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You open the DVD of WARPED 22 and enter it into your favorite DVD player. The sounds of "Pogo" by Digitalism play as the WARPED Wrestling logo floats down from the top to the middle of the screen. Underneath that fades in to words "Play DVD". You click... and the show begins.

The show fades in as we see "February 4, 2011 - South Philadelphia, PA" on the bottom right of the screen.




Pre-Show Extra

The camera cuts to the back where we see former Warped champion SwitchBlade entering the backstage door of the arena and carrying his gym bag. He looks dead serious, not even bothering to say hello to anyone. But one person in particular manages to step in front of him before he retreats to his locker room. Seth Owens stands before SwitchBlade and raises a hand to him.

Seth: Hold on, SwitchBlade. I’ve got something to say to you.

SwitchBlade, knowing who the man was, paused and glared at him. The look was intimidating, and it felt like even one wrong word could send SwitchBlade into a rage. Seth chose his words carefully.

Seth: I just want to say that it’s going to be an honor facing you in the ring tonight. Look, after what Grendel did a month ago, know...I understand how you must feel. My brother... oh, nevermind. I just wanted to say that I respect all that you’ve done for this company, and I hope we can have ourselves a fair fight. How about it?

Seth raises a hand to offer a shake. SwitchBlade looks down at the hand, and then back at Seth, his facial expression never changing.

SwitchBlade: You want to respect me? Then you better make me bleed. If you don’t, I’m going to paint the mat with your face. How’s that for respect?

SwitchBlade brushes past Seth and proceeds towards the locker room. Seth lowers his hand and looks puzzled at SwitchBlade’s sudden change of character.




Triple Debut Triple Threat Match
"Simply Sensational" Sean Edmunds vs. "The Future" Anton Chase vs. "The Escape Artist" Tiberius White

The WARPED ring announcer Randy Long stands in the middle of the ring!

Randy Long: "Wrestling fans welcome to WARPED 22 live here in The Arena from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! We've got an exciting night of wrestling action for you including a huge main event that YOU the fans will be involved in, a Fans Are The Lumberjack Match for the Evolution Championship as PKA defends against Jeremy Filth! Also you will see former World Champion SwitchBlade taking on the Skinny-Jean Hipster Seth Owens for the very first time ever, and so much more! But let's kick it all off now with the first match of the night in our brand new wrestling ring..."

The 'brand new wrestling ring' Randy Long refers to is one that, due to setting the previous one on fire, Grendel (or his Family) were forced to purchase. In addition, Grendel was also suspended without pay for 30 days after his January 7th actions at WARPED21 - "Playing With Fire"...

Right before the first match starts... “Lost My Way” by Finger Eleven beings to play and the crowd cheers as SwitchBlade appears from behind the curtain.

Tony D: And here comes SwitchBlade!

Kris Red: We’re back after a whole month of repairing, and THIS guys comes out first? What the hell? Why couldn’t Crowbar come out, he’s the champ!

Tony: He might have the belt Kris, but it’s pretty clear that SwitchBlade is still the people’s champion, and it looks like he has something to say to the people.

Kris: Wake me up when it’s over.

SwitchBlade, with a mic in hand, high fives a couple fans before sliding under the ropes and walking over to the center of the ring. As his music dies down he gives the fans a few seconds to cool down before he speaks.

SwitchBlade: Now I know I’m not scheduled to be on just yet, but I have a couple very important things to say before tonight’s show starts. First…welcome back!

The crowd cheers and a small “WARPED!” chant starts.

Kris: What a cheap pop.

Tony: Cheap or not, he has the fans on his side.

SwitchBlade: It feels great being in a WARPED wrestling ring again, and considering what occurred at the last show, I thought it was going to be THE last show. But like a phoenix we are reborn from the fires, and WARPED is now stronger than ever before!

More crowd cheering, and this time a SwitchBlade chant starts up.

Kris: This is making me sick, Tony D. Make it stop!

Tony: You wanna try ripping the microphone out of his hands, be my guest.

SwitchBlade: But WARPED still has its problem, one in particular being Grendel.

The crowd boos at that name knowing that he was the man who caused the fire.

SwitchBlade: It’s one thing to try and set me on fire. I’ve been there, done that, and bought the t-shirt. But it’s another thing when you risk the lives of the fans, you risk the lives of the other wrestlers, and you even risk the life of one Joey Matthews, without whom we wouldn’t even have WARPED! Grendel, I know you’re not here tonight because of your suspension, but I know for a fact that you’ll be back at the next show, and you better believe that I’ll be there too.

The crowd gets excited for the potential SwitchBlade/Grendel match.

SwitchBlade: Grendel, for all the bad you’ve done, and for all the sick things that go on in your polluted mind, you made me open my eyes to one thing…we’re all corruptible. Let’s face it, in wrestling there ARE no heroes. We’re all scumbags looking to hurt one another, and even if we have noble ambitions, the end result remains the same. We cause harm to others for the sake of fame and money.

The fans, uncertain about how to respond, remain neutral to the statement and neither cheer nor boo.

Tony: Well…this is a complete 180.

Kris: If that means no more sappy hero crap, I’m all for it!

SwitchBlade: Don’t worry about me, folks. I’m not gonna turn into a Grendel. I still know right from wrong. But I also know that honor is dead, and the WARPED ring is fueled by anarchy. I’m not a hero anymore. I’m just another tough guy looking to make a name for myself. And I’m going to start by taking down Grendel , and when he’s out of the picture…I’m coming for you, Crowbar! You keep that belt nice and warm around your waist, and savor every second you have with it, because when I win it back, you will NEVER be World champion again. That’s not a promise, that’s not a guarantee…that’s destiny!

