Posted by Rumor Man Stan

Sources are saying that after Wrestleshow, several superstars could be released from their contracts. A talent evaluation is being rumored to be happening going into Wrestleshow as the company begins making potential arrangements to move into network television and live Wrestleshow episodes.

Head of Talent Relations, Michael Lorenzo, had this to say in a recent interview:

"What the superstars of the UTA have to realize is that this is a global company, re-emerging from a multiple year hiatus. This will constantly be changing and tightening up as we continue to push forward and reclaim our spot at the top of the industry."

"For too long companies that rely on shock to boost ticket sales, or let their performers just walk in ten minutes before a match then leave after without putting in additional work, have ruled the land. The UTA is not that. We are a premier professional wrestling company and will only align ourselves with talent of the same."

So who is on the watch list? What companies is Mr Lorenzo referring to as the UTA continues to reclaim it's spot? Only time will tell, but it all begins this weekend after Wrestleshow.