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9th August 2012 - Action Packed - From in Oklahoma City, OK

The screen is black for a moment before the LPW, Action Packed, and Best Studios logos flash on the screen. Clips from Shawn Arrows vs. Steve Solex and Mike Best vs. Bobby Dean play. The clips end with the LPW vs. The World brawl from Turmoil two weeks ago. Then the Action Packed video and “Downfall” by TRUSTcompany kicks in. The video fades out to the packed arena as pyro is set up off, but can barely be heard over the cheering of the fans. As the music fades the scene cuts to ringside with the usual announce crew.

Ash: Hello ladies and gentlemen, welcome to…

Henson: One of the worst nights in wrestling history!

Ash: What…?

Henson: He’s leaving Danny, he’s really leaving!

Ash: Oh, we’ll get to that in a minute. As I was saying, welcome to the last Action Packed before Reign Supreme! Our big tournament is nearly wrapped up and our consolation bracket is well under way! In fact, all televised matches tonight will be part of that tournament. Not all matches can make it on tv though, so let me run down a few of the matches that these amazing fans were able to witness earlier tonight.

Henson: Hurry up so we can get to the important stuff.

Ash: To advance in the consolation tournament to face the winner of Kalean Turner and Psycho Sam, Shayne Adams defeated Mr. Classic. We also saw Max Pierce defeat Darren Hunter, Ian Carlisle victorious against Justin Underwood, and Sid Wilder rebound against Dangerous Dan.

Henson: Screw it! Steve Solex is leaving LPW! I’m half tempted to leave with him!

Ash: I don’t think High Octane is looking for any more color commentators.

Henson: I don’t care! I’ll be his bag boy! I’ll put coke on hooker’s tit’s for Mike Best! Anything! LPW is a sinking ship and I want off!

Ash: What about Scott Stevens? He’s still here…



Henson: For now. He’s already working for TRUE and has a match at HOW’s Bottomline PPV. It is only a matter of time before he takes all the LPW titles to HOW!

Ash: I think you’re being a little extreme.

Henson: I think you’re being a little douche.

Ash:…moving on. We’ve got some big matches on tap tonight, as well as an interview with LPW proxy, Francis James, so stay tuned!


Meeting with Mason

The Southie arrives

Fans wait for Action Packed to return to action as the scene cuts to the double doors segregating the public from the talent pool. Legacy Pro staff moves hastily through the halls in order to keep to the night’s schedule. That is, they were moving hastily, until one of the doors flies open and smacks against the wall.

???: Which way is Hardt’s office?

A muscular man sporting a fitting Red Sox t-shirt shifts a pair of sunglasses into a headband, holding back his long, black mane. He reaches into the pocket of his blue jeans and pulls out a pack of smokes and Zippo, waiting for an answer. Due to the earlier reports of a new hire on the LPW website this week, only a few people know who this ruffian is.

Henson: Since when do we let gay strippers into our shows!? Security!

Ash: That’s not a stripper- that’s Boston John! The latest name added to the LPW roster.

A security guard steps in and presses his hand into John’s chest. Before giving the man a fair chance, John wraps his arm around the smaller guard and tosses him head first through the open door. He uses his foot to slam it shut before he finishes lighting his cigarette. Instantly, pounding comes from the other side of the locked door. John locks eyes with a clipboard-wielding blonde and points his thumb down the hallway.

Boston John: This way? Thanks, sweetheart.

John takes off with determination in his stride.

Intern: Do, do you have an appointment!?

He gets a little farther down the hall, stops, and lets a plume of smoke escape his lungs. He spins around, offering the little lady an ever confident grin.

Boston John: You're more than welcome to try and stop me.

The man known as the Hard Bargain shoots her a wink on cue, spinning around and heading down the hall and in search of his chance to make his mark on the wrestling world.

Psycho Sam (1-1) vs. Kalean Turner (0-0)

Ash: That was...uh...let’s not waste any more time, we have a match to get to.

Henson: A match? Between these two I’m hoping for more of a crazy drunk hobo fight.