SwitchBlade drops the mic and exits the ring. The fans cheer him, but only mildly this time. SwitchBlade walks down to the backstage curtain without giving a second look to the fans.

Tony: I’m not sure how to feel about this, Kris. He claims to no longer be a hero, but he’s going to go after the man who cost everyone their jobs for a month, so that’s good…right?

Kris: I think it’s a matter of perspective, Tony D. We just gotta wait and see what this new SwitchBlade plans on doing.

Tony: Well later tonight he faces Seth Owens one on one, and that should be a damn good match.

Kris: But that’s later. We still have our opening match to get through!


And back to Randy Long to get to the ring introductions...

Randy Long: "The following contest is a Triple Threat Triple Debut match scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Bethany, weighing in at Two Hundred and twenty-five Pounds...The ULTIMATE Escape Artist, Tiberius White!” "Dig!! Lazarus!! Dig!!" by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds plays as Tiberius White comes out from behind the entrance curtain. He walks down the entrance ramp, remaining focused. Upon entering, he stretches his arms out, then slowly brings his left in and hovers his index finger over his mouth in a 'shoosh' gesture.

Randy Long: "And his opponents - first - from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 210 pounds, "The Future" Anton Chase!"

As Faint By Linkin Park blasts over the pa system, white smoke fills the entrance way as a person is seen behind the white smoke, as the person steps forward in front of the white smoke Anton Chase makes his way down the ramp way, with a cocky smile on his face and his arms out at the side, he climbs in the ring and climbs the second ropes and puts one hand up in the air.

Randy Long: "And finally, from Boston, Massachusetts, weighing in at 228 pounds - he is "Simply Sensational" Sean Edmunds!"

The first few guitar riffs of "Brain Stew" by Green Day blare over the PA system. The lights dim and four local area women walk out holding Fourth of July sparklers ... they line the outside of the entrance way ... and through the curtain steps "Simply Sensational" Sean Edmunds. Miss Karla follows behind him and as they make their way to the ring, Edmunds jaws with a few fans. Edmunds climbs one of the corners and throws his hands in the air as the fans jeer him. He hops off, turns around and waits for Miss Karla to take off his robe.

Tony D: "And here it is.. the first match of a brand new show! Sean Edmunds is coming off a very successful career in JUST Wrestling, and is known by our audience from his time in Headstrong Wrestling as well. Anton Chase also spent time in Headstrong, and Tiberius White just spent a year out of the wrestling world.. so will he have some ring rust? Let's find out!"

Kris Red: "Take a breath, jerk. Let's get this going!"

The bell sounds! Tiberius White and Sean Edmunds go at each other in the start as Anton Chase stands in the corner. He looks on as they fight. White ties up with Edmunds and they push back and forth. Edmunds grabs the arm of White and twists it.. White does a cartwheel and escapes the hold and kicks Edmunds in the stomach, then attempts a DDT, but Edmunds grabs the arm and spins out, twisting the arm once more. A right hand from White, and another, and Edmunds releases the hold. White hits a European Uppercut, then another, and another, as Edmunds backs into the ropes. Irish whip from White, Edmunds counters and sends White into the ropes.. White bounces off and Edmunds gets to the middle of the ring and nails a hip toss! White gets up to his feet and comes after Edmunds and Edmunds hits another Hip toss! White up once more and Edmunds hits a final hip toss and White this time rolls out of the ring and at this time Anton Chase comes up from behind Edmunds and looks for some sort of a Belly to Back suplex but Edmunds elbows his way out.

Edmunds brings Chase down in for a Piledriver but Anton Chase grabs the legs of Edmunds and trips him up, then bridges over into a pin... 1.. kick out!

Both men get to their feet and Chase goes behind Edmunds for a German Suplex. Edmunds elbows out of it, escaping. He spins around 180 degrees and Chase still has ahold of him though and hits an Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex!! Edmunds grabs his back as he hits the mat and Chase quickly covers 1... kick out!

Chase brings Edmunds to his feet and kicks him in the midsection.. Irish whip to the corner! Edmunds hits back-first and staggers forward and Chase hits a T-Bone Suplex! He then is caught off guard by Tiberius White up on the apron now as he grabs Chase by the shoulder and grabs his right arm and leaps off the apron to the floor, pulling the arm over the rope! Chase screams out as his arm is nearly pulled out of its socket and White slides into the ring and hits a European Uppercut to Chase, backing him into the corner. He wraps the arm of Chase around the rope and pulls on it as Chase screams out, and kicks White in the gut. White stumbles back and Chase runs at him only to get hit with an Armdrag! Sean Edmunds then charges at White and there's an Armdrag for him as well! Chase is back up and White hits an Armdrag on him for a second time! Edmunds is up.. charges.. ARMDRAG! Chase is back up.. charges.. ARMDRAG! Edmunds - ARMDRAG! Chase - ARMDRAG! Both men get to their feet and put on the breaks, both looking at each other and then back to White as White realizes the Armdrag fest is over! They both charge at him and he hits a DOUBLE Japanese Armdrag! The fans get on their feet and applaud as White stands tall in the ring and both of his opponents are in a different corner favoring their arms and shaking them off.

Chase looks at Edmunds and points to White.. and Edmunds shrugs and both men move out of their corners towards Tiberius White, who now realizes he's screwed! White delivers a right hand to Edmunds, but Edmunds blocks it and knocks him with one of his own! Chase then hits a right hand, and White stumbles back to the ropes. Double irish whip.. White hits the ropes and then they nail him with a double clothesline! Edmunds brings White to his feet and kicks him in the gut and goes for a suplex, and Chase assists on the other side, but Edmunds shakes his head and releases then chops Chase in his chest, and goes behind and hits a belly to back suplex! Edmunds stands up quickly and looks down at Chase and it's clear he didn't really want to work with him as he's said all along!

