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Conclusion to The Spawn Arc

Its late evening at crowded bar in Orlando, just a few miles away from the UTA WrestleZone.  Waitresses hurriedly weave around tables.  Bartenders deftly mix together cocktails for a throng of eager patrons.  Tucked away, in the back corner of the establishment, are members of the Spawn – Crimson Lord, Gaze, Mr. Fantastic and Ron Hall.  Gaze and Crimson are sitting in a booth, quietly talking to each other, while Fantastic and Hall are standing several feet away around a hi-top table.

Crimson: Why did I let Fantastic talk me into coming here?

Gaze:  Love, its a new day.  I am glad you three are finally seeing eye to eye now.  Hey take a look I took it upon myself to get you away from all the people.  See a nice dark corner.

Crimson: You do know me all too well beloved.

Gaze gets up from her chair and sits in his lap her arms around his neck with a smile.  He tilts his head to the right and his eyes look toward her.

Crimson:  I am worried about you though.  You have been acting strange as of late.

Gaze: How so?

Crimson:  I don’t know for one why the need for your mallet?  

A evil grin looks toward him.

Gaze:  You told me I changed for the worse a few weeks back.

She gets close to him and whispers in his ear.

Gaze:  Well, you want the old me back…’re going to get her back.

Crimson’s eyes widened.

Crimson:  How delightful, the early years of the UTA; Lady Gaze!

She slowly backs her face from him and stares blankly at him.

Gaze:  Further back love…

Crimson raises an eyebrow.

Crimson:  You don’t mean?

Devilishly she shakes her head.

Meanwhile, Fantastic and Hall are in mid discussion when a waitress comes by to deliver drinks.

Waitress: OK, so I’ve got one Coke and one gin and tonic.

Fantastic: Yes, dear.  And, please, make sure you don’t mix those up.  If I drink that soda by mistake I will lose my mind!

Hall: Whatever, dude.  Hey, pick up that glass of poison you’re sipping on and let’s toast.

Fantastic: OK.  What are we toasting to?

Hall: How about a toast to burying a fifteen year old hatchet?

Fantastic: Sounds good.  Salud!

Both men tap their glasses and take a sip

Fantastic: Of course, you do realize that before that match went to crap, I had you beat, right?

Hall: Really?  You sure you don’t need a concussion test?  From what I remember, you didn’t have a whole lot left in the tank when that match ended.  Maybe you need to fit in a little more training at your wrestling school.

Fantastic: I think I had plenty left…especially to beat a guy who lost to the company janitor.

Hall: Hey that was your doing remember?

Fantastic: Joking!  It’s a joke, man.  You know, you’d find it a lot more funny if you had more of what I was drinking.

Ron: (Downs half the Coke in one gulp) I've got my reasons.

Fantastic: Some day you'll need to explain them but not tonight. (Slaps Ron on the back and raised his glass) To a new beginning!

Ron: (Smiles and raises his) To a new beginning!  

A toast and another sip

Gaze notices Ron and Fantastic at the bar and motions them over.  She looks toward Crimson, raising her index finger to him.

Gaze:  Now remember you buried the hatchet with them.  This is a new day for The Spawn.  Socialize love, like I know you can.

Ron and Fantastic are making idol chat about something as they walk over to the table.  Fantastic sits down across from Gaze, Ron sits across from Crimson Lord.  

Ron: (Playfully) You two plan on sitting here all night?

Gaze: (Ignores him) We're ready to talk gentlemen?

Ron and Fantastic nod in agreement.

Fantastic: We're all in?

Ron: I am if you two are.

Crimson Lord: We are Love? (Gaze doesn't answer, she's intently staring at Fantastic’s Hall of Fame ring.)

Pokes Gaze

Crimson Lord: Gaze?

Gaze: Oh I'm sorry guys. I was just admiring Fantastic’s ring. (Looks at Ron) Why don't you have yours with you?

Ron: My mom has it. It's the only memento from my career she ever asked me for. She has it in a lock box. Jewelry isn't really my thing.

Fantastic: Why don't you have one? You were inducted with him (pointing at Lord) weren't you?

Gaze hangs her head and looks away in silence for a moment.  Ron and Fantastic both see Lord waving them off about this line of questions. The reality hits both of them in a second.

Ron: (Surprised) You're kidding me right?

