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Action Packed #3 - August 31st, 2011


Live from Houston, TX!

Instead of the usual intro to Action Packed, we start the show off with Mason Hardt in the center of the ring, "Thickfreakness" playing in the background. The music fades out and Hardt begins addressing the LPW fans.

Hardt: I want to thank you all for joining us tonight. I'll try not to make a habit of being out here before you, but I have a very important announcement to make. I've said from the start that Legacy Pro Wrestling is here to give the fans what they want to see. As it has become clear to me over the last few weeks, you fans want to see a Legacy Pro Wrestling Internet Championship match at Instant Classic.

The fans begin to cheer

Hardt: Now since this is Internet Championship we're talking about, I had to figure out a good way to make it happen. Then I occurred to me. Why not leave it in the hands of the biggest wrestling community in the world, the internet wrestling community.

The fans erupt in a cheer at the thought of booking the match themselves.

Hardt: Now I don't have any details as there are obviously many scenarios that can play out tonight. However, immediately following the show the full Instant Classic card will be available on our website. Three select matches will be eligible for the Internet Championship. You, the fans, will cast your vote which match should get the nod. The winning match will be revealed at Instant Classic. So make sure to get out there and vote early and often. Enjoy the rest of the show.


Video Intro for show:

The scene immediately cuts to the Action Packed intro video as "Downfall" by TRUSTcompany plays. The video and music fade out to a shot of the LPW announce team, Danny Ash and Rick Henson.

Ash: Welcome to Action Packed and what a way for us to get things started.

Henson: Is it just me or is Mr. Hardt out here a lot?

Ash: What do you expect? There are major things happening within LPW and he wants to keep everyone well informed.

Henson: But did he really need to start the show off with that?

Ash: I think the reaction the fans gave him answers that question. They love the idea of determining which match will be for the LPW Internet Championship.

Henson: Really? You're basing it on crowd reaction? They scream if you mention their city for crying out loud.

Where's the Love?

Ash: Well I think...

"Wake Up" by Rage Against the Machine begins to play throughout the arena as Steve Solex makes his way out from behind the curtain. With a smile on his face, and his hands on his hips, Steve stands atop the entrance way soaking in the boos from the crowd. Dressed in a freshly pressed and clean all black suit he slowly makes his way to the ring and climbs in through the second and third ropes. A microphone is conveniently places in the center of the ring, and Steve wastes no time snatching it up. Thunderous boos continue from the crowd, who only two weeks ago were introduced to this veteran wrestler. Steve laughs a bit, holding a smirk.

Steve: Oh, hillbillies. No love? No love, for your future Legacy Pro Wrestling Champion? C'mon!

Steve holds his arms out to his sides smiling as the crowd boos ferociously.

Steve: Don't be jealous ladies and gentlemen, just be appreciative. Be appreciative that I have taken the time to come out here and address all of you. I mean, that's some kind of feat I've accomplished. It's not easy to step away from my cozy locker room in the back to come and see the ugliest people in the world.

Steve walks to the ropes and hops out on the floor. He approaches a man in the front row. The man attempts to puff his chest out at Steve, but Steve backs up two paces and plugs his nose.

Steve: Dude. Colgate would do wonders for you my friend. Maybe a bit of Listerine will do the trick, but holy cow! Quit chewing on straw grass and start chewing some gum, it'll help. And before you even ask, the answer is no...those teeth will not grow back.

The man shouts a number of obscenities at Steve.

Steve: Woah, partner. Don't be mad at me, I'm not the one who forgot to brush your tooth all of those years!

Steve looks at the boy standing next to the man. Steve drops down to one knee, getting eye level with the child.

Steve: Is this your father?

The kid clinches the man's leg, and doesn't answer. Steve cracks a smile.

Steve: I'm sorry; let me ask in a way that you might understand.

Steve crosses his eyes and moves his front teeth in front of his bottom lip.

Steve: Is this yer pah?

The crowd boos. The child still gives no response. Steve shakes his head and gets back to his feet. He looks back to the man.

Steve: Kid doesn't speak? Doesn't understand? You better teach that little boy some freakin' manners old man!

The crowd boos as Steve turns his back on the father and son duo and slides back into the ring.

Steve: Now let's get to business, because quite frankly you people make me sick. Jim Surge, sure, he's had a good run here in LPW. He's everyone's favorite cowboy, and everyone's answer to what they think is a proper Champion. Well, folks...that is what you call yourselves, right? Folks? I'll tell you this, as long as Steve Solex is in LPW Jim Surge has no chance, and I'll say it again, NO CHANCE at winning the LPW Championship. Why? The reason is simple enough that even you pukes should understand it. It's because he will never, ever ever ever, beat me. He doesn't stand a chance in hell at beating a man of my caliber, a man of my experience, or a man of my intelligence. I'm too athletic, agile, intelligent....

Steve stops as the crowd chants "Solex Sucks" over and over. He places a hand over his mouth and looks around at the audience.

Steve: Say what you want, but you all know the truth. You all know what is in store for Jim Surge tonight, and you all know there is no way he wins. I can list every reason that I can think of that makes me a better man than him, but the easiest way to say is "“ I'm just better than he is, and better than everyone else in this company. Mason Hardt, he may play puppet master with these matches in the back, and he may think that he has full control of everyone in this company, but he does not have control over me. He does not control my fate, I do. And my fate, my only reason for living, is to win that LPW Championship. So, I say to all of you, the toothless wonder and his deaf and dumb son in the front row; be prepared. Because tonight is only the beginning of my journey to the top and tonight I will prove to everyone in this arena, in the locker room, and in the staff offices in the back that Steve Solex is here to stay, here to win, and here to be YOUR Champion!