Tiberius White approaches Sean Edmunds and goes for the European Uppercut and nails it, but Edmunds retaliates with a knife edge chop! European Uppercut! Knife edge chop! Edmunds lights up the chest of White with three more chops and then hits a Standing Dropkick - taking White down! Edmunds with the cover! 1... 2... Chase breaks it up with a kick to the head of Edmunds'.

Anton Chase brings Edmunds to his feet and goes for a Vertical Suplex.. he lifts him in the air and drops him but floatsover and covers...1...2... kick out by Edmunds. Chase brings Edmunds up and whips him into the turnbuckle. He then punches Tiberius White who is getting to his feet just then and whips him into the corner as well, right against Sean Edmunds! Anton Chase backs up and squares them both off and charges toward the corner and dives! White moves out of the way and Chase connects with the splash on Sean Edmunds! Tiberius White then comes from behind and spins Chase around and hits a DDT and immediately holds on for a front headlock! Chase puts a foot on the rope and White has to release.

White doesn't waste any time though as he locks in the Arm Bar on the arm he went to work on earlier in the match of Anton's and this time they are much further from the ropes!! Anton tries to maneuver his body towards the ropes and it's clear that he's in a lot of pain! Chase teases tapping out as White screams for him to give up!! Suddenly Sean Edmunds comes flying off the top buckle with an Elbow Drop to the sternum of Tiberius White!!!Edmunds hooks the leg on White - 1..... 2....... KICKOUT!

Edmunds then covers Anton Chase! 1..... 2........ kick out!! As Chase brings his arm into the air, Edmunds grabs onto it (keeping in mind this is the injured arm) and he stands up and puts his foot on the arm and drives it into the mat! Chase screams out in pain as Edmunds is relentless!

Tiberius White is pushing himself to his feet and Edmunds looks to put more work in on him as he Piledriver but White backdrops him to the mat! Edmunds grabs his back as he gets to his feet and White gets his wits about him. White hits the ropes and returns with a roaring European Uppercut to Edmunds which sends him through the ropes and to the floor!

White grabs the top rope and leans against it, worn out as he looks at Edmunds crashing and burning on the floor. Suddenly he gets rolled up in a school boy by Anton Chase 1........ 2.......... 3!!!!!!!!!!


White looks shocked that Anton just pulled that off almost. They both get to their feet and White goes for a Euro Uppercut and Chase blocks it and turns it into a Swinging Inverted Neckbreaker! THE CHASE FACTOR! Chase now makes his way onto the apron and he steadies himself then Springboards off the top rope and hits a Leg drop! He covers! 1....... 2........... 3!!!!!!!!!!


Chase slaps the mat in frustration and brings White up to his feet but as he's doing that White locks in the Flying Armbar aka THE MESSIAH WARD! Chase screams out in pain as the referee gets in position to see if he wants to tap!! Suddenly the referee gets pulled out of the ring by Sean Edmunds and Anton Chase taps out!!! Edmunds tries to explain to the referee why he did what he did and explains that he took a spill and wasn't thinking straight. Karla also comes over and tries to explain for Edmunds but the ref wants none of it! The referee says if he does that again he'll be disqualified and Edmunds apologizes "sincerely". Meanwhile in the ring Tiberius White releases Chase and looks around for a referee. He spots the referee sliding into the ring and asks him what the hell he was doing?! He doesn't see Sean Edmunds though who ran around the ring before White could spot him. The ref argues with White about what happened and Edmunds slides into the ring and spins White around then hits an Inverted Atomic Drop followed by a Northern Lights Suplex -BRIDGE! The ref counts 1...... 2......... 3!!!!!!!!


The bell sounds!

Randy Long: "Here is your winner - "Sensational" Sean Edmunds!"

"Brain Stew" plays as Edmunds smiles and quickly escapes under the bottom rope with Miss Karla who helps Edmunds put on his robe. He has a huge smile on his face as the fans deliver a mixed reaction. Edmunds makes his way up the aisle as the scene fades.






The scene opens with the WARPED Evolution Champion, PKA, walking down a hallway. He wears a black bandana, pushing his black and red hair back. Sunglasses on his face cover his eyes and he has a look of cocky confidence as he walks down the quiet hallway, wearing black jeans and a white shirt with a black sports coat over it. He comes to a door and knocks, then opens it up. This is the office of President Joey Matthew, and he is seated behind his desk working on some paperwork.

Joey Matthew: "Well look at you tonight. Come in, have a seat."

PKA shakes his head and shuts the door, then has a seat. He props his feet up on the desk and crosses them as he cradles the Evolution Championship in his arms.

Joey Matthew: "Feet off, please. And those glasses, come on."

PKA reluctantly brings his feet down off the table and slowly takes off his glasses and places them in his shirt.

PKA: "Did you want me for a reason?"

Joey Matthew: "Actually yes. First off, I want to wish you good luck in your match with Jeremy Filth tonight. It's good to see you're going to be a fighting champion afterall."

PKA rolls his eyes. He never wanted to defend the title and he most certainly does not want anything to do with this match tonight, but he doesn't let it show.

PKA: "I don't need your praise, Joey. You know damn good and well that I had no choice to defend this title. But it doesn't matter one way or another - I'll still be the champion by the end of tonight. You can bet your ass on that. Nothing's going to stop us."

Joey Matthew: "Well by 'us' I assume you mean Crowbar and Korrupt. About that - they're banned from ringside."

PKA stands up, kicking his chair back.

PKA: "What the hell?!"

