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The UTA was live from the Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, IA last night in front of a 3/5 sold out and red hot crowd.

Log Habben and Peyton von Licht opened up the show. Habben escape the ring everytime Licht attempted to get him. Finally, Peyton made a leap of faith from the apron to the outside catching Log. Just when it seem Licht was going to get the win, Habben caught him with a knockout punch to get the win.

Chance Von Crank came to the ring next with Johnny Legend in tow. Crank alluded to how every time someone comes in and is given the world, their heads get to big and they are gone. But not the Shock 'n' Rolla.

No, the Trailer Park Prodigy is still here and he ain't going nowhere. Not even with the obstacles put in his way. At that, he looked at Legend who had been assigned to him recently. cVc went on to say he didn't agree with Johnny's personal life, but he appreciated that he was with him and helped at WRESTLESHOW.

The fans started getting into the promo when Crank turned it around on them, berating Iowa in general as well as the fans. Their cheers turned to heat as Legend stood, arms crossed and nodding in agreement as Crank talked.

Lucius Jones came out to interrupt Crank saying how The Doctor is here to throw some love to the crowd. Crank pointed out how Jones may be bigger than him, and may be loved by the fans, but he would sure whip his big ass if he came into the ring.

Jones rushed down the ramp and slid into the ring where cVc and Legend began stomping him before he could get up. Kirk Irving ran down to make the save, turning it into our next match.

Legend looked good for not being in a match in over a year. It was funny watching him work while dressed in a suit. Legend and Irving was magic in the ring. But it was when a double hot tag was made that Jones and Crank hit the ring and the fireworks went off. The match ended in disqualification when Legend introduced a chair to the match. Overall, very hot tag match that went almost thirty minutes.

Next out was Marcus Corbin for a match with Frank Dylan James. James came out, chair in hand with shades of the last WRESTLESHOW. The match ended with FDJ mangling Corbin, getting the pin, then pulling him out of the ring and down the ramp as he did Howard King the Sunday before.

IM Hate and Yoshii was next. The crowd was electric. Hate had trouble getting control of the big man from Japan. Just when all hope was thought gone, Hate's tag partner for the upcoming WRESTLESHOW, Chance Von Crank, rushed down. The match was called in Yoshii's favor for a DQ. Afterwards Hate just stared at Crank for costing him the match. Crank said he couldn't have his upcoming partner squashed flat like a pancake before the show.

It appeared they had a mutual respect before leaving the ring.

Madman Szalinski came out and talked about his upcoming debut against Dr. EMO, the respect he has for the former champion. But he said when the bell sounds, he will bring the madness. EMO came out and said he's looking for the match as well, that he hopes Madman is ready.

At that, the UTA Champion came out. There was a lot of heat for Abdul bin Hussain. He said that neither man in the ring deserved to share the same building with him, nor have the infidels in the crowd cheer for them.

Hussain said he is looking forward to when Dr. EMO gets his rematch as he will make him Pray to Allah again. This lead into an impromptu non-title match for the main event between Dr. EMO and Abdul bin Hussain. Madman Szalinski stayed on the outside in EMO's corner.

This match was just as good if not better than their previous matches with EMO really getting a lot of the spotlight. However, the champion caught EMO with an in ring Pray to Allah.

As Abdul went for the pin, Madman jumped on the apron. Hussain leaped up and shot forward. As he went to knock madman off of the apron, Szalinski dropped to the floor. Abdul yelled at him from in the ring. As he turned around EMO shot forward with an Uber Kick, catching Hussain and then getting the win.

The fans went nuts. Szalinski headed into the ring to celebrate with EMO, but was caught with an Uber Kick as well. EMO said he respected Szalinski, but he didn't need his help and he would see him on WRESTLESHOW.

This closed the show out with Dr. EMO standing on top.