Posted by Rumor Man Stan

Which UTA talent has been pulled from the International Tour?

Will "The Thrill" Haynes has been pulled from the upcoming UTA International Tour, following injuries sustained over the past month.

Information released this morning show that Haynes suffered a mild wrist sprain following his Strap Match with "The Only Star" Eric Dane. That mild wrist sprain was further aggravated following his match with Alex Beckman in the Semifinals of the Ring King tournament. In addition to the aggravation of the sprain, Haynes suffered several bruised ribs in his bought with the Ring Queen, and was considered questionable for his match with Abdul even before the events of Victory.

Then came the attack from Eric Dane, which featured Haynes' head being slammed onto the steel ring steps. Leaked information from doctors in Los Angeles where Haynes is currently being held for observation indicate that while Haynes didn't suffer any cracks or breaks to his vertebrae, the impact of such a bump caused a concussion and left him very dazed following the incident. Some doctors even think he shouldn't have been allowed to leave Orlando to travel to LA for the Wrestleshow taping.

And finally the attack from Mikey Unlikely this week on Wrestleshow saw injuries to Haynes' eye, his head, and his arm - resulting in an dislocated elbow, a bruised orbital bone, and a lacerated ear lobe. There were also internal injuries that our source couldn't speak to as apparently doctors are still waiting for test results.

Haynes' image has been removed from promotional materials for Rin King as well as promo images for the International Tour. There has been word that there has been a halt on printing anymore Haynes' merchandise as well.

Could this be the beginning of the end for the THRILLmaker? When should fans expect the THRILL back in action? Who will step up with Haynes on the shelf? Stay tuned to find out.