Joey Matthew: "Just calm down. You say you have no worry - you can do this on your own, then, right?"

PKA composes himself mighty quickly. He grins, and looks at the Championship gold on his shoulder.

PKA: "Yeah, I can. The Movement banned from ringside? Works for me.. besides, there'd be no room for them anyway with all of the scum fans taking up the space."

Joey Matthew: "Very well. Oh, before you go, here."

Joey hands PKA a letter.

Joey Matthew: "Take this envelope.. deliver it to Korrupt, would you? Thanks."

PKA didn't even answer, but he rolls his eyes and examines the white envelope. He shrugs, looks at Joey and puts on his sunglasses. PKA heads out of the office and closes the door, the cameras following him. He opens the envelope and pulls out the letter and unfolds it... he reads a bit, and takes off his glasses, his jaw dropped.

PKA: "Shit.."

PKA shakes his head and puts the letter back in the envelope as he makes his way down the hall.. fade to black...



Interview with Rico Backstage

Kelly Calloway is seen standing next to Rico Calle who is getting ready for his match.

Kelly Calloway: "Rico Calle thanks for taking this brief time to talk about a couple things before you head out for your match."

Rico Calle: "Anything for you mamacita. Whassup?"

Kelly Calloway: "Well let me first ask you is there any truth to the rumor that you've laid out a challenge to Craig Cohen to have a rematch from The Not So Silent Night?"

Rico Calle: "It ain't no rumor, its the truth, chica. Look its all about pride, respect, and the fans and Craig done spit at every single one of those. Disrespectful man that stuff ain't cool what he did. And i was supposed to face him at the last show but he chickened out. Look dawg yes I want you in a match and I want to show you what respect is all about! You and me holmes - March 6 in Chicago Ridge, Illinois for the One Year Anniversario!"

Kelly Calloway: "Well you heard it fans, Rico Calle laying down the challenge for our One Year Anniversary show in Chicago Ridge.. Now how about your match tonight against L.D.K., Rico?"

Rico Calle: "L.D.K. yo he seems to be anotha one of them fools who don't know what its like to go out and have a legit match, throwin' chairs around to end it all.. yeah well tonight he best bring his all because I'm gonna take him on a ride he'll never forget on the Highway to Hell!"

Rico kisses Kelly on the cheek and heads off.

Kelly Calloway: "Oh, oh my.."

She blushes.

Kelly Callway: "Let's keep this show rolling. Back to the ring!"

Fade out.

Singles Match
L.D.K. vs. "Mean Street" Rico Calle

The scene fades back to the ring area where we see Rico Calle finishing off his entrance as he jumps off the turnbuckle. On the other end of the ring waiting is LDK.

Tony D: "It's time for our next matchup of the evening - LDK taking on Rico Calle."

The bell sounds and the match is underway as LDK and Rico Calle lock up in the middle of the ring. LDK delivers a quick knee to the midsection of Calle and slaps him across the face. Calle drops to one knee and grabs his face, and shoots a look up at LDK. He pushes LDK back and LDK fires back with a big kick to the face! Calle drops down and LDK slaps his chest and yells at Calle to step up! Calle starts getting to his feet but LDK slaps him across the face and doesn't allow him to get a stance at all as he then mounts him and begins punching away. The referee starts a five count and LDK releases at 3. He brings Calle to his feet and pushes him into the corner. LDK has Calle trapped in the corner and nails him with 3 hard rights. He pulls Calle away from the corner and the two do a 180 and just as LDK looks to be whipping Calle into the corner he turns it into a drop toe hold and Calle's face hits the turnbuckle! LDK pulls him away from the corner and covers, hooking the leg.. 1.. 2.. kick out!

He brings Calle to his feet and goes for an Irish Whip.. sending Calle into the ropes but Calle slides to the outside. LDK charges in but Calle reaches under the rope and trips him! He then pulls him to the outside and the crowd is cheering now but soon they are put to rest as Calle goes for a clothesline but LDK ducks and pushes Calle into the ring post! LDK taunts the crowd as they boo him and Calle reaches up and pulls himself up via the apron. LDK walks over to him and reaches in but Calle fights back with a kick to the midsection, and another, and then a right hand. Rico shakes off the ring-post attack from earlier and slams LDK's head off the apron! The fans continue cheering now. LDK tries to quickly slide into the ring but Rico pulls him out and hits a dropkick! Rico hops up on the apron and raises his hands as the fans go wild. LDK gets to his feet and Rico runs and somersaults into LDK, taking him down! Rico gets to his feet and pumps his fists as the fans slap him on his back in support. He grabs LDK and rolls him into the ring and slides in after.

LDK is fighting to get to his feet and Rico sends him in the ropes and nails LDK with a dropkick and Rico goes right for the cover 1.....2 but LDK kicks out! LDK gets to his feet but Rico nails him with an arm drag and as LDK gets to his feet a hip toss and a discuss lariat. LDK goes down and rolls toward the ropes and under them. He grabs his head as he tries to pull himself up on the apron but before LDK can collect himself, Rico Calle comes over and pulls LDK up to his feet but LDK pulls his head down over the ropes and he chokes him! Calle snaps back and drops to the mat as LDK climbs the apron and the turnbuckle. Calle gets to his feet and LFDK comes off with a Super Front Dropkick! LDK goes for the cover... 1.....2 but Rico kicks out at 2!

Rico gets to his feet and LDK with a Spinning Heel Kick! He covers... 1.. 2.. kick out! LDK now picks up Rico by the hair and sends him in the ropes but it is reversed and Rico nails him with a running Front Dropkick!!

Tony D: "Rico Calle hits Collission! That's setting up for the big finish but can he pull it off?!"

