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12th July 2012 - Action Packed - From in Austin, TX

The scene opens in to a shot of a dimly-lit room. In the foreground is a rather sizable maple desk, and immediately behind it is a large chair. The back of the chair faces the camera, leaving the occupant hidden from view. A few moments later, a digitally-altered voice begins to speak, leaving no clue as to the identity of the speaker.

Speaker: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen the world over. My name is...well, that is really not important right now. What is important is that the rumors you have heard are indeed true. There is a second owner in Legacy Pro Wrestling. That owner is me. For reasons I do not wish to divulge at this time, I wish to remain anonymous.

In the future, Mr. Francis James, one of the former minority owners of LPW, will act by proxy for me, and will speak in lieu of my presence in matters pertaining to LPW, until such time as my other legal obligations are satisfied. With that said, the reason I am personally addressing this tonight to you, the faithful audience of LPW, is in reply to an article written by the also-anonymous "Webmaster" of LPW, in which his concerns about the LPW Championship sounded like the plaintive bleating of a lamb searching for its mother. He makes it sound like the fledgling legacy of LPW is already being torn to shreds, used as someone's toilet paper and discarded just as quickly.

I beg to differ.

You see, in the first run of LPW, everything that has brought down any number of wrestling promotions in the past was in plain sight. You had people protecting their spots, not letting anyone else succeed by means of backstage politicking, by using their drawing power as a tool to achieve their goals, and in one noted instance, by being the pet project of Mason Hardt, which led him to walking out of LPW when it closed as the LPW Champion.

Now, I like to think of myself as a true wrestling fan. And while I cannot speak for any of you, I can clearly state that I believe that championships should not be won by politics. Titles should not be won by sucking up. They should be won in sanctioned matches,, in which anyone on the roster has a realistic chance of walking away as champion on any given night.

This is why I authorized the LPW Board of Directors, in their final official act before handing their shares of the company over to me, to utilize the so-called "24/7" rule for the LPW Championship in The League. With most of the roster already on edge over this being the final season of The League, tempers are already on edge, and wrestlers are already cautious, knowing that for some this is their last chance to sign on with a promotion once The League closes up shop for the foreseeable future.

Adding a legitimate championship to the equation makes every match mean more, makes every move taken backstage have additional implications. I know that there are some, like the "Webmaster," who cry foul over this and think that the prestige of the LPW Championship is being diminished with every week and every change of champion. The vast majority I have spoken to, however, think that this will help LPW in the long run. With the last few weeks showing that the champion is never truly safe, and that most of the active roster of The League is looking to become LPW Champion and hopefully sign on with LPW afterwards, it is my true belief that this will herald a newfound prosperity for LPW in the coming months. Whereas LPW was mainly known in the mid-southern United States, LPW is now gaining notoriety and coverage around the world, something that would have taken years to accomplish in a more "traditional" setting. And that is something I attribute solely to the uncertainty that LPW's "Webmaster" thinks is ruining LPW before the first show of the reborn franchise even airs.

Another aspect of this situation is the standing order that forbids Scott Stevens, the LPW Champion at the time LPW closed, from competing for the belt until after his League duties have concluded. There is a legitimate reason for this, and it is directed at one Mason Hardt. As I mentioned, I do not think that champions should be crowned due to politicking, and Hardt seems to favor that method of picking the people who will represent his—excuse me, our—company. I will not stand for this, and for that an example needed to be made. I do not have any legitimate issues with Mr. Stevens as a wrestler or as a person. In this case, I'm afraid he is collateral damage in the example I wish to give to Mr, Hardt. Should Mr. Stevens win the LPW Championship when he becomes eligible, I will not stop him in any way, shape, or form, as he will have earned the right by having served his sentence.

That brings me to the final issue at hand tonight: Mason Hardt. I've made my intentions, my motives clear. I want the LPW audience to think that on any given night, anyone can win without the aid of backstage help. You've heard where I stand in regards to LPW's future. The question is, do you care enough about this sport to be willing to talk over details for an LPW that the fans are looking for, or are you satisfied with keeping LPW a place where only the sycophants can succeed, and the hard-working wrestlers get shafted to soothe your bruised ego?

Ball's in your court, Mason.

I'll be waiting.

The image quickly cuts to static, and then darkness. The last image on the screen is simply one sentence that seems to burn on the dark background.

The heart of the champion beats within us all, not within the breasts of the chosen.

"Downfall" by TRUSTcompany accompanies a new Legacy Pro Wrestling Action Packed intro video, showcasing all the new talent and the hold. As the video package fades out we are show the live crowd that has gathered in Austin, Texas. The fans are going crazy as the cameras switch to different shots, showing off the LPW faithful as well as a brand new stage setup. Pyro erupts signalling the start of the show. The music fades and the scene cuts to ringside where we find the LPW commentary team of Danny Ash and Rick Henson.