The lights go pitch black as the opening of "Fall Back Down" by Rancid plays. Once the vocals start, Psycho Sam walks to the stage, snarling. Rock is behind Psycho Sam, overwhelmed by the audience. When the chorus starts, luminous blood drops from the ceiling onto Psycho Sam. Psycho Sam then runs towards the ring, with Rock closely following behind. Sam then slides under the ropes and bites the ring ropes. He then climbs the turnbuckle and gives the bird to the fans before wiping the blood off him.

Ash: Psycho Sam is such a weird guy; his entrance gives me the heebie jeebies.

Henson: Sock puppets give you the heebie jeebies. Just imagine a sock puppet of Psycho Sam.

Ash: Ugh…I’d rather not.

“Mad World” by Gary Jules erupts from the speakers as the lights fade to black. Kalean Turner's sadistic smile comes across the video screen to greet the fans. Spotlights shine down on the top of the entrance ramp to show Kalean standing their smiling. He seems to be talking to someone as the camera pans in on him. The crowd erupts and cheers as he makes his way down the ramp still talking to someone. His eyes are focused on the ring his whole walk down. Kalean stops at the bottom of the ramp and he turns and nods to whoever he is talking to. Sliding in the ring he walks to a turnbuckle and sits on the ring mat looking up into the rafters listening to “Mad World” fade. As it comes to an end he closes his eyes and awaits the start of the match.

Ash: It is times like these that I wish we had a licensed therapist as a referee.

Henson: its times like these that I wish I had popcorn.

Roth: The following match is scheduled for one fall with the winner advancing in the Reign Supreme Consolation Tournament! First, from the Island of Alcatraz and being accompanied by Rock, PSYCHO SAM!

And his opponent, fighting out of Nowhere, USA by way of Orient Road Correction Facility, KALEAN TURNER!

Ash: As Roth said, the winner of this match will advance to the quarter finals of the consolation tournament at Reign Supreme.

Henson: To have the chance to lose to Scott Stevens in the finals. How do you always screw that part up?

The sounding of the bell starts the match and Psycho Sam rushes quickly towards his opponent. Sam has Turner retreating into the corner because of his barrage. Sam stops punching and lunges his head forward for a headbutt. Kalean slips the move, reversing position and putting Sam into the corner. Turner begins to repeated ram his shoulder into the gut of Psycho Sam, taking the air out of him. Kalean grabs Sam by the head and begins dragging him to the center of the ring. Kalean is caught off guard though and scooped up and dropped with a bodyslam. Sam wastes no time dropping his large leg across the neck of the downed Turner. Sam crawls over to his victim and begins to choke him with a sinister smile on his face. The hold doesn’t last long, however, as Turner grabs Sam’s head and successfully completes a headbutt of his own.

Ash: It doesn’t look like we’ll be getting any wrist locks or technical prowess in this match.

Henson: Which translates into “It doesn’t look like we’ll be having a boring match”. Roughly.

Both men are back on their feet but it is Turner who takes the early advantage. Kalean unleashes a flurry of forearm shots that stagger Psycho Sam. Turner then sends Sam to the canvas with a clothesline. Kalean lifts his opponent off the mat and locks him in a standing front chancery. Turner uses the position to drive a few knees into Sam before pushing him back into the corner. Kalean shoots some spit out of his mouth and onto the palm of his hand and then begins to welt the chest of Psycho Sam with a series of open-hand slaps.

Ash: That can’t be very sanitary, but it is effective.

Henson: I’d be worried if I were Sam. The last thing he needs to do is contract a flesh eating virus from this guy. He loses any more flesh from his face and he’ll start looking like Red Skull.

Turner ends his slapping in favor of backing up a few paces and charging in at Sam. Sam manages to get a boot up just in time, causing Kalean to eat the sole. Psycho Sam follows up with a knee to the gut of his opponent before slamming him to the mat with a gutwrench suplex. Immediately Sam begins choking his opponent and the ref warns him before starting to count. He gets to a count of four before Sam releases the hold. Sam isn’t done with the assault, however, as he begins driving his knee into the side of Turner’s head. Sam again grabs Kalean in a choke, but this time he uses it to bring the man up to his feet. With both men now standing and Sam firmly in control he lifts Kalean up for a chokeslam. No! He can’t manage to get Turner off the ground due to a few back elbows to the head. Sam releases his grip but catches Turner with a throat thrust as he goes on the attack.