Calle wastes no time picking LDK up as the fans are going wild and cheering for him as he lifts him up and brings him onto his shoulders in a Torture Rack and immediately swings him around and down with a Piledriver!

Tony D: "Highway to Hell!"

Kris Red: "That's a bitchin' move!"

Calle hooks both legs and the referee slides into the count 1... 2.... 3!!!

Kris Red: "It's ova!"

The bell sounds!

Randy Long: "Here is your winner - Rico Calle!"

"Blinded By The Lights" by The Streets plays and the fans are on their feet applauding and cheering for young Rico Calle as he has his arm raised in victory. He climbs the turnbuckle and energetically blows kisses to the fans and points to all of them and bows and he then hops down and takes a look at LDK who is recovering with the ref at his side. LDK pushes the ref away and Rico turns and slides out of the ring, heading up the aisle and slapping the hands of excited fans!



A cameracrew is roaming backstage when voices are heard coming from The Movements lockerroom. The crew run down the hallway and open the door quietly. Crowbar is seen talking to Korrupt, Korrupt doesn't look amused. The crew start filming.

Crowbar puts his title down on a chair and looks at Korrupt.

Crowbar: "You stand behind us, you always look confused all the time, you think theres a conspiracy against you...."

Crowbar lowers his voice a bit

Crowbar: "Come on man, we're The Movement. You, me and PKA, we're all in this together, so whats the problem? Why does it seem like you're trying to distance yourself from us?"

Korrupt: “I’M not trying to do anything…alright…?! I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that you have that belt…the belt I should be holding. I did the dirty work, I hurt myself for it, so I deserve the right to HOLD that belt…!”

PKA steps in front of the camera and walks by, entering the locker room.

PKA: "Guys? Bad time?"

Korrupt: “Oh NOOOOO…we’re just sharing fashion tips…I love what Crowbar’s doing with his hair...”

Crowbar: "Hah. Just making sure Korrupt isn't going to ambush me tonight. K, we'll sort this out later."

PKA shrugs and puts the letter in his pocket.. and we fade out..

Singles Match
"The Gruesome Jewsome" Craig Cohen vs. "The Abstract" James Silkk

Cohen and Silkk stare at each other as the ref rings the bell Silkk moves, but Cohen holds up a hand and tells “hold on a sec!” Silkk stops as Cohen starts to stretch out Silkk has a confused look on his face and looks at the ref both men shrug and the ref tells Cohen to get the match started. “Do you want me to pull a hemi” Cohen yells back at the ref silk turns his back in disbelief and that is when Cohen attacks. Cohen hits Silkk with a double axe handle that dazes Silkk as Cohen turns him around and hits a European uppercut that sends Silkk to the ropes. The dazed Silkk lands against the ropes as Cohen throws a nasty knife edge chop on him the crowd boos and Cohen yells out at them “Boo yourselves you idiots.” Cohen grabs Silkk by the wrist and throws him across the ring to the other side Silkk bounces off the ropes and comes racing back to Cohen. In a solid swift movement Cohen lifts Silkk up and hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker Cohen jumps and throws his arms up in the air again the crowd boos Cohen goes to ropes and yells again at the crowd “I am Craig Cohen the chosen Jew, the greatest Jew wrestler ever.” Silkk gets to his feet and sees Cohen’s back is to him with cat like reflex’s Silkk rolls over and hooks in a old boy roll up the ref starts the count 1….Cohen kicks out.

Both men get to their feet and Silkk is the first one to throw a right that rocks Cohen he hits the mat and bounces right back up and again he meets Silkk’s fist which again drops Cohen to the mat. This time Cohen stays down and rolls out of the ring Silkk seeing that Cohen has rolled out Silkk sends himself into the ropes and launches himself to the other side of the ring at Cohen who is dazed. Cohen gets his sense back just in time to see Silkk hit a suicide dive though the ropes both men crash to the hard arena floor. The crowd goes nuts as Slikk gets up and pulls Cohen up by his head and rolls him back in to the ring Silkk climbs up on the apron and starts to step into the ring, but Cohen sees his chance and kicks the ropes that hit Silkk in the most private of spots Silkk doubles over and hits the mat. Cohen stands up and taps his head with his finger showing the crowd that he is much smarter then the average bear the crowd boos him again. Cohen flips the crowd off and tells them to shut up Then he pulls Silkk up and hooks in a suplex and lifts Silkk high in the air and then drops him in a brainbuster Cohen hops to his feet and again starts showing off to the crowd “ You suck Cohen!” Can be heard from the crowd Cohen makes his way to the ropes and yells at the person that told him he sucks “I suck you suck man just look at you man, you look like a guy that would get off watching me bang your girlfriend, but I am not cause your girlfriend is a pig and I don’t eat pork!!!!” The crowd pops with laughter “You’re a asshole Cohen!” again Cohen looks out to the crowd “Look I might be many things but I promise you I am not a asshole I am kosher so I tell you what after I beat this guy you come backstage and I might let you spin my dreidel and don’t worry baby with my driedel you always get a prize!”

Cohen Turns just in time to see Silkks feet hit him right in the face as silk hits a perfect dropkick Cohen hits hard on the mat. Silkk pulls Cohen up and hooks both arms and drops Cohen to the mat with the dead man’s ballet but doesn’t hook in the guillotine choke, but again pulls Cohen and throws in to the corner face first. Silkk charges in after Cohen Cohen gets a little bit of sense back and lifts himself up and over the incoming Silkk. Cohen again looks out to the crowd showing that he again is much smater then everybody, but Cohen doesn’t know is that Silkk is standing behind him waiting to strike as Cohen turns around he is meet with one of the fastest superkicks ever seen. Cohen is rocked but not down Silkk slides in and locks in a full nelson and then with a smooth motion sends Cohen to the mat face first Silkk rolls Cohen over and goes for the pin.




