Posted by Rumor Man Stan

As Ring King draws closer, the upper offices are buzzing. Rumors are flying that the card itself, which was all but set a few weeks ago during the UTA's weekly podcast, may not be as set as many would hope for this close to the pay per view.

With the change of Bobby Dean now taking on Cayle Murray instead of Rhys Townsend at Proving Grounds, many are wondering why we will not be seeing any combination of Sanctus, Murray, and Thorpe in the ring at the same time during the PPV.

Sources are saying that the story, which has been hot since these three men hit the scene, is planned to be centered around after Ring King as the UTA goes on it's international tour.

There is also the question of the one remaining Chamber match spot and two remaining Ace in the Hole matches. Originally reported, the final four in the Ring King tournament may be spread out between these spots. However, new reports are saying that management is looking to spice the PPV up by potentially including some of the talent not yet booked at all.

Bronson Box
Cecilworth Farthington
Colton Thorpe

Where do these three stand? Could they in fact be the ones who take the spots that are open leaving either Alex Beckman, CBR, Abdul bin Hussain, or Will Haynes to meet in a Ring King tournament rematch with a contendership spot on the line?

All that is for certain is after Ring King the landscape of the UTA will never be the same again.