Gaze shakes her head.

Fantastic: You were just as much a part of all this as we were.

Gaze hops off Crimson’s lap.  Her head down she responds.

Gaze:  I am going to the ladies room.

The three of them watch her leave.  

Fantastic:  So are you going to explain this to us?

Crimson grabs his his glass of Merlot.  He sips on it for a minute before setting it down.

Crimson:  She never got a ring.

Ron: (Still surprised at the revelation) You're kidding me right? Why not?

Crimson takes another swig of his merlot. Slowly shaking his head toward them.  Gaze comes back and sits in the chair next to Crimson. Crimson puts his arm around her.

Crimson:  Now what is this meeting all ab…

Gaze interrupts him.

Gaze:  Dark Angel….Dark Angel….

Fantastic:  I remember her MynDKrYmE’s wife right?

Gaze nods at him.  She slowly shakes her head in disgust.

Gaze:  That bitch got a ring!

Ron and Fantastic look at each other then look back at her. Gaze continues to stare at her glass of merlot.

Gaze:  Then their were people in this company that CLAIM they were the first Lady of the UTA!

She quickly looks up at them.

Gaze: What am I chopped liver!

Ron begins to see that they need to change the subject and quickly tries to do so.

Ron: Ok, trying to change the subject here... What do we do about "him" when he shows up?

Fantastic: (Checking out a waitress and not paying a lot of attention. Suddenly he feels 3 sets of eyes on him and) Who is "him"?

Crimson Lord: (Not happy with the way this night has been going so far) HIM!! Your buddy!

Fantastic: (Realizes who they're talking about) Him... We're a democracy here guys. What say you three?

Ron: Out.

Crimson: HELL NO!

Gaze remains on her Hall of Fame ring topic.

Gaze: That bitch... She never even got into the ring! I got super kicked by you (points at Ron) slammed by you! (Points at Fantastic) got kissed by both of you!! (Ron and Fantastic both realize the best to do right here is to shut up and just let her get it out) I helped you become World Champion my love... and when it came time to be recognized do you remember what those ingrates told me!?!

Ron calmly nudges Fantastic and leans over

Ron: You're better with women, you ask her...

Gaze: I am not a wrestler!  Since when does a Lady have to wrestle! I earned my spot in that Hall of Fame and Wingate’s whole damn family just sat there and forsake me!  Oh but Dark Angel was inducted, and her decrepit husband who Crimson crippled numerous times.  Hobbled his old decrepit ass up to that podium to receive his ring with his whore of a wife!

Gaze screams.

Gaze:  I am getting a refill!

Gaze storms off

Crimson: Thanks fellas, I've gotta go home with her tonight remember?

Ron: Don't blame us. You married her remember?

Fantastic: Back to the topic at hand... We're all in agreement for right now? He's...

Crimson: I have no desire, to associate myself with a man that let all the backstage bull shit get into his head.  So what does he do acts like a bitch and leaves the company!  Only to come back and forget who the hell he is to conform to this (uses his fingers giving a quotation mark sign) “new generation”.

Ron: Do I really have to mention why I don't want him in?  

Fantastic and Lord:  No

Fantastic: I feel like I've been stabbed in the back by him. He badgered, pestered and wouldn't relent. He gave me this big spheel about doing the right thing and then..

Gaze returns, refill in hand

Gaze: (not missing a beat as she sits down)  He turned tail and ran?

The three of them look at her surprised.

Gaze: (Takes a sip) I heard quite a bit of what you three said and no I don't want that sack of shit back in with us either.  It's almost like no one cares or pays attention. (looks at Ron) We haven't heard your nickname on t.v. In a while and...

Ron: Can we please not go down that rabbit trail? Otherwise I am going to need a drink.

Fantastic: It's true though. We're all afterthoughts right now. What mentions do we get on TV? None. Does anyone remember the fact that without the three of us in particular there wouldn't be a UTA? No. (Slams his cup down)

Gaze: (looks at Ron) Don't tell me you're happy being Prodigy champion. I know all three of you, and all of you would rather have the World title.

Ron: I'm a little frustrated with where I'm at, but I think we all are. It just seems like we're off the street and trying to prove ourselves all over again.  I beat Kush for the title and there was no mention of it on TV. A few passing words on the internet... My nieces and nephews didn't know about it until I came home with the belt.