The crowd has a huge pop!

"Hero" by Pop Evil plays as Silkk stands up and the crowd continues to cheer. His arm is raised in victory as the scene fades..



Tag Team Match
The Movement(Crowbar & Korrupt) vs. "The Wanted Man" Rusty Red & Jack Jane

We fade in as Rusty Red and Jack Jane are making their way into the ring, while Korrupt and Crowbar stand in a corner seemingly arguing about something back and forth. The two others enter and the music of Rusty Red dies down as the referee tells each team to pick someone to start the match and he calls for the bell! It seems that Korrupt and Crowbar can't figure out who will start... finally it's decided that Crowbar will start! Korrupt reluctantly gets out on the apron as he readies to square off with Rusty Red when suddenly he turns around and tags in Korrupt. Korrupt takes a deep breath and stares down Crowbar, and enters. Crowbar gets on the apron and Korrupt approaches Rusty Red and the two lock up. Korrupt delivers a knee to the midsection of Red and whips him into the ropes and on the rebound he goes behind and applies a Sleeper Hold, but then turns it into a Cobra Clutch and hits a Cobra Clutch Suplex! He looks at Crowbar as if to say 'how about that?' and he covers 1... kick out.

Korrupt brings Rusty Red to his feet and sets him up for a Frontflip DDT aka INSANE IN THA MEMBRANE but Red drives him into the corner and tags in Jack Jane who comes in and the two double team Korrupt with kicks in the corner. Red gets out on the apron and Jane brings Korrupt to his feet and goes for a right hand but Korrupt blocks it and hits a Straitjacket Lungblower! He covers .. 1... 2... Rusty Red kicks Korrupt off. Korrupt goes after Red and knocks him off the apron. Jane grabs Korrupt from behind and Korrupt elbows him in the face and as Jane stumbles back Korrupt charges in and hits a Running Big Boot to the JAW!

Crowbar extends his hand and wants in and Korrupt stands up asking him if he wants some? Crowbar says TAG ME and Korrupt slowly walks over and lifts his hand up, and slowly brings it down for Crowbar who was growing impatient. Crowbar gets in the ring and says 'this is how you do it' as he brings Jack Jane to his feet and whips him into the ropes, and Crowbar hits the opposing ropes and they meet in the middle with a SPEAR aka ELEMENT ZERO! Crowbar takes Jack Jane down and covers him 1.... 2... Crowbar sits up, breaking the count. Korrupt gets out on the apron and awaits more magical happenings..

Crowbar brings Jack Jane up and teases Rusty Red who wants a tag and Crowbar holds out the arm of Jack Jane saying TAG HIM GO AHEAD and when Jack Jane tries to Crowbar brings him in again and kicks him in the gut, elbows him to the back of the neck.. as he calls UNLOCK THE DOOR.. then follows it up with THE TRAPDOOR as he grabs Jack Jane under his left arm in a suplex position, then lifts him up, holding him suspended and letting the blood rush to his head, before dropping him with a brutal BRAINBUSTAH~!! Korrupt looks somewhat impressed as Crowbar gets to his feet. Rusty Red gets in the ring and charges at Crowbar and he nails a drop toehold. Korrupt gets in the ring now and jumps up the turnbuckle, middle, to the top, and hits a Phoenix Splash onto Rusty Red! He gets to his feet and says THAT'S how you do it.. and Crowbar says no no as he brings Rusty Red to his feet and hits the KFO~! Korrupt shakes his head and picks up Rusty Red and hits the D.I.E. and Red looks to be out of it as the referee lifts his arm up to check if he is out and Crowbar grabs the arm, not letting it drop. Korrupt looks up at him as he has the Guillotine choke applied and wonders WTF? Crowbar pulls Red free and leaps up for the KFO but Korrupt grabs ahold of Red, holding him up, as Crowbar slams to the mat. Crowbar isn't happy at all as Korrupt just pushes Rusty Red aside and he collapses. The two Movement members get in each others faces and Crowbar pushes Korrupt, Korrupt pushes Crowbar.. they both see Jack Jane pulling himself up and Crowbar makes it clear that he is the legal man. Korrupt goes to Jane and hits a Reverse Lungblower, and Crowbar follows it up with a KFO~! Into the cover... 1... 2... 3! And it's finally over.

"Line of Blood" by Ty Stone hits as the referee hands over the World Title to Crowbar and he and Korrupt stare each other down... not even happy enough to celebrate, but just relieved that this is over with. They share a few words with each other, not necessarily heated but not happy words either. Whatever they tell each other, Korrupt isn't pleased with it, as he exits the ring and makes his way up the aisle. Crowbar holds up his World Championship as the fans boo.




Scene opens in the locker rooms where we see Jeremy Filth puttingon his shoulder pad and Seth Owens walks up to him.

Seth Owens: "Hey man, not to bother you or anything but, hope there's no bad blood for what happened at The Not So Silent Night.. you know..

Jeremy Filth: "Yeah...I know. No hard feelings dude."

Seth Owens: "Cool, cool. So, did you hear about Chad getting laid out last week? Was that you?"

Jeremy Filth: "Nah, wasn't me. Funny as hell though. The little bitch finally got a taste of his own medicine."

Seth Owens: "Yeah..."

Seth nervously continues the conversation.

Seth Owens: "Look man, I have to go take care of some stuff. Shake on it?"

Seth extends his hand.

Jeremy Filth: "Sure."

Filth shakes. Seth walks away to go on to have his match..