Ash: Psycho Sam is hell bent on attacking the throat of Kalean Turner.

Henson: It is like the old saying goes, if you can’t breathe you can’t wrestle.

Ash: Old saying? I’ve never even heard that before.

Henson: You’re loss then. It’s like, a zillion year old saying.

This time it is Sam who puts his opponent in the corner. Psycho Sam grabs hold of the tag rope and wraps it around the neck of Kalean Turner and pulling it tight. Kalean tries to get his fingers between his neck and the rope but doesn’t have any luck. The ref is irate and again starts counting and again it is up to four before Sam releases. Sam begins to argue with the ref until the crowd begins cheering. Sam turns his attention back to Kalean who is punching himself in the jaw with a strange look on his face. The expression changes to pure anger as Turner releases a primal scream before erupting from the corner. A clothesline from Turner. And another. Then another! Kalean lets Sam stagger back up to his feet and then grasps him from behind. One German suplex, then a second, and a third!

Ash: I think Luther just made his presence known.

Henson: Who the hell is Luther?

Ash: Don’t you watch any of the promos?

Henson: No. I have an assistant for that.

Kalean Turner gets right back up to his feet, throwing his arms out and screaming to the delight of the fans. Their cheers quickly turn to boos once Turner collapses to the mat due to a low blow from Psycho Sam. Sam struggles up to his feet but finally makes it. He screams for Turner to get up and even gives him a middle finger to help. Sam bounces off the ropes and nails the Fuck You Lariat-NO! Reversed! Faded Life is locked in! Sam is screaming out in pain and reaching for the ropes but he is too far away. In a last bit of desperation Sam begins biting at the fingers of Turner. Blood begins to drip out as Kalean pulls even tighter on the hold. Sam keeps struggling but to no avail as the tap out finally comes.

Roth: The winner of the match by way of submission and advancing to the semi-finals, KALEAN TURNER!

Ash: Impressive victory by the newcomer, keeping him alive with hopes of capturing whatever this new title is.

Henson: Hopes schmopes.

The shirt will make you want to hurt old people.

A video on the screen begins to play and Scott Stevens grinning from ear to ear with something in his hand and with his best Billy Mays impression begins to speak.

Scorpion: That’s correct ladies and gentlemen, you to can have the newest LPW Scorpion t-shirt for the low, low price of $24.99.

Scorpion shows the t-shirt.

Scorpion: Once you put on the shirt it will not only you give you the confidence to feel like you are a world champion it will make you fill inspired to throw old people off of a stage as well.

Clip of Scorpion throwing Lee Best off the stage from Turmoil is shown.

Scorpion: You to can do just that with one of these t-shirts. Go to before they are gone. Buy! Buy! BUY!!!

Scorpion gives the cheese grin and the thumbs up as screen goes to static.

The Scorpion

Not Just Another Walk In The Park

Mark Devereaux is shown at his locker talking on his cell phone.

Mark Devereaux: Yeah, I know. Yeah. Thanks Dad, I really appreciate it.

Mark hangs up his phone just as soon as Shelly Summers comes walking in.

Summers: Mark, you are just a few minutes away from your first official match in Legacy Pro. Could you share a bit about how you're feeling?

Mark Devereaux: How am I feeling? I feel great. I feel motivated, ready, and focused.

Summers: Scott Stevens has been saying some pretty harsh things about you this past week. He has said you were a "jobber" and that the wrestlers in the back talked about you after you left. Any comment on this?

Mark Devereaux: Well Shelly, the fact of the matter is this is what Stevens does. He tries to get his opponents rattled before an upcoming match. He's just done it more recently because he knows, just like the great city of Oklahoma knows, that this upcoming match just isn't going to be another walk in the park. He is going to have to give his absolute best.

Devereaux turns toward the camera. It zooms in on his face.

