Posted by Rumor Man Stan

According to sources, the UTA has finally had enough of Derek Parks' antics since comign to the UTA. Since joining UTA, Parks has attacked a wrestler backstage unprovoked, in the ring post match, and on the last episode of Wrestleshow he once again tried to cause issues for Chris Hopper, only to end up costing The Second Coming her chance in the AoN battle royal.

The last action was most troubling as the issue Parks had with Hopper were oen thing, but now it has caused locker room issues due to forcing Second Coming out of the match, supposedly sooner than she was "scheduled" to be eliminated. This resulted in Parks gettign into a heated issue backstage with UTA officials, which reportedly got physical.

As of this morning, after a meeting at UTA headuuqarters, it was decided to give Derek Parks his release.

James Wingate was clear that this was not requested by Second Coming or Hopper, but was more because of the effects from his entire appearance last Wrestleshow. Where this leaves the plans for Chris Hopper are in the air as it they were to face off at All or Nothing, but UTA did wish Parks well in his future endeavors.