Posted by Rumor Man Stan

Shortly after Wrestleshow went off of the air, a note was sent out that James Wingate has changed a match made on the show for Black Horizon.

He has announced that CBR and Chris Hopper will no longer be apart of the Shock Therapy match announced at Wrestleshow, but will meet one on one in their own version of the devastating structure at Black Horizon.

When we reached out to James Wingate for a comment, he had this to say:

"In a heat of the moment, I made a hasty decision. CBR and Chris Hopper DO have a score tio settle, but so do Abdul bin Hussain and John Sektor. There is plenty of time for them to settle it with others. With that being said, I found it only fitting I make it two separate Shock Therapy matches.

Black Horizon will be the most electrifying show of 2015."

While this makes sense, we must wonder with Mike Best and Perfection in Mr. Wingate's ear, how much of it was his reasoning and how much of it was others protecting the interest of their faction members?