Posted by Rumor Man Stan

The UTA has today announced the signing of 31-year-old grappler Cayle Murray to en exclusive, full-time deal. 

Joining countrymen Bronson Box and Lamond Alexander Robertson as the UTA's third Scotsman, Cayle is the brother of revered GCW Hall of Famer Andy Murray. He has not appeared in a major North American promotion since a brief 2006 run in the PTC-affiliated FUSE federation, and was most recently seen competing in Japan's Tokyo Pro Wrestling as part of the Pulse tag team.

Though his resume isn't as padded as his esteemed brother's, Cayle does bring considerable intrigue to the UTA roster. Returning to the indy circuit after leaving FUSE, he quickly shed his "big league washout" reputation with a series of wildly-entertaining match-ups throughout 2006 and 2007.

With his prodigious talent, flashy-but-violent moveset and magnetic charisma, Cayle was one of indy wrestling's "must see" attractions as the decade closed. Slowly, however, his appearances grew increasingly sporadic. He grew picky and more particular about the companies he'd work for and bookings he'd accept.

By 2012, Cayle was spending more and more time in Japan, and would often go several months without wrestling in North America. He became a near-mythical presence on the independent circuit, appearing only a handful of times each year, often without warning. Regardless, his reputation ensured there was always a platform for his skills, and a paycheque waiting for him whenever he felt like showing-up.

Given all of this, his UTA signing comes as a huge surprise. Cayle's motivations are unclear at this point, and he couldn't be reached for comment, but everything should soon become clear. Expect more to hear from Cayle Murray imminently.