but Stone comes up and hits a powerbomb on Tyler!! Stone with the cover...



Kick out!!

Stone brings Tyler to his feet and whips him into the ropes and Tyler comes back.. Stone with a spinning back fist but Tyler blocks it then hits a Pele Kick!!! Stone stumbles back and through the ropes as Fairchild slides into the ring... he sneaks up behind Tyler as Tyler looks annoyed that Stone escaped out. Fairchild spins Tyler around and Tyler is ready for him! Step up Enziguri! He then turns him around and grabs his head.. Tyler hits the Lifting Inverted DDT~!

Tony D: "No Place To Play!!"

Tyler into the cover...




Kris Red: "ITS OVA~!"

The bell sounds!

Randy Long: "Here is your winner of the New Blood Four Corner Survival Match - Seeeeean Tyyyyyylerrrrrr!"

"Grow Up" by Simple Plan hits as the fans stand up and applaud and cheer, showing their appreciation for the amazing opening match we just all saw!

Kris Red: "Man I gotta say, for this being his debut in America, Sean Tyler did one hell of a good job.

Sean Tyler goes to the outside and celebrates, slapping the hands of fans as he circles the ring. The fans cheer as he raises his arms up, heading toward the back, while others recover around the ring.

We then see Leon Stone on the outside at the announce table and he pulls a microphone from Randy Long. He slides into the ring..Music dies down and he turns to Kris Red with a snarl across his face.

Leon Stone: “So Kris seemed like you had a lot to say last week, why don’t you come up here and say to my face.”

The camera focuses on Kris Red as he looks at Tony D and shrugs.. he takes off his headset, gets up, grabs a micrphone, and slowly walks into the ring.

Leon Stone: “So I’m fat Kris is that what you said?”

Kris smiles and realizes what this is about now.

Kris Red: “..Something along those lines dude.”

Leon Stone: “So said it. Say it to my face.”

Leon takes a step toward Kris Red.

Kris Red: “Leon, you heard me last week I didn’t stutter."

Leon Stone: “So you're scared Kris? Too afraid to say to my face, not man enough to back up your statements, then there’s no reason to be here talking to you”

Leon turns and goes to leave just as he turns his back and Kris Red starts toward the table but Leon rushes him and hits him over the head with the microphone, taking him down. Leon Stone looks pissed, rage radiating off him. If it was an old cartoon he would have steam flowing out of his ears. He brings Kris Red to his feet up against the corner and threatens to hit him as the referee comes in and tries to get inbetween them. Leon Stone backs up a bit and Kris Red comes out of the corner with a dropkick to the face of Stone!! The crowd cheers as Stone quickly gets up and Kris Red pounds his chest and says “Come on fatty!" Stone charges at Kris and spears him into the corner and delivers repeated right hands. Another referee comes into the ring and they both pull Leon back and Red collapses in the corner, clutching his midsection. Stone puts his hands up and is satisfied with what he's done as he backs to the ropes and goes through them, heading up the aisle way as the refs check on Kris Red.

2 on 1 Handicap Match
Grendel & Rusty Red vs. Crowbar

Randy Long: "The following contest is a two on one handicap match scheduled for one fall! Introducing first - weighing in at 191 pounds - CROWBAR!"

"Just Close your Eyes" by Waterproof Blonde hits the arena as the lights dim to blue. Crowbar steps out from the curtain to cheers from the crowd. He smirks and heads down the ramp, stopping to look around at the crowd before walking down and around the ring. He motions for a mic before heading up the steps and through the ropes. The music dies down and he begins to speak.

Crowbar: "Well...I never expected to ever hear a reception like that, but it's never bad! First and foremost, I'd like to apologise to Dyan, and Cam MacNichol by extension. What I did last show to Dyan wasn't my best moment and anger got the best of me, though, Dyan, you did jump on me, so I can't be purely at fault in this case, but I apologise if I scared you and for laying hands on you, same to Cam, I apologise for laying hands on your sister, especially after the nice teamwork we did against Grendel...which leads me onto this.."

Crowbar walks over and leans in a corner.

Crowbar: "If you've been following me on Twitter ...which is @CrowbarWarped if you're would have seen my challenge that's about to take place. I want to explain why I threw down this challenge, its pretty simple: I've gained respect for members of the WARPED locker room, and I have respect for the World Title, something which Grendel and Rusty Red lack, they obviously have no respect or regard for anyone, and instead of waiting for another beatdown, I'm here to stand my ground in a fair fight, to see if they've got the balls...."

The crowd erupts in cheers

Crowbar: "...jesus! The balls or the ability to actually fight as a cohesive unit, where pinfalls, submissions, all of it count. I'm sure the question of 'Why no FnX rules?' has come up a few times, well, that would just put them back in their element with weapons and the rest of it...and that's definitely not how its going down. Sure, puts me at a slight disadvantage, but you know what? I want a fair fight. No bullshittery. IF they manage to work cohesively AND manage to beat me...well, I really don't care, but either way, they better watch their backs....they fucked with the wrong man, and I've got the track record to prove it."

Crowbar goes to hand the mic back but stops and quickly brings it back up

Crowbar: "....and I'm not talking about an in-ring track record."

He hands the mic back through the ropes and heads back into the corner, waiting for his opponents with a grin on his face.

Randy Long: "And his opponents, first...from Red Oak, Texas, weighing in at 255 pounds - Rusty Red!"

"Spolin' For A Fight" by AC/DC plays in the background. The fans come to their feet and watch the entrance way as none other than "The Wanted Man" Rusty Red comes out from the back. He is wearing his torn up blue jeans with a cowboy hat on and cowboy boots. As he makes his way out the crowd is making a lot of mixed noise. He steps up onto the ring apron and enters the ring through the ropes.

Randy Long: "And his tag team partner - from Columbus, Ohio, weighing in at 345 pounds - GRENDEL!"

The lights go black in the arena then the arena is flooded with green lights on the stage. As the whistling starts in the opening of Rammstein’s "Engel". Jade steps out from behind the curtain she slides to the right of the stage. The guitars stop pouring out over the PA system and as the lyrics start Grendel steps out from behind the curtain he grabs his left wrist and rolls it twice and then grabs his right wrist and rolls it twice, and then locks his fingers and craks then and rolls his neck twice and starts walking to the ring with a look of determination on his face. As Grendel walks to the ring with Jade by his side he pays no attention to the fans and when he gets to the ring ducks under the top rope. As Grendel enters he walks to the center and holds up one fist as the lights go to normal in the arena.

Tony D: "Handicap match... Crowbar is gonna be in there with two big men at the same time, and by CHOICE! And I'm of course here alone as Kris Red is in the back taking an Advil or something."

The bell sounds as Crowbar immediately rushes at Grendel and drills him with a right hand to the face. He then turns to Rusty Red and kicks him in the gut and slams his head off the top buckle. Grendel comes at him and Crowbar is ready as he kicks him in the gut and nails him with a hard right hand that rocks him back toward the ropes. Crowbar stomps the midsection of Rusty Red in the corner. Red drops to the mat and Crowbar wails at him with right hands. Grendel grabs his hand as he swings back and pulls him around and Grendel swings but Crowbar ducks and tackles Grendel to the mat and drills him with mounted punches, repeatedly going to town on the face of Grendel! The crowd is going wild for Crowbar as he stands up and lets out a primal scream much like Wolverine would! Grendel gets to his feet and Crowbar backs him into the ropes with right hands. Irish whip.. Grendel counters.. Crowbar hits the ropes and comes back with a huge shoulder tackle. Grendel gets back up and Crowbar takes him down with a short arm clothesline. Grendel back up now and Crowbar clotheslines him over the top rope!!