Singles Match
"Skinny Jean Hipster" Seth Owens vs. SwitchBlade

Randy Long stands in the ring ready to announce!

Randy Long: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Portland, Oregon, weighing in at 189 pounds - Seth Owens!"

5-4-3-2-1" by Thursday begins to play and out from behind the curtain on his BMX bike rides Seth Owens, wearing his tight skinny jeans, black tanktop and orange/yellow/white/black plaid unbuttoned shirt. He rides down toward the ring and parks the bike, getting off and putting the kickstand out. He slides into the ring and climbs the turnbuckle, holding his arms out, his hands wide open, chin high and eyes closed. He hops down and stands in his corner.

Randy Long: "And his opponent... from Boston, Massachusetts, weighing in at 192 pounds - SwitchBlaaade!"

SwitchBlade slowly steps through the curtain to a large number of cheers. He is dressed in his usual attire of a black short sleeve shirt with a leather jacket, blue jeans, and black shoes. He also has on his trademark gold belt and sunglasses, but this time also has a necklace with a switchblade pendant on it. Upon making his way to the ring he high fives a few of the fans, and then slides into the ring. He gets up, takes off his sunglasses and necklace and tosses them aside. He waves to the fans, and then offers his opponent a handshake before starting the match. Owens accepts and the two back into their corner.

Tony D: "This is the first time meeting between Seth Owens and SwitchBlade.. Owens a rookie in the business, yet to score a win here in WARPED after four matches, and SwitchBlade a former World Champion with a 13 and 4 record.. this is going to definitely be a tough match for one Seth Owens."

Kris Red: "I gotta agree with you for a change.. but there's something about this kid Seth Owens that just makes me think he stands some sort of a chance. I don't know what it is."

The bell sounds!

SwitchBlade and Seth Owens sqaure off in the ring, facing one another they tie up into a grapple. SwitchBlade gets the better of Owens wrenching Seth Owens arm behind his own back. Switchy proceeds by pushing Seth away from him towards the ropes. Owens bounces off the ropes as SwitchBlade sets up a clothesline. Owens ducks the clothesline bouncing off the rope once more and hitting SwitchBlade with a spinning wheel kick. Switchy gets up quickly but gets knocked back by a stiff jab from Owens.

Seth continues the assault by whipping SwitchBlade into the ropes. Seth Owens gets ready to flip Switchy over his back but SwitchBlade comes back with a knee smash right into Owens's face. Seth goes down and SwitchBlade proceeds to stomp on Owens before running into the ropes and coming down on Seth with a knee drop. SwitchBlade goes for the cover... 1... 2... kick out!

SwitchBlade brings Seth to his feet and Seth delivers a jawbreaker, then leaps onto the shouldres of SwitchBlade and hits a Hurricanrana! SwitchBlade pushes himself up off the mat and as he's doing so Owens hits a Scissor Kick to the back of his neck! SwitchBlade goes down and Owens pulls him to the middle of the ring, rolls him to his back, steadies himself and then hits a Standing 450 Splash! He stays on for the cover.. 1... 2... kick out!!

Owens wastes no time as he brings SwitchBlade to his feet and bodyslams him back down and quickly runs to the corner and leaps up.. He turns around facing SwitchBlade and comes off the top with a 630 Senton but SwitchBlade gets the knees up! Seth Owens grabs his back and rolls around in pain as SwitchBlade gets to his feet and looks down at Owens. He shouts "What did I tell you?! MAKE ME BLEED! Do something!!!"

As Seth sits up, SwitchBlade kicks him hard in the back and Seth bring shis arms out in pain. SwitchBlade brings him to his feet and delivers a right hand, taking Owens down. SwitchBlade shouts for Seth to "GET UP! LET'S GO!" and Seth pushes him away and Switchy stumbles back. Owens gets to his feet and SwitchBlade delivers a right hand and Owens drops to a knee, but he pushes Switchblade back again. SwitchBlade comes back with another right hand but Owens blocks and hits a right hand of his own, and his eyes widen as he then hits another punch, and another, and another, rapid punches! He kick SwitchBlade in the gut and hits a Snap Suplex. SwitchBlade staggers as he gets to his feet and Owens hits a Bulldog! He then mounts SwitchBlade and punches repeatedly screaming "Is this what you want?! HUH?!?!?" as Owens has apparently snapped. The referee pulls him off of SwitchBlade when he doesn't answer the 5 count and Switchy starts getting to his feet and Owens tackles him to the mat but SwitchBlade rolls under the bottom rope and out of the ring. Owens grabs the top rope and comes crashing down but SwitchBlade catches him. Owens wiggles free and pushes SwitchBlade face-first into the ringpost!! SwitchBlade stumbles back right into Owens who grabs him by the hair and pushes him into the ring. Owens quickly climbs the apron as SwitchBlade lays on the mat, seemingly busted open! Owens then grabs the ropes and leaps up.. Springboard 450 Splash! SwitchBlade rolls out of the way and Owens clutches his midsection and SwitchBlade immediately hits an Implant DDT and locks in ENTER THE DARKNESS! Owens has no choice but to tap out!

The bell sounds and "Lost My Way" by Finger Eleven plays as SwitchBlade is victorious!

Randy Long: "Here is your winner - SwitchBlaaaade!"

SwitchBlade gets to his feet and feels the blood coming from his forehead and looks at his hand which now has a little blood on it. He then smiles as he looks over at Seth Owens who looks disappointed. SwitchBlade watches as Owens uses the ropes in the corner to pull himself up...then he just goes through the ropes and jumps down to the floor, ignoring SwitchBlade in the ring. Owens walks up the aisle as SwitchBlade watches...