Ash: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome BACK to Legacy Pro Wrestling. We are happy to be with you here in Austin, Texas and live to all of you watching thanks to our good friends at Best Studios!

Henson: That's right! We're on tv now and completely uncensored!

Ash: Just don't get carried away, alright Rick?

Henson: Fuck you!

Ash: Folks, we have a tremendous show in store for you tonight as we kick off our road to Reign Supreme with round one of a tournament to determine who will be the next in line for both the Legacy Pro Wrestling Championship and the Internet Championship.

Henson: Despite the stupidity of it, our Main Event will feature the man who should rightfully be LPW Champion, Scott Stevens, take on rising star Dutch and the High Octane Wrestling mega-star and champion, Mike Best!

Ash: It should be a fantastic match. But I'm sure what most of you all are concerned with is the power structure of LPW. Unfortunately, you all know as much as we do. We've still not heard or seen Mason Hardt and still have no idea as to the identtity of the new co-owner.

Henson: I bet it's a leprechaun.

Ash: A leprechaun? Why...

Henson: Just a hunch. Seems like a good an idea as any.

Ash: Sure. Moving on. Let's get things started with our first match of the evening!

Psycho Sam vs. Steve Solex vs. Sid Wilder

The lights go pitch black as the opening of "Fall Back Down" by Rancid plays. Once the vocals for "Fall Back Down" start, Psycho Sam walks to the stage snarling. When the chorus starts, luminous blood drops from the ceiling onto Psycho Sam. Sam then runs towards the ring and slides under the ropes and then bites at them. He then climbs up towards the turnbuckle and gives the bird to the audience, wiping the blood off of him.

Henson: Is it weird that this guy gives me a fear boner?

Ash: …yes.

“Wake Up” by Rage Against the Machine begins to play as suddenly the lights in the arena dim slightly as a white light shines from behind the entrance ramp. The silhouette of Steve Solex is shown atop the ramp, his hands rested firmly on his hips. His head moves from side to side peering throughout the crowd as he begins his descent to the ring. He claps his hands twice sending chalk dust into the air surrounding his body as the white light from behind the ramp fades away. White lights, reminiscent of camera flashes begin to flicker from different parts of the arena as Steve continues his confident stride down the ramp. As he approaches the ring he slides in underneath the bottom rope and immediately takes a knee in the center of the ring looking up toward the ceiling. He smiles wide as he continues to stare up at the ceiling then walks to the corner and taunts the crowd from the second turnbuckle. He hops off as his music fades out.

Henson: It is great to see Steve Solex back in the LPW ring, don’t you think?

Ash: You mean the man who was fired from LPW because he wouldn’t do what he was contractually obligated to do? As long as he does his job, then more power to him.

“Gasoline Dreams” by Outkast blasts over the speakers as Sid Wilder steps out into the entrance area. He looks the crowd over with a smile on his face and rubbing his hands together as he takes it all in. He then sets his sights on the ring and confidently begins walking. He enters the ring and gives his opponents a quick look over and then settles himself in his corner.

Henson: I already hate this guy.

Ash: Of course you do Rick, of course you do.

Henson: Are you telling me you like this guy? I fell asleep twice already during his entrance.

Ash: I’m saying I don’t yet have an opinion. He’s officially been inside of a LPW ring for 15 seconds. I’ll hold my judgment, if you don’t mind.

Roth: This match is a triple threat match and scheduled for one fall with the winner advancing in the LPW Reign Supreme Tournament. First, from the Island of Alcatraz, PSCYHO SAM!

His opponent, hailing from Huntington Beach, California, the former Legacy Pro Wrestling Champion…STEVE SOLEX!

And their opponent, from Detroit, Michigan…SID WILDER!

Ash: I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time now. Legacy Pro Wrestling is back and this match is kicking it off!

The bell sounds and all three men hit the center of the ring at the same time, all trading punches. After a few moment of equal attack, Solex and Wilder begin to work cohesively by both punching Sam. The punches back Sam up to the ropes where he is sent flying over and to the floor by a double clothesline from his opponents. With Sam out of the way the two men go back to exchanging punches with each other. Wilder tries to take advantage with a clothesline but is countered by quick overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Solex has no time to capitalize however as he is blindsided by Psycho Sam, who found his way back into the ring. Sam begins to pound on Solex like a man possessed.

Ash: Sam is showing why he has the word “Psycho” in his ring name. Those shots are nasty.

Henson: That the best you’ve got?

Ash: Cut me some slack, this is my first match in eight months.

Henson: It’s not taken me anytime to hit my stride…



Ash: That’s be “A” you just bash people and “2” you suck.

Henson: Harsh.

Sam finds himself forcefully removed from Steve by Sid Wilder, who throws a few punches before hiptossing his opponent. Sam gets right back up to his feet where he is greeted by a Sid Wilder German suplex. Wilder gets up, only to be met by a clothesline from Steve Solex that nearly turns him inside out. Solex begins reigning down elbows on his downed opponent until Sam puts a boot to the back of his head. As Solex stumbles forward Sam capitalizes by hooking a full nelson. The hold doesn’t last long however, as Sam uses it to deliver a neck wrenching dragon suplex with a pin.