Tony D: "Crowbar is on fire and he is cleaning house!!"

Rusty Red drills Crowbar in the back with a double axe handle and Crowbar drops to one knee. Rusty continues to punch away but Crowbar fights up and kicks Rusty right in the gut and plants him with a DDT! Crowbar now rolls out of the ring and Grendel meets him with a right hand, followed by another. Grendel now whips Crowbar into the barricade! The fans step back as the barricade moves toward them on impact. Crowbar turns back to the fans then ahead as Grendel charges and Crowbar then backdrops Grendel over the barricade, the fans moving out of the way and Grendel crashing! Crowbar sees the referee making the 10-count as he rolls into the ring and Rusty Red meets him with a stomp.

Tony D: "Everywhere that Crowbar turns he has to deal with Grendel or, in this case, Rusty Red!!"

He brings Crowbar up and pushes him to the corner. Red climbs up and begins the 10-punch as the fans boo. After four punches Crowbar lifts him up and powerbombs him to the mat! Crowbar with a pin..



Grendel pulls Crowbar out of the ring!

Tony D: "Crowbar nearly got the win there!"

Grendel with a big boot on Crowbar that nearly takes his head off. Grendel rolls into the ring and tells the referee to count! The ten count begins... 1... 2... 3... Crowbar gets up and isn't going down that easy as he climbs the apron. Grendel and Rusty Red are there to meet him and he drops down as they reach out. He then trips up Rusty Red and pulls him out of the ring and whips him into the barricade! Grendel reaches through the ropes at Crowbar and grabs him by his head, but no hair to latch on to! Crowbar escapes and cracks Grendel over the jaw with a right hand. He then charges at Rusty Red as he steps away from the barricade where he just hit and Crowbar hits Element Zero right into the barricade!!!

Tony D: "Crowbar with the ELEMENT ZERO!!! Wow look at that steel barricade! it disconnected!"

It disconnects and the fans scream out and jump out of the way! Crowbar gets to his feet and Grendel attacks him with a right hand. He then cracks Crowbar head-first into the top of the steel barricade and then brings him along and slams his head off of the apron before rolling him into the ring.

Tony D: "Personally I'm not sure how wise this was of Crowbar to challenge Grendel and his new enforcer, Rusty Red, to a 2 on 1 handicap match just two weeks before his World Title shot!"

Grendel climbs up the apron and goes through the ropes as Crowbar gets to all fours. Grendel swings his arm around, signalling for The Monster Lariat..

Tony D: "Grendel is setting him up for a bad, bad world of pain!"

Grendel watches Crowbar who is slowly rising... and he hits the ropes and comes back as Crowbar is rising up...

Tony D: "KFO!!! KFO! KFO!"

Crowbar leaped up and hit a huge KFO! He goes into the cover..



Rusty Red slides in the ring and leaps.. Crowbar moves and Rusty Red lands on his partner! Crowbar brings him up... KFO!

Tony D: "And a KFO for Rusty Red!!"

Crowbar now places Red atop Grendel and covers them BOTH!

Tony D: "Crowbar said he'd cover them on top of each other!!"





Randy Long: "Here is your winner - Crowbar!!"

Crowbar rolls out of the ring with a smile on his face, a little blood trickling from his left eyebrow. The referee slides out and holds his arm in the air.

Tony D: "Crowbar held his own in that match and its safe to say that he is ready for a World Title match at WARPED 35!"

Grendel slowly starts coming to and pushes Rusty Red off of him. Crowbar raises his arms in the air as the fans give him a positive reaction.

Emily Corlen vs. William Wallace

Randy Long is in the ring and its time for the third matchup!

Randy Long: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Making his way to the ring, weighing in at 254 pounds, from Glasgow Scotland - William WALLACE!"

The arena blacks out as the bagpipes tune fill with air, as Flower of Scotland Begins to play Wallace appears, lit up by one single spot light which follows him to the ring. He makes his way to the ring shouting abuse the the crowd before rolling under the bottom rope.


"Miseria Cantare (The Beginning)" by AFI hits the P.A. system. As the crowd reacts, some cheering, some booing, the intimidating figure of Emily Corlen walks out from behind the curtain. She surveys the crowd with a cold, unfeeling gaze as the lyrics to the song kick in.

Nothing from nowhere, I'm no one at all
Radiate, recognize one silent call
As we all form one dark flame...

As the song continues, Emily begins making her way towards the ring. She reaches the ring and looks to her left and right before climbing onto the ring apron.

Randy Long: "And his opponent - from Los Angeles, California by way of Rockford, Illinois... weighing in tonight at 140 pounds... she is EMILY COOORRRLLLEEENNN!!!"

Emily enters the ring through the first and second ropes, then makes her way to the far corner of the ring, where she kneels down, facing the center of the ring while holding the ropes behind her.

Nothing from nowhere, I'm no one at all
Radiate, recognize one silent call
As we all form one dark flame...
As we all form one dark flame!

As the music fades, Emily begins pulling on the ropes behind her, eager to begin.

Kris Red: "The undefeated Emily Corlen is keepin' it TIGHT!"

Tony D: "Oh man. I guess you're not feeling so awful?"

Kris Red: "Nah. Screw that fatty Leon Stone. I'm not sweatin' it. Good to be back and to watch someone with MUSCLE wrestle!"

The bell sounds and the two lock up in the middle of the ring. Go behind by William Wallace, applying a waistlock on Emily. He smiles as he gets ever so close to her, and she screams out and elbows him right in the mouth. Corlen with the reverse waistlock now and she lifts and drops Wallace to the mat..then applies a side headlock. Wallace battles up to his feet and powers out of the grasp of Emily Corlen. Wallace goes for an armdrag but Corlen cartwheels out of it and then dropkicks Wallace to the mat! Wallace gets up and Corlen grabs his arm, twisting it. Wallace reverses and twists the arm of Emily, backing her into the ropes and pulling on her hair. The referee yells at him to knock it off and the fans boo as Wallace pulls the hair of Emily, nearly choking her over the top rope.

Tony D: "Oh come on, what is William Wallace thinking!?"

Kris Red: "He's thinking he wants to win, duh!"

The referee counts to five and Wallace backs off, hands in the air..but he then comes back with a knee to the gut of Corlen as she still strattles the ropes. She fights back though with a big kick to the gut of her own, followed by a right hand that takes Wallace off of his feet!! Wallace gets to his feet and Corlen takes him down with a clothesline. Wallace up again.. and another clothesline! Wallace up a third time and Corlen goes for a clothesline but Wallace ducks it and lifts her up in the air and drops her face-down on the mat! She grabs her sturnam as Wallace is clearly satisfied with his display of power there! He lifts her up and she drives him back-first into the corner, delivering a shoulderblock before pulling him out of the corner and powerslamming him to the mat! Corlen with a cover..


Kick out!

Kris red: "I wonder if Emily is turned on right now."

Tony D: "What? Why?"

Kris Red: "I hear her say that beard of Wallace's turns her on."

Corlen brings Wallace to his feet and he knees her in the gut and lifts her up, dropping her neck-first on the top rope. She snaps back and Wallace drops an elbow on her.. Pin!


Tony D: "Kick out!"