Mark Devereaux: Scorpion! The twitter banter is over. All the talking is finished. Now it's time to put up or shut up. You better bring your A-game because you are in line for one hell of an ass beating courtesy of The Working Class Warrior!

Mark grabs his elbow pads and exits the room.

Co-Main Event

Scott Stevens (5-3) vs. Mark Devereaux (0-0)

Henson: Is it time?

Ash: Time for…?

Henson: Scott Stevens you dolt!

Ash: Oh, then yeah I guess it is.

Henson: Yes! With Solex leaving, Stevens is the only shining light of hope we have left.

The lights in the arena go pitch black, as red lasers and spotlights light up the area. The video screen lights up and flashes across the screen, "Nothing survives my sting!" The crowd starts booing as Dave Mustaine's voice echoes throughout the arena, "I am the Scorpion, whoa!" The jeering intensifies as a mash-up of "I Stand Alone" and "Amazing" hits the speakers, drawing out the former Legacy Pro Wrestling champion. Walking down the aisle, he talks trash the entire way while raising a fist at a few of the more vocal bashers. As he finally gets to the ring, he climbs the nearest turnbuckle and stares down at the crown, an icy glare and the throat slash gesture his only actions as he drops to the mat.

Henson: The future dual champion in LPW!

Ash: I think both you and Stevens are overlooking a very game Mark Devereaux.

Henson: Did you say gay?

Ash: Real mature…



"Epic" by Faith No More begins to echo throughout the entire building. Fans begin stomping on the ground to the bass drum and slapping the side of the guard rails along to the snare drum. All the while chanting loudly and proudly, WAR-RI-OR along to the kick-snare beat of the music. Shortly after the start of the music and crowd participation, out comes Mark Devereaux. He lightly jogs out, stopping at the top of the ramp. Devereaux puts his hand up to his brow and motions that he is looking over the entire arena. He then pounds his right fist on his chest and points to the crowd and starts walking down the ramp. With every other step he is reaching to slap the hands of the children and adults in the live audience. He climbs the ring steps to enter the ring. Once inside he climbs the turnbuckle facing the camera, points to the crowd, points to his heart, and then points to the ring. Finally raising his hands in the air for an explosive reaction from the crowd. He climbs down and begins stretching his arms by rotating them as the music fades.

Ash: A lot of energy from Mark Devereaux, you can tell he is ready to grab hold of this opportunity.

Henson: Whatever you say, he’ll be running into a Texas sized buzzsaw tonight.

Roth: The following match is the co-Main Event of the evening and is schedule for one fall with the winner advancing in the Reign Supreme Consolation Tournament. First, fighting out of Houston, Texas…the former LPW Champion…SCOTT STEVENS!

And his opponent, fighting out of Dearborn, Michigan…MARK DEVEREAUX!

Ash: Time to find out what the LPW rookie has to offer. We’ve already seen one rookie come out victorious.

Henson: Not a chance, Scott Stevens is THE champion in LPW. You think he would lose to a guy like this?

Ash: I think you need to have your assistant double check some things for you, we only have an interim Champion and I can promise you Scott Stevens doesn’t look anything like her.

The bell rings. Mark Devereaux attacks first with a European uppercut. Devereaux closes in but is taken to the canvas by double leg takedown from Scott Stevens. Stevens attacks from guard but is quickly pushed away by Devereaux. Both men scramble to their feet but it’s Devereaux who takes the advantage. Mark charges in at Scott and delivers a knee to the gut of his opponent. Devereaux stays on the attack by grabbing his opponent in an arm wringer but is forced to release the hold after Scott Stevens stomps on his foot.

Henson: Beautiful foot stomp by Stevens! Come on Ash, do your job.

Ash: It was definitely a foot stomp, but it seemed rather ordinary to me.

Henson: Fool, nothing Scott Stevens does is ordinary!

