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Well, there's that. Kush remains the Queen of the Battle Royal in the UTA, and good on her.

Not so good on Chris Hopper and Derek Parks. Their little war caused me to get knocked out. I'm not saying I would've won the match, but it would've been nice to have only had to worry about opponents in the ring.

But the account isn't settled, and Chris Hopper and Derek Parks are going to have to answer for that, sooner or later.

No complaints here, though. #Kushpush lives.

On the small scale, Kush has earned this win and the advantage of entering the ring last. I said it before the Battle Royal and I'll say it again: the Battle Royal was inconsequential in the big picture. If you can't win from number one, you don't deserve to win from number thirty, so the match last night was for ego and bragging rights only.

It's a matter of cosmic irony that the athlete with those bragging rights is the one in the UTA (and potentially in the entirety of the sport) who is the least likely to brag about it.

On the larger scale, last night proved that Leyenda de Ocho is right on the money.

Change The Game.

And we're doing it.

Listen to the fans. Listen to the sport. They are tired of the status quo. They are tired of championships that stagnate because they're never defended.

Fortunately, help is on the way.

The fans deserve to see matches featuring wrestlers that are happy to be there and happy that the fans are there. The fans deserve to see wrestlers who are willing to bust their asses to give them their money's worth.

The fans deserve more than the status quo.

They've got it in part: forty percent of the championships in this company are held by athletes grateful for the opportunities that they've been given. That number is going to increase exponentially at the pay per view.

Am I arrogant enough to claim victory for myself? Of course not.

But I will make two predictions.

Number One, Team 2 Badass 4 A Name will be golden by the end of the night.

Number Two... Team #TROTRASOYS has enough support to change the game the rest of the way.

Because isn't that what it's all about?

I am The Second Coming.