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Season One, Week Two:
June 11, 2010

"Another sold out crowd," he uttered softly to the empty room around him. The silhouette of his body melded almost perfectly into the shadows around him, making him nigh-invisible. He was used to being the silent partner, the one who profited from the success of the people actually doing the job. And while he could hide behind a faceless corporation name for so long, he knew that eventually his identity would come to light.

By then, though, The League would have enough momentum that his involvement would be merely a formality. He would be able to return to the silent position he was accustomed to, and revel behind the scenes in the success of his creation.

Another part of him, though, watched with anticipation; how could he not do so, knowing that these matches were unscripted shoot fights based around wrestling? It was the unpredictability, the different approaches to their wrestling careers, that drew him to form The League to begin with.

In a way, he could see a little of himself in all twelve of them....



The night skies of Hiroshima light up with the explosion of pyro coming off the stage as the fans rise to their feet. Around the arena, similar to last week, are various signs brought in by the fans. Although they are written in Japanese for the most part, subtitles can be seen at the bottom as the camera focuses in on a few signs in particular: "Crooked Arrows," "Dream Breaker, Spirit Breaker, Heartbreaker," and finally "Diamond will lose the game." The camera eventually focuses on ringside, and the announce team.

BS: Who will rebound, and who will still have a chance at perfection? We'll find out tonight, live from Hiroshima, Japan! I'm Bob Sinclair, alongside Frankie Garrett here at ringside, and tonight things start taking a turn for the different! Tonight we start inter-divisional matches, and things could change in the blink of an eye!

FG: Or, you know, you could be less dramatic and more "it's only the second week of the season, there's still time for things to settle in yet."

BS: Frankie, why must you be so arrogant and conceited?

FG: It's in my contract.

BS: ...

SGRaaize (0-1) vs. Tarik Nolan (0-1)

Much like last week, the first match of the show was a rather mundane affair—almost like a sparring match more than an actual League match. Nolan had the quick advantage with a couple of European uppercuts, but was stopped cold by a knife-edge chop from Raaize. Raaize would keep in control for the next couple of minutes, focusing the majority of his offense on the legs of his opponent...despite, you know, his finisher attacking the head and neck of his opponent.

By the time it clicked in Raaize's head to work on the neck and head area of Nolan, Tarik was breaking free of a reverse DDT neckbreaker and reassuming control of the match. He wouldn't give it back except for maybe ten or fifteen seconds near the end of the contest, either. Nolan focused mainly on the body of Raaize, including two headbutts to the groin before Raaize got in his last little bit of offense. He didn't count on Nolan having such high momentum that he took Raaize's signature European uppercut, shrugged it off, and hit a press powerslam that stunned his opponent enough to get the pinfall victory.

AW: Here is your winner at a time of six minutes even…Tarik Nolan!

BS: Nolan quite impressive in rebounding from a loss last week, Frankie. He didn't want to mess around.

FG: I do not think I've ever met anyone who makes a beating seem so...ho-hum, Bob.

BS: Be that as it may, Nolan picks up a much needed win to keep himself in the Beta Division race...

Breaker (1-0) vs. Robbie Maynard (1-0)

BS: ...and we're about to crown a definitive leader in the early-season Beta Division race right here. This is our first battle of undefeated wrestlers tonight, so let's go to Amelia Williams for the introductions.

AW: Our next bout is scheduled for one fall in the Beta Division, with a ninety-minute time limit!

It is to silence that the first entrant in the match comes out, focused solely on the squared circle in front of him.

AW: Introducing first, weighing 251 pounds...Breaker!

FG: You know, Bob, I don’t get why some of these people have no music. Are they that insecure about themselves?

BS: Do I look like a psychiatrist to you?

FG: Point taken....

The silence remains for the next person to come down the aisle.

AW: His opponent...from Liverpool, England, weighing 251 pounds...Robbie Maynard!

BS: Maynard coming off a submission victory last week, looking to make it 2 for 2 tonight.

FG: I’m not about to bet against him. He’d just as soon break your neck as look at you.

The match started off in a rather unique fashion, as Maynard simply walked to the center of the ring and slapped Breaker in the face. That didn't sit well with Breaker, who decided to bring his elbows (and a couple of eye gouges) into the mix and start going to town on Maynard. Eschewing holds for simply beating the stuffing out of his opponent, Breaker took control early and didn't let up until Maynard managed to avoid most of a left-handed punch and knock Breaker to the mat with a European uppercut. He didn't get much more in after that, as Breaker recovered his wits and blasted Maynard with a high knee.