Stevens capitalizes by putting a boot to the gut of Devereaux. He quickly follows up a with a single leg takedown into a knee bar. Stevens twists at the joint, but Devereaux won’t let him do much damage as he drives his free foot into the side of Scott several times. Stevens has no choice but to release the hold. Again the men scramble to their feet, this time both meeting each other in the center of the ring at the same time. Scott Stevens greets Mark with knife-edge chop and is in turn given a European uppercut. Stevens retaliates with another chop and the favor is returned with another uppercut. Stevens comes back at him and feints another chop before putting a finger in his opponent’s eye. Stevens immediately follows up with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Scott refuses to waste time, going right back for his opponent. He picks Mark up from behind and is caught off guard by a standing switch, putting Devereaux behind Stevens. With a lighting quick twitch of the hips Stevens is flying backwards with a half nelson suplex that drops him directly on the top of his head. Stevens’ body goes limp and Devereaux rolls an arm on top of him.





Henson: Disqualification! Illegal martinete!

Ash: First, I’m amazed you actually know what that is. Second, we aren’t in Mexico. Regardless, this doesn’t look good for Stevens.

Stevens is clutching his neck on the ground, but is fortunately moving around. Devereaux picks up Stevens and preps the Border Check. Just before he can complete the move, Stevens delivers a northern lights suplex. The impact seems to do as much damage to Stevens as it does to Devereaux as he isn’t able to bridge the pin and is immediately back to clutching at his neck. Somehow he manages to get back up to his feet, but has to prop himself up in the corner as he watches Mark regain his footing. SPEAR! Stevens drives his shoulder right through his opponent, but again appears to suffer from the impact.There is no quit in Stevens, despite the potential injury, as he again manages to pull himself up. He begins picking Devereaux up off the mat, trash talking the entire time. He gets Mark back up to his feet and slaps him in the face once and goes to slap him again when Devereaux reverses. Hammerlock, leg trip…BORDER CHECK! Stevens again lands directly on his neck and Devereaux capitalizes with a pin.





Henson: Heart of a champion! Despite having seven broken vertebrae and a bulging disc, he fights on!

Ash: I’m pretty sure that the Scorpion just has a stinger…



Henson: What do you think you are some kind of doctor!? I know eight broken vertebrae when I see them!

Ash: Is it seven or eight?

Henson: Shut up!

Devereaux is shocked that Stevens kicked out, but keeps to the task at hand. He grabs hold of Stevens, looking to lock in the Motor City Clutch. Stevens fights off the best he can but he can’t keep the hold from getting locked in. No! Somehow managed to get to his knees before the lock was fully applied, alleviating some of the pressure. Through pure instinct or determination Stevens manages to get to his feet and Devereaux has no choice but to follow, although he never releases his grasp. That is until Stevens manages to lift him up with a belly to back suplex. The two men crash on the canvas and lay motionless for a few moments. Somehow they get back to their feet and it is Stevens who takes charge, putting a boot to the gut of Devereaux. TOXIC STING! No! Devereaux keeps Stevens upright. DEVEREAUX DRIVER!! Here comes the pin!





Ash: Oh my god! What an upset!


Roth: The winner of this match via pinfall and advancing to the semi-finals…MARK DEVEREAUX!

Stevens lays face down on the canvas as Mark Devereaux erupts to his feet celebrating his victory. The fans go crazy for him as he climbs the corners.

HOW's Bottomline


Interview w/ Francis James

The camera cuts backstage to LPW Webmaster and reporter, David Flores. He is standing next to the official proxy for the anonymous LPW co-owner, Francis James.

Flores: Mr. James thank you for joining me tonight.

James: Anytime David.

Flores: Right, so the question on everyone’s mind right now is how Steve Solex leaving will impact Reign Supreme on August 25th?

James: Having spoken with both co-owners, it was decided that nothing would change. So long as neither Mike Best or Steve Solex is under LPW contract, neither man will be eligible to receive a shot at the LPW Championship

Flores: Speaking of championships, any word on what the new title to replace the Internet Championship will be, and will it go to the winner of the consolation tournament?

James: To answer the latter, yes the winner of that particular tournament will be the first champion with this new title. As for the title itself, there are still negotiations to take place with the co-owners, but I am told that we will announce the title at Reign Supreme.

