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CFE Arena. Orlando Florida. Monday March 30th. Paid Attendance: 10,000
Lamond Robertson beat Travis 16 in 3:14 with The Clansedge
Bobby Dean beat Leyland De Ocho with a sit down splash in 6:27
Lew Smith beat Robot Pete in 6:51 with Heaven's judgement
Joshua Jones beat Uncle Rocky in 8:08 with the Sweet Tooth
Ruster Reno and Pin Smith went to a 15 minute draw
Kendrix and John Sektor went to a no contest in 14:13 after both men were disqualified for a chair that was in the ring.
Doozer beats Abdual Bin Hassan in 17:39 with the Abuser
Hopper beat UTA World Champion Sean Jackson in 27:21 by DQ after a chair shot