FG: Good grief, I think I saw a tooth fly out on that! Breaker just leveled Robbie Maynard!

BS: Breaker is definitely showing no remorse tonight, Frankie. He's determined to get his second win, and isn't holding back on the offense to do it, either.

A second high knee followed, and Breaker found himself in total control of the match, as Maynard looked to be semi-conscious. A headbutt to the groin brought Maynard back to a moderate level of attention, and it may have been one of the few mistakes Breaker has allowed in The League as Maynard was able to get out of the way of a big splash. Taking some time to recover, Maynard hit an elbow drop and attempted a belly to belly side suplex, only for Breaker to slip free and drop Maynard with a neckbreaker. A quick elbow drop followed, and Breaker went out onto the apron to climb up top, looking for something high-impact. As Maynard stood on a pair of shaky legs, Breaker abandoned his plan and caught Maynard in a small package, looking for a quick win but only getting a two-count out of the deal.

FG: See, Breaker needs to keep away from the top rope; he's not doing himself any favors up there...and naturally, he has to be an idiot and not listen!

BS: Uh, Frankie? They can't hear us down here over the thousands of people in the stadium.

FG: Pshaw, details.

Supposed listening or not, Breaker gets himself to the top rope, looking for a double axe handle but instead catching the top turnbuckle in a way that men are not supposed to catch said turnbuckle. As Maynard came in to press the attack, Breaker kicked him away and recovered enough to get off the precarious perch he was on. Maynard charged in to try to get some much-needed offense in, but walked right into a 99 Crusher that netted Breaker a very long one-count. Pulling Maynard up, Breaker looked to end the match with the Dream Breaker, but Maynard managed to slip out of it and sent Breaker to the mat with a low dropkick to the knee. As Breaker stood up, Maynard hit a belly to belly suplex, which was desperately needed as both men fell to the mat, gasping for breath.

FG: Oh, enough with this already. Somebody pin somebody so we can get some more excitement in here!

BS: And leave it to you to put down what has been a good match so far, even if it's been a bit one-sided.

FG: Call 'em as I see 'em, Bob. Deal with it.

After a few seconds, both men return to their feet, and Breaker tries once more for the 99 Crusher, only for Maynard to get out of it and hit a running bulldog to further stun Breaker. Climbing up top, Robbie looks for a splash, but missed! Breaker tried to assume a mount position, but Maynard was able to wriggle out of it without suffering damage. As Breaker stood, Maynard shot in with an armbar takedown and quickly locked in the Merseyside Maul, his crossface submission finisher! Applied in the center of the ring, with Maynard yanking furiously on the head and neck of his opponent, Breaker was left with no choice but to tap out with the one hand he had free.

AW: Here is your winner, at 10:40…Robbie Maynard!

FG: No freaking way! Maynard was Breaker's punching bag all match; how is this possible?

BS: Patience, naturally. He waited for Breaker to leave an opening and took advantage. Call this a minor upset if you wish, but Robbie Maynard keeps the dream of a perfect season alive!

Shawn Arrows (1-0) vs. Nuclear Templeton (1-0)

AW: Ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall, with a ninety-minute time limit! Introducing first, from Raleigh, North Carolina, weighing 207 pounds...Shawn Arrows!

BS: Arrows coming off a win last week, though many say it was a weak one at best.

FG: I agree with them. He didn’t show me anything impressive last week.

Billy Idol’s “Shock to the System” hits, heralding the arrival of his opponent.

AW: His opponent, from Atlantic City, New Jersey, weighing 278 pounds...Nuclear Templeton!

FG: So, Bob, here’s the question. Can Nuclear keep his temper in check?

BS: Against Arrows? Hard to say. We’ll find out soon enough, though!

From the start, Arrows showed no signs of softness as he took an elbow to the jaw before raking the eyes of his opponent. With Templeton blinded for the moment, Arrows sent him to the mat with a dropkick, and caught him with an enzuigiri as Templeton started to get up. A top rope move seemed inevitable, but Arrows changed his mind as Templeton started to get to his feet. Arrows looked for a kick, which Templeton merely took and came back with an elbow shot that Arrows ducked and turned into a leg sweep takedown that he tried to transition into a pinfall, only to get a one-count out of.

BS: Arrows trying to keep the tempo moving here, but I think he just woke up the big man, Frankie.