Save by Wilder!

Ash: A match saving breakup from Sid Wilder!

Henson: Most useful thing Wilder’s done so far. The hopes of Solex vs. Stevens is still alive!

Ash: The kid’s holding his own in there.

Henson: He’s still as boring as soccer.

Ash: Millions of people watch and enjoy soccer, you know?

Henson: So? Millions of people are also stupid, what’s your point?

Wilder wastes no time, cinching in a crossface chicken wing on Sam and after a bit of a struggle manages to get his hands clamped together. The hold is locked in tight and Sam’s struggling begins to slow when Solex delivers a superkick to man locked in the submission. The force lifts Sam into the air, prompting Sid to use the momentum to deliver a huge crossface chicken wing suplex. The crowd erupts at the move combination but silences once Solex nails Wilder with a drive by boot to the face.

Ash: Someone might have to check Wilders teeth after this match!

Henson: Yes! Yes! Here we go Solex! Here we go!

Ash: Don’t think you’ll be able to get that chant started here.

Henson: Here we go Solex! He we go!

Solex jumps down to pin Psycho Sam, who still hasn’t moved.







Solex is shoved off Sam by Sid Wilder at the last possible moment. Solex is now showing his frustration and starts throwing everything he has at Sid Wilder, who is powerless to get out of the way. Punches, knees, and elbows all find their mark on the head and body of Wilder. Once Solex has decided he has delivered enough punishment to Sid he again turns his attention to Psycho Sam. You can clearly hear “fuck you!” as Sam flattens Steve with his signature version of the lariato.

Ash: Good thing we’re on Best Studios after a move like that I guess.

Henson: Being able to say fuck is just a fringe benefit really. The coke and whores are the real prize.

You can tell by the expression on Sam’s face that he isn’t even concerned with a pin right now. Instead he waits for Wilder to get to his feet, delivering the same profanity laced lariato to him that he did Solex. Sam runs his thumb along his throat, letting everyone know that it is over. He spots Solex trying to get to his feet and opts to help him. Psycho Sam grabs hold and before he can realize what is going on…SOLEXPLEX! Steve has the bridge and the pin!






Henson: YES!

Roth: The winner of the match by pinfall and advancing to round 2…STEVE SOLEX!


The screen cuts to show Shelly Summers backstage. The camera pans into view of the front of the door and the nameplate reads “The Scorpion” Scott Stevens.

Summers: Here goes nothing.

Shelly takes a deep breath to calm her enraged nerves and knocks on the door. No answer. Shelly knocks again this time louder and harder. After she gets done knocking the door flies open.

Scorpion: What!?

Scorpion sees who it is before he speaks again.

Scorpion: What do you want? Aren’t you banned from talking to me?

Summers: I have a job to do so I'm going to do it.

A grin comes across Scorpion’s face.

Scorpion: Well if you came for that you’ll after to wait until after the show. Pre-match superstition of no sex before matches.

Summers: I'm done...

Shelly goes to walk away but grabs her by her hand.

Scorpion: Whoa there. Calm down now. That’s not how you treat your friend.

Summers: Friends? We aren’t friends. Now let me go!

Scorpion lets her hand go.

Summers: I’m just going to get what I came here for and get the hell out of here.

Scorpion: Fine with me.

Shelly regains her composure before she begins her questions.

Summers: Tonight, “The Scorpion” Scott Stevens will face two other opponents in a triple threat match. One opponent you have faced before but the other is an outsider that you’ve never faced previously. What are your thoughts on your opponents tonight and the possibility of winning a shot at the LPW Championship?

Scorpion looks at Shelly confused.

Scorpion: I don’t know if you’re drunk or what but I am the LPW Champion.

Summers: Last time I checked the LPW championship was around the waist of a woman, Diamond.

Scorpion: Regardless of what you may think I am the LPW Champion. Just because I don’t have the belt around this….

Scorpion takes Shelly’s hand and forcefully rubs it against his waist which Shelly yanks back and rubs it clean on her dress.

Scorpion: ...gorgeous waist doesn’t mean I’m not the champ.The record books have me as the reigning champion and until I’m beaten with the belt on the line in a sanctioned match that will not change.

Scorpion taps Shelly on the nose after his statement and Shelly pushes Scorpion’s hand out of her face.

Scorpion: Regarding my two victims tonight the only thing you and everyone else needs to know is that I’m going to win.

Summers: But what happens if you should lose?

Scorpion: Lose? Shelly I can’t lose. I’m facing a guy I’ve already beaten and the other can’t win without daddy’s help, so I’ve got this one in the bag. After tonight, not only will I be one step closer to having absolute control of Legacy Pro, I will be taking a certain title off of Mike Best’s hands. I going to rename it the LPW ICON Championship and give it some prestige. So Best I hope daddy has a backup title because one way or another I will have that title. And if anyone from HOW has a problem, I’m not hard to find. I’m the guy wearing all the gold.