Kris Red: "In other news, I am growing a beard."

William Wallace brings Corlen to her feet and hooks her arm , setting up for a vertical suplex. He lifts her up in the air and turns it into a powerslam, taking her down! Cover!



Kick out!

Wallace gets to his feet and puts the boots to the body of Emily Corlen as she tries to get to her feet. Wallace yells out at her to get up! She grabs on the tights of Wallace, pulling herself up, and he grabs her by the hair with one hand, pulling her up and getting right in her face. She cocks back and swings with a slap to the face, but Wallace soaks it up and delivers a heavy HEADBUTT!

Tony D: "Wallace with one of his trademark HEADBUTTS! Truly brutal.

Emily Corlen goes down and Wallace covers...



Kick out!

Wallace brings her up by the hair and the referee yells at him for that and Wallace ignores. Emily kicks away at Wallace, kicking him in the gut. He doubles over and she fires off with a right hand but he blocks it and pushes her off into the ropes. She bounces off and he goes for a Spinebuster but she counters into a swinging DDT! The crowd pops! Both competitors are out on the mat and the ref starts up a 10-count..



Emily starts to get up to her feet and brings Wallace up now.. Irish whip.. Emily goes for the Spiral Twister (Black Hole Slam) but Wallace puts on the breaks and elbows her in the back of her neck. He then attempts a Half Nelson but she spins out and lands on her feet and nails him with The Skullcracker CHICK KICK~! Wallace drops to the mat and She brings him up and bodyslams him to the mat. Corlen brings Wallace up again and whips him toward the corner.. she follows up running at him but Wallace gets an elbow up, and pulls her in for a Headbutt! He then hops onto the second buckle and pulls her in and brings her up...

Tony D: "What's he got in mind here?"

Wallace brings her between his legs and lifts her in the air..

Kris Red: "Freedom Drop!!"

Wallace leaps off for the sitout Powerbomb but Corlen counters into a facebuster!

Kris Red: "Corlen counters into the Crimson Plunge!!!"

Wallace grabs his face in pain as Corlen brings him to his feet and to the middle of the ring and lifts him into the air and drops him on his face with the The Catalyst (Glam Slam)!

Tony D: "The Catalyst! She nailed him with her signature maneuver!"

Corlen with the cover!




The bell sounds and "Miseria Cantare" begins playing again as the fans stand on their feet, cheering!

Randy Long: "Here is your winner - Emily Corrrrrlennnnnn!"

Corlen has her arm raised in victory. She climbs the turnbuckle and poses for all of her fans here at the Manhattan Center! Suddenly though William Wallace reaches up and grabs her at the hair and YANKS her down! She hits the mat hard and the crowd boos. Wallace grabs at his head, still feeling the effects of The Catalyst. The music cuts and he brings her to her feet, places her between his legs and lifts her in the air.. SITOUT POWERBOMB! The crowd boos as Wallace stands up, a snarl on his face after nailing her with The Freedom Drop. "Flower of Scotland" starts up as he exits the ring and make shis way up the aisle way, favoring his head as he heads up.


Backstage in the hallway we see WARPED Wrestling's Interim President, PKA, wearing his new attire of a black vest over a purple dress shirt, and black slacks, and he is on the cellphone.

PKA: "Okay so good, the venue is finalized? Not So Silent Night in Philly? .... Fantastic, thanks."

Austin Sanders approaches with a microphone in hand.

PKA: "All right, speak to you later."

PKA puts the phone in his pocket and gives Sanders a nod.

PKA: "What's goin' on, dude?"

Austin Sanders: "I couldn't help but overhear, sir, that you were discussing The Not So Silent Night?"

PKA grins.

PKA: "Oh, yeah for sure. Big time End of the Year show.. December the 18th in The City of Brotherly Love - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the historic former ECW Arena! I'm excited, and already there's some big things in store."

Austin Sanders: "I'm sure we're all excited to see what you have in store! I wanted to get your thoughts on tonight's show so far and how you feel about your tenure in WARPED? There are rumblings around the backstage area here that you're a breathe of fresh air."

PKA: "Well I've heard the same things. People are coming up to me and giving me the nod.. the party people are hittin' me up on the Twitter machine and giving me props.. and I really appreciate that. Look we all know my past but I told you all time and time again that if given a true shot to run things here, things would be different and so would I. And now, things have changed for the better around here. The matches are better. The talent is on their top game. We're getting new guys signing every week. Morale is the best its ever been."

Austin Sanders: "And have you heard from Joey Matthew at all?"

PKA sighs and takes a breathe. He puts his hands on his hips and turns away briefly before turning back to the mic.

PKA: "He phoned me this last week while I was asleep. He left me a voicemail.. but I'm not gonna get into what it was about. Let's just say he.. sort of wishes me the best.. whatever. I'm not worried about letting him get to me. I know what we have here is good and actions speak louder than words. So, I'm gonna go take action with my ass to a chair over there and watch this show unfold. Thanks."

PKA nods at Austin and pats him on the back as he heads off down the hallway. Sanders looks to the camera.

Austin Sanders: "There goes the interim President of WARPED Wrestling, PKA - Mr. Patrick Kay Anthony - and he's going to watch the rest of tonight's show! Coming up next we've got two big title matches to finish off the show. Let's take it back to the ring for Part 2 of the show!"


WARPED Wrestling Evolution Championship Match
Sean Edmunds(c) w/Miss Karla vs. Anton Chase

Randy Long: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the WARPED Wrestling Evolution Championshiiip!"

The first few guitar riffs of "Brain Stew" by Green Day blare over the PA system. The lights dim and four local area women walk out holding Fourth of July sparklers ... they line the outside of the entrance way ... and through the curtain steps "Simply Sensational" Sean Edmunds.

Randy Long: "Introducing first, being accompanied to the ring by Miss Karla - from Boston, Massachusetts, weighing in at 228 pounds, he is the reigning and defending Evolution Champion - "Simply Sensational" Sean Edmunnnnnnnnnds!"

Miss Karla follows behind him and as they make their way to the ring, Edmunds jaws with a few fans. Edmunds climbs one of the corners and throws his hands in the air as the fans jeer him. He hops off, turns around and waits for Miss Karla to take off his robe. He takes off the Evolution Title and holds it in the air as the fans boo him.

Randy Long: "And the challenger - from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 210 pounds - "The Future" Anton Chaaaaase!"

As Faint By Linkin Park blasts over the pa system, white smoke fills the entrance way as a person is seen behind the white smoke, as the person steps forward in front of the white smoke Anton Chase makes his way down the ramp way, with a cocky smile on his face and his arms out at the side, he climbs in the ring and climbs the second ropes and puts one hand up in the air.

They begin circling the ring. They slowly meet each other in the middle of the ring, feeling each other out. They lock hands and see who will make the first move. Chase drops down and tries for a leg sweep but Edmunds backs up. They lock hands again and Edmunds this time goes for the leg but Chase moves and drops down, locking in a front facelock on the mat. Edmunds tries to escape and Chase spins out.. Edmunds grabs him around his waist.. Chase reaches back and grabs the head and spins into a front facelock again. Edmunds spins out of it and him and Chase go back and forth trying to lock something in until Edmunds locks in the front facelock. Chase starts standing and Edmunds keeps ahold of the submission. Chase tries to lift Edmunds up and backdrop him but Edmunds gets back to his feet. Chase spins out and pulls Edmunds in for a side headlock. Edmunds spins out and applies a reverse waistlock and lifts Chase up and plants him and pins him but Chase immediately kicks out and he hits a headlock takeover on Edmunds and pins him but Edmunds kicks out immediately and the two both get to their feet and have a stand off as the crowd applauds.

