Posted by Rumor Man Stan

Tactical Switch for Ring King matches.

More breaking news as UTA officials have just received a statement from Machine manager, Michael Best. According to the statement, Machine members Cecilworth Farthington and current Legacy champion, John Sektor have agreed to switch places in their respective matches at Ring King. Here is the official statement from Mike Best:


"My clients Cecilworth Farthington and John Sektor wish to swap their spots at Ring King. Therefor, Legacy champion John Sektor will now be competing inside the elimination chamber for the right for the first draft as we head into the international tour. Alternatively, this means that Cecilworth will now be added to the Ace in the Hole match, for the chance to win a contract guaranteeing him a shot at the World title at any point in the next year.


This is most definitely a tactical switch, and the reasons for SAID switch will soon become apparent. I will however add, that John Sektor wanted me to make it clear, that he looks forward to yet again stepping into the same ring as the 'Wargod' Bronson Box.


That is all."

So there you have it, the change is now official and John Sektor will now be competing inside the Elimination chamber, whilst Farthington will be added to the Ace the Hole match. Stand by as we wait for more information on this topic.