Flores: Excellent. If I may back track a little. With Steve Solex leaving for High Octane, Mark Devereaux working for both LPW and TRUE, and Scot Stevens working for us, TRUE, and working a HOW PPV, are there any concerns that more wrestlers will leave?

James: I’m not concerned, and based on the discussions I’ve had with both co-owners, neither are they. Our product will speak for itself. If a worker doesn’t want to be here, they are free to leave.

Flores: How did the match between LPW’s Scott Stevens and HOW’s Chance Von Crank come to be?

James: Lots of back and forth talks. While Mr. Hardt and my employer don’t see eye to eye on many things, they both want what is best for the company and for business. This made great sense for Legacy Pro as it will bring more eyes to us.

Flores: One last question. When will we find out who the mysterious co-owner is?

James: Soon.

Flores: Thank you for your time Mr. James.

The scene fades out.

Best Studios

Main Event

Shane Jackson (1-0) vs. Shawn Arrows (1-1)

Ash: Welcome back to Action Packed where we’re getting ready for our Main Event.

Henson: I don’t have anything to say. My world…my hopes…



Ash: Pardon my partner folks, he’s still reeling from Scott Stevens’ loss earlier.

The lights dim and “Danger Zone” by Kenny Loggins begins to play as Shane Jackson comes out to the stage, playing up to the crowd. He jobs his way down to the ring and slides in, posing briefly for the fans.

Ash: Huge opportunity for Shane Jackson tonight. We’ve seen two LPW newcomers come in and shock the world, could Jackson make the third?

Henson: …



The instrumental for “Iron Man” by Black Sabbath begins playing and Shawn Arrows slowly walks out to the entrance area. His eyes look vacant and less focuses than usual as he slowly walks down to the ring and climbs in. Once in the ring he walks to his corner and stands there blankly waiting on the match to start.

Ash: Something definitely doesn’t seem right with Arrows tonight. That defeat last Action Packed had to be heart breaking for him, to be so close to victory and then lose the way he did.

Henson: All men lose…even the great ones.

Ash: Thanks for chiming in there, Rick.

Roth: The following contest is your Main Event of the evening. It is scheduled for one fall with the winner advancing in the Reign Supreme Consolation Tournament. Introducing first, standing 6 feet 2 inches, weighing in at 210 pounds, from Fort Wayne, Indiana…SHANE JACKSON!

And his opponent, being accompanied to the ring by Jessica Jenkins, standing 6 foot and 3 inches, weighing in at 234 pounds, fighting out of Greensboro, North Carolina...SHAWN ARROWS!

Ash: It is go time folks!

The bell sounds and Arrows stands still as Shane Jackson circles around his opponent, sizing him up and looking for an opening. He comes in close to Arrows but is caught off guard as Shawn dips behind him and grabs his waist. Cleverly, Jackson grabs hold of an arm and locks in a standing armbar that forces Arrows to release the hold. Shane manages to get Shawn down to a knee and then uses the armbar as a sweep, putting Arrows on the mat. Arrows shows off his agility, however, rolling through the hold and locking in a side headlock. Arrows wrenches on the old, completely emotionless. Jackson bucks his hips and manages to roll Arrows over for a pin!


One only, as Arrows shifts his weight and lands back in the side headlock position. He can’t keep the hold locked in as Jackson works his way back up to his feet. Arrows tries to get Jackson back down to the canvas but instead is hit with a snap belly to belly suplex.

Ash: Some great technical work showed here by both men. But Arrows is going to need to snap out of it if he plans to leave tonight with a victory.

Henson: Who cares…



Both men are up to their feet and lock up in a collar and elbow tie. Arrows is the one to capitalize with an arm wringer. He gives one twist and then another but then Jackson reverses the move, getting Shawn in an arm wringer of his own. It is Arrows turn to reverse it, as he rolls on the canvas, releasing the tension, hops back to his feet and hits a lightning fast hurricanrana. Arrow gets back up to his feet and looks on at Shane with a vacant stare. Jackson gets up to his feet and looks on at Arrows, nodding. Another collar and elbow tie up between the two and Arrows manages to transition it to a side headlock. It is a hold he won’t keep for long, using it to execute a side headlock takedown. Once on the ground he secures the hold again. Jackson again uses his technical ability to bring both men to their feet, even managing to turn the hold into a side headlock of his own. Arrows manages to push Jackson off, but keeps hold of an arm. Shawn jerks Jackson back and into a hammerlock.