The crowd boos as Steve drops the microphone in the center of the ring and makes his way out of the ring. He taunts fans as he makes his way up the aisle and into the back.

Henson: I like him.

Ash: Of course you do. You like everyone who comes out here an berates the fans and Mr. Hardt. It is kind of your shtick.

Henson: I have no shtick.

Ash: Oh, is that so?


Henson: Of course not. I just like the best. Sagrado Excelente, Steve Solex, and "The Scorpion" Scott Stevens. Which reminds me, we have some footage from earlier today featuring Scott Stevens.

Ash: I see what you did there.

Henson: That's what they call a segue. I hope you're taking notes.

The camera cuts backstage to a door with a sign on it that reads, "The Marquee" Mason Grant. All of a sudden we see the door open slowly and "The Venomous One" slowly sticks his head out to see if the coast is clear. He sees that it is and walks out with a huge grin on his face. "The Scorpion" turns back to say something.

Scorpion: Thanks babe. You were great!

Stevens shuts the door and continues to walk off before stopping to zip up his pants. The camera then cuts back to the announce desk.

Henson: Isn't he great?

Senseless vs. "The Scorpion" Scott Stevens

Senseless and Stevens stalk each other around the ring, each waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. Stevens extends his hand, encouraging Senseless to partake in a test of strength. Senseless rejects the offer by kicking Stevens' thigh. He immediately follows it up with a knife edge chop to Stevens' chest. Senseless keeps Stevens off guard, using his speed advantage to stay out of range, hitting "The Scorpion" quickly and then moving. Senseless makes a mistake by telegraphing a move and getting caught by Scott. Stevens goes for an inverted atomic drop but Senseless counters. Senseless snaps Scott over with a quick snapmare takedown. Senseless may have been playing opossum and using Stevens' aggressiveness to his advantage. With "The Scorpion" grounded Senseless goes for the legs, trying to weaken them for The Edge of Reason.

Senseless ascends to the top rope, looking to inflict more damage. He leaps off but Scott manages to use the ropes to pull himself out of the way, forcing Senseless to crash down to the mat. Stevens goes after Senseless with a vengeance. He begins pounding on him, ignoring any sense of technical wrestling and simply punching Senseless in the face. Stevens then begins to slam Senseless' head into the mat. "The Scorpion" then gets up to admire his work for a moment before picking Senseless up. As soon as Senseless is standing firm he unloads his forearm into Stevens' face. Another two forearms come in rapid succession, forcing Scott backwards and into the corner.

Senseless takes a few steps out of the corner, enough to allow him to rush Stevens. Senseless leaps into the air, splashing himself on Scott who comes stumbling out of the corner. Senseless analyzes the situation and springboards off the second rope, twisting his body in order to grab Scott's head and deliver a tornado style DDT. Senseless immediately bounces up to his feet and points to the top turnbuckle. Once on top he waits for Stevens to rise to his feet before leaping off. Senseless may have wasted too much time as "The Scorpion" is able to side step his leg lariat attempt. Somehow though, Senseless lands on his feet. As he turns to Stevens he is met with a straight kick to the gut. Scott wastes little time following it up with his Toxic Sting. He makes the cover and the ref counts to three.

Roth: The winner of the match by way of pinfall, "The Scorpion"...SCOTT STEVENS!

Henson: YES!

Ash: It appears as if Stevens has rebounding nicely from his loss last week.

Henson: Of cour he has, he's the best wrestling in world. Just ask him.

Ash: I'll be sure to do that.

Riding a Bike

The scene cuts backstage and we see Roscoe Shame sitting in his locker room when his agent Jeremiah Sloan walks in. The two men shake hands as Roscoe starts to get ready for his match.

Sloan: Tonight is the big night. Your first match in over three do you feel?

Shame: I feel good, but hopefully there won't be too much rust.

Roscoe wraps some tape around his wrists.

Sloan: I'm sure you will be fine. You are a World don't forget how to wrestle. Just go in there and do what you do best.

Shame: That's the plan. Mr. Rich is going to have a hefty price to pay tonight when I'm through with him.

The two men continue to talk as Roscoe finishes getting ready for his first ever match in Legacy.

True Grit

The video screen comes up with the image of Shaun Collins hitting his Clothesline From Hell at the same time Jim Surge hits his Western Lariat. Both men crumple to the mat.

The screen goes dark for a moment, and comes back up with Senseless catching Surge in an STF and Surge screaming out in primal pain. Danny Ash's voice says: "This could be it folks," as the screen again fades to black.

While still dark, Rick Henson's voice says: "From the looks of it, I'd say Surge isn't ready to quit."

The screen comes back up rapid-fire highlights of Surge pounding Shaun Collins and Senseless. Danny Ash says: "Jim Surge refuses to lose!"

Shaun Collins tries to hit Surge with a powerbomb but Surge lifts him up on his shoulders.

Senseless rushes at an exhausted Surge but Surge catches him and lifts him up on his shoulders.