Tony D: "Back and forth chain wrestling kicks off this Evolution Championship match."

Kris Red: "This is a big opportunity for Anton Chase as he finally gets his rematch tonight.. but he's gotta keep an eye out for Sean Edmunds who can have almost anything up his sleeve."

They begin to circle around the ring again, readying themselves for another go around. The crowd starts a slow to fast clap as they begin to approach each other. Edmunds reaches his left hand up and tells Chase to go for it. Chase obliges, and the two lock hands, then lock opposing hands. They now fight for who can overpower the other.. with it being very even.. until Edmunds breaks the hold and goes behind, locking in a reverse waistlock. He tries for a German, but Chase hooks his foot around that of Edmunds', preventing it. Chase grabs an arm of Edmunds' and frees himself, twisting it. Edmunds drops to a knee and Chase forces him down, but Edmunds rolls out and applies a side headlock. Edmunds takes him down and Chase brings his leg up and traps Edmunds. Edmunds kicks up and the two get to their feet and Edmunds grabs the arm of Chase and twists it, then kicks him under the arm. Chase drops, holding his shoulder, and Edmunds wipes the sweat off his brow and flips it toward Chase in a sign of disrespect. Chase looks disgusted. Edmunds holds his hand out and Chase refuses to shake as he slaps the hand away and grabs the head of Edmunds for a side headlock. Edmunds escapes, twisting the arm of Chase, but Chase escapes and hits a snap mare then quickly kicks Edmunds as hard as he can in his back. Edmunds snaps up to one knee and grabs at his back, looking at Chase as if he's lost his mind. Chase extends his hand to offer a hand shake and Edmunds spits in his face. Chase comes at him with a kick to the face and Edmunds drops down. Chase with a pin but Edmunds kicks out immediately.

Tony D: "This is really heating up.. first of two title matches tonight, Kris. We've got the World Championship match coming up next."

Kris Red: "Yeah, and Sean Edmunds has stated numerous times that he's looking to make that World Championship inferior to the Evolution Championship. You think he can actually do that?"

Tony D: "You really never know. Alexander StarrZoe is going to be the biggest fighting champion WARPED Wrestling has ever seen with title defense after title defense over the next two months, but Sean Edmunds has also had his fair share of repeated defenses. Its hard to say."

Miss Karla cheers on her man from ringside. Edmunds brings Chase to his feet and applies a side headlock. Chase backs Edmunds to the ropes and pushes him off. Edmunds hits the ropes and Chase hits a shoulderblock but the Evolution Champ stands his ground!! They lock up and jockey for control... Edmunds pushes Chase up against the ropes and Chase pushes back, driving Edmunds to the corner. Edmunds powers back and apples a side headlock and runs his face off the top rope before releasing. Chase drops down, holding his face and Edmunds slaps his hands together and laughs it off.

Kris Red: "Sean Edmunds is so cocky.. gotta love that!"

The fans boo as Sean Edmunds raises his arms in the air!

Tony D: "The fans certainly don't like it!"

Sean Edmunds doesn't give a damn as he goes back to Chase and brings him to his feet. Irish whip... countered! Edmunds gets sent into the ropes and Chase ducks down. Edmunds rolls over his back and applies a reverse waistlock, but Chase quickly escapes and counters into his own. He tries lifting Edmunds up but Edmunds elbows out. Edmunds with a clothesline but Chase ducks and hits an armdrag on the champ! Both men up.. Edmunds with an armdrag of his own! Both back up.. Edmunds goes for a clothesline but Chase ducks and then hits a Japanese armdrag! Both men get back up and Edmunds hits an armdrag this time! They both get to their feet and throw a dropkick at the same time!!! They snap up and can't believe that once again they're at a stalemate.

Tony D: "Another stand off between these two top notch athletes."

Sean Edmunds leaves the ring and waves his arms away, saying to hell with this, as the fans boo. Miss Karla comforts him at ringside with a hug, patting him on the back. He pulls away and puts his hands on his hips, shaking his head at Anton Chase in the ring. Chase tells him to get his ass back in the ring!

Tony D: "Of course I say top notch athletes, and Sean Edmunds pulls that."

Kris Red: "Of course a top notch athlete also knows when its time to take a breather!"

Edmunds slowly walks up the steps and onto the apron. He goes through the ropes and Chase tells him to come on, lock up. Edmunds takes his time but they meet... collar and elbow tie up.. Edmunds with a HARD forearm shot to Chase. Chase drops to a knee and Edmunds goes for the irish whip, but Chase counters and sends Edmunds into the corner. Chase charges at him and Edmunds gets an elbow up. Chase stumbles back and Edmunds hops onto the second buckle, his back to Chase, and leaps off with a Reverse Cross bodyblock! Edmunds with the cover!


Kick out!

They get to their feet and lock up... Irish whip by Chase.. Edmunds hits the ropes and Chase ducks down. Edmunds leaps over and hits a Sunset Flip..


Kick out by Chase who stands up and grabs the legs of Edmunds, bringing him and trying to hook on the Chaos Theory but Edmunds moves around enough to grab the ropes and pull himself out of the ring! He shakes his finger before rolling back into the ring and finding a home in the corner and taking a breather, but Chase isn't having it as he charges at Edmunds, but Edmunds is ready and hits a backdrop, sending Chase over, but Chase lands on the apron. Edmunds goes for a right hand but Chase blocks it and slaps Edmunds across the face.. Edmunds stumbles back and Chase hits a Springboard dropkick! Edmunds goes down and the momentum sends him under the ropes to the outside. He takes a breather with Miss Karla at his side, but Chase once again isn't having it as he comes toward and grabs the ropes, leaping over for a crossbody, but Edmunds was playing possum as he slides into the ring - but Chase lands on his feet! Chase grabs his left leg, looking like he might've landed wrong, and suddenly the Evolution Champion comes out with a baseball slide, taking out Chase and sending him into the barricade!

Tony D: "Sean Edmunds with a huge impactful baseball slide dropkick to Anton Chase, who looked to maybe had tweaked his leg when he landed a moment ago..."

Miss Karla gets down in the face of Anton Chase now and taunts him as Sean Edmunds comes over and puts the boots to the face of Chase. The referee tells Miss Karla to back off and she does, not looking too happy that she's being bossed around. Edmunds tells the referee to keep his fingers out of his woman's face! He turns back to Chase and Chase punches him in the gut and gets to his feet and pushes Edmunds into the barricade!

Tony D: "Chase battles back!"

Chase now clubs Edmunds in the back and grabs him by the head, taking him and slamming his face off the top of the barricade! He looks back and goes for an irish whip... but Edmunds puts on the breaks! Chase charges and Edmunds hits a drop toe hold right into the barricade! Chase rolls around clutching his face and Edmunds stomps away at his body as the referee yells at them to get it into the ring now! Edmunds ignores it and taunts Chase, playfully kicking him in the face and paintbrushing him with his boot. Edmunds turns to the fans and holds his arms out and they boo him mercifully! He soaks up the boos and turns his attention back to Chase now. He brings him to his feet... Irish Whip to the barricade, but Chase leaps over! Chase starts to go back over it but Edmunds stops him and punches him in the face and grabs the left leg that was over and brings it down onto the barricade!

