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As the stream begins to play, a studio band begins to play an instrumental version of My Dick by Mickey Avalon. The camera pans across a small studio audience who are clapping and cheering before zooming across the Late Night D stage, resting on it.

Through the curtains, Dick Fury comes out, note cards in hand. The studio claps even more as he rocks a nice white suit set topped off with a red shirt. Dick raises his hands to quiet the audience, smiling as he stands.

Fury: Thank you, thank you. It's always good knowing how much everybody loves Dick!

Finally the clapping subsides as Dick adjust the cards.

Fury: Welcome everybody to another episode of Late Night D!

More clapping before Dick raises his hand to quiet them.

Fury: Tonight Dick has a very special guest. But first... your late night top ten...

Dick briefly glances at the note cards before lowering his hands and thrusting his hips out while pointing to his crotch area. More clapping. Dick gives a cheesy grin before pulling the cards back up to read them.

Fury: The category tonight, the top ten reasons why Sean Jackson will be the next person to leave Dynasty.

The fans hoot and holler. Dick quiets them down.

Fury: Number ten...

He looks at the card.

Fury: He will get tired of carrying La Flama Blanca's bags for him.

A loud oooohhhhhhhh comes over the crowd.

Fury: Number nine... He will realize that he has more talent than Kendrix and Mikey Unlikely combined, yet half of the screen time.

The fans give another shocked reaction that Dick would say that.

Fury: Number eight...

Dick flips through the cards.

Fury: Kathryn Velmont Thomas will call him out of the blue, tell him she needs a little sexercise, and he'll leave off to be with her.

The fans laugh.

Fury: The number seven reason why Sean Jackson will leave Dynasty next... he will get tired of La Flama Blanca being champion, and decide it's time to take back what is his.

Dick smirks.

Fury: Number six on tonight's list... Sean Jackson will be the next to leave Dynasty because he's The Machine's number one fan.

The fans cheer.

Fury: On a side note, he's also One Direction's number one fan.


Fury: The number five reason that Jackson will be next to leave... After a lot of non speaking, he decides he would be better as a mime and leaves to start his new career.

The fans chuckle.

Fury: Number four on tonight's list, Sean Jackson will become addicted to CBR's pain killers and also disappear off to rehab only to come back and no one care, much like CBR.

Fans are taken back once again.

Fury: What? Too soon? OK, since everyone here is so sensitive, the number three reason should put the feel goods and hugs back in you... Sean Jackson will leave Dynasty because... no one remembers him anyway, with all of the focus on others in the group.

A bit of a mixed reaction from the crowd.

Fury: The number two reason.. the other members will simply turn on him and he will be apart of a beat down at Ring King.

Dick looks at the crowd and shrugs.

Fury: The number one reason why Sean Jackson will be the next person to leave Dynasty... because that's what the fans want!

The fans cheer and clap as Dick throws the cards out toward them before turning and heading around his desk and sitting down.

He adjust himself, taking a sip from the mug filled with what we can only suspect is Irish coffee his assistant had prepared for him. As he sits the mug down, he nods off screen as if saying that this is good.

Fury: Thank you everybody for coming to see Dick tonight. He has a very special guest joining him shortly. This guest owner of the United Toughness Alliance. He's also a former pro wrestler and, well, Dick's uncle...

The fans make some noise. Dick raises his hand to calm them down.

Fury: Mr. Matt Fury Jr himself.. James Wingate.

Some claps and cheers, but plenty of boos from the crowd.

Fury: That's right.. Coming right up is the United Toughness Alliance's own head honcho... James Wingate.

Cheers, claps, and a few boos as Dick turns and looks into the camera.

Fury: We'll be right back with James Wingate. Don't go anywhere.


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As we return to the show the fans clap and Dick holds his hand up.

Fury: Alright ladies and gentlemen lets bring out the United Toughness Alliance owner, James Wingate!

He stands up and claps as a stage hand assist James to the stage to the stage. Dick shakes Jame's hand and motions for him to have a seat. As he does, the fans continue to clap.

Fury: Welcome to the show James.

Wingate: No problem Rich, Glad to be here. How's your mother doing?

Fury: She''s doing good... and it's Dick. Not Rich.

James just smiles.

Wingate: Always in character. That's why I like you.

Fury: Tonight on Late Night D, Dick wanted to do something a little different since we have you, the top guy, the brass, the head honcho. Tonight Dick wanted to pull the curtain back a little bit for the fans. Maybe have you answer some of their questions.