The screen then shows the two Boise Drivers and Surge having his arm raised in victory. The members of The Official Jim Surge Fan Club are shown briefly, celebrating wildly and throwing their cowboy hats up into the air. As the screen fades to black, a graphic appears which reads: "The Jim Surge Express Rolls on Tonight against Steve Solex."

Henson: Did we really need a video of Jim Surge's life story?

Ash: I thought it was nicely done.

Henson: Sure it looked good...but no one cares about that redneck.

Ash: Considering he has a fan club, I don't think that's true.

Henson: Semantics.

The Truth According to Collins

"Believe" by The Bravery begins playing. Shaun steps out behind the curtain wearing his wrestling trunks. Shaun waits for a moment as Diamond begins stepping out onto the ramp. Shaun jogs down the ramp and goes to grab a mic. Shaun acts like he is going to punch the man. Shaun then smiles, looks at the crowd, sits downs and speaks.

Collins: A lot of People say the way I have treated Mr. Shame is unfair and rude. What's unfair is I'm in a bottomless pit in Texas on a Wednesday.

The crowd boos.

Collins: A lot of people want me to say sorry. I won't because what I said is true. He's a drunk and a bum, but I offered to help and he turns me down. I don't know why he turned me down, I can help him. I can help you.

The crowd chants "you suck" but it doesn't seems to faze him. Diamond leans down and takes the mic from him.

Diamond: You give this man respect! He saved my life and he can save yours! He's a great and caring man. You guys just don't see it.

Shaun then takes the mic back.

Collins: You people can't see what good I do. I can save anyone! No one is a lost cause. I am for the people! Please hear me out. First what you guys need to do is leave this rat house called Texas. This place sucks! I see why President Bush doesn't ever wanna leave. He sucks and this places sucks. I'm done! Remember, I'm richer then you.

Shaun Collins vs. Roscoe Shame

Immediately "Drop the World" by Lil Wayne begins to play and a very angry looking Roscoe Shame begins walking down the ramp.

Ash: Looks like Shame had heard enough!

The bell rings and Roscoe Shame wastes little time, bull rushing Collins with a clothesline. Shame keeps a relentless assault on his opponent, keeping the match firmly in his control. The fans cheer Roscoe on, some specifically for Shame and others just to see Shaun take abuse. Somehow Collins manages to avoid a lariat, ducking the move and slipping behind Shame. When Shame turns around Collins begins unloading with knife edge chops. Collins then feints a chop and instead delivers a straight punch to the head of Shame. Shaun uses a well placed kick to the knee to take Roscoe off his feet. Collins goes on the attack, keeping Shame grounded and attacking his legs in hopes of eliminating his base and his power advantage.

Collins stops his assault for a moment, taking time to absorb the boos from the crowd. This gives Shame enough time to get to his feet. Shaun takes notice and puts a knee in Shame's gut and quickly follows it up with a neckbreaker. Shaun takes a risk, bringing Shame to his feet and whipping him into the ropes. The risk doesn't pay off as Shame nails Collins with a shoulder block off the rebound. Shaun springs up to his feet only to be sent back down with a decapitating big boot. Shaun is quickly to his feet again but is quickly taken off them and lifted into the air. Shame impressively lifts Collins over his head with a military press and then abruptly drops him.

A pin attempt from Shame only gets a two count. Shame brings Collins up to his feet and places him between his legs. He begins lifting him, looking for Shame Time, but Collins manages to struggle free and flip Shame over with a back body drop. As Shame rises to his feet Shaun whips him into the corner and begins charging in. Roscoe manages to move out of the way at the last possible second and Shaun goes face first into the turnbuckle. Collins stumbles out of the corner and Shame immediately greets him with a boot to the gut that doubles him over. Shame tucks Collins between his legs and lifts him up before dropping him at the peak, putting Shaun down with Shame Time. Shame makes the cover and gets the victory.

Roth: The winner of the match via pinfall...ROSCOE SHAME!

Ash: Very impressive debut from Shame here tonight.

Henson: Eh, I've seen better. But I guess it was alright.

Ash: One of these days you're going to get beat up by one of the wrestlers you insult. I can't wait.

Cowboy Up

Henson: Speaking of someone who is about to get beat up...we have footage of an interview with Jim Surge earlier today.

Ash: Really?

Henson: BOOM! Segued!

The camera shows a gleaming black tour bus pulling into the arena staff parking lot in Houston. Shortly behind, plumes of smoke and repeated backfiring can be heard as two VW busses arrive behind the bus and veer off wildly into the general parking area. Shelly Summers waits beside the door of Surge's bus as it slowly opens and Surge steps out with a wide smile.

Jim Surge: Why hello there Ms. Summers. How've you been?

Surge politely tips his white cowboy hat and Shelly smiles widely.

Shelly Summers: I've been doing well, thanks. But not as well as you since we last spoke! Two big wins, the first ever LPW match, and a Main Event match against Senseless have you primed to take a shot at the title. Yet you seem to be taking a bit of a low-key role in terms of how much airtime you're getting. Any thoughts on this?

Surge: Ms. Summers, I read a good book every once in a while, but when you get right down to it I'm a man of action. Cattle aren't going to get branded if I sit around the ranch and talk about how tough I am and how those cattle don't have a chance against my branding iron. I actually have to go out there and do it. And if you follow the analogy, that's exactly what I've been doing here in Legacy Pro Wrestling.