Ash: I’ll admit, I’m impressed with the technical wrestling of Arrows. We knew Jackson prided himself on mat work, but Arrows is more traditionally a flyer.

Henson: I want to go home and wrap myself in my Scott Stevens snuggie.

Arrows continues to secure the hold as Shane tries to find a way out. Finally Shane reaches down with his free arm and manages to trip Arrows. Jackson immediately attacks with an inside toehold. Jackson barely gets the hold in before Arrows gator rolls through until it is him on top with a single leg crab. Jackson refuses to allow Arrows to sink in the move, scrambling for the ropes as fast as he can. The referee intervenes, breaking the hold due to a rope break and forcing both men to their feet. The two men again meet with a collar and elbow before Arrows pushes Jackson off and into the ropes. Shane bounces off and hits Arrows with a vicious rolling elbow. Arrows crashes to the mat and Jackson shows all kinds of emotion, making up for the lack Arrows is showing. The fans in attendance do their best to encourage Jackson as they begin chanting “you be-long!”



Ash: The fans are firmly behind Jackson now and it looks like we might be heading for another upset!

Henson: …



Jackson begs for Arrows to get up and slowly Shawn obliges. Jackson charges in, grabbing Arrows by the back of the head. Jackson repeatedly drives his elbow into the side of Arrows’ head, forcing him back and into the corner where more shots are delivered. When Jackson stops Arrows falls down, head resting on the middle turnbuckle. Shane backs up a few paces before charging in and sandwiching Arrows’ head between the turnbuckle and his knee. Arrows goes limp and his body drapes on the bottom rope. Jackson pulls him out of the corner and makes the pin.




Ash: Close! Jackson almost made it three for three tonight!

Henson: Seriously!? Do you have to keep bringing up the Scott Stevens match! For Christ’s sake!

Shane brings Arrows back up to his feet and then whips him into the ropes. As Arrows returns, Jackson hits a stiff clothesline. No! Ducked by Shawn! Arrows springboards off the ropes and turns his body in the air, catching Shane Jackson and delivering a beautiful tornado DDT. Arrows gets back up to his feet before delivering a standing shooting star press for the pin.




Arrows climbs off his opponent and gets back up to his feet. In a zombielike fashion he steps between the ropes and is out on the ring apron. He lines himself up with Shane Jackson who is now getting to his feet. Arrows springboards in but gets caught midair and planted with a spinebuster! Jackson is immediately on the attack, grabbing the legs of Arrows and locking in his My Way submission hold. Arrows stuggles, pushing himself up off the mat to relieve some of the pressure. He grabs at the legs of Jackson, doing anything he can to break the hold. Jackson sits up just a hair to reposition himself and it is all the room Arrows needs. Arrows uses his agility to lift himself up and then roll his head through the legs of Jackson. The momentum forces Jackson to fall backwards. Arrows has the leverage as Jackson’s shoulders fall flat on the canvas.







Roth: The winner of this match by way of pinfall…ARROWS!

Ash: Impressive reversal, but I have to admit this win surprises me. Shane Jackson appears to have just got caught, after showing he had the skill to beat Arrows all match.

Henson: But he lost and that is all anyone will ever remember! They won’t say, “oh he fought valiantly”, or “he had twelve cracked vertebrae”. No they’ll just remember the loss.

Ash: Are you crying?

Henson: No… sniff …I just have dust in my eye.



The Best Studios logo gives way to a live feed...

‘Wake Up’ by Rage Against the Machine begins to blair throughout the LPW Arena as Steve slowly strides down the LPW ramp with a stack of rolled up papers clenched in his right hand and a microphone in his left. The view of the screen splits in half. One half shows Turmoil, and the other Action Packed. Lee Best is shown in the HOW ring with his arms out to his sides seemingly confused, as Solex receives a chorus of boos from both arenas. The LPW fans begin a “You Sold Out!” chant as Steve spins with his arms out to his sides as he continues his descent to the ring. Solex slowly walks up the steel steps and enters the LPW ring. Solex grins from ear to ear as the fans in the LPW arena continue the chant. Lee Best’s face turns to disgust as the Action Packed is broadcasted onto the High Octane Vision screen inside The Old Glory arena.