Scorpion motions back toward the door of his locker room.

Summers: You heard it here ladies and gentlemen. Now back to…..

Before Shelly can finish Scorpion slaps her on the ass and darts back into his locker room and shuts the door. Shelly starts banging on the shut door.

Summers: You’re going to hear from my lawyers!

The screen cuts to a commercial.

High Octane Wrestling

Ian Carlisle vs. Bam Bam Johansson vs. "Beautiful" Bobby Dean

Ash: Welcome back to Action Packed. As you can see, the participants of our next match have already made their entrances.

Roth: The following match is a triple threat match scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Blackpool, England…IAN CARLISLE!

His opponent, from Trondheim, Norway…BAM BAM JOHANSSON!

And their opponents, representing Death Row Wrestling and hailing from Houston, Texas…”Beautiful” BOBBY DEAN!

Ash: For those wondering, yes this is the same Bobby Dean who briefly made an appearance in LPW. While that didn’t work out the way anyone wanted, hopefully things will work out differently this time.

Henson: Who cares, we have a gigantic foreigner in the ring tonight!

The bell rings and Bam Bam Johansson immediately bull rushes Ian Carlisle. Johansson is throwing heavy hands, staggering Carlisle. With Ian trying to cover his head, Johansson puts a stiff boot to his gut, forcing him to double over in pain. Bobby Dean is happy to watch as Bam Bam lifts Ian into the air and then drops him with a gorilla press slam. It doesn’t take long for Johansson to try and win the match by quickly pinning Carlisle.



Saved by Bobby Dean!

Ash: Dean with the save, not wanting to exit the tournament just yet.

Henson: Of course he doesn’t. Even though he guaranteed he would. He was kind of confusing really.

A furious Johansson stands and goes nose to nose with Dean. The two men exchange a few words until they are broken up by a charging forearm shot from Carlisle. The shot catches Bam Bam from behind, the force pushing Dean backwards into the corner. The hulking Johansson manages to shrug of the attack and gives Carlisle a smirk. Ian bounces himself off the ropes and flies at Bam Bam with a dropkick, but Johansson swats him away like a fly. Carlisle lands awkwardly on his left knee and immediately begins to grasp at it.

Ash: It looks like Carlisle may have tweaked his knee. That can’t be good in a match with someone the size of Bam Bam or as technically sound as Dean.

Henson: Just a shot in the dark, but I don’t think tweaking a knee is ever “good”. I’ve never had anyone come up to me and say “yesterday was awesome, I totally tweaked my knee and it was sweet bro!”.

Ash: Yeah…well…



Bam Bam takes a moment to flex and it is all the time Bobby Dean needs to grab him and lead him head first into the turnbuckle. It takes a few smashes for Dean to realize that the moves has no effect on the large man. Smiling, the large man grabs Bobby and tosses him over the top rope and down to ringside. Johansson eyes Carlisle pulling himself up to his feet and decides to help him out. He lifts Ian in the air with his large arms and begins to squeeze the life out of him with a bear hug.

Ash: This could be it! Johansson may literally squeeze out a victory with this move.

Henson: You know why? Because he’s Alpha…



Bam Bam squeezes and shakes Carlisle, who begins to go limp. Referee Timms notices and grabs the arm of Carlisle and raising it up in the air. The arm falls. He lifts the arm again and again it falls. He lifts the arm up a third time and then suddenly all of Carlisle falls to the mat as Johansson releases the hold. The ref never noticed the low blow from Dean that has Johansson doubled over. Ever the opportunist, Dean slams Johansson’s skull into the mat with a DDT that shakes the ring. Dean is awarded no time to capitalize however, as no sooner is he back on his feet is he met with a forearm shot from Carlisle. The attack staggers Dean but he fires back with a short clothesline. Ian must have found his second wind as he is right back up to his feet. Bobby comes at him again and is planted on the canvas with a hiptoss. A quick pin from Ian.



Henson: PUH-lease! A pin after a hiptoss. You’ve got to be kidding me.

Ash: You have to take advantage of every opportunity you have. You never know which move will be the one to end a match.

Henson: Sure you do; the last one.

Ian drags Dean up to his feet and throws a few close range forearm shots to his head. Out of the blue Bobby deflects a shot and executes a lightning fast snap suplex. Carlisle must have tweaked his knee again as he begins to clutch at it, telling Bobby Dean what he should do next. Bobby wastes little time making his way to the legs and despite a valiant effort from Carlisle, Bobby sinks in the figure-four. Ian starts writhing in pain and screaming out but is saved when Bam Bam Johansson puts a cinder block-esque boot to the face of Dean.

Ash: Someone may need to ask Bobby Dean where he is after that boot.