Summers: This match tonight against Steve Solex is another big one for you, heading into the iPPV. Don't you think you should be a little more active promoting yourself than you've been?

Surge lifts his hat briefly and scratches his head before replacing it. He gives Summers a big, western smile.

Surge: Did you just ask me the same question in a different way?

Summers laughs and Surge continues before Summers can interject.

Surge: Like I said, my record stands for itself. I've been in two big matches, and I've won them. Standing around crowing about it doesn't change anything or make the victories more impressive. Standing around crowing doesn't make me a more legitimate contender for the LPW title. My record does, and that's the most important thing to me.

Summers: Let's change things up for a second, how are things progressing with your fan club?

Surge looks embarrassed for a moment.

Surge: They're awfully supportive.

Summers: We're hearing reports that the club has grown to double-digit membership!

Surge: Yes. Listen, these young guys following me around like Deadheads following the Grateful Dead have been a big inspiration. No doubt about it and I appreciate the support. At the same time, this wasn't my idea, and it's been a little draining for me to have to oversee and make sure they aren't doing things which contradict how I carry myself and live my life. I think we're finally reaching a happy medium.

As if on cue, Fred Jones bursts onto the scene interrupting the interview.

Fred Jones: Jim! Jim! Thank goodness I found you. You've got to come meet the new members and sign a couple of things for them.

Surge looks at Shelly Summers with a wry smile, as if to say "see what I'm dealing with."

Summers: Well, good luck tonight Jim. I'll catch up with you later.

Excalibur and Sebastian Moore vs. Jett Mason and Steve Rodgers vs. Awesome Ass Kickers

Ash: With our triple threat tag team match coming up next, we thought it would be a good time to give a run down of what happened in our preliminary matches.

Henson: That scrawny Billy the Kid pulled out a victory against Alex Blankmanship.

Ash: Horatio Graves got his first victory against Robert Starr.

Henson: And everyone's favorite luchardor, Mr. Wrestling VIII defeated John...

Ash: Scott...

Henson: Rambo.

Ash: The most important match, however, and the one that has implications for this next match as well was the tag team match of Yin Yang and Sagrado Excelente.

Henson: Everyone's other favorite luchadores.

Ash: Sagrado Excelente defeated Yin Yang and have earned their shot at the LPW Tag Team Championship against Forces of Power and winner of this match.

Henson: Lets see how Hardt hold these guys down now!

The match gets under way at a steady pace, with the two face tandems working together to beat on the Awesome Ass Kickers. Though this works pretty well, it doesn't take long for both Rocky and TJ to be laid out at ringside, and, after a war of words in the build up to the match, Steve Rodgers and Sebastian Moore ensure the alliance is ended with summary violence. There follows a brief sequence of quick tags involving all four men still on or in the ring as the action remains fast, furious and relatively low impact "“ until Awesome and TJ recover, return to the ring and leave all four of their opponents in crumpled heaps on the mat.

The two big men take control of the contest as it adopts a more methodical pace. Awesome, as the legal man, hammers on Mason and Moore, who were legal when they were ambushed, in turn. Big punches and thunderous drop kicks keep both men down whenever they rise, and a monstrous Spine Buster to Moore would've ended the match if both Rodgers and Excalibur hadn't intervened from the apron. The duo once again ally to bully Awesome back to his corner, where TJ sneaks a tag, sneaks behind Rodgers and Excalibur and takes back over for his team. Clearing the two illegal men from the ring, TJ calls for the Spear on Mason... SIDESTEPPED! TJ flies between the top two ropes and crashes to the floor!

Mason brings Moore back to his feet and works with his partner "“ who had by now recovered to his team's corner "“ to take advantage of the injured Brit "“ quick tags abound as Excalibur watches helpless from across the ring and Rocky tries to revive TJ, who is apparently unconscious after his sudden meeting with the concrete floor. Rodgers insists on tagging in to pick up the win over the man who had insulted him during the build up to the match, and gives Moore time to recover. Rodgers strides over, cocksure, and Moore appears to be ignoring Excalibur's screams for him to get up "“ Rodgers sets up the Superhuman Stretch... REVERSED INTO THE CHONAN LOCK! Rodgers screams with pain as Moore's playing opossum catches him out. Mason tries to intervene, but Excalibur's in too and he takes 'God's Gift to Women' to the outside with a big clothesline. Rodgers must surely tap... Awesome with the breakup! He stomps on Moore's temple to render the Brit unconscious, and knocks Rodgers back down with a brutal right hook as he recovers his feet. Excalibur and Mason are none the wiser to the action in the ring as they brawl on the outside, while Awesome drags his unconscious ally back into the ring, makes the tag and saunters over to where Steve Rodgers lies motionless. He hoists 'The Avenger' to his feet, and then into the air as he prepares to deliver the Skull Crushing Bomb... but Rodgers slips out, hooking both arms and head on the way down! SONIC STEVE-DRIVER! Rodgers hooks the leg and gets the three.

Roth: The winners of the match by way of pinfall...JETT MASON and STEVE RODGERS!

Ash: There you have it, Jett Mason and Steve Rodgers earn their opportunity at the tag titles.

Henson: Congratulations guys, you get to lose to the greatest tag team ever.

