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The UTA was live from the Richmond Coliseum in Richmond, VA last night in front of a sold out and red hot crowd.

Chance Von Crank opened the show, coming out to a small pop from the fans whom though he was gone from the company. Crank explained there was no getting rid of the Shock 'N Rolla. The fans were ecstatic. However, CVC being CVC, that was going to do as he promptly went into tearing down Richmond.

As boos finally began to ring out, Al Envy came out to challenge Crank and let Richmond know they were alright in his books.

This lead to Chance Von Crank versus Al Envy. The match itself was great. These two men really know each other well now in the ring and it shows. The match itself went to a double count out after they took it outside of the ring. If their match on WRESTLESHOW is anything as good as this, fans are in for a treat.

Log Habben took on Corbin in the next match. Habben has really shown growth since signing and it shows. The two went twelve minutes and the match ended when Log hit his finisher for the three count.

Madman Szalinski came to the ring and cut a promo on how the UTA isn't ready for the madness. Frank Dylan James and the two unknown men of The James Clan appeared at the top of the stage.

James spoke of madness and how Madman Szalinski knew nothing of true madness. As the three men began walking toward the ring, Kirk Irving stepped out to a loud pop.

He said that madman isn't cleared to compete tonight, but he sure is and if FDJ wants to bring his special kind of madness to the ring, then he will be glad to step in.

Kirk Irving versus Frank Dylan James started off strong as Madman Szalinski and the two unknown men stayed outside of the ring. Of course, order couldn't be kept and an altercation led to all three being removed from ringside. In the ring, Irving showed he was in fact 100% after his iPPV injury scare.

Irving went for his spear set up, but FDJ was too smart and dropped to the mat, rolling out. As he backed up the ramp, James smiled at Irving with a crazy look, pointing to his head to say he was smarter. Irving took the win by count out but looked as if he has a score to settle.

Howard King was out next. He said that he is tired of people like The Jokers Wild interfering in his affairs and tonight he was going to show them why they were no-talent wannabes.

This lead to Scotty Addams and Frank Washington coming out. They spoke of how they would not demean King, even though his words were less than flattering, but how King was what was wrong with the business.

The Jokers Wild aren't interfering with anyone, they are protecting the industry from those whom make it look poor such as King and his actions, his words.

Howard King told them to bring it which led to King versus Washington, with Scotty Addams on the outside. After a pretty good match with a few big spots, Frank Washington got the win over Howard King. The fans were really into this and more on The Jokers Wild side than ever.

You should note, like the last live event, Drew Stevenson was not out with his stable mates. You've got to wonder how this will reflect with the fans, whom have been supporting The Jokers Wild as of late, when he does return.

Lucius Jones went over Peyton Von Licht in the next match, which was quick. The fans were strongly behind The Doctor, whom had been in the area all week promoting the event.

Ian Michaels Hate came out and said he wasn't waiting until WRESTLESHOW to debut, and that he was going to destroy Jones. The Doctor accepted the challenge, and this lead into his second match against IM Hate.

Hate controlled most of the match, but the fans were loud for Jones. Almost as his personal 12th man, the fan support brought Lucius Jones back whom was able to overcome IM Hate and gain his second victory of the night. The roof about came off at this one.

In the main event of the night, Dr. EMO had a non-title match against Abdul bin Hussain in a preview of the booked match for the upcoming WRESTLESHOW.

The match was the hottest of the nights with chants of USA leading the way. However, in the final moments, Dr. EMO went for an Uber Kick which Hussain sidestepped and tripped him up.

EMO hit the ground and Abdul bin Hussain locked in the Arms of Allah. EMO couldn't reach the ropes. The fans were booing like crazy as Hussain applied more pressure. It was too much and Dr. EMO tapped out.

The fans threw items into the ring as Hussain celebrated. He dropped to his knees and praised Allah as Dr. EMO sit in the corner, watching, holding onto his championship and worrying about the upcoming title match.

Hussain grabbed a mic and told the infidels to prepare to praise Allah when he wins the title on WRESTLESHOW. This set the crowd off even more as they began chanting USA! USA! USA! Abdul bin Hussain hated it, holding his ears and pleading for them to shut up.

As he cringed, he turned around just in time to receive a picture perfect Uber Kick from Dr. EMO. The champion stood over an unconscious Abdul bin Hussain, holding his title and saying that would not happen again to send the fans home happy.