Henson: Someone should ask Bam Bam that too, just for laughs.

With the hold released Carlisle rolls himself into the corner and out of harm’s way. Bam Bam grabs hold of a spaghetti legged Dean and hoists him up into a stalling vertical suplex that seemingly lasts for minutes before Bobby is slammed to the canvas. As Johansson gets up he spots Carlisle propped up in the corner and charges in. Ian moves out of the way at the last possible second, causing Bam Bam to slam into the turnbuckles. The impact forces Johansson to stumble back out to the center of the ring where Ian is running at him with a head full of steam. The crowd lets out a huge gasp as Carlisle’s head is nearly knocked off his shoulder with a ferocious bicycle kick from Bam Bam. Johansson pounds on his chest as the crown begins to chant “Bam Bam Sucks”. Johansson continues to taunt the fans, turning around and making sure everyone gets a look. As luck would have it he turns around to meet a powerful punch from Bobby Dean. Bam Bam falls down like a ton of bricks. Dean quickly adjusts the band of his tights and then goes in for the pin.




Ash: What the…



Henson: Wow, Bobby sure packs a punch.

Roth: The winner of this match via pinfall and moving on to round 2…“Beautiful” BOBBY DEAN!

Ash: Someone put up a replay, I need to see what just happened.

Henson: Nothing to see here, let’s just move along.

The replay begins play in slow motion, showing Dean putting something on his hand just before punching Bam Bam. He then puts whatever the object was back into this tights.

Ash: He had a loaded fist! That cheating bastard!

Henson: I don’t know what you’re talking about? I didn’t see anything.

Ash: Are you kidding me? It is right there in front of you, watch the replay.

Henson: Ah! I’ve got something in my eye! Can’t look…



Short and sweet

The scene cuts backstage where we see Shelly Summers backstage approaching a locker room door. She knocks and enters without waiting for a response. Shayne Adams is sat on a bench in the middle of the room, with Rachelle standing behind him. Adams head is facing the floor, apparently deep in thought.

Summers: Mr. Adams, sorry for the interruption, can I get your thoughts on tonight's match?

Adams slowly raises his head to acknowledge Shelly. Rachelle simply glares at the perky interviewer, though as ever, it's very difficult to read her emotions.

Summers: Mr. Adams?

Adams allows a somewhat cocky grin to cross his face.

Adams: Shelly, I have no thoughts on tonight's match, but I understand you need a soundbite. So, I'll give you three words.

Adams takes a pause as Shelly awaits the answer.

Adams: I guarantee victory.

Adams smiles at Shelly, then the camera, then leaves the room. The camera pans to Rachelle, who stares into the lens, then locks eyes with Shelly as she follows Adams out into the arena.

Death Row Wrestling


Shawn Arrows vs. Shayne Adams vs. Sebastian Moore

Ash: Co-Main Event time! We’ve got two LPW veterans, including the Internet Champion, going up against a highly touted new comer.

Henson: Don’t you think we should change the name of the Internet Championship now that we’re…you know…on television?

Ash: As soon as you figure out where Mason Hardt is and who the new Co-Owner is, you should bring it up.

Henson: Don’t think I won’t!

An instrumental version of “Iron Man” by Black Sabbath hits the speakers along with the blonde haired new comer, Shawn Arrows. His eyes are set on the ring and don’t’ move a hair as he walks down the ramp. He rolls into the ring and heads straight to his corner where he begins rubbing his hands in anticipation.

Henson: This guy has potential, but for the love of all that is holy, dazzle me with your entrance!

Ash: You want to be dazzled?

Henson: Everyone wants to be dazzled Danny, everyone.

The lights drop. The fans begin to cheer in anticipation. There is a moment's pause before “Papercut” by Linkin Park begins to play and blue lasers dance around the arena. When the guitars kick in, there is a flash of light and a pop of fireworks as Shayne Adams steps out onto the ramp to rapturous cheers. The lights return to normal as Adams struts to the ring. He slides into the ring and climbs each turnbuckle in turn, puts hands on hips and lets a cocky smirk drift across his face.

Ash: It is good to see Shayne Adams back in LPW. It has been too long.

Henson: If you say so. The last time we saw him he was all crazy and whatnot. I think I preferred him crazy instead of this fan loving whatever the hell he is.

A single strobe light dances around an otherwise dark auditorium as the lone guitar at the start of “Assassin” by Muse reverberates across the arena. As the drum breakdown brings in the full band the lights briefly flash onto the stage to reveal…no one. The song continues to play but Sebastian Moore never makes his way down to the ring.

Ash: What the hell? Where is Moore? I saw him backstage earlier today…



Henson: Ha! The bastard turned craven and ran!

Ash: That isn’t like him…



Roth: The following match is a triple threat match and scheduled for one fall with the winner advancing in the LPW Reign Supreme Tournament. First, from Greensboro, North Carolina…SHAWN ARROWS!