Wingate: Sure. Ask anything.

Fury: Well, how about the UTA. Almost two years ago, a lot of money, and some court battles, you finally were awarded sole ownership. Now, almost two years later, the promotion that returned at a county fair is about to embark on an international tour.

James just laughs.

Wingate: Well, I actually started the process about five years ago. I want to get something straight, the UTA itself, the brand and assets, have always been there. Little known fact, it was my father's parent company that operated DREAM between 2009 and 2012.

Dick nods.

Wingate: When Eddie Peterson Sr. passed away in 2004, my dad joined with a few other mainstays of the promotion to purchase it.

Fury: Are you able to say who?

Wingate: Well, Scott Bloodwell, Todd Minshew, Ron Hall, and Jason Whiteside to be specific.

Fury: Crimson Lord, The Spectre, Hall, and Jason Blackfront basically?

Wingate: Yes. All five of them took over the UTA brand, contracts, and everything. The problem they had was with everything they needed, the television deal expired and the relationship had always been with Eddie.

Fury: So, the UTA had to go to another station?

James laughs.

Wingate: They would have loved to. But, even with the ratings and proven history, no one would touch the promotion. It traveled for a while, but revenue wasn't enough to cover the contracts and debts. Business you know?

Fury: Yea.

Wingate: In 2008, my father was able to purchase the DREAM brand from Darren Crouse.

Fury: One of the top wrestling promotions for quite some time.

Wingate: Yes. Well, selling the idea of resurrecting DREAM was a lot easier than getting the UTA back on television. Bringing in talent from the original DREAM as well as those still under contract to the UTA, and some independent superstars, DREAM took off in 2009.

Fury: So DREAM, was basically UTA, with a new name?

Wingate: Yes and no. It was a beautiful marriage of both promotions as well as the inclusion of one of my father's other ventures, the United States Wrestling League.

Fury: Where did the other guys fit in?

Wingate: Minshew, Bloodwell, and Hall cashed out, selling their portions to my dad early on. Right after the deal was finalized, he was in the wreck.

Fury: The one that took his life.

Wingate: Yes. Jason took over the day to day operation of DREAM with Mark Zylbert.

Fury: DREAM was very successful, with a lot of major stars coming through the doors. But it only operated for a year, what happened?

Wingate: Well, I did I guess I'd say. The plan was I'd take my father's share and come in, promoting with Jason. There was some stuff with some other holding companies that wouldn't release anything to me or my mother. It was bad. Either way, Jason put his money toward fighting it with me, and quite frankly, DREAM was a casualty of that.

Fury: It all just stopped.

Wingate: Yea. Jason and I decided we'd fight it tooth and nail, and when we had full rights and assets, we'd resume. My father was a smart business man and had enough funds that if it could get released, we could pick back up where we left off.

Fury: It was what, about a four year court battle?

Wingate: Yea, it almost bankrupted Jason and the parent company itself, but we finally won.

Fury: Then the UTA returned?

Wingate: The very moment I had control of the assets and brand I booked a show. Yes, it was a fair, but we wanted to say Hey, we're back and do it, you know?

Fury: Why the UTA and not DREAM?

Wingate: It was just natural. The parent company actually has access to quite a few well know brands.But the UTA is what I grew upm with. It's what made Jason a known name. We figured we are going to go for broke and why not do it where it started?

Fury: Does Jason still have a stake in the company?

Wingate: Actually, no. He stepped down and sold his share. He wanted to return to his roots and do what he enjoys.

Fury: Speaking of Jason, why Blackfront and not Whiteside?

James laughs.

Wingate: People in this industry change their names when moving between promotions. he had as well, and it just stuck.

Fury: How hard was it to expand the UTA? In two short years it is once again the global leader in sports entertainment.

Wingate: Things just fell into place and I have a great team. We put out great shows and the fans buy tickets. It's really all about the fans.

Dick looks through his cars.

Fury: Dick wanted to do some word association.

Wingate: Sounds good.

Fury: Dick will say a word, you just say the first thing that pops into your mind.

Wingate: Got it.

Fury: Champion.

Wingate: La Flama Blanca.

Fury: Future Star.

Wingate: Colton Thorpe.

Fury: Underrated.

Wingate: Lew Smith.

Fury: Overrated.

Wingate: Eric Dane.

Fury: Dynasty.

Wingate: Fading.

Fury: Machine.

Wingate: Are they even still a thing?

Fury: High Octane Wrestling.

James laughs.

Wingate: Dead.