FG: Yeah, I don't think Arrows is going to like Nuclear when he gets angry....

Arrows looked for another dropkick, but Templeton swatted the smaller man out of the air, picking him up and tossing him into the corner. This was followed by a smash into the turnbuckles that looked to nearly give Arrows whiplash as he landed on the mat. Arrows got up, and probably would have been better served staying on the ground as Nuclear hit him with elbows, right hands, and eventually his right knee to send Arrows to the mat. A rather lengthy giant swing followed this, dizzying both men but with Arrows getting the worse end of the deal. After a quick elbow drop, Templeton looked to press the advantage but got caught napping by Arrows, who hit a high knee to send Templeton down. A slingshot senton and corkscrew legdrop followed, but the cartwheel splash that Arrows went for next left him just slightly out of position, allowing Templeton to attempt a small package that only netted a two count.

FG: Just give it up, Arrows. You've been getting owned for the last three minutes; you aren't going to stop Nuclear at this rate.

BS: I hate to agree with you, but you may be right...

Seemingly invigorated, Templeton went for the Armageddon lariat, only to eat another knee to the face as Arrows saw it coming. Struggling a bit to lift Templeton off the mat, Arrows finally managed it before dropping his opponent back to the mat with a DDT, and then he followed that up with a springboard moonsault. Lightning would not strike twice on this exchange, however, as Templeton kicked out at two. Both men got back up, and Arrows tried for another dropkick, only to again be swatted away. Templeton managed to get to the corner, climbing the turnbuckles before hitting Arrows in the face with a double axe handle. On impact, Templeton went to the ropes, looking for Armageddon, but Arrows ducked it and hit a spinning side kick to stagger Templeton. A moment later, Arrows hit his signature Super Shot DDT. He didn’t go for the cover, looking to lift Templeton back to his feet for another high-impact move...only for Nuclear to kick Arrows in the gut and deliver a big powerbomb that shook the ring on impact! This time, it was Templeton who didn't go for the cover, waiting for Arrows to get up before looking for a running bulldog. Arrows stopped short, forcing Templeton to turn around and walk into an Implant DDT! Cover by Arrows, who got a long two on the exchange. On his feet, Arrows watched Templeton get up, and charged in looking for a dropkick, only for Templeton to nearly decapitate Arrows with the Armageddon Lariat! Nuclear fell into the cover, and got the pinfall after a well-fought match!

AW: Here is your winner, at an even thirteen minutes...Nuclear Templeton!

BS: From out of nowhere, Nuclear Templeton hits the lariat! It only takes a moment, and it can come from out of nowhere!

FG: I didn't think he had it in him, Bob. I thought Arrows was going to finish the match then and there. I have to grudgingly give some credit to Templeton for that victory.

Johnny Triumph (0-1) vs. The Phoenix (0-1)
BS: Our next match will see someone getting their first win of the season. Amelia, take it away!

AW: Our next bout is one fall to a finish, with a ninety minute time limit! Coming down the aisle, from Des Moines, Iowa, weighing 228 pounds...Johnny Triumph!

BS: Rumor has it that Triumph was rather upset after losing last week, nd has vowed to set an example tonight.

FG: It’s all words, until you get in the ring. Color me not impressed.

The sounds of “The Instinct” hit the arena, as the largest competitor in The League walks out.

AW: His opponent, from the End of Nowhere, weighing 367 pounds...The Phoenix!

FG: Here’s the guy who tapped out when seemingly not in trouble last week, just to get his match done with. What a waste of time.

BS: Say what you will, he’s looking to notch his first win tonight.

As the bell sounded, Triumph shot in with a side headlock takedown that Phoenix quickly slipped out of. Both men got back up, and Phoenix caught Triumph coming in with a kick to the knee, and a knife-edge chop to send Triumph to the mat. A knee bar followed this, as well as an elbow to the knee to begin softening up the legs. Triumph was having none of a rear chinlock attempt, and got back into the match by taking Phoenix down with a single-leg trip and then raking his boot across the face of the big man. Triumph then went south, looking to weaken the legs of his larger opponent, but Phoenix was able to get free and resume the attack. The next two minutes ended up being solidly in favor of Phoenix, who worked over the back and legs of Triumph to set up the Eternal Requiem finisher, including locking in a figure four leglock near the middle of the ring.

FG: Good grief, does EVERYONE use that move?

BS: It's a classic move, Frankie. It's to be expected.