His opponent, hailing from Edinburg, Scotland…SHAYNE ADAMS!

And their opponent, not presently in the ring but still fighting out of Manchester, England, the LPW Internet Champion…SEBASTIAN MOORE!

Ash: I guess this match is still a triple threat…just on the off chance that Moore shows up.

Henson: He won’t…which will make it a lot easier to change the name of that title!

The bell rings and the two men come toe to toe in the center, exchanging strikes. Shayne Adams gains the advantage after nailing Arrows with a spinning back elbow that sends him into the ropes. Adams doesn’t slow down, following his prey to the ropes where he begins to light up his chest with a few knife edge chops. The final chop has so much force behind it that it causes Arrows to bounce off and stagger back towards the center where he is met with a spinning leg lariat.

Ash: Impressive move from Adams! He seems to be picking up where he left off.

Henson: Where he left off was someone bleeding like a stuck pig. This is just that flippy-do crap he likes to pull.

As Adams goes to pick Shawn up he is caught off guard by an eye rake. Arrows nails an enziguri that puts Adams face down on the canvas. Arrows follows up with a soccer style kick to the side of Shayne. Refusing to let up, Arrows leaps into the air and lands elbow first on the lower back of his opponent, causing him to roll around the ring in pain. Shawn decides to help Adams to his feet, but only so that he can attack with a quick spinning neckbreaker. Shawn shows off his speed and agility by delivering a standing senton with a pin.




Ash: Shawn Arrows nearly made his debut a nice one there. It is no easy task to pin Shayne Adams.

Henson: I’m sorry, I thought you said it was no easy task to pin Adams. Be sure to speak up and not mumble.

Ash: That is exactly what I said.

Henson: Oh…well it can’t be that difficult since he’s lost in LPW twice before.

Arrows goes to pick up Shayne but is fought off with a few punches. The punches do enough to create separation, allowing Adams to hit a picture perfect dropkick that sends Arrows out of the ring. Adams gestures for the crowd to make some noise as he bounces off the ropes on the opposite side of the ring to gain a bit of momentum. Just as Arrows staggers to his feet he gets blindsided by a Shayne Adams suicide dive. Adams bounces up to his feet instantly, much to the delight of the Austin, Texas crowd. As Arrows stirs a bit, Adams climbs onto the ring apron, soaking in all the cheering and asking them to bring more. He takes off running in the direction of Shawn and dives. A deafening crack is heard as Adams is face down on the ground and Arrows is seen holding a nearly broken chair while a chant of “holy shit” echoes throughout the arena.

Ash: Oh my God! Shayne Adams is dead!

Henson: Ha! Triple threat rules, no count outs of disqualifications. You’re a smart guy Arrows, you may sound like you can’t count to zero, but you’re a smart guy.

Arrows drops the chair and picks up the body of Shayne Adams, blooding gushing from his head. Shawn rolls Adams into the ring and goes for the cover.





You can see the determination in the blood soaked eyes of Adams as he refuses to quit on instinct alone. Arrows begins to argue with the referee as Adams checks the blood on his face. When he realizes he is bleeding it is as if a switch is flipped and he springs up to his feet. He grabs Arrows and begins to deliver punch after punch to his face. He whips his opponent into the ropes and explodes with a snap hurricanrana. The momentum has Arrows back on his feet, only to turn around in time to be hit with a springboard moonsault press. Shayne is immediately back to his feet, where he rubs some of the blood off onto his hand and throws it up in the air to show the crowd, who begin chanting his name.

Ash: These people love Shayne Adams, he puts it all on the line every time he steps into the ring and they love him for it.

Henson: You give wrestling fans too much credit. They’d cheer for Hitler if he said the name of their city.

With Arrows still down, Adams exits the ring and grabs a chair of his own before sliding back in. He taps the chair on the mat, luring Arrows to his feet. Once Arrows is standing, Shayne rushes in with the chair overhead. Arrows ducks the chairshot and as Shayne turns around hits him with a hard right the forces him to drop the chair. Shawn grabs hold of Adams. The DDT attempt is blocked by Adams who spins out of the hold and drops Arrows with a DDT of his own. The crack of skull on chair brings the crowd to their feet yet again as the blood instantly begins to drip from the face of Arrows.

Ash: Someone call the blood bank and a cleaning crew because we’re apparently going to need both tonight.

Henson: That was almost clever.

Ash: Thank you.

Henson: I said almost.

Adams picks up the bloody Arrows and grabs in in a bulldog position. He points down to the chair. Shayne takes off running but Arrows pushes him off into the ropes. Arrows launches Adams into the air with a flapjack on the return. No! Reversed into a sunset flip by Adams. But Arrows rolls through leaving Adams seated. Shining wizard from Arrows finds nothing but air! Adams off the ropes…Arrow-Shot DDT out of nowhere! Shawn with the pin…






Ash: What a match! These two tore the house down!