Kris Red:" Ooh!"

Chase falls down, clutching his leg that he favored earlier on too!

Tony D: "That leg, if it wasn't bothering Chase before, has to now.. wow!"

Edmunds holds his arms in the air and the fans continue to boo him. He reaches over the barricade but Chase is ready with a hard right hand that rocks Edmunds. Chase hops over the barricade, hobbling toward Edmunds as he delivers another right hand, and Edmunds is trying to escape. Chase grabs him and rolls him into the ring then climbs up on the apron and enters. Knife edge chop to the chest of Edmunds and Edmunds fires back! Chase with a chop! Edmunds with a chop! Chase leaps up and kicks Edmunds in the head and lands on his bad leg, and both men are down. Chase is the first up as he brings Edmunds up and hits a Pendumlum Backbreaker and immediately rolls it into a Gutbuster!

Tony D: "What a combination of moves!"

He covers!



Kick out! !

Chase brings Edmunds to his feet and whips him into the corner, then charges in and hits a roaring forearm. Edmunds drops to the mat and Chase reaches down, grabbing his legs but Edmunds kicks him away and Chase drops to the mat. Chase gets to his feet and Edmunds charges but Chase kicks at Edmunds, but Edmunds grabs his foot. Chase goes for an Enziguri but Edmunds counters and turns it to a Dragon screwwwww~!

Kris Red: "Pimp counter! Dragon Screw works on that leg.. smart thinking by the CHAMP!"

Anton Chase favors his leg on the mat while Sean Edmunds wastes no time now as he stomps at the injured leg. He turns Chase over and kicks at the leg some more. Chase rolls around in pain trying to get away but Edmunds kicks him in the gut and brings him to his feet and hooks both arms and hits a Double Underhook Suplex! He covers..



Kick out!

Edmunds gets to his feet and kicks at the left injured leg of Chase. Edmunds now picks up the leg and applies a spinning toe hold, twisting away.

Tony D: "Spinning toe hold locked in.. Sean Edmunds is looking to do some damage on Anton Chase's leg there."

Kris Red: "And think about it - that could effect Anton later when he goes for the Chaos Theory."

Tony D: "Not to mention it could very well ground him as he loves to fly."

Chase screams out and reaches for the ropes. Edmunds now drops an elbow on the leg and holds it on the mat, twisting away. Chase reaches up and punches away at the head of Edmunds.

Edmunds releases and brings Chase to his feet. The Evo Champ looks for a vertical suplex, but Chase puts on the breaks, hooking his foot around Edmunds'. Chase then counters into a T-Bone Suplex and immediately goes to favoring his leg. The referee checks on both men as they are down and begins a 10 count...

1... 2... 3...

Miss Karla cheers on Sean Edmunds at ringside, clapping away as the fans watch in anticipation.

4... 5... 6...

Chase rolls over and drapes his arm over the body of Edmunds' and the ref counts..



Kick out!!

Both men slowly get to their feet. Edmunds uses the ropes to pull himself up and Chase hobbles toward... Irish whip, but Edmunds hits an elbow to the side of the head of Chase. He then grabs the leg of Chase and kicks it twice. Chase drops down, holding his leg. Edmunds slides out of the ring and grabs the leg of Chase and slams it off the apron! Chase crawls away, further into the ring, and Edmunds climbs up the apron and to the top buckle and leaps off with an Elbow Drop onto the leg!!

Tony D: "Elbow Drop to the injured leg!"

Chase pulls his leg in, clutching it in pain, as Edmunds rolls him over for a pin, looking to retain his title..




Tony D: "Anton Chase with the shoulder up just in time!"

Edmunds looks around wondering what to do as the fans cheer 'Anton Chase! Anton Chase!'

Tony D: "And the fans are rallying behind Anton Chase to make a comeback..."

Kris Red: "He needs more than the fans support. He needs a spare leg!"

Edmunds grabs the leg and turns Chase over, applying a single leg Boston Crab. Chase screams out in pain and reaches out for the ropes, merely inches away. He managers to power up and crawl toward and grab the bottom rope and the fans cheer! The ref forces Edmunds to release the submission. He does and Chase gets to his feet, trying to not put any weight on his left leg.

They meet in the middle of the ring and Edmunds delivers a right hand, and Chase turns with one of his own. Edmunds with a chop, and Chase with a chop! Chase fires back with more repeated right hands, rocking the challenger! But Edmunds battles back as well and they both simultaneously deliver the hard shots to the skull until finally they both slowly stop, seemingly out of breathe... until out of nowhere Chase wraps his arms around the waist of Edmunds and hits an Overhead Belly to Belly!! The fans stand up and cheer as both men are both down yet again!

Tony D: "Oh my God!"

The referee starts a 10-count...



Kris Red: "This match is beyond intense. And its all for the Evolution Championship!"


Chase starts to move, pushing himself up off the mat.


Edmunds shows sign of movement.


Tony D: "Here they come.. both men up.."

They both rise up... Chase grabs Edmunds by the wrist and backs him into the ropes.. Irish whip... Edmunds counters and pulls Chase in for a clothesline but Chase goes behind and hits a Reverse Falling DDT! COVER!



Kick out!!

Chase slaps the mat and waists no time now as he brings Edmunds to his feet. Chase lifts Edmunds up and walks him to the corner, placing him up top. Chase then drops to one knee, clutching his leg. Chase stands up and Edmunds kicks him in the face, causing Chase to flip back and fall in the middle of the ring. Chase pushes himself up and shakes it off, charging at his opponent, but Edmunds comes off the second buckle with a dropkick right in the kisser! Edmunds quickly covers Chase!




Edmunds pounds the mat in frustration! He brings Chase to his feet and goes for an irish whip but Chase counters into a Swinging Inverted Neckbreaker!

Kris Red: "The Chase Factor!"

He covers!



Kick out!!

Tony D: "A two count off the Chase Factor!"

Chase pushes himself up off of the mat - still favoring his injured leg. Edmunds crawls away, reaching out for the ropes and helping himself up. Chase hobbles toward him and brings him the rest of the way up. He lifts him up and places him on the turnbuckle and climbs up, delivering a couple of right hands. Chase hooks the arm, seemingly going for a suplex! Edmunds battles back with shots to the midsection and Chase fights back with right hands of his own to the ribcage of Edmunds, but Edmunds then kicks the left leg of Chase, causing him to lose his footing. Edmunds then hits a front suplex and Chase crashes on the mat! Edmunds stands up on the top buckle, turns around, and leaps off with a High Arching Moonsault down onto the leg!!! Chase rolls around the ring, grabbing his leg and screaming in pain. Edmunds says that's IT as he gets to his feet and grabs the leg of Chase and goes for a Figure four but Chase counters into a roll up...



Kick out! Edmunds quickly then grabs the leg again and stomps it, spins and locks in the Figure Four!! Chase is close to the ropes though as he reaches out and grabs them. The ref starts a count to five and Edmunds waits til five to release the hold! The fans boo as Edmunds stands up and screams at the ref that he HAS..TIL..FIVE!!! Meanwhile Chase is crawling to the corner... Edmunds looks back and stomps at the leg of Chase, stopping him in his tracks. Edmunds brings Chase to his feet and lifts him up, placing him on the top buckle. Edmunds climbs up and Chase gets a second wind as he repeatedly hits headbutts and right hands, causing Edmunds to drop down. Edmunds gets to his feet and quickly runs up and slaps the spit out of Chase mouth! Edmunds then looks to be setting up for a SUPER Northern Lights Suplex!!! But Chase clubs away at his back and then clocks him across the face, dropping him to the mat. Chase looks to try and get a stance, but his leg is giving in and its difficult to do anything! Edmunds gets to his feet and climbs up and chops Chase in his chest! Edmunds sets up for the Northern Lights Suplex again! He brings Chase up and over but Chase escapes and turns it into a sunset flip powerbomb! Chase holds on and brings him up, setting up for the Chaos Theory!! He then drops Edmunds on his face and connects!!!!

