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The screen literally flips on, as if a webcam was activated suddenly. That is because it was! In the view, we see "Too Cool" Chris Hopper sitting in a chair at a desk. Chris doesn't look like the same fun-loving guy we've seen most of the time in UTA. He seems sullen. In fact, he is wearing a gray sweatshirt a has a very blank, almost sad expression on his face.

Hopper:  This won't be a terribly long edition of Ice Cold Truth. I....

He pauses. There is real emotional stuff going on inside him for some reason.

Hopper:  I have to assume everybody who would check out the webisode section of the UTA site probably saw what happened during the battle royal last Wrestleshow.

He takes his right hand and rubs his forehead as he bows his head, obviously going through some mental torment.

Hopper:  It happened. I can't take it back. My foot struck Second Coming and sent her over the top rope.

Another pause as he finally lifts his head.

Hopper:  I cannot and will not lay the blame for this solely on Derek Parks. I took the bait. I wanted to make sure that he didn't get the drop on me and attack like he has done so many times before. I'm the one that went for the kick to hit him and I am the one who struck her and sent her reeling out of the ring and the match as well.

He takes a breath.

Hopper:  It was me.

He shakes his head again.

Hopper:  Now we have people out there calling me hypocrite because of what happened....

Before he finishes the next sentence, his voice trails off and he is silent for several seconds as he seems lost for thought. Finally, he snaps back and speaks.

Hopper:  Nobody ever likes to be thought of as a hypocrite, and perhaps this does bear me out as one....but does it really?  It was an accident.

Another pause as he is really struggling to get his thoughts across.

Hopper:  If I had done it on purpose, that is one thing. But this was an accident. I wasn't trying to hit her. It wasn't a diabolical plan hatched by me to make sure she didn't win the battle royal. It just happened...

He looks directly into the camera's view with as serious a look as he possibly can muster.

Hopper:  All I can say is that I am sorry...

A deep breath.

Hopper:  I'm sorry to my fans who are disappointed in what happened. I'm sorry to those who have always believed in me and what I stand for.  But most of all...

He takes both hands and rubs his face, pulling them apart slowly before speaking.]

Hopper:  ...most of all I am sorry to you, Faith. I wished I had never been put in that match to begin with and I will do my best to make it up to you in anyway I can.

He pauses and waves his right hand in almost disgust.

Hopper:  That's it.  I can't talk any more right now.

Chris reaches up and the screen suddenly goes black as if the came was turned off....because it was.