Lee Best: Ah Mr. Solex. The newest and brightest of my new signings. I will quietly dismiss the fact that you missed your flight to L.A tonight and instead focus on what is a truly historic night as I, Lee Best, once again prove to everyone that everyone at some point in their life must prove themselves to the rest of the world and in pro wrestling...High Octane Wrestling is that proving ground.

The voice of Lee Best echoes throughout the LPW arena as the fans slowly begin to simmer down.

Lee Best: Enough of the small talk....let us get to business. You are in the opening segment of MY go home show simply to sign a contract that will make you exclusive to HOW. Now just sign the damn thing and I can stop that feed as LPW already went over their allotted time here on Best know...MY network?

Steve Solex: I know, Lee. I know. You’re Lee Best. You’re the fucking man, right? You run this whole damn show, right?

Solex holds the papers high into the air as the LPW crowd once again begins the chant.

Steve Solex: In my hand is my contract to wrestle exclusively for High Octane Wrestling. Which would drop me out of the Reign Supreme Tournament, and essentially allow Mike Best, your son, a free ride to a win.

Lee Best seems to be getting frustrated with Solex.

Lee Best: You seem to be stalling and my Booking 101 book that Benny gave me clearly states that anyone that stalls has alternative motive and quite frankly I am going to call bullshit.....right?.

Solex chuckles a bit before dropping the contract to the floor.

Steve Solex: Call it what you want, old man. It just is what it is. Quite frankly, I’d rather drink a pint of Magic Johnson’s blood before ever signing a contract with your company.

The LPW crowd goes berserk with cheers as Lee begins to pace anxiously around the HOW ring.

Steve Solex: The bullshit stops today. I’ve sat idly by as you and the rest of those HOW pukes have repeatedly disrespected me, the LPW fans, and the entire LPW roster. No more! You’ve wanted me to sign this contract for two fuckin’ weeks, pal. And I’ve got news for ya’…that shit just isn’t going to happen!

The LPW crowd continues to cheer as the HOW fans boo ferociously.

Lee Best: So this is how you want to play this? You want to be the “Savior” of LPW? You want to lead those boys against the machine that is High Octane Wrestling? So fucking be it...when me and my Best Alliance are done with you all you fuckers will be kneeling before me....but before that happens.....I will give you one more fucking chance...SIGN. THE. CONTRACT.

Solex signals for the LPW crowd to quiet down.

Steve Solex: Alright, Lee. Take a pill, bro…I was only fuckin’ with ya’.

Solex reaches down and retrieves the papers from the ground. He slowly rises and smiles big as he stands tall in the center of the ring. Steve drops the microphone to the mat and looks directly into the camera. With his free hand Solex unlatches his belt and unbuttons his pants.

Lee Best: What in the name of all things Best…



Before Lee can finish his sentence, Solex did it. He wiped his ass with his HOW contract and the LPW fans can’t cheer any louder, as ‘Wake Up’ by Rage Against the Machine blares throughout both arenas once again. Solex flings the contract toward the camera as the Action Packed logo and copyright information are shown on the left hand corner of the screen as the LPW show fades to black. Lee Best is left speechless in the HOW ring as Turmoil cuts to commercial.

Quick Results

Shawn Arrows def. Shane Jackson via rollup.

Mark Devereaux def. Scott Stevens via Devereaux Driver.

Kalean Turner def. Psycho Sam via Faded Life.

Shayne Adams def. Mr. Classic via Grapevine.

Sid Wilder def. Dangerous Dan via Breaking the Mold.

Ian Carlisle def. Justin Underwood via Venom Breaker.

Max Pierce def. Darren Hunter via swinging reverse neckbreaker.

Reign Supreme Tournament Bracket