Tony D: "Anton Chase hits the Chaos Theory!!!"

The crowd erupts!!! But Chase can't follow up as he clutches his leg in pain!!! Edmunds is face down and out as Chase is in agonizing pain!

Kris Red: "He's hurting! He's hurting! That leg, Tony D, that LEG!"

Tony D: "Just like was predicted earlier, that injury came back to haunt him in a big way. He's GOT to make a cover!!!"

Chase fights through it and slowly rolls over and crawls toward the champ... slowly he crawls... drapes the arm...







Chase rolls over on his back, shocked, mouth gaping wide open. He slaps the mat and rolls over, getting to his feet so slowly. Edmunds slowly starts rising up... Chase with a reverse waistlock.. GERMAN Suplex! He holds on! They slowwwwwwwwly get back up... Chase hits another German Suplex!!! The crowd is going wild now as Chase keeps the hands together and brings Sean Edmunds to his feet and a third time he hits a German, but bridges it! The ref goes in for the count... Chase leg gives out...




Kris Red: "Oh my God! New Champ!!!"

The referee calls for the bell.

Tony D: "We have a new Evolution Champion!"

The referee runs to Randy Long and says something to him through the ropes. Long acknowledges and brings the microphone up.

Randy Long: "Ladies and gentlemen, due to each competitors' shoulders being down at the count of three, the referee has ruled this match to be a DRAW - and STILL your Evolution Champion, Sean Edmunds!"

The crowd erupts in boos as Miss Karla claps her hands together and rushes in the ring to check on her man.

Tony D: "A draw!"

Kris Red: "Well.. well.. wow.."

Tony D: "I suppose it makes sense.. Anton Chase's leg did give out and his shoulders looked to be down as well.. what a call from the Official."

Kris Red: "Yeah I think I saw that too. Look it might not be a popular decision but a draw it is and that means Edmunds keeps his Title."

The crowd chants "Five More Minutes! Five More Minutes!" as both men are down and out on the mat.

Tony D: "What a match we just saw... I'm shocked at how it ended but its clear that these two know each other very well over their fights in the past.. but wow.."

Kris Red: "Something tells me this feud is far from over. Tonight they put it all on the line at Live From Death's Door, and my God, Sean Edmunds and Anton Chase did it for the Evolution Championship."

Chase pulls himself up in the corner as Edmunds is on the outside with Miss Karla. Chase clutches his left leg, wincing in pain, as he keeps his eyes on Edmunds - who makes his way around the ring, clutching his title close as possible to his body, a smile on his face. Fade...


In a hallway in the backstage area, Kelly Calloway stands next to Cameron MacNichol.

Kelly Calloway: "Cameron, it's almost time for your match against Alexander StarrZoe for the WARPED World Championship. Do you have any last-minute thoughts?

Kelly holds the microphone up so Cameron can speak.

Cameron MacNichol: "Zoe, in just a few minutes, you and I step into that squared circle, in probably the biggest and most important match of my career. I've been building slowly, but surely, up to this point for more than a year. And now that it's here, it's time to step up the game. I told Jay Leno on Tuesday night that we were going to blow the roof off the building here tonight. Let's not disappoint him, these fans in attendance, or all the fans waiting for the DVD. Right now, you've got a big target on your chest and I'm holding the bow and arrow. I am bringing my "A" game, and I don't doubt you're bringing yours. But whether you want to admit it or not, that World Championship belt is going home with me. This is the opportunity of a lifetime, and for me, there's only one way it can end. That's you flat on your back in the middle of the ring, down for the three count. And the crowning of me as the new World Champion. It's go time."

Cameron winks at Kelly, then walks away.

WARPED World Heavyweight Championship Match
Alexander StarrZoe(c) vs. Cameron MacNichol w/Dyan

Randy Long: "The following contest is our main event of the eveninnnnnnng... and it is for the WARPED Wrestling World Heavyweight Championshiiiiiip! Introducing first - the challenger. Being accompanied to the ring by his sister Dyan, weighing in at 200 pounds and coming to us from Detroit, Michigan - Cameron MaaaaacNichoooooolllll!"

As "Stranglehold" crunches out over the speaker system, Cameron walks out from behind the curtain arm-in-arm with his sister Dyan. They pause, he gives her a brotherly peck on the cheek, and they continue on down to the ring. He slides under the bottom rope, and she prompts the audience to cheer louder

Randy Long: "And his opponent - from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! Weighing in at 237 pounds - he is the reigning and defending WARPED Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion - Alexander StarrrrrrrZoooooooe!"

The houselights in the small venue dim as spotlights twirl around the small venue, focusing on the ring and the small entrance ramp. Multicolored orbs dance around the canvas as "Who Shot Ya?" by the Notorious B.I.G. begins to blast through the public announce system while the top of the metal ramp fills with smoke. Alexander StarrZoë emerges from the smoke to the cheers and applause of the fans. Alex struts down the ramp, slapping the hands of a few fans sitting ringside and climbs to the top turnbuckle, staring into the people. Hopping into the ring, Starr climbs up on the second rope, facing the fans, and raises his fist into the air as the fans cheer; "StarrZoë! StarrZoë! StarrZoë!"

Tony D: "Main event time, Kris! Alexander StarrZoe's first of three consecutive title defenses begins now."

Kris Red: "That is, if he can successfully defend the title. If not, then Cameron MacNichol faces Crowbar at WARPED 35, and the winner of that match will face Grendel at WARPED 36."

Tony D: "We have a true fighting World Champion, that's for sure! Here we go! There's the bell."

Alexander StarrZoe and Cameron MacNichol both come out of their corners as the bell sounds.. They approach each other and have a brief staredown .. StarrZoe puts out his hand and Cameron accepts, shaking the hand. The crowd applauds as the two step back and begin to circle around... and into a collar and elbow lock up! They battle for control, to see who can overpower the other. StarrZoe backs MacNichol into the ropes and goes for an Irish Whip, but Cameron counters and sends StarrZoe running - off the ropes - MacNichol with a back elbow! Starr goes down but gets right back up and the two immediately lock up again.. Starr with a go behind and a leg sweep .. he floats over into a front facelock and Cameron fights out into a key lock and then turns it back into a front facelock. Starr is able to get to his feet now and he drives MacNichol back-first into the corner.

StarrZoe with a shoulderblock to the midsection, and another and another. MacNichol battles back with right hands to his back. StarrZoe drops down and MacNichol goes for the irish whip.. StarrZoe is sent into the ropes and MacNichol nails a hip toss! He covers..


Kick out.