A Truce

The camera cuts backstage, where Shelly Summers stands in front of a deep blue curtain style of a set. She quietly fidgets with the microphone in her hand, as she watches the countdown from behind the camera, mentally preparing herself for the main event interview. To her left stands "The Marquee" Mason Grant, ready to compete. His trademark glasses rest atop his head, nestled in the slightly gelled forest of his hair, and his "I'll Make You Famous ..." t-shirt is slightly obscured by the white towel dangling from his shoulder. This week, Grant is dressed in a pair of blue tights, with his nickname blazoned in gold, and he calmly drums two of his fingers against the bottle of water he holds in his left hand. Just off to the side, Emmy stands behind Mason, her hair pulled back in a business like ponytail, and her oval frames a powder blue, matching the dress she's wearing this week.

Summers: I'm ...

Before Miss Summers can truly begin, she is cut off by the well dressed Scott Stevens, who enters from her right. He's wearing a $5,000 black Prada suit with a sky blue button up shirt underneath the jacket and a blue, maroon, and black striped tie. Always sports the Gucci shoes and black Argyle socks.

Shelly Summers: Oh God, not now.

The impending approach of the vile one causes Grant to immediately step in front of Emmy. Gone is the signature smirk, replaced with gritted teeth, and white knuckled fists. While not advancing, it is evident that "The Marquee" is prepared to defend himself.

Scorpion: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on just a minute. I didn't come here to fight you Mason or lust over Emmy.

The comment doesn't seem to reassure Mason at all, as he takes a half step forward, while a frustrated Shelly Summers walks off the set.

Mason: Oh yeah? Then just what the hell do you want?

Scorpion: I've come here to apologize to you and your lady friend.

Mason: Forgive me if I have my doubts, Stevens.

Scorpion: It's the truth. I know I stepped a bit over the line with some of my actions lately, but I tend to lash out very harshly when I feel threatened and I realized you did nothing wrong and I want to bury the hatchet.

Mason: Bury the hatchet? Really? Just like that?

Scorpion: You don't have to like me, but I give you my word that this thing between us is over. Squashed. Done. All you have to do is trust me.

Scorpion smiles.

Mason: You know I don't like you. Sure as hell don't trust you. But I've seen enough movies to believe in redemption.

Scorpion extends his hand outward, his smile never leaving his lips.

Marquee: All right, I'll give you a chance...

With Emmy clutching his shoulder, a deep rooted look of concern crossing her face, "The Marquee" extends his hand, gripping Steven's.

Marquee: I won't see you during my match tonight, right?

Scorpion: Scout's honor ... good luck.

As the two men continue their tight gripped handshake, the camera cuts back to the announce desk.

Henson: What a nice guy.

Ash: Oh come on! You don't actually believe all that do you?

Henson: Of course I do! Scott Stevens is a pillar of truth, honesty, and decency. Just like Steve Solex.

Jim Surge vs. Steve Solex

Ash: You are incorrigable.

Henson: Did you say encouragable?

Ash: Folks, I don't have to tell you how important this match is.

Henson: But you're going to anyway, right?

Ash: Just shut up Rick! The winner of this match and the Main Event of the evening will compete at Instant Classic to crown the first ever Legacy Pro Wrestling Champion. Jim Surge is clearly the favorite to win tonight and many think he might be the man to beat if you want that belt.

Henson: Only stupid people think that. My money is on Solex!

Jim Surge walks around the ring, clapping his hands in the air to get the crowd into the match. After a few moments his path is cut off by Steve Solex who gets in his face. The smile vanishes from Surge's face as the two stare at each other face to face. Solex pushes Surge who immediately pushes back. Steve then slaps the chest of Surge, who returns favor. Another slap from Solex and another from Surge. The exchange lasts a few seconds longer until Surge clearly takes the upper hand. The slaps turn to punches that drive Solex into the corner of the ring. Solex clearly doesn't want to be in this position, putting his boot to Surge the moment his back touches the turnbuckle. Solex begins throwing punches of his own but gets tossed back into the corner by a Jim Surge push. Solex explodes out of the corner with a forearm shot. The back and forth action continues on, neither man capable of full control.

Surge attempts to whip Solex into the ropes but the move is countered and it is Surge is on the run. As he returns to Solex he is caught in a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Both men are on the mat, the move taking something out of the both of them. Steve manages to rise to his feet, just so he can drop a knee to the head of Jim Surge. Steve picks Surge up and slips behind him. Solex positions Jim for a belly to back suplex, but Surge won't have any of it. Surge throws some back elbows to the head of Solex to loosen the grip. Jim then reverses the situation by positioning himself behind Solex. This time it is Surge who goes for a belly to back suplex. Surge finds success, putting Steve on the canvas. Surge begins delivering some punches but Solex seems to be covering up nicely. A slight shift of weight sees Solex buck up and send Jim Surge rolling between the ropes and out of the ring, crashing down to the floor. Solex rolls out of the ring in to capitalize on the situation. Instantly he begins putting the boots to Surge. Steve picks him up and whips him hard, face first into the ring post. Surge collapses to the mat as Solex rolls back into the ring. You can hear the Jim Surge fan section scream for him to get up as the ref continues his count. As the number reaches 8 Jim begins to show signs of life.