Fury: Madman Szalinski.

Wingate: Fake.

Dick puts a finger up.

Fury: Dick would like to spend a moment on this actually.

Wingate: Sure.

Fury: Madman was undeniably the face of the company all last year. Former champion, the hottest thing in the UTA. What happened?

Wingate: Well, Madman Szalinski the character... the brand... is a very marketable brand. I proved that by how over I got him and his dog. Jeremy the guy behind the mask? The guy needs help.

Fury: Dick never had any real interactions with him.

Wingate: Look, at the end of the day if you are believing you are your character to the point you are having delusions, you need help. His attitude was crap, his work ethic terrible, and he refused to take responsibilities for his actions. I should have fired him a long time ago.

Fury: Why didn't you?

Wingate: Like I said, his character was marketable. That's all. I couldn't secure the rights to it, I tried, but couldn't. Finally, I just cut ties.

Fury: What is he doing now?

Wingate: I heard he's trying to sell old ring gear, unsuccessfully, and also taking money to do Skype chats with fans doing God knows what on them.

Fury: Fair enough. Last word... Ron Hall.

James smirks.

Wingate: Irrelevant.

Dick smiles.

Fury: Well, thank you for that.

Wingate: No problem.

Fury: We have some fan questions now, if you'd like to take some?

Wingate: Of course!

Fury: these were taken from Twitter as well as submitted on the website in preparation for this show.

Wingate: Shoot.

Fury: The first question comes from Megan in Pittsburgh, she wants to know what your deal with Amy Harrison was on Victory?

Wingate: Harrison is a great talent. Was the perfect situation to utilize her skills and get the upper hand on Hall.

Fury: Bill in Jersey wants to know, what is on your Netflix que?

James laughs.

Wingate: Orange is the new black is what I am catching up on now.

Fury: Jon from Australia wants to know, what is your deal with Ron Hall?

Wingate: Beside the super kicking me, what else do I need?

Fury: Well, it did seem there was some legit heat there.

Wingate: Hall is a joke. He plays this good guy standing up for the fans, when in reality he is only out for himself. He didn't kick me for the fans, he did it to try and become relevant again. Just how he tried to use my father to be relevant. I gave him what he wants, a marquee match at the pay per view.

Fury: You haven't been in the ring for a couple of years, aren't you nervous?

Wingate: Not at all.

James looks at the camera.

Wingate: I'm so confident that when that match is over, that I will be the winner that I will put it all on the line.

Fury: In what regards?

Wingate: Hall, I know you're watching. Hoping I'll talk about you, say your name, make you feel important. So listen very closely.. When I beat you at Ring King, you will leave the UTA for good and never step foot into an UTA ring again.

The fans gasp.

Fury: What if somehow he beats you?

James laughs.

Wingate: If Ron Hall somehow beats me, which he wont, I'll leave TV for good.

The fans cheer.

Fury: Wow. So basically career versus career?


Fury: Well, you know Dick wants you to succeed.

Wingate: I will. It wont even be close because when i get my hand son Hall, I'm going to break him. Physically, mentally, completely.

Dick nods before looking at his cards again.

Fury: The final thing before we go tonight, the fans want to know... what was the deal with Dynasty?

James smirks.

Wingate: Alright. Well, about three months ago...

Wingate's eyes grow large and he quickly stands up. Dick pushes back from his desk, standing up as well.

Wingate: YOU!

Fury: This isn't your show. You want to be a guest, call Dick's assistant.

Ron Hall steps into the screen wearing jeans, a black Hall shirt, and his hat. His wrist are taped and he looks ready to fight.

Wingate: You just don't know when to stay away, do you?

He takes off his jacket, tossing it behind the couch.

Hall: Why wait until Ring King? Lets do this now!

Ron grabs his hat, throwing it off screen toward the fans. He and James step closer as Dick runs around his desk, getting between them.

Fury: Not here, in the ring!

Ron takes a step back before coming forward, throwing a leg up and catching Dick under the chin with a superkick. As he does, James brings a boot up, catching him in the gut. He shoves his head between his legs and lifts him up, turning toward Dick's desk.

James sends Hall down into the desk hard, his body going limp as it hits before he rolls to the floor

Wingate: It's OK Hall! You want more before Ring King? Come get it! I can powerbomb you all day long!

James steps over Ron, grabbing the desk edges on the other side, before pulling it over, making the desk front fall on top of Hall. The fans boo as James throws his arms up and yells at Ron as the show fades to black.