Both men get to their feet and StarrZoe hits the ropes.. MacNichol goes for another hip toss but StarrZoe blocks it and tries for one of his own but MacNichol won't let it happen. StarrZoe knees MacNichol in the gut, brings his leg over the head of MacNichol and flips up and out but MacNichol immediately clotheslines the hell out of him afterward! StarrZoe looks dazed as he crawls toward the corner with MacNichol following after. StarrZoe gets to his feet in the corner and MacNichol comes at him with a right hand but StarrZoe blocks it and kicks him in the gut. StarrZoe then goes for a Roundhouse Kick but MacNichol ducks it and then lifts him up onto his shoulders, turns back and charges.. slamming him down to the mat! MacNichol with the cover..



StarrZoe gets to his feet and MacNichol snap mares him over and pins him again..


Kick out.

Tony D: "Numerous pin attempts early in the match but nothing yet!"

Kris Red: "They clearly know its not gonna be the end all, but forcing your opponent to kick out WILL take energy out of them, and that can only benefit you in the end."

Cameron now gets to his feet and circles his prey as Starr pushes himself up off the mat. The Dirty Mac connects with a right hand, followed by a kick to the gut and another right hand to the World Champ! StarrZoe drops to one knee and puts his hand up, pushing MacNichol away. MacNichol backs up a bit, giving him space. MacNichol then comes back as StarrZoe is getting to his feet and StarrZoe fires back with a hard right hand! StarrZoe backs into the ropes and comes back with a kick to the gut! MacNichol doubles over but StarrZoe brings him back up and kicks again but MacNichol grabs his leg and hits a Dragon Screw! He then goes to lock in a leg submission but StarrZoe kicks him away. StarrZoe to his feet.. MacNichol cuts him off and drills him with right hands, backing him into the ropes. MacNichol with an irish whip.. StarrZoe hits the ropes and MacNichol goes for a clothesline but StarrZoe ducks, hits the ropes and comes back with a huge kick to the face! MacNichol drops to the mat. StarrZoe fist pumps and the fans cheer.

Tony D: "The fans clearly behind both men tonight, especially Alexander StarrZoe who won that title just last month in a brutal Four Corner Survival match."

MacNichol starts pushing himself up and StarrZoe kicks him in the ribs! He brings MacNichol to his feet, nailing him with right hands. Irish whip to the corner... StarrZoe runs and nails a clothesline! MacNichol is dazed in the corner and StarrZoe nails him with a right hand, but MacNichol fights back with one of his own. StarrZoe then kicks him in the gut and whips him across the ring to the opposing corner with a clothesline but MacNichol moves and StarrZoe hits the buckle. MacNichol then slams his head off the top buckle... and again.. and again. Belly to back suplex from Cameron MacNichol! Mac with the cover..



Kick out by Starr! MacNichol then applies a chinlock on the mat and Starr reaches back, pulling on the hair of Mac, but he shakes him away.

Tony D: "The submission specialist Cameron MacNichol trying to wear down the champ now with a chinlock."

Kris Red: "Look at Dyan out there cheering on her brother. Those two and their relationship, its so cute."

MacNichol drives his knee into the back of StarrZoe and pulls back on his chin. Starr reaches out for the ropes and starts to power his way up.. Cameron MacNichol turns it into a side headlock. StarrZoe with a belly to back - MacNichol flips out and lands on his feet. Low dropkick to the legs of Starr, causing him to buckle down to his knees. MacNichol then hits the ropes and bounces off, kicking him in the chest, dropping him to the mat! MacNichol with a cover..


T- Kick out!

Kris Red: "That wasn't even a two count!"

MacNichol brings the champ to his feet and twists his arm, then going behind and applying a key lock. Starr reaches back and grabs the neck, leaps up and then snaps MacNichol over and into the corner. Starr charges and nails MacNichol with a clothesline as he gets to his feet. Starr backs up as MacNichol stumbles out of the corner.. he lifts him up and plants him with a Samoan Driver!

Tony D: "Samoan Driver from StarrZoe! And with the cover!



Kick out!"

Kris Red: "These guys are going fast paced and throwing everything at each other! I love this!"

Tony D: "Definitely is a little bit different from the Evolution Title match which saw a lot of feeling out and chain wrestling - with this, they're throwing the big moves at one another!"

Starr brings MacNichol to his feet and goes for a right hand but its blocked and Mac fires back with a knife edge chop! StarrZoe grabs his chest and MacNichol delivers yet another, followed by a right hand! StarrZoe drops to one knee and MacNichol brings him back up.. Irish whip.. StarrZoe off the ropes.. MacNichol goes for a clothesline but StarrZoe catches him and turns it into a belly to belly slam! Starr then hits the ropes and hits the rolling senton splash!

Tony D: "The P-Cubed!"

He covers..



Kick out!!

Alexander StarrZoe brings MacNichol to his feet and goes behind into a Full Nelson, but MacNichol frees himself and elbows his way out. He runs toward the ropes, bounces off.. Clothesline~ but Starr ducks.. Full Nelson Suplex! StarrZoe covers!



Kick out!

StarrZoe looks down at MacNichol who seems to have a lot of fight in himself. He nods approvingly as he brings The Dirty Mac to his feet and takes him to the corner.

Kris Red: "These guys both respect one another it'd appear but don't think for one second that they're gonna lay back and not throw everything at the other."

MacNichol battles back with a right hand and immediately drops to one knee. He pulls himself up as Starr comes back for more and MacNichol hits another right hand. He then props himself up with the corner and applies a legscissors around the neck of Alexander StarrZoe! Starr tries to free himself.. Starr pulls Mac away from the corner and drops him down on his back, holding him there..


MacNichol grabs the ropes to free himself. StarrZoe stomps at MacNichol twice before bringing him to his feet. Starr with a knife edge chop, and MacNichol once again fires back with one of his own. StarrZoe with another chop, backing him into the ropes. StarrZoe with an irish whip.. MacNichol hits the ropes and Starr meets him in the middle of the ring with a kick to the gut. He runs behind MacNichol, hits the ropes and returns with a Rolling Cutter, planting MacNichol to the mat face-first.

Kris Red: "So fluent!"

He covers..



Kick out!

StarrZoe gets to his feet, wiping the sweat from his brow and bending over, watching MacNichol slowly rise up. He approaches and MacNichol fights with shots to the midsection as he rises. Punch.. punch.. jab.. MacNichol gets to his feet and delivers a hard right hand, causing the champ to stumble back into the ropes. Irish whip.. StarrZoe off the ropes.. MacNichol with a kick to the gut, then puts Starr between his legs and lifts him up..

Tony D: "Jumping Piledriver!"

MacNichol hooks the leg!



Kick out!!!

Kris Red: "What a headache StarrZoe is gonna have!"

MacNichol pounds the mat and goes right to work on Starr, bringing him up into another Chinlock.

Tony D: "Frustration on the face of Cameron MacNichol. He's gotta stay focused."

Kris Red: "No kidding. This is the biggest match of your career, kid. Don't screw it up! No pressure!"

Starr grabs the hands of MacNichol and tries to break them, but MacNichol has it locked in tight. The referee checks to see if StarrZoe wants to give up but he says hell no while shaking his head! He breaks free, and grabs a wrist of MacNichol, twisting it as quickly as possible. MacNichol grabs his arm and StarrZoe now applies an arm-bar! MacNichol flops around in pain and in hope sof reaching the ropes and thankfully his feet touch the ropes. The referee orders StarrZoe to release the hold and he of course does.

The crowd starts a back and forth chant of "Lets Go StarrZoe - Dirty Mac" - "Lets Go StarrZoe - Dirty Mac"

Tony D: "The fans rallying behind both competitors now!"

