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The screen literally flips on, as if a webcam was activated suddenly. That is because it was! In the view, we see "Too Cool" Chris Hopper sitting in a chair at a desk. Chris is in a red muscle shirt and looks contemplative.

Hopper:  Welcome to the third installment of Ice Cold Truth. This is the show where I take on different topics, ideas, even statements by my fellow UTA superstars and give you my unvarnished, unadulterated viewpoints on the matter.

He grins and cocks his head from side to side as if getting comfortable.

Hopper:  It's a little different from the norm, I grant you....but people seem to be enjoying it thus far.

He makes a quizzical look on his face.

Hopper:  But tonight's edition may just ruffle a few feathers. I know my last edition pissed off some of our Middle East distributors...and I'm far from sorry for that as I meant every word. It is Ice Cold Truth, after all and not "mildly chilled opinions."

He adjusts in his seat.

Hopper:  This time I want to discuss something that has been more of a backstage discussion than something that has been put forth in front of the cameras. In fact, many fans out there may not even know it is an issue or whether or not they ought to give a damn about it.

He takes a deep breath.

Hopper:  And the topic is.....Legends.

He reaches over and grabs one of his chilled bottles of water.

Hopper:  Normally when I decide to smack a topic of such difficulty, water just wouldn't cut it. However, I really want this to be as lucid a discussion as possible.

He opens the water and takes a quick drink from it before continuing.

Hopper:  Recently, UTA has brought in several legends of varying degrees into the roster. It didn't start with me, mind you, as I came in after UTA had opened and by then, Spectre had already been back. I also consider myself the one legend that is not just UTA-specific, but that is another discussion for another time.

He smiles and then takes another drink.

Hopper:  However, with the recent flood of UTA Hall of Famers....Mr. Fantastic, Crimson Lord, and Ron Hall...entering the UTA and seemingly gunning for the top group in our federation, Dynasty, there is concern that spots that ought to be given to rising up and comers like The Second Coming, Mikey Unlikely and etc. are being taken by men who are past their primes and holding others down.

He chuckles and almost speaks to himself as an aside.

Hopper:  And Parks thinks *I* held people down.

He turns back to face the camera.

Hopper:  I want to discuss this alleged problem with the straight truth....and this might blow your mind.

His face goes to as stoic a look as possible as he gives this statement.

Hopper:  We're all wrestlers...period.

He nods a couple of times before continuing.

Hopper:  Let me explain what I mean here. Each one of us got into this business years ago to compete in a sport we loved. If we earned some money from it, that was great....but our desire was to simply be a wrestler and perform for the fans. Some of us enjoy cheers and others don't, but the main thing has been to put on the greatest show possible.

Another quick drink from that bottled water.

Hopper:  That statement goes for everybody on the UTA roster from men like Joshua Jones, who is just getting started to veterans like the legends I mentioned earlier. We all have a right to earn money and perform in the sport....the business we love.

He sits up, puts his elbows on the desk and leans in.

Hopper:  Are those of you upset by the legends going to tell me fifteen years from now....when you are veterans yourselves....that you would refuse a phone call from UTA or any other league of stature to come and work?

He sits back, almost dismissively.

Hopper:  Hell no, you won't. You'd answer that call and get your butt to the arena!

He pauses before continuing.

Hopper:  These moves are not made to hold people down. They were not brought in because the current crop of UTA wrestlers weren't cutting it. They were brought in because they were in the past and are right now...MONEY. They make money for UTA because of their past, they make money for UTA because of their skill. As a former federation owner, I always wanted the best possible product out there for the fans because that is what makes for a lasting bond between fan and federation.

He takes a drink of water.

Hopper:  Like it or not, the best group of people to stand against Dynasty at this very moment is Spawn.

He raises an eyebrow.

Hopper:  Well that and an oxycotin dealer....but I digress.

He sits up straight after a small chuckle to himself.

Hopper:  So...those of you out there angered because your spot seems sucked up by a legend brought back by UTA....suck it up. Go out there and perform even better and turn heads.

He gives a sly grin.

Hopper:  How do you think we became legends in the first place?

He nods a few times before continuing.

Hopper:  We went out there and worked our asses off in arenas, gymnasiums, county fairs, and on television shows that were a far cry from the level of UTA. I will admit, I was brash and wanted a high spot from the moment I walked into the sport. I saw legends hanging on for dear life and trying to stay relevant and I cried out at them for daring to keep my spot for themselves. You know what a wise old veteran told me back in NARF in Canada? This was a great piece of advice when I told him that he was brought in and took my spot. He told me this...

His face is a steel glare.

Hopper:  Take it from me.

Another set of nods.

Hopper:  That is right....he challenged me to be better, to learn more, to get stronger and faster. He laid down the gauntlet because he knew what it really meant....a healthy roster full of dynamic and superstar-level talent.

He takes his right hand and rubs the goatee on his face for a few seconds before continuing.

Hopper:  So that is what I am telling all of you out there who think the legends are sucking away your spots....Take it from us.

He grins.

Hopper:  This is not a mean challenge or anything....but something that I am telling you to make UTA the best it can be. If you go out there and perform to the levels you are capable of, you will get your chance to supplant the legends. One of the great truths of the wrestling world is that great talent never....never goes unnoticed.

He raises a finger.

Hopper:  It may take time to get noticed....but it gets noticed nevertheless.

The grin becomes a smile.

Hopper:  And when you get noticed, make the most of it and work your asses off. Prove you belong higher than you are at every opportunity and give the bosses no choice but to move you up and give you prime spots. Let me tell you my secret....I never let up....ever.

A wink.

Hopper:  I go out there with the same intensity, desire, passion and skill I did when I started twenty years ago. I work just as hard....harder even now as age makes it tougher to keep the kind of body I have been gifted to maintain in my career. When you get the chance to move past a legend, I will be honest and  tell you we won't like it. Hell....we will HATE it...

A emotionless stare is back on his face.

Hopper:  But we'll respect it because we know you worked for it.

Another drink of water and a deep breath.

Hopper:  Deep down we want what is best for the UTA and wrestling in general. That is what being a legend is all about. Good luck to you all. That's it for this edition of Ice Cold Truth.

Chris reaches up and the screen suddenly goes black as if the came was turned off....because it was.