FG: It's boring, is what it is. Who taught these people anyway; they need to learn new moves!

Pressing his assault, Phoenix dropped Triumph with a vertical suplex and spent a good twenty seconds on Triumph's back, hammering his forearm across the face of Triumph repeatedly. From that position, Phoenix tried to convert the move into a Camel Clutch, but Triumph was able to sneak out the back door and utilize a side headlock takedown to keep the big man grounded. Triumph then began to work on the legs once again, locking in a single-leg grapevine that had some good torque to it. Johnny did make one mistake, though—he let Phoenix up, and Phoenix made him pay with a capture suplex that drove the wind out of Triumph's body on impact. The big man tried for the Eternal Requiem, but did it too close to the ropes as Triumph forced the break. Undaunted, Phoenix set up Triumph for a slingshot suplex, and floated over into a cover that netted him a long one-count. Back on his feet again, Phoenix grabbed Triumph and hit another capture suplex, the impact sending Triumph sliding under the bottom rope and to the outside, as Phoenix slid out of the ring to follow.

BS: Not sure I like Phoenix's strategy here. This isn't hardcore rules, and Phoenix's strength lies in submission wrestling. You can not win by submission on the floor!

FG: He's taken a few too many unprotected chair shots, Bob. His mind is not all there!

Neither man could gain any sort of advantage on the outside, as Phoenix threw Triumph back into the ring. As Phoenix went to follow, Triumph gouged the eyes, drawing a referee warning. Not caring, Triumph stepped back before trying for a forearm to the jaw, but Phoenix ducked it and applied another capture suplex. Instead of wasting time with a different move, Phoenix went to the legs, managing to turn Triumph over into the Eternal Requiem. Triumph tried to make his way to the ropes, but just couldn't in the end as Phoenix planted a knee on the back of Triumph's head while still applying pressure, and was forced to tap out.

AW: Here is your winner, at a time of 15:10...The Phoenix!

FG: Dear Lord, Bob, he tried to crush Triumph's skull with his knee! Is that even legal?!

BS: Yes, Frankie, it is. And it proves to be effective tonight, as Phoenix earns the duke!

Diamond (0-1) vs. The British Warrior (1-0)
This match went through two phases. The first phase lasted about three minutes, and saw The British Warrior work through his arsenal of strikes and low-level technical fare. When he tried for a driving elbow, Diamond moved, and the second phase of the match began.

In this second phase, Diamond took no guff from Warrior, utilizing European uppercuts, punches, slaps, side headlocks, and the occasional dropkick to keep her opponent off his guard. The finish came on a split-legged moonsault from Diamond that followed a low blow counter to a Warrior stomp. It was the second-quickest match of the night, though not many people watched it due to needing a restroom break before the main event.

BS: I think we can tell the naysayers to be silent now, Frankie. Diamond wins in rather impressive fashion.

FG: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Can we just move on already?

BS: Why are you so impatient all of a sudden?

FG: Simple. I need to get to a television soon; I've got money on the Celtics/Lakers game.

BS: Oh, for the love of....

Sean (1-0) vs. Maxx Skabb (0-1)
AW: Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for our main event of the evening, set for one fall with a ninety-minute time limit!

Once again, there is no music as the first competitor walks to the ring, his face a mask of concentration.

AW: Introducing first, from Charlotte, North Carolina, weighing 230 pounds...Sean!

BS: Sean's coming in off what some call an upset win over Johnny Triumph, though after Triumph's loss tonight one has to wonder if it's really an upset.

FG: Upset or not, Sean's going to have his hands full tonight in trying to make it to 2-0.

Disturbed’s “The Night” hits, as the opponent walks out with a stoic look on his face.

AW: His opponent, from the Orange County Correctional Facility, weighing 291 pounds...Maxx Skabb!

BS: After being on the wrong end of the match of the night last week, I can tell from the look on Skabb's face that he is determined not to let this one slip by.

FG: Can you blame him? He was moments away from winning last week. I'm not about to get in the man's way!

