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Show opened to clips of the events leading up to the big main event this Friday between Cactus Jon and Pestilence. Highlights from Jon's victory of Jim Dudley were shown, as well as the challenge made by Death for Stevie to put his career on the line.



Flying Frenchie vs. Texas Kid

After the Texas Kid missed a missile dropkick, the Flying Frenchie quickly landed a running lariat and climbed to the top rope to deliver a Flying Legdrop to score the win. Post-match, Frenchie demanded a Cruiserweight title shot.

Result: Flying Frenchie by Pinfall



Markus Cairn (w/Judge Steel) vs. Hiroshima

Cairn dominated Hiroshima throughout the match. With some help from Judge Steel, Cairn got the win. During the match, the Chameleon and Total Eclipse looked on from the second floor of the arena.

Result: Markus Cairn by Pinfall


Cactus Jon interview

Jon talked about his victory over Jim Dudley and the upcoming match with Pestilence. Jon asks for a steel cage to be used to avoid outside interference in the title match.


Briana vs. David Spencer

Briana contained the Britian's power game with solid street tactics and strong-arm wrestling. Spencer rebounded, but missed a top-rope maneuver. The mistake gave Briana a chance to catch Spencer with a spinwheel kick and put Spencer away. After the match, VL Tha Murdera and Queen Bee Kristen arrived to demand an explaination for Briana's recent comments. David Spencer meanwhile raised his arms in victory, as if he were the winner.

Result: Briana by Pinfall



Dark Riders Arrives

The Dark Riders arrives at the arena, with Pestilence in tow, who walks next to Death as they go to their dressing room.



Jim Dudley vs. Austin the Giant

The Giant used his strength and power to connect several punches, kicks and slams. With former Empire member Chris Kidman Jr. watching from the dressing room, the former fWo World Champion surprised Austin the Giant with a Figure Four submission hold and gained the victory. During the match, a strange woman made her way to ringside to watch Jim Dudley in action.

Result: Jim Dudley by Submission



Jim Dudley Interview

Following his match Jim Dudley commented on the fact that he deserved another title shot, and was informed that he would face Cactus Jon at next week's Wednesday Warfare in the main event. Jim Dudley was asked about the recent problems he has had with Austin Davis and Chris Kidman, and refused comment.



Austin Davis (c) vs. Sid Snow

Continuing his successful championship run, Davis managed to absorb all the damage Snow had to offer. The Baad Ass used his brute tactics to diffuse Snow's weight advantage and applied the tombstone piledriver when Snow's knee gave out. After the match Jim Dudley ran in to attack Davis, who escaped through the crowd.

Result: Austin Davis by Pinfall



Total Eclipse Interview

Scenes are shown of the Total Eclpise in training by power-eating everything inside a small vedor stand outside the arena.




Ultra Violet (c) vs. Black Quicksilver

The two competitors proved to match up quite evenly. The action went back and forth until the Black Quicksilver landed a standing side kick into Ultra Violet. As Ultra Violet recovered, the Flying Frenchie hit the ring to attack the Black Quicksilver and earn Ultra Violet a disqualification. Post-match Machina arrived to help the Black Quicksilver from the ring, who was enraged by the Frenchie's involvement which cost him the title shot.

Result: Black Quicksilver by DQ



Cactus Jon (c) vs. Brawler

Jon and long-time rival the Brawler went at lightning speed with both men displaying high-risk aerials and power moves on the mat. The Brawler eventually took the advantage, but missed his trademark finisher, the Bulldog Spear. Jon seized the opportunity and floored the Brawler with a running lariat. Jon then connected the piledriver for the win. After the match Austin Davis, who was at ringside with Cactus Jon, attacked Jon with a chokeslam and a piledriver of his own. As Davis attacked Jon who was dazed on the canvas, Pestilence and Death watched from the ring entrance laughing.

Result: Cactus Jon by Pinfall