Roth: The winner of the match by way of pinfall and advancing to round 2, SHAWN ARROWS!

Shane "Mavrik" Jackson Shows Up

The camera pans around the backstage area shortly before the show. A man slowly walks into view. Standing there looking into the camera, looking as if he wants to say something, but doesn't know how. The man runs his hand down his face, rubbing his black goatee for a second before speaking.

Man: LPW. LPW. I like the way that sounds. I'm sure most of you are wondering who I am. Well, thats why I'm here of course. My name is Shane. Shane Jackson.

A smile forms on Shanes face before becoming much more serious.

Shane: I came to LPW to win. I came here to give the fans what they deserve. These fans here have been mistreated by the roster of the LPW. I came here to compete. I can see several members of the roster have some talent.

While saying this Shane is shaking his head as if he doesn't mean what he is saying.

Shane: I obviously know that I can't walk in and get a world title shot. I don't want something handed to me. I want to earn what I want. So Mr. Head Booker Man. I want something. I want championship Gold. I will earn it however I have to!

The Young man turns around, back to the camera. He turns around holding the camera in his hands, wild look in his eyes. The camera looking deep into his eyes as he speaks again.

Shane: To the Roster of LPW, straighten up, or ship out. I am not going to tolerate this idiocracy. These fans deserve better, OUR fans deserve better. So, with that said, lets show them what we got!

Shane pushes the camera out of his face and walks away as the scene cuts to an ad.

Best Studios



We are view a backstage area in what appears to be a locker room. The camera pans around a few tims before locking onto a title belt hanging from a locker. The camera zooms in to find a note taped to the from of the LPW Internet Championship. In black marker the note simply says "Sorry". The scene then cuts back to ringside.

Scott Stevens vs. Dutch vs. Mike Best

Ash: Main Event time and it should be a dandy!

Henson: A dandy? Did you really just use dandy?

Ash: Yes I did dazzle boy, you got a problem with that?

Henson: …



“The City is Ours” by The Hottness begins to play as Dutch rushes out on the ramp and wastes no time racing down to the ring and sliding in. He begins posing for his hometown fans who erupt for him.

Ash: Nothing quite like being the hometown guy. This has to be a huge moment for Dutch, in the Main Event of Action Packed and all in front of your friends and family.

Henson: This is going to suck for him, haha! Everyone he knows is here tonight to watch him lose to either Scott Stevens or Mike Best. Almost brings a tear to my eye.

The lights in the arena go pitch black, as red lasers and spotlights light up the area. The video screen lights up and flashes across the screen, "Nothing survives my sting!" The crowd starts booing as Dave Mustaine's voice echoes throughout the arena, "I am the Scorpion, whoa!" The jeering intensifies as a mash-up of "I Stand Alone" and "Amazing" hits the speakers, drawing out the former Legacy Pro Wrestling champion. Walking down the aisle, he talks trash the entire way while raising a fist at a few of the more vocal bashers. As he finally gets to the ring, he climbs the nearest turnbuckle and stares down his opponent, an icy glare and the throat slash gesture his only actions as he drops to the mat.

Ash: It certainly appears that Scott Stevens is prepared tonight. The back and forth between him and Mike Best on Twitter has been unreal.

Henson: It’s been great is what it’s been. It is still a travesty that he can’t come to the ring with HIS belt.

Ash: He lost it, what can you do? Although he did offer it up in a wager with Mike Best, with the winner getting a shot at the other’s belt. Not quite a fair bet for Mike Best, seeing as he’s the only one with an actual title. Though if you’re Dutch you have to be licking your chops.

"Don't Hate Me" by Nerf Herder begins to play over the sound system, bringing down a herald of boos as HOW ICON Champion Mike Best steps arrogantly out from behind the curtain. He slaps his chest, grinning like a cocky prick as he saunters his way down the ramp and rolls into the ring. He bounces off the ropes once or twice, limbering up.

Ash: I may not like Mike Best, but I can respect what he can do in the ring and the kind of star power he brings to LPW.

Henson: What isn’t there to like really? He’s rich, famous, bangs hookers, and wins titles. That seems like a pretty sweet life to me.

Roth: It is time for the Main Event of the evening! The following match is a triple threat match and scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, standing 6 feet and 1 inch and weighing in at 200 pounds. From Austin, Texas…DUTCH!

His opponent, standing 6 feet 6 inches and weighing 256 pounds, from Houston, Texas…he is the former Legacy Pro Wrestling Champion, Her Goddess Selket's favorite Arachnid, The King of Sting, The Venomous One and Only... he is paying me to say this… "The Scorpion" SCOTT STEVENS!

And their opponents, standing 5 feet and 11 inches tall, weighing 236 pounds. He comes from Chicago, Illinois and is representing High Octane Wrestling…MIKE BEST!

Ash: This is a big moment for LPW. Our first Main Event back, featuring Mike Best, and live on Best Studios! Can it get any better?