The bell sounds, and it's Maxx taking the quick advantage with a rake of the eyes and a jab to the throat that forces Sean to take a step back. Skabb comes back in with a pair of quick punches, but eats a forearm from Sean in exchange. Sean tries it again, but catches a right hand on the jaw before being sent down from another shot to the throat. A quick stomp follows, and Sean takes a kick to the small of the back as he tries to get to his feet. Wincing, Sean falls back to the matt as Skabb tries for an elbow drop, only to get tangled up in Sean's feet as he moves out of the way. An armbar is quickly applied, though Skabb is able to get to his feet with the hold still locked on. Sean lets it go, and instead decides to go to the eyes of his opponent while the ref is moving into position to observe. Sean then lets loose with a forearm shiver that Skabb shrugs off like a gnat before shoving Sean into the corner. Maxx tries to charge in with a back elbow, but Sean is able to escape danger and hit with a running clothesline of his own!

BS: Back and forth in the early stages, but neither man seems to be backing down here.

FG: That's because they're not dumb, Bob. Backing off is the first sign of failure. They need to keep the pressure on their opponent, plain and simple.

With Skabb down, Sean moves in to work the legs to set up the Elevated Figure Four, trying to pull the knee out of socket before locking in a spinning toe hold. As he went for a knee bar, though, Skabb kicked him away and got to his feet in time to deliver a knee lift to Sean, sending him to the mat. Skabb follows up with a standing splash before assuming a mount position to rain down elbows on the forehead and temple of Sean. After about a half dozen or so, Skabb gets up and bounces off the near side ropes to crush his smaller opponent under the weight of his rear end. Skabb gets up, motioning that he thinks the match is under control as he makes a slit throat motion to the audience. He doesn't see Sean get up—a bit worse for wear, naturally—until he gets caught in a side headlock and taken down to the mat. A quick armbar follows this, and Sean can be heard telling Skabb to "just quit already, dammit!" Of course the request goes for naught, so Sean decides to further the pain by getting to his feet, walking to Skabb's feet, and delivering a leg drop to the family jewels. The ref is not happy with that move, but Sean basicall ignores him as he tries to wrap Skabb in a single-leg grapevine. Not to be outdone, though, Maxx hits a low blow of his own to halt the momentum!

BS: Both of these men need to be careful; too many more of those and they could lose by disqualification.

FG: What? No! This match is just getting good!

The two men brawl for a few seconds, neither one really getting an advantage in the process. The ref finally steps in to break the pair up as they are in the ropes, and Sean is quick to resume the attack as he staggers Skabb with a dropkick to the knee, and then takes him down with a gutwrench suplex. Going for a single leg grapevine, Sean leaves enough room for Skabb to wriggle out of it, but manages to catch him in the back of the knee with another low dropkick. With Maxx down again, Sean seems to know what he wants to do next…

BS: Sean looking for his Elevated Figure Four here as he grabs the leg, but Skabb's able to kick him away!

FG: Too early, Bob! Sean needs to weaken Maxx a little more!

BS: Wait, Sean's looking for it again...and again Maxx is able to kick Sean away! Skabb's back up, closing in...but Sean hits a face plant to seize the momentum again!

FG: That's what I am talking about, Sean. Get him!

After another dropkick to the knee, Sean seems to be in full control of the match. His swagger costs him here, though, as Skabb broke a small package attempt and manages to hoist Sean up into the over-the-shoulder backbreaker that Skabb has used to decent effect in the past. Sean wants no part of it, though, and manages to finally get free, staggering back a step. Skabb turns, looking for a pump kick, only to catch another shot to the family jewels! Maxx falls to the mat in a fetal position as the ref gets in Sean's face to read him the riot act. Sean stands there, looking incredibly bored as he finally steps around the referee to lock in his Elevated Figure Four!

BS: Sean's got his finisher locked in tightly, Frankie! But Skabb may be too close to the ropes; if he can just reach them...

FG: Please, you have to take the cheap way out? This needs to be a Pure Rules match! Enough of this rope break crap!

Sure enough, Bob Sinclair is correct in that Skabb is barely able to get a hand under the plane of the ropes to force the break. Furious, Sean breaks the hold after a count of four to charge back in to where Skabb is making his way to his feet with the help of the ropes. Sean goes for a punch, but Skabb ducks and clamps his hands on either side of Sean's head, squeezing his head like a vice. Sean manages to move enough to force Skabb to break the hold or risk losing control, and Skabb responds in kind with a full nelson to stop the movement. Struggling, Sean finds a way to get out of the hold, forcing Skabb to rethink his strategy. A moment later, he decides to simply return to his original plan of attack as he re-applies the modified backbreaker he used earlier in the match. Sean’s not ready to give it up, though, and so Skabb decides to simply attempt to knock Sean the hell out with a big boot off the ropes. Despite Sean being down, Maxx picks him back up and delivers a ring-rattling pumphandle slam! Cover by Skabb:



Just two, as Sean gets a shoulder up!

