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It's UTA the magazine, back with news and rumors that are fit to print and even some stuff that might not be.

Wrestler of the month:  Gentleman Jack takes the honors by ending CBR's 237 day reign as Legacy Champion. The way titles switch hands today that mark might be the standard for future reigns.

Match of the month: Gentleman Jack vs CBR on January 24th. David Hightower and Doozer's wild brawl from January 17th got strong consideration.

The UTA's house cleaning continues and word is that no one despite their current status is safe.

The UTA is scouring Mexico and Japan to bring in new talent.

Management is said to possibly be looking at a women's division tournament sometime in the near future if some of the girls on Proving Grounds can make it up to the main roster. 

Kush vs M.V.C for the Wildfire title perhaps?

Opinion sure not to be popular: There can only be one "First" of anything and any attempts to scrub or sanitize prior references and bestow the title on someone else for whatever reason isn't right. The fans won't forget and won't allow management to either.

Speaking of Proving Grounds, it wasn't an overall hit in the ratings and management expects things to improve as the show airs regularly.

Opinion sure not to be popular: Proving Grounds can work but UTA management has to find enough dedicated  people so that it can.

David Hightower, Chris Hopper and Doozer are making the most of their opportunities so far. Chances at gold could come their way over the summer if their momentum stays strong.  

Abdul Bin Hussian looks like he's starting to regain the killer instinct that made him UTA champion.

Historic UTA Fact: The longest match in UTA history was between Hall of Famers Mr. Fantastic and the Southern Rebel Ron Hall as the went 95 minutes before the match was ruled a curfew and time limit draw.

The innovative "All or Nothing " match will not only likely see some new champions crowned but also see a few surprises served up as only the UTA can.

Opinion sure not to be popular:  Speaking of titles, it might be time to do away with the UTA tag team titles. Name me the number one contenders. When was the last time the titles were up for grabs and anyone cared that it was a tag team match? The UTA tag team division right now looks like singles guys being put together so they have something to do. If you're going to keep the belts, the tag division needs to be infused with some new blood and fresh rivalries, otherwise the belts look like a secondary prop in a singles feud.

The possibility of having to pull double duty at All or Nothing is not being taken as a big deal in the locker room. There are some who look at it as a badge of honor. There are others who relish the chance for extra exposure on PPV.

Historic UTA Fact: The most in ring appearances in one night belongs to Hall of Famer Mr. Fantastic with 3. It took place at a house show in Andover Maryland, he filled for an opening squash match, took part in a Spawn vs UTA tag match as the Lords of Devistation were unable to make it because of weather and then defended his UTA title against A.C. Smooth in the main event.

The rumor that the UTA hotline is going to put the UTA Magazine out of business is false. They have their sources for news and we do to. Don't be surprised to see co ops between 2 UTA properties going forward.

The Truth might just be the most underrated stable in the UTA today.

The hottest story going around right now is "Who's side is Ron Hall on?"  We all saw that the apparent war between the members of Spawn and the former UTA champion may not be over. Will this push him into Dynasty's ranks or something else all together?

Speaking of the rivalry between Spectre and Sean Jackson, as we saw on Victory, physical "Shock Therapy " took it out of both of them, mentally remains to be seen.

UTA historical fact: The shortest matches in UTA history have all been 3 seconds, Spectre, Crimson Lord, Ron Hall and Matt Fury have all ahnialated an opponent in that short of a span.

That's all for this month, check back after All or Nothing on March 8th for the next issue.