Posted by Rumor Man Stan

Rumors fly of former CWF Headliner coming to UTA

Word has trickled down that CWF Superstar and former Extreme Champion, The Marine, Orobin Thor has been sighted at the World Headquarters of UTA. We do not have confirmation at this time, but if this is true, it means that UTA has aquired the only Trained Killing Machine in wrestling history. 


Anyone who has seen the promotions of the former CWF before it closed its doors has most likely seen this man. He is a former sniper of the Marine Corps and after his discharge from service, trained as a professional wrestler. His trainer... none other than the legendary Undertaker of the WWE. He was a force of destruction within the CWF capturing gold in a matter of weeks of his debut. If the UTA truely has signed The Marine to a contract, then things here in the UTA will get interesting real quick. We shall see what's happens as the weeks progress.