Posted by Rumor Man Stan


A tactical switch, or was it something else?


After almost four days of silence from the Sean Jackson camp, finally the topic was responded to by the former UTA World Champion.



"Oh sure Best is going to give it his own special little spin, but we all know the reason why John Sektor tucked his tail and ran. He knew that he didn't stand a snowball's chance in hell of winning, so he asked the man with eighteen dollars to take up his slack."



"And about his claim the switch was tactical, oh it was tactical alright. Best knew that Cecilworth wasn't going to win a damn thing and he knew that the so called Gold Standard wasn't going to win Ace In The Hole either, so after all the moaning and groaning, after all the hoopla of being avoided...."


"That's right, John Sektor hauls ass to the Chamber."


"So yeah, I would agree with Mike Best. It was a tactical move alright, a very tactical move."


One has to wonder exactly what Sean Jackson meant by that last statement. Stay tuned as this story continues to gain traction in the days leading up to Ring King.