Suddenly from the crowd a figure is seen and he hops over the barricade and it's none other than Grendel! Grendel is not supposed to be here as he was suspended for lighting the ring (and almost SwitchBlade) on fire a month ago! Grendel slides into the ring and catches SwitchBlade off guard with a MONSTER LARIAT! The music stops playing...Grendel screams out at SwitchBlade as security rushes the ring and keeps him back from doing any further damage. SwitchBlade is out cold and security quickly hold back Grendel and escort him out of the ring as the entire Philly Arena crowd are in shock and booing the roof off at Grendel's actions!



Main Event - Evolution Championship
The Fans Are The Lumberjacks
"Grade A" PKA(c) vs. Jeremy Filth

Jeremy takes a step into the ring and he's immediately knocked out as the bell sounds and PKA is on a mission! PKA exits the ring and hops down onto the floor and puts the boots to Filth. Filth tries to escape but PKA is relentless. The fans/lumberjacks rush over but PKA swings away to keep them back. He picks up Jeremy Filth and hurls him into the ring post! He then grabs him and tosses him face first into the steps! PKA poses while he steps on TOP of Filth and the lumberjacks are having none of this as they grab PKA and force him into the ring! PKA gets up and grabs the top rope and threatens every one of the fans at ringside to NOT touch him! They all taunt him as some others help up Filth and roll him into the ring. PKA smiles and immediately puts the boots to Filth and brings him to his feet. PKA goes for a right hand but Filth ducks under.. nailing PKA with a few right hands! PKA is out on his feet! Filth kicks him in his gut and PKA drops to one knee, clutching his ribs. Filth goes for an irish whip but PKA counters and sends Filth into the corner. PKA follows through and charges but Filth moves and PKA hits the turnbuckle chest-first and stumbles back right into Filth who lifts PKA up into the Torture Rack and drops him with the SHOCK TREATMENT! PKA lays limp as Filth covers him 1... 2... kick out!

Filth gets the crowd riled up as they cheer him on and he brings PKA to his feet and delivers a hard right hand, and another, and another, backing PKA into the ropes. Irish whip by Jeremy Filth and PKA hits the ropes but holds on. Filth charges in and PKA gets both feet up, but Filth blocks them and then clotheslines PKA over the top rope! He goes down hard on the floor and quickly tries to scoot his butt out of the way of all of the lumberjacks who immediately pick him up and roll him into the ring. He gets to his feet and yells at every single one of them down at ringside but Jeremy Filth has a big smile on his face. PKA turns around and Filth kicks him in the gut and hits a big Powerbomb! He covers... 1... 2... PKA kicks out!

Filth now brings PKA to his feet and kicks him in the gut and whips him to the ropes and PKA comes off and Filth lifts him in the air and PKA counters a 180 Spinebuster and hits a crushing DDT! Filth gets dropped on his head and PKA rolls him over, grabs both legs and flips over, bridging.. 1... 2.... 3!!!! KICKOUT!@~!~!

PKA slaps the mat and gets in the referee's face and PKA shouts I AM THE GOD DAMN EVOLUTION CHAMPION - WHAT IN THE HELL DO YOU MEAN THAT WASN'T A TWO COUNT?! YOU STUPID IDIOT! And meanwhile Jeremy Filth is getting to his feet slowly but surely. Filth charges at PKA and he sidesteps and pulls the ropes down - Filth goes overboard!

The "Lumberjack Fans" quickly go to protect the man who hand picked them. PKA yells at them to bring him back in the ring!! The referee holds PKA back so Filth can get back in and as his back is turned one of the lumberjacks wearing a hoodie attacks Jeremy Filth with some sort of an object, beating him down. The fans all try to stop the man but he weilds a weapon apparently looking to be something shiny and they all back up. He picks up Filth and pushes him into the ring and PKA goes right to work with the stomps.. the man high tails it up the aisle as the fans all look on in shock. PKA taunts Filth who is bleeding from the face as he tries to bring himself up to his feet. PKA delivers a kick to his face - NO - FILTH grabs on to the foot but PKA brings his other up and nails an Enziguri! He then grabs the hair of Filth, brings him under his arm, grabs the pants and lifts him in the air, dropping him on his head with the original P-Krusher!!! PKA flips off the ref and hooks the leg of Filth 1.....2.......3!!!!!!!!!

The bell sounds!

Randy Long: "Here is your winner and STILL Evolution Champion - P .. K .. A!"

"Hang Me Up To Dry" by Cold War Kids plays as PKA is on both knees praying apparently and laughing hysterically! He stands up and the referee hands him the Evolution Championship and he places it over his shoulder and puts his arms out in a crucifix, posing, and the fans give a mixed reaction. He laughs and looks up at the entrance where the 'fan' takes the hood down from his hoodie and it's CHAD SANTANA! The crowd erupts in boos as Santana wipes a bloody fork on his cheek and PKA looks on.. not sure what to think of the situation.. but he shakes his head and looks away as he continues to celebrate. Santana turns around and heads through the curtain as PKA climbs the apron and puts his arms out again as the scene fades...




The Movement's Locker Room...

Korrupt kicks the locker room door open, his eyes showing that he's piss still off at the match. He sits down on the bench inside of The Movement's locker room, breathing heavily. He grabs at his hair roughly and lets out a frustrated growl. He looks up, the camera pans to show a note attached to the wall. Korrupt looks at it for a moment, he wipes his hand across his head and sighs. Standing up he snatches the note from the wall and looks at it. Slowly he reads it, and slowly he smiled. He chuckles and looked up at the ceiling with a big smile.

Korrupt: "I guess you aren't that stupid after all..."

He stuffs the note in his pocket and leaves the locker room, the camera follows until the door is shut. The scene slowly fades away.

Fade. To. Black.