MacNichol finds himself in the corner now and StarrZoe kicks him in the gut and delivers a knife edge chop. Irish whip... MacNichol hits the corner and stumbles forward. Starr runs past him and hits the second rope, springboarding off with a Moonsault onto Cameron MacNichol!

Tony D: "Air Philly!"

MacNichol drops to the mat and StarrZoe runs to the corner and climbs up, awaiting MacNichol as he slowly rises to his feet. StarrZoe then leaps off with a Top Rope Clothesline and connects! He pulls MacNichol away from the ropes and turns him over.. hook the leg..



Kick out!!

Starr stands up, hands on his hips. He starts clapping slowly, picking up speed, and the fans clap along, building up a nice crowd interaction. He brings MacNichol to his feet and picks him up, setting him atop the turnbuckle. He climbs up and hooks the arm, setting up for a Superplex, but MacNichol battles back and delivers a hard right hand that sents StarrZoe to the mat. Starrzoe gets to his feet and MacNichol leaps off with a Missle Dropkick!!

Tony D: "What a Missle Dropkick from Cameron Macnichol!!"

Kris Red: "Hell yeah, but MacNichol is spent and has no energy to go for the cover.."

The referee begins the 10-count...



Tony D: "Both men down.. the referee will begin the mandatory 10-count. We sure would hate for a match like this to end with a count out."



Kris Red: "Especially after the last match.. nobody wants TWO draw finishes!"


Tony D: "And I seriously doubt either of these men wants to win or lose by a count out victory." 6...

StarrZoe looks to be the first up.. as he rises completely... and MacNichol starts to get up.

Tony D: "And they're up!"

Starr brings him up the rest of the way but suddenly MacNichol fires off with rapid repeated right hands that rock the champ!

Kris Red: "Whoa, look out!"

MacNichol with an irish whip.. Starr off the ropes.. Backdrop from MacNichol! The crowd cheers and is getting behind Cameron MacNichol now as he raises his arms in the air. He turns to StarrZoe who is on his way up. Starr holds up a finger as if to say 'just a sec' but MacNichol puts the boots to him and brings him between his legs, lifts him in the air and drives him to the mat with a Jacknife Powerbomb!!!

Kris Red: "Jacknife!!" <> The crowd pops and he quickly goes into the cover, hooking BOTH legs!!




Tony D: "My GOD that was close!"

MacNichol rolls over and begins slapping the mat in frustration as the referee tells him it was just TWO! He brings himself to his feet and brings Starr up as well and looks to go for the Cobra Clutch but he can't quite lock it in place as Starr elbows his way out and then goes behind and tries for a German Suplex, but MacNichol stomps on the feet of Starr and elbows at him.. then hits the ropes and comes back with a Clothesline from HELL but StarrZoe ducks, go behind.. GERMAN SUPLEX! The crowd erupts as StarrZoe now climbs the turnbuckle and without delay comes off with the 450 Splash!!



Tony D: "OOOOH!"

StarrZoe crashes and burns and Cameron goes for the pin on him..




Kick out!

StarrZoe rolls under the ropes to the outside, and Cameron slaps the mat. He gets to his feet, hits the ropes and comes back with a suicide dive through the ropes, taking out StarrZoe!! The crowd erupts as MacNichol stands up and slaps a few hands of the fans. He brings Starr to his feet and slams his head off of the apron before rolling him in and sliding in after. He pulls him to the middle of the ring and covers..




Kick out.

MacNichol brings StarrZoe up and goes for the Cobra Clutch, but Starr escapes and tries for a Full Nelson, but MacNichol escapes that and drops down, pulling Starr over and into a roll up pin -




Kick out!

Both men up to their feet... StarrZoe with a knee to the gut... he hooks the arm and leg, looking for a Fisherman Suplex, but MacNichol escapes and hooks the arm of Starr, then lifts him in the air and drops him with a Jackhammer!! MacNichol covers!



Alexander's foot touches the bottom rope!

Kris Red: "Too close to the ropes, mannn!"

MacNichol looks disappointed as the referee and him argue back and forth about that call. MacNichol finally accepts it as StarrZoe is crawling away. Starr uses the turnbuckle to pull himself up and MacNichol comes after him. He pulls him away from the corner and knees him in the stomach.. MacNichol with a slow right hand.. as he's clearly well SPENT! He backs Starr into the ropes.. Irish Whip.. Starr holds onto the ropes and delivers a back elbow to the head of MacNichol. StarrZoe is also very slow in his actions now as he brings MacNichol away from the ropes and goes for the Fisherman Suplex but MacNichol counters into a cradle!



Kick out!!

StarrZoe pops up, taking off guard by that, and as MacNichol starts to get up Starr kicks him in the head, and brings him up to his feet... Fisherman Suplex....... connects!

Tony D: "Fisherman Suplex!!"

Starr covers..



Shoulder up - Starr grabs the arm and gets to his feet, pulling MacNichol up by the arm and applies a Reverse Waistlock - High Angle German Suplex!

Kris Red: "What a German Suplex!"

StarrZoe now wastes no time climbing the turnbuckle... 450 SPLASH!

Tony D: "There it is!"

Kris Red: "The Rising Starr!!!"






Kris Red: "O to the V to the A!"

The bell sounds and this one is over!

Randy Long: "Here is your winner and STILL World Heavyweight Champion - Alexander StarrrrrZoooooe!"

"Who Shot Ya" blasts over the Manhattan Center as StarrZoe slowly pushes himself up to his feet. The fans cheer loudly as the referee hands him the World Championship. The ref raises his arm in the air and Alex raises the title with the other hand! Starr brings the title in and clutches it as the fans continue to cheer and applaud. He puts the World Title over his shoulder and climbs the turnbuckle, raising his arms in the air to a positive reaction from the fans. He steps down and walks to the opposite corner and poses there as well. He steps down and sees Cameron MacNichol who is sitting in the corner, clutching his midsection from the 450 Splash moments prior. Starr approaches and extends his hand. MacNichol reaches out and takes it and stands up, and the fans cheer even more as they shake hands in the middle of the ring.

Suddenly they realize that Crowbar is heading up the ring steps. Crowbar steps into the ring and applauds both men, who cautiously suspect anything at any time. Crowbar feints a KFO attempt at Starr, who takes a step back, but Crowbar turns back and smiles at him, bringing his hand up with his index and thumbs close together saying 'that close'. StarrZoe taps his title saying that this is staying his. Crowbar extends his hand to MacNichol and they slap hands.. and he extends it StarrZoe, but suddenly Grendel and Rusty Red hit the ring and attack Cameron and Alexander! Crowbar jumps back and it looks like he's about to defend himself or the other two, until he pauses, and drops to the mat, rolling out of the ring. He backs up the aisle as Grendel and Rusty Red continue to beat down on Cameron and Alexander but they start to fight back! The fans erupt in cheers as StarrZoe and MacNichol battle back and StarrZoe nails Rusty Red with a big Full Nelson into a Powerdriver onto the neck - a mov ehe calls the G-8! Meanwhile Cameron MacNichol decapitates Grendel with the Clothesline From Hell!!! They put the boots to Grendel and Rusty Red, pushing them under the ropes and out of the ring. Crowbar is up on the ramp, looking into the ring as Alexander StarrZoe picks up his title and holds it into the air, staring Crowbar down. Crowbar motions around his waist that the title will soon be there and StarrZoe shakes his head as he holds the belt high. With that, the show fades out...