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UTA Press Conference

The cameras roll and we’re at a press conference.  Cameras flash as a number of journalists, predominantly sports and some infamous bloggers, are gathered in attendance.  The UTA logo sits upon the table, covered in a blue cloth as behind it sits the figure of the former Legacy Champion, Claude Baptiste Ranier.  He wears a navy blue suit, white shirt unbuttoned at the collar, his hands clasped together and looking down at the table. 

Beside Claude is his old friend and mentor, Jonny Kae, the former 10 time world champion and on again off again trainer of the Canadian Star.  Kae is dressed in a charcoal pin stripe suit, his hair short as Ranier’s hangs loose framing his face.  The din of the room quietens as Kae leans forward to the microphone.

Kae: Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for gathering here today.

A few journalists who were chatting stop and take their seats, Ranier’s face still looking down at the table. 

Kae: My client, Claude Baptiste Ranier, known to you all as CBR, is here today to put to bed a number of rumours that have been…

He is cut off as the hand of the Canadian Star presses onto Jonny Kae’s microphone.  He shakes his head and looks at the crowd, surveying the audience.  No smiles, no smirks today.  Claude leans forward himself. 

CBR: I am here today to apologise to the fans, the UTA but more importantly my Dynasty brothers.  On the tenth of August last year, in a match against Will Haynes, I injured my back. 

His eyes dance between one journalist and another, nervous.

CBR: After an awkward fall onto the barricade, some damage was caused to my spine and a number of nerves damaged.  The doctors told me to take a few weeks off, a month or two even, but true to form on 24th August, I returned to the ring. 

He looks down again and then back at the journalists. 

CBR: My personal physician gave me a prescription of Oxycodone so I could defend my Internet Title at Ring King – true to form, I refused to take a break.  Then another to defend that same belt against La Flama Blanca on Victory VII.  Refusing to give me any more, I sought other means and for the past four months have been self-medicating high strength pain killers to get me through my obligations week in, week out. 

Claude sighs, Kae motions to him to take over, but Ranier shakes his head, returning to look at the audience. 

CBR: I have a problem.  I’ve had a problem for months.  I hid it from my friends and even my Dynasty brethren.  My fiancé has left me because of it and last week on Wrestleshow, the UTA kindly agreed after finding out the extent of the issue to assist me with my rehabilitation.  For the next few months, maybe longer, I will be staying at the Edgewood Addiction Treatment Centre in British Columbia, close to my family with whom I have reconciled my differences this past week. 

Claude’s hands part and he lays one palm on the table, the other curling into a fist and laying straight beside the mic. 

CBR: But let me get one thing straight.  I love this business.  I’ve always loved this business.  My desire to appear night in, night out has never wavered and I made the mistake of believing that my craft was more important than my health.  But it weren’t for the Oxycodone, there would have BEEN no Dynasty, there would have BEEN no streak and there….

The mic is suddenly cut off as Claude looks furiously at the officials off camera.  He stands, chair falling to the side as he shouts.

CBR: I will get better, I will be back! Mark my words!

Jonny Kae stands, putting his arm around a clearly emotional CBR.  The camera closes in on the Canadian Star’s face, tears visibly forming in his eyes as he whispers to his friend and confidante the words ‘I’m sorry’…

Before any questions can be asked, CBR is off set.