Just as the ref begins to say 10 Surge manages to enter the ring, but can't pull himself off the mat. Solex is furious and immediately gets in the face of the referee, demanding that the count was 10 and that his arm should be raised. The ref stands his ground refusing to follow Steven's demands. The ground begins to cheer loudly and Solex manages to catch a glimpse of Surge rushing out of the corner of his eye. Solex quickly pulls the ref towards him as a human shield. Surge connects with an emphatic Western Lariat that sends the referee lifeless on the mat. Solex gets by unscathed and begins walking himself away from the situation. Surge can't believe what he's done and does his best to revive the ref. The ref begins to come to a bit, but not enough to see the field goal style low blow Solex delivers to Surge. Jim falls to the mat with a thud and Solex jumps on him for the pin. The ref is groggy and the count comes slow. The fans in the arena erupt with jeers as the three count is made.

Roth: The winner of this match and advancing to the Main Event of Instant Classic...STEVE SOLEX!

Henson: YES times two! First Stevens wins and now Solex is well on his way to the LPW Hall of Fame!

Ash: I have to admit, I'm as shocked by this outcome as the fans here in the arena. Let it be known, however, that Solex had to result to an underhanded tactic to get the win tonight.

Henson: What? Did you not see Surge intentionally decapitate the official? He should have bee immediately disqualified!

Ash: What about the low blow?

Henson: What low blow?

You Need to Pay

The camera cuts backstage where TJ is pacing around the locker room, visibly upset. He stops and looks straight into the camera.

TJ: So this week, it didn't go as planned. The plan was for me and Rocky to win the match. But those two tag teams RUINED IT! Guys, sometimes things happen because they are supposed to happen and I was supposed to win this tag team match. You stopped the cycle and you will pay... The Natural way.

A New Friend?

The camera then cuts again. Shayne Adams is seen walking up to a door backstage. He knocks as the camera zooms in on the door. A logo on the door becomes visible "“ it is the locker room of Mason Grant. A voice can be heard from inside.

Grant: Enter!

Adams opens the door and enters the room, with the camera following close behind. Mason Grant is standing in front of a stage mirror, hands on hips.

Grant: Damn I'm looking good today!

Adams: Ahem...

Grant: I know, I know, what can I do for you Shayne?

Adams: Listen, I just wanted to come in here and wish you luck for our match tonight, let's tear down the house ok?

Grant: Firstly, The Marquee needs no encouragement to tear down the house, he does it every night.

Adams rolls his eyes as Grant lays on the cockiness.

Grant: Secondly, I don't need luck; all I need is my own natural skills.

Adams fakes a yawn.

Grant: Thirdly...

Adams: Mason...

Grant: Yeah?

Adams: Give it a rest.

The Marquee looks offended for a moment, then bursts out laughing.

Grant: You know I'm joking man! Look, tonight is one of the biggest matches in both our careers, we both know that. I know you're going out there to give it your all, and you know I'll be doing exactly the same.

Adams: And come the end of the show, one of us will be leaving that arena, hand held high, with an LPW Title match right around the corner.

Grant: With the other man, though disappointed in defeat, knowing that there is nobody more deserving of that title, than the man who has just bested him.

Adams: May the best man win?

Adams extends his hand. Grant shakes it.

Grant: May the best man win. Now, come on, let's do this thing.

Adams: Remember what we talked about before?

Grant: Of course, now let's go.

Grant and Adams leave the room. They turn to walk down the corridor. Adams pauses and looks up at Grant's head.

Adams: Oh, hey

Grant: What?

Adams: You missed a bit.

Grant: Crap! You go, I'll catch up!

Grant turns and runs back to his locker room.

Henson: What's going on here? You have a friend in Scott Stevens! You don't need Shayne Adams too! You can only have one best friend!

Ash: I think Grant is just making sure someone is really there to watch his back, just in case.

Henson: Just in case of what? If anyone is going to screw Mason Grant it is going to be the guy he's facing tonight.

No Moore Than Business

The camera fades up on the figure of Excalibur, hunched over a bar in a run down looking pub. There a number of empty pint glasses around his head, which is slumped on the table. He jerks upright as Sebastian Moore emerges from what's apparently the toilet to the left of the bar. He wanders over to Excalibur and takes a seat next to him.

Moore: Why so serious, mate?

Excalibur gives him a withering look for the Batman reference.

Excalibur: Oh, just the fact that we sucked tonight...

Moore: Sucked? We lost, admittedly, but did we suck?

Excalibur repeats the withering look. Moore shrugs.

Moore: Yeah, I know. But what did you expect? I prefer my own company, you prefer your own company, how in heaven's name was that going to work as a tag team?

Moore sighs and signals to the barkeep. Excalibur looks thoughtful for a moment.

Excalibur: Maybe that's exactly we're we were meant to work as a team "“ we're similar people...

Moore's eyebrows wiggle feverishly as he knocks back some of the pint the barkeep had just handed him.

Moore: Hardly, pal. We're both loners, but beyond that? You love to pander to the fans and be seen around the town, having a good time. I'm a workaholic, I'm never happy when I'm not working to better myself in some way.

Moore drinks again.

Excalibur: But we didn't suck too badly tonight, right?

Moore's eyebrows communicate their agreement.

Excalibur: Suppose... we practiced together... did it again sometime?

The eyebrows shoot up in surprise. Moore finishes his drink and gives Excalibur a long look.

Moore: You're alright, I suppose. And it'll help to have some backup should Scotty-boy try anything like he's tried on Opulent Tent.

Excalibur: 'You're alright'? Is that the best you can come up with? Talk about backhanded.

