Posted by Rumor Man Stan

During the main event of Victory XXVII, Bechdel Kush was seriously injured after The Second Coming reversed Kush's signature Envergado kick into a powerbomb. Replay footage from the event shows Kush landing awkwardly on her neck, and then not moving. Medical crew rushed to the ring and carried Kush backstage on a stretcher, where she was immediately taken via ambulance to the Orlando Regional Medical Center.

CT scans reveal cervical fractures to the C3 and C4 vertebrae, as well as severe herniation of the invertebral disk between them. Doctors are discussing treatment options with the Kush family at this time. At the very least, neck surgery will be required in the immediate future, as bone spurs have drifted dangerously close to Kush's spinal cord.

Friends and family report that Kush is awake and, despite a "persistent tingling" in her extremities, is able to feel and move her arms and legs. Doctors are "generally optimistic" about Kush's recovery, however they add that a full recovery will take some time.