Posted by Rumor Man Stan

There is a story coming out of UTA headquarters that Chris Hopper tweaked an old neck issue during his Black Horizon match against CBR. This is a difficult injury for most wrestlers, let alone someone who is now past age 40. The severity is unknowna nd UTA has not pulled Hopper from his booked match next week against Perfection in Round One of the Ring King.

The assumption inside UTA headquarters is that Hopper will work the match with Perfection in the safest way possible before publicly announcing he is stepping away to rehab and get healthy. The true fear is that Hopper, who was gaining momentum in the power rankings, may not be able to recover properly to perform to the level he desires and he may retire if rehab is not as successful as hoped.

We will keep you all apprised, but do not be surprised if Hopper's first match on Victory his last.