Moore: Look, I'm not expecting our little matches together to be lovefests full of backslapping and bromance, and if you do you're clearly a little delusional. This team is No Moore Than Business, in name and in nature.

Excalibur: Except for the occasional pint down the pub, right?

Moore gurns.

Moore: I can drink to that.

The camera fades as the pair take a long draught of their respective beverages.

"The Marquee" Mason Grant (w/ Emmy) vs. Shayne Adams (w/ Rachelle)

"Papercut" by Linkin Park begins to play and the lights fade to blue. When the guitars kick in, there is a flash of light and a pop of fireworks as Shayne Adams steps out onto the ramp. The lights return to normal as Adams struts to the ring, with Rachelle in tow. He slides into the ring, lowering the bottom rope to allow his manager into the ring behind him. He climbs each turnbuckle in turn, puts hands on hips and lets a cocky smirk drift across his face. After the fourth turnbuckle, he talks to Rachelle as she puts an arm on his shoulder and he waits for his opponent.

Henson: This match better be an improvement over his first Main Event here.

Ash: I still can't believe you hated that match.

Henson: It should be easy to believe. You like it. I hate you. I hated the match. Simple match really.

The lights dim, with a lone silver spotlight at the top of the entrance way. The voice of Emilio Estevez from Young Guns can be heard through the speakers, announcing his famous line "I'll make you famous ..." As the line ends, yellow strobes light up the ramp, and "Famous" by Puddle of Mudd begins to play.

"The Marquee" Mason Grant steps out from behind the curtain, adorned in his wrestling gear, a pair of dark sunglasses, and his personalized t-shirt, which reads the famed Young Guns quote. Behind him, in a classy business outfit, steps Emmy, sauntering her hips, as she follows two steps behind her client.

Grant walks down the aisle, slapping hands with fans who reach out towards him. He stops near the ring, where he pulls a sharpie pen from his boot. With that confident smile across his face, Grant autograph's a poster for a young fan, before mussing their hair in a playful manner.

"The Marquee" then heads for the steps, slowly walking each one, as he soaks in the adoration of the fans, and once inside the ring, Grant struts over to the far left turnbuckle, and drapes himself across the top, as if he were resting in a hammock.
The two men meet in the center of the ring and shake hands, showing a sign of respect for one another before the action gets underway.

Henson: Don't worry Grant! Scott Stevens won't let anything happen to you!

Roth: It is time for the Main Event of the evening. The match is scheduled for one fall with no time limit. The winner of the match will adance to the Main Event of Instant Classic where they will compete against Steve Solex for the Legacy Pro Wrestling Championship. To my left, accompanied by Emmy, standing 6 feet 1 inch and weighing in at 232 pounds; fighing out of Hollywood, California..."The Marquee"...MASON GRANT!

And to my right, accompanied by Rachelle, standing in at 5 feet 10 inches, and weighing in at 218 pounds; fighting out of Edinburgh, Scotland...SHAYNE ADAMS!

Ash: Here we go folks. Win or go home time.

Henson: Can't they both just go home?

The two lock up with a collar and elbow tie-up and Grant manages to muscle Adams into the corner. Mason puts his knee to the gut of Shayne repeatedly until he falls to the mat. Grant takes a few steps back and rushes back towards Adams, looking to put his knee to the face of his opponent. Adams manages to move his head just in time and Mason's knee smashes into the turnbuckle. Grant limps around as Adams gets to his feet and charges in. He leaps in the air, wrapping his legs around the head of Mason Grant and spinning, looking to take his opponent down with a spinning head scissor. Somehow Grant catches Shayne and drops his down quickly with a backbreaker. Adams writhes in pain and Grant nails him with a drive-by like boot to the head. Mason then grabs one of Shayne's arms and locks in a cross armbar. Adams reaches for the ropes in agony as Grant wrenches on the arm. Grant then transitions, holding the armbar with one arm and punching the same army with his free hand. Adams manages to explode his hips, getting to a knee and relieving some of the pressure. Adams stacks Grant up, pinning his shoulders on the mat.


Ash: Incredible back and forth action so far.

Henson: If that is what you want to call it.

Ash: What would you call it?

Henson: Two crappy wrestlers who are so bad they can't even beat each other up.

With the kickout the hold is released. Shayne shakes out his arm as Grant rises to his feet. As soon as Mason is stationary he is hit with a quick European uppercut. Adams then hits a cracking knife edge chop. He alternates the strikes a few more times before leaving his feet and connecting with a picture perfect dropkick. Adams returns the favor from early, delivering a running boot to the face of his own. Adams picks Grant up and whips him into the turnbuckle. Shayne chases in but is takes off his feet by a well timed clothesline. Mason immediately goes in for the attack but gets a kick to the face for his troubles. Adams kips up to his feet but Grant manages to time a dropkick just right, sending Shayne back to the canvas. Again Mason goes in for an attack but again Adams is ready for it. He manages to grab a leg and roll through, locking Mason in a single leg crab. Grant struggles but manages to reach the ropes safely, forcing the break. Adams releases the hold, as per the rules, and backs off Grant. The moment Mason is up he finds himself whipped into the ropes. At the last possible second Grant reverses the move, sending Adams bouncing off the ropes. Grant bends over, looking to deliver a back bodydrop. Shayne takes advantage of the premature move, using Grant's back as a launching pad. Shayne steps on Grants back, catapulting himself to the top turnbuckle. Mason turns around to see exactly what happened and is met with a beautiful moonsault press.