BS: I’m not sure how much more Sean can take of this, Frankie. Maxx Skabb has been throwing him around like a ragdoll for the last few minutes.

FG: I’m a hard guy to impress, Bob, but these two are doing that tonight. What a match!

Thinking another high-impact move is in order, Skabb pulls Sean to his feet, but cannot get the double underhook powerbomb set up as Sean goes to the eyes to give himself a momentary respite. A dropkick to the already battered knee of Skabb leads to a quick small package, as Sean tries to steal one:



No, two and a quarter only! Unfazed, considering the abuse he’s taken in the last few minutes, Sean waits for Skabb to get up before dropping him with a face plant. Now Sean heads up top, looking to fly...and hits the top rope splash! Cover by Sean, could this do it?



Two-and-a-half only, as Skabb gets the left shoulder up! A slight bit of frustration shows on Sean’s face as he hauls Skabb to his feet and goes for an Irish whip into the corner, only for Skabb to reverse it and come charging in on impact with a clothesline that sends Sean back to the mat. Picking Sean up easily, Maxx looks for a modified backbreaker, only for Sean to rake the eyes to put a stop to it. Sean is quick to ascend the turnbuckles again and hits Skabb between the eyes with a double axe handle, and follows it up with a short-arm clothesline for good measure to reassert control of the contest.

BS: Sean with the momentum on his side here as he heads up top, he needs to hurry before Maxx recovers—

FG: Too late, Maxx caught him up top with a shot to the ribs,, don’t tell me he’s going to—

Oh, but he is. Overhead fallaway slam from the top rope! Skabb sits up slowly, a hint of pain showing on his face as he rubs his leg to try to rub some of the pain out of it. As he stands and walks over to Sean, though, it’s obvious that he’s favoring the left leg that has been worked on all match. From behind now, Skabb with Sean in his grasp, and a full nelson bomb that causes Skabb to wince and limp a little as his knee nearly gave out from beneath him! Growling, he forces himself to pull Sean to a sitting position, and starts raining down right hands to the forehead of his opponent. Each punch is delivered with more velocity than the last, and after the twelfth one Skabb lets loose a roar that brings the fans to their feet, while he makes the motion of cutting Sean’s throat. Pulling Sean up, he wills the adrenaline to work just a little longer as he lifts Sean into the air, hanging him up for a few seconds before dropping straight down into a brainbuster. The sentence has been passed—Lethal Injection! Maxx quickly floats into a cover...




AW: Here is your winner, at a time of twenty-six minutes even...Maxx Skabb!

FG: I’m calling it right now, Bob. There isn’t going to be another match that tops this one this year. What a match!

BS: You may be right, Frankie, but we’re out of time tonight to debate it! Folks, we’ll see you next week for the third week of The League!

Week Two: End
Show Summary:
1. Tarik Nolan def. SGRaaize via pinfall (Press Powerslam)
* Time of Match: 6:00
* Match Rating: F
* Winner’s Offensive Percentage: 59%

2. Robbie Maynard def. Breaker via submission (Merseyside Maul)
* Time of Match: 10:40
* Match Rating: C+
* Winner’s Offensive Percentage: 38% (no, folks, that is not a typo.)

3. Nuclear Templeton def. Shawn Arrows via pinfall (Armageddon Lariat)
* Time of Match: 13:00
* Match Rating: C+
* Winner’s Offensive Percentage: 57%
* Note: Arrows’ Head Health was at 65%; Templeton’s was at 58% at the end of the match.

4. The Phoenix def. Johnny Triumph via submission (Eternal Requiem)
* Time of Match: 15:10
* Match Rating: C+
* Winner’s Offensive Percentage: 67%

5. Diamond def. The British Warrior via pinfall (Split-Legged Moonsault)
* Time of Match: 9:00
* Match Rating: F
* Winner’s Offensive Percentage: 58%

6. Maxx Skabb def. Sean via pinfall (Lethal Injection)
* Time of Match: 26:00
* Match Rating: A*
* Winner’s Offensive Percentage: 60%
* Maxx’s Legs were at 66% health at the end. Sean’s head area, by comparison, was at 43%
* As if it wasn’t obvious, this was the Match of the Night. This could easily have gone on for another page or two, but was cut short in order to save the really long write-ups for the playoffs.