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The UTA was live from the Amarillo Civic Center in Amarillo, TX last night in front of a sold out crowd.

Chance Von Crank with Midget Von Crank came out first and demanded that the Commissioner, Kevin Hawk, get out and explain to him why he ended CVC's chances of becoming the UTA Champion at the iPPV.

Crank grew irritable when no one came out, but was soon caught off guard by the lights going out. When they returned, Crank was being beat down by two unknown men as Frank Dylan James watched on.

Kevin Hawk finally appeared and had the James Clan quit. This set up tonight's semi-main event.

Kirk Irving returned to defeat Brez in singles action. Irving received a huge pop from the crowd.

As Marcus Corbin and Howard King prepared for their match, Scotty Addams and Frank Washington came out.

They ran down the reasons why people like King and Corbin were the worst in the business and how their lack of caring about it hurt the industry and the UTA as a whole. The fans seemed to really be into what was being said, siding with Addams and Washington.

This lead to an impromptu tag match as King and Corbin wanted to combine their efforts to shut the The Jokers Wild up.

Frank Washington and Scotty Addams defeated Marcus Corbin and Howard King in an exciting tag match. It's important to note that Drew Stevenson did not accompany the two to the ring. The fans also were split during the match until the end, where they popped for the win.

The next match saw Log Habben go over Dylan Daniels. Daniels, whom recently was removed from the official talent roster, is said to be under a handshake agreement with the company.

Darian Dumont beat Peyton von Licht in what ended up being a really good match.

Chance Von Crank and Midget Von Crank came out first. Frank Dylan James stepped onto the stage followed by the two unknown men. However, before proceeding his sent them to the back while pointing to the fans, because "they" weren't ready. It is unknown if the two men will appear on WRESTLESHOW or if management was just testing the waters for something larger.

The two went back and forward. FDJ really looked good in this one, but Chance Von Crank was able to always find a way to get back on top. That is until he hit The Face Breaker out of nowhere. CVC was out. As Frank Dylan James went for the pin, Midget Von Crank climbed on the apron and then the turnbuckle.

MVC soared through the air, landing on top of the men breaking the pin and causing the referee to call the match. When Chance Von Crank came to, he was obviously more upset than before as he headed to the back.

UTA Champion, Dr. EMO, faced Al Envy for the championship. Both men put on a great match. Al Envy was close to winning the title when he was distracted by Abdul bin Hussain who was upset that an infidel such as Envy would get his title shot.

After the referee called for the bell, Hussain continued the attack on the men. Kirk Irving and Darian Dumont rushed to the ring to make the save and send the fans home happy.