Ash: Incredible move fro Shayne Adams, he's shown us a few of them in his brief time here in LPW.

Henson: I guess, if you like flippy moves.

Ash: I like quality wrestling matches, period.

Henson: Maybe he should have been a gymnast?

Adams gets to his feet, pulling Grant up with him. Shayne points to the ground and begins hooking in The Compressor. No! Grant manages to flip over, delivering a sunset flip. He doesn't go for the pin though, instead opting to get back up to his feet. Grant drops Adams with a dropkick, and quickly follows up with the running neck snap signature known as the Autograph. As he rises to his feet, though, instead of playing up to the crowd, "The Marquee" rubs his temples with his hands, grimacing in pain. Pushing through, Grant lifts Adams up, and begins to lock him in for the Closing Credits, but quickly drops Adams back to the mat, as Grant stumbles back a couple of steps. Marquee tries to step forward again, in an effort to end the match, but instead collapses to the mat, unconscious. A groggy Adams begins to stir, and rolls Mason Grant over for the pin.


Ash: What the...

Henson: I knew it! I knew Adams would try and pull something. What an evil, evil man.

Roth: The winner of the match via pinfall and earning a shot at the LPW Championship... SHAYNE ADAMS!

Mason is still lying motionless in the ring as the referee checks on him, and Emmy makes her way inside the ring. A worn out Adams heads to the back, with the help of Rachelle, seemingly confused by the entire situation. As the ref raises his arms over his head, signaling for the medical personnel to head out to the ring, Grant begins to twitch and convulse, as a foamy substance forms around his lips. The medics come down to the ring, hauling a stretcher, to attend to Mason, while the blended sounds of Godsmack, and Kanye West begin to play. From behind the curtain, Scott Stevens emerges to a mixed reaction from the hometown faithful, casually twirling a microphone in hand.

Scorpion: Mason, what's wrong bro? You're not looking so hot. I hope you aren't coming down with something. Maybe it's food poisoning from something you ate. Or it could be something you drank.

Scorpion flashes a devilish grin to the camera.

Scorpion: Yeah I would put money on it would be door number 2. Let me show you.

A video begins playing of Stevens in Mason's locker room taped before the show started. In the video, we see Scott Stevens pull a small vial from his pocket, and quickly empty it into a bottle of water. As the video ends we cut back to the arena where "The Scorpion" is just laughing as Emmy rises to her feet, shaking a clenched fist and cursing at Stevens.

Scorpion: Temper, temper my sweet Emmy. I'll get to you in a minute but I love how sexy you get when you're all "hot and bothered" for me.

"The Scorpion" continues to laugh, bemused by the entire situation, as Emmy tries to make her way out of the ring, only to be withheld by the referee. She continues to struggle against his grip, as a member of the security team hops the barricade, to help restrain Emmy for her own safety. Not bothered by this newest situation, Stevens turns his focus to the unconscious Marquee, casually walking down the ramp way, while Grant is being assisted onto the stretcher outside the ring.

Scorpion: Mason, you honestly think I wanted to bury the hatchet with a disrespectful piece of crap such as yourself? You see boy, when you come into my world you pay your dues and you show the people who laid the ground work for you some respect. You don't blow off veterans and you don't blow me off. When you did that you made an enemy for life you little shit! I am the greatest wrestler in the world and I will show you what I do to disrespectful little punks like you when I end your career. It's going to be a very fun time for me and hell for you. One more thing before I go. Shayne Adams, consider this a warning to you and that skank of yours. You decide to befriend and help this piece of trash again you will suffer a similar fate. This is your only warning.

Stevens goes to walk away but stops and turns back.

Scorpion: Emmy, darling, don't forget to wear that red thong later tonight. You know which one I like seeing you in.

Scott winks at her, causing an enraged Emmy to lunge towards the controversial superstar. The security in charge with restraining her catches Emmy on his shoulder. Stevens begins to head back up the ramp just as Shayne Adams walks back out from the back. He begins pointing and yelling at Stevens but is halted by the sound of maniacal laughter and the scream of a woman. The laugh is clearly that of Horatio Graves which forces Shayne to turn back around and rush to the back. He disappears behind the curtain for a second before we see him rolling back out. He is followed by Steve Solex. Solex stalks Adams, allowing him to get to his feet. Solex grabs Shayne and flips him over his head and over the edge of the ramp, falling a good 10 feet before crashing to the ground. The camera zooms in on Solex, who looks down at the chaos, mimicking the belt around his waist as the scene fades out to the logo.

Quick Results

Billy the Kid def. Alex Blankmanship via pinfall with a small package.

Horatio Graves def. Robert Starr via pinfall following a Grave Bomb.

Mr. Wrestling VIII def. Scott Rambo via pinfall following a Total Asshole Driver.

Sagrado Excelente def. Yin Yang via submission by way of Double Spark.

"The Scorpion" Scott Stevens def. Senseless via pinfall following a Toxic Sting.

Roscoe Shame def. Shaun Collins via pinfall following Shame Time.

Jett Mason and Steve Rodgers def. Excalibur and Sebastian Moore and Awesome Ass Kickers via pinfall following a Sonic Steve-Driver on Rocky Awesome.

Steve Solex def. Jim Surge via pinfall following a low blow.

Shayne Adams def. "The Marquee" Mason Grant via pinfall.