Crimson: The same meaningless matches...

Ron: The same meaningless feuds....

Fantastic: The same run around...  Almost like if we want this to change...

The three of them look at each other and the epiphany hits them

Gaze: (For them) The three of you have to do it yourselves?

Crimson takes a sip of his merlot once more and stares at the wine rippling in the glass.

Crimson:  Do we really need to go down this path...AGAIN!

Three of them look at him. Crimson sets his drink on the table. He looks at Gaze in a very calm matter.

Crimson:  They seem to recognize me more than..

Looks at Ron and Fantastic.

Crimson:  You two.  Now I am not planning to put her, through all this meangless bull shit the three of us endured the last few months again.  Maybe its the alcohol talking, but our little internal battle between the three of us did get a lot of media attention.  

Ron:  You have a point, I can’t remember the last time Dynasty was mentioned when people talk about Victory or Wrestleshow.

Gaze seems to disagree.

Gaze:  No its not the drinks, its the truth!  What do I have to have, another nervous breakdown again to get any sort of attention in this fucking company!  You three better think long and hard about this!  

Gaze slams her fist on the table shaking the glasses.

Gaze:  It is time for us The Spawn to be remembered again!  This is not about Dynasty, or WTFC or any other pathetic stable in this company!  We are the ones with the history WE are the ones that deserve the RESPECT we have not been getting!

Fantastic tries to calm Gaze down.

Fantastic:  Take it easy Gaze..

Gaze interrupts Fantastic.

Gaze:  You see right there,  I have let these meatbags call me that!

Crimson widens his eyes and quickly grabs his drink.  Fantastic and Ron look at each other confused.

Gaze:  I am Lady Gaze!  It s not just Gaze absolute disrespect and I am guilty for letting it get this far.  No more!

She throws her hands up as all three remain silent.

Gaze:  When you three realize this and come to terms with it let me know!  Otherwise I am going to try and enjoy myself this evening.  Crimson let's  dance…

Crimson slowly lowers the glass from his mouth and slowly shakes his head.

Crimson:  No, I am fine right where I am.

Gaze: Humpf!

Gaze walks off and joins in on the patrons dancing.

Fantastic: So what do we do now?

Ron: Other than leave her alone? (looking at Crimson) What do we (Starts snapping his fingers in front of C.L. Like he wants his attention)

Crimson: (focusing on his wife). Wha? What did you need Ron?

Ron: We're trying to figure out where we're going... (Voice trails off as he realizes that Lord isn't paying attention)

Ron and Fantastic whisper to each other for a few moments, Fantastic waves his hand in front of Lord's face

Crimson: (still watching his wife on the floor) Whatever you guys want to do I'm all for it.

Ron and Fantastic look at each other intently for a second

Ron and Fantastic: DUDE!

Crimson: (suddenly snaps out of it) Guys I'm paying attention. What were you saying?

Fantastic: No you're not, you haven't stopped looking at your wife since she went to the floor. Maybe you should go join her?

Crimson: Yes, Fantastic I am all in.

Ron: He never even said that! Will you just go out there already!? We can talk about this later.

A man starts to come up and dance with Gaze.  Crimson’s eyes widened when she starts dancing with him

Fantastic: (turns towards Ron as they watch out of the corner of their eyes) Now, let me explain to you why Golden State is going to win the NBA Finals this year.

Ron: You really think they'll beat Cleveland?

Crimson finally gets up from his chair.

Ron:  Hey where are you going?

Crimson looks toward Ron.

Crimson:  People to kill!

Crimson storms off toward his wife.

Fantastic:  That didn't sound good.

Ron:  Ya, think! (Ron and Fantastic are both up and out of their seats in a hurry realizing how bad this could get and how fast)

Crimson reaches his wife and shoves the man off of her.

Man: HEY!

The man turns around and comes face to face with Crimson’s stomach he slowly looks upward at a fuming Crimson Lord.

Gaze:  Love, calm down we were just dancing.

Fantastic and Ron have reached the dance floor and try to calm Crimson down.  He is quickly looking around as everyone has stopped dancing staring at him frightened.

Crimson:  Come on someone try something!

Fantastic:  Take it easy Crimson.

Ron looks toward the waitress

Ron:  Check please.

End of scene