Henson: You could be dead…



The match begins and the combatants greet each other immediately. Mike Best lands the first shot, a forearm to the face of Scott Stevens. Stevens takes the shot and delivers a punch to the face of Dutch. Dutch staggers a bit before throwing a punch of his own at Best. The three men go another round of exchanging blows before the tides turn. As Stevens goes to deliver a shot to Dutch, he gets rejected and in turn falls victim to a jawbreaker from Dutch. Stevens grabs his jaw and staggers around to face Mike Best who sends him to the ground with a vicious roaring elbow to the side of the face.

Ash: An unlikely duo forming between Dutch and Mike Best. Though it doesn’t surprise me that Stevens has the ability to unite such different people against him.

Henson: I would offer up some witty retort about how they both suck if one of them didn’t happen to be Mike Best.

With Stevens down Dutch and Best begin to square off. As Dutch comes in Mike catches him in the midsection with a knee and then follows it up with a hip toss. As soon as Dutch hits the mat Best is coming down with an elbow across the chest. Mike bounces back up to his feet, strikes a brief pose, and then drops another elbow down on his victim. Best grabs hold of Dutch and brings him to his feet briefly before lifting him in the air. Suddenly Dutch finds himself falling to the mat unceremoniously after Scott Stevens used the opportunity to put the point of his boot between the legs of Best. Stevens ignores Dutch and begins to pound away on Best.

Ash: The bad blood boils over as Stevens tries to maul Best.

Henson: Stevens is a beast…or an insect…or arachnid, whatever the hell a scorpion is. The point is, he’ll get you!

Ash: Such great insight, thank you for that.

Henson: You’re welcome.

The Scorpion’s ignoring of Dutch proves a bad decision as it ends with him on the receiving end of a seated dropkick to the face. Dutch rises to his feet along with the other two men. He punches Stevens and then delivers a forearm shot to Best. A forearm for Stevens and then a punch for Best. He grabs both men by the head and tries to smash them together but both opponents halt the progress and then deliver a double punch to the would be assailant. As Dutch hits the mat the two men begin shoving each other until they find their legs tripped out from under them by Dutch. Dutch kips up and is immediately bouncing off the ropes, leaping in the air as he approaches the two downed men and dropping a fist to each of their faces.

Ash: Dutch showing both men why they shouldn’t under estimate him.

Henson: Oh come on, the only reason he is mounting any offense is because these guys are solely interested in killing each other.

Ash: It doesn’t matter why it’s happening, only that it is. They keep it up and they might both lose tonight.

Henson: Impossible.

Dutch hops up to his feet with the crowd firmly behind him. Dutch elects to bring Best up to his feet, just so he can deliver a knife edge chop to his chest. The smack of the skin must bring Mike back to life as he returns a chop in kind. Another chop from Dutch and another from Best. Dutch chops again but this time Best pushes his opponent who trips over the body of Scott Stevens and falls to the mat. Best walks to where Dutch fell and gives his head a slight push with his boot. He then turns his attention to Scott Stevens who is now getting up to his feet. Best grabs hold of Scott but is caught off guard as Stevens executes an inside leg trip sending both men to the canvas with Stevens in Mike’s guard. Scott begins reigning down punches immediately as Mike does his best to control the wrists of his opponent. All it takes is one little mistake and the legs of Best elevate into the air, catching Stevens in an armbar.

Ash: Excellent ground game from Mike Best here.

Henson: When they hurt each other…I don’t know what to say.

Stevens screams in pain as Best continues to apply the pressure. Scott brings his free hand up and it looks like he is going to tap but the pressure is gone. Best releases the hold in enough time to brace himself and for Stevens to pull his arm free before Dutch lands on Mike with the Flying Dutch frog splash. The referee begins his count.



Save by Scott Stevens! The crowd leaps to their feet, but their attention isn’t on the ring but instead on the rampway. Down the aisle runs Mason Hardt, one time majority owner of LPW.

Ash: What the hell is he doing out here? No one’s seen him since Fallout last November!

Henson: I don’t know, but I’m getting pretty excited just thinking about the possibilities.

While he runs he is motioning for something. Scott Stevens looks at him confused but rolls out of the ring and heads for him. The conversation between the two can be heard but Mason Hardt clearly waves off the ring and the opponents in side. Reluctantly, Stevens begins to follow Hardt back up the ramp. Meanwhile in the ring Dutch looks on, motioning for Stevens to get back. Scott flips the double bird and then uses the same fingers to point to the ring. Dutch turns around…JESUS COMPLEX! Here comes the pin…






Ash: What the hell is going on around here? Why did Hardt pull Stevens from the match?

Henson: I’m sure he has a very good and very important reason…I just don’t know what it is.

From the ring Mike Best gets up smirking and looking out to Scott Stevens. Best motions around his waist, letting Stevens know that he wants the belt. Hardt has